Page, Tommy - When I Dream Of You Lyrics

Tears start falling when I dream of you
Can't help myself, you're far away with someone else
And I will never find another girl
Who makes me feel, the way you do
When I dream of you

And I've been seeing, the same visions night after night
Till the morning light
As my soul starts to ache
My heart starts to break in two
When I dream of you

When I dream of you, like dreamers do
I get this way, all night and day
When I dream of you, like dreamers do
I get this way, when I dream of you

When I think of how you made me feel
At a time, when love was real, and you were mine
I start missing all the times we spent
The words we'd say, how I never dreamt
I'd get this way when I dream of you

Oh and I've been seeing, the same visions night after night
Till the morning light
As my soul starts to ache
My heart starts to break in two
When I dream

When I dream of you, like dreamers do
I get this way, all night and day
When I dream of you, like dreamers do
I get this way, when I dream of you

I remember looking in your eyes
I loved that most, these were the times
Heaven, never seemed so close

Tears start falling when I dream of you
Can't help but miss, the love I knew
When I dream, of you

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Page, Tommy When I Dream Of You Comments
  1. Utami Dewi

    jujur aku jatuh cinta pada waktu sma, wajahnya yg imut centil centil gitu

  2. Mag Edwin

    Rest in peace Tommy. Still listening Oktober 2019

  3. Rubi Fubi

    I wil to meet you

  4. Catherine Lol no

    I loved Tommy Page when I was 12 and still do till today. I admit it’s not the same as to most musicians today but Tommy will always be that special heartthrob in the 90’s. I already miss him knowing he passed in 2017. So young!!! I can’t believe it... meanwhile there’s a grown up full house show on Netflix. They should’ve done a tribute on Tommy.

  5. Dwyn Su

    I’ve dreamt of you. It so hurtful .Did you feel it? It just go on and on. So painful....

  6. Nathan Rayner Halim

    Back in 90, I didn't know he wrote most of his songs, but now I know, he is not just handsome, but talented, decent. RIP Tommy🙏

  7. !!!A!!!

    His best track

  8. Cheryl Fulton

    Gone too soon. RIP Tommy. Love you and miss you.

  9. MrButts

    2019 Anyone :) Rest in peace Tommy

  10. Lisa Gibson

    I loved this song as a kid and it still holds up for me. Hauntingly pretty.

  11. Caroline Lim

    Today, Konser Tommy Page in Youtube now 😅👏👍

  12. Shockers Fan

    This is one sexy song!

  13. Donna Kowalski

    Ahh at3:30 the way he sings the word heaven ❤
    Tomny had such a beautiful voice....

  14. taufiq rahmad

    Siganteng ini yg nyunat sapa ya

  15. Agus Salim

    TOMMY STILL ALIVE............., in my HEART

  16. Cecy Gzz

    After Joe McIntyre this was my second hard bias.

  17. Hector Dellis

    great artist forever....... RIP TOMMY

  18. Davy Seng

    To my dad I missed you RIP👨‍👨‍👧‍👦🖤

  19. 도바킨

    RIP Tommy...

  20. Trang Pham

    He looks kinda like elvis.yo

  21. Vance

    R.I.P. TP

  22. Trang Pham

    I love this song.when I dream of you.its always my number one.

  23. tcladyt584

    forget about this one, awesome song

  24. Craig Pierson

    Anyone remember this on Casey’s Top 40 or Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 back in the summer of 1990?

  25. Azdar Azli

    Tommy...all songs from your albums remember me to my ex-wife.So sad😢.Exspecialy Painting In My Mind.A Shoulder To Cry On and more...many memories.
    Tq Tommy Page..RIP.....A Friend To Rely On

  26. sunshine Glory

    This song will always be my favorite slow song his voice is so sexy and amazing miss u Tommy love u ❤💋

  27. Edy Susanto

    Thank you Tommy..for ur nice songs

  28. Patricia Lapointe

    had such a crush. saw him in concert

  29. Spbu 205 Transera

    R.I.P... Tom..

  30. Cheryl Fulton

    Tommy Page, your songs are very nice, and I enjoyed listening to them when I was a teenager. I will always love you and miss you. RIP.

  31. Craig Pierson

    Did anyone use this for a LDD or R&D in the 90s?

  32. Craig Pierson

    Why didn't this song chart on Billboard or Cashbox?Why only on Radio and Records and Gavin Report?

  33. Craig Pierson

    Dear Casey and Rick,I recallThis tune on both of your countdowns.

  34. Craig Pierson

    This charted on Casey's Top 40 with Casey Kasem and Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 - went to number 31 on 6/23/1990 on Radio and Records. Might have charted on Cashbox. Never charted on Billboard or on American Top 40 with Shadoe Stevens.

  35. MCMC Studios

    i can't move on from his face,

  36. Donny Japra

    rip to tp

  37. RIEREI artisticselectiveCosmos

    Beautiful and classical,..Tommy Page really fitted this kind of classical atomoshpere and song, OMG we've already lost that great artist of all time.  He's already gone enternally and we all miss you guy so much.  However, RIP to Tommy Page, my favorite artist of all time and directly sending my love and soul to your way, Tommy Page, FOREVER and ever.  In addition, I know, as a matter of fact, he was a gay men but actually that was pretty fucking cool for that artist.

  38. Colleen Ross

    This song has a whole new meaning now. RIP Tommy !

  39. meliza walle

    I love this song!.. R.I.P Tommy

  40. Gabriela De Styles Hemmings Kaulitz

    que pena morir tan joven. Hermoso hombre y cantante

  41. Fasha Rossa

    Tommy dont u love ur fans?

  42. Dawn Molien

    Beautiful Music U grew up with. I had his music memories.

  43. shpgrl1026

    Rest In Peace Tommy......we will remember you.

  44. danie Herwan

    RIP tommy u never forget .....from indonesia

  45. angel murphy

    I looks kinda like elvis

  46. KantanRyouri

    I still remember this was his first MV I watched on TV when I was less than 10 back then. The first time I saw Tommy in this vid, I instantly had a crush on him. haha! I miss you Tommy. T__T I have been crying ever since I heard the news. I went to work with swollen eyes and even cried while working. I can't tell my colleagues why because they think for a grown lady/ woman to cry over idols is childish.

    The last verse of this song: "heaven, never seems so close". I guess now you are already there looking down at all of us shedding tears for you.

    I still can't get over this.. whenever I woke up, I repeatedly asked myself that it's just a dream right? A nightmare. It's so hard. To be honest, for singers in the 80s/ 90s, Tommy is the last or never in my list that would commit suicide. When I read news of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, George Michael and etc, while I felt it's such a loss, I thank God that it's not Tommy Page.

    Then yesterday, while I was watching my kpop idol, my brother said "Ohh! Tommy Page passed away, you knew that right??" Instantly I felt that's a joke! I can't think of anything and was in complete shocked. I quickly googled it and seeing articles everywhere. I was devastated. My biggest fear has finally..... happened. Why Tommy? Why you?? T__T

    Have you found your Starlight yet Tommy? I hope you have now finally found the light that you had been searching for. Til the day we meet in heaven (that's my regret of not having any chances to see you in person for so many years), your legacy and music will always always live on and in my heart and life.

    I love you Tommy. Miss you. Sweet dreams~~ T__T

    madeline chan

    I share with you....i still cannot believe...miss tommy so much...


    What saddened me is no one really knows who he was. People at this generation know Prince, Whitney, Michael and even Elvis... but when comes to Tommy, when I told them, they were like "Who is he?" When I showed them "A shoulder to cry on", they were like oh yeah! I knew this song! When I went to CD stores and asked for Tommy Page's CDs, the staff asked "was it a band?" I was devastated.

    madeline chan

    tommy is popular in hong kong in late 80s/ early 90s...but it appears that not so many people know him as they do not listen to English songs.....


    He is more famous in Asia compared to US I supposed. I dreamed of Tommy 2 days after I knew his death. He appeared as a younger version of Tommy (like era in this video). Maybe that's how I remembered him as.

    Analytical Alien

    what do you think of the end of I'll Be Your Everything as NKOTB sing behind him?

  47. Rizki Maharani

    cant stop thinking about you now in peace..thanks for colouring my growing up times with your beautiful voice.. 😭😭😢😢


    Rest in peace.

  49. Celine Chiang

    Tommy Page RIP. You will be remembered in our heart. We love u.....

  50. G Li


  51. danie Herwan

    RIP tommy page best ever

  52. Golden Rainbow

    RIP TOMMY PAGE. U will B missed. Heaven just gained another ANGEL..

  53. Cristina Borges-Angueira

    This song is truly amazing!!!!

  54. Dede Siulan

    RIP my great idol. so sad knew it. i grew up with all of ur songs n ur pictures on my walls. Rest In Peace

  55. Dede Siulan

    RIP my great idol. so sad knew it. i grew up with all of ur songs n ur pictures on my walls. Rest In Peace

  56. Dede Siulan

    RIP my great idol. so sad knew it. i grew up with all of ur songs n ur pictures on my walls. Rest In Peace

  57. vilay keokanock

    R.I.P Tommy

  58. 백승훈

    r.i.p tommy

  59. William p

    hikz my lovely singer tommy page was died... hikz... 😭😭

  60. Danny Grijalva

    I never seen this video RIP Tommy Page

  61. 도전해봐

    고이 잠드세요 ..

  62. xlaurenstephens

    rest in peace. why isnt anyone talking about THIS song, it was his best.

  63. John Retodo

    R.I.P. Tommy Page.

  64. Carebear 2006

    RIP. His album Paintings in My Mind got me through a few tough middle school break ups back in the day! Suicide is never the answer.

  65. Milli M

    RIP Tommy.....

  66. Marlena Joy

    Rest in peace Tommy Page, 46. Left us all too soon 3/3/2017

  67. Stacy Fagundes

    You are missed. Tommy <3 <3 <3 RIP.

  68. Kris

    So saddened, rip Tommy !

  69. t gee


  70. Diana Lorena


  71. Nur Agni

    RIP 😞

  72. Marley Monroe

    R.I.P. 🙏🏽

  73. Shawn Dynasty

    This is a dance track version of the song. The original was an awesome ballad with less drumbeat and no sax...and a nice narrative bridge during the solo. worth checking out the original version.


    zmannn He also sang it?


    zmannn I meant where can I find It?

  74. Anthony's Channel

    Heard the tragic news! May he rest in peace! :'(

  75. Peggy Donofrio

    R.I.P. Tommy

  76. Maria QR

    R.I.P. Tommy Page

  77. Mr. Lennon

    adios vaquero nos vemos

  78. Alvin Dwipayana

    Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young. #RIPTommyPage #RestInPeaceTommyPage


    No wonder I feel so young.

  79. Raymond Yong

    RIP Tommy..

  80. Dustin Mora

    R.I.P Tommy :-(

  81. BethPaige

    RIP, Tommy.

  82. HUB1981

    Couldn't believe he's gone. He died too young. :(

  83. Kayanda Eddings

    Are IP Tommy page. You will be missed.

  84. Joshua Howard

    Rest In Peace. Gone too soon. Loved your voice

  85. DeeAnna Lyn

    Rest In Peace, Tommy.

  86. donjohnsta15

    Rest In Peace, Tommy Page

  87. eLeMeNOhPeaQ

    RIP, Tommy Page.
    May 24, 1970 - March 3, 2017

  88. Dhia Kumar Rana

    my jaan :'(

  89. 伟杰梁

    Reminds me of my first love. Anna Chen Huiqi.....


    very classy guy

  91. JesLoveU J Y

    l love this song so much

  92. Kon Janet

    Tommy page 👍

  93. Rob Gleason

    lost my sister to cancer at 33 years old  I know your in heaven but I wish you would come back to me molli rip my beautiful angel

  94. Justin Carroll

    Stephanie Tanner's crush on "Full House," lol.

    Ratna Sanderawasny

    Justin C h y

  95. Gerard Tre

    Music videos of the 90s make today's music look primitive