Page, Tommy - Never Gonna Fall In Love Again Lyrics

No use pretending things could still be right
There's really nothing more to say
I'll get along without your kiss goodnight
Just close the door and walk away

Never gonna fall in love again
I don't want to start with someone new
Cause I couldn't bear to see it end
Just like me and you
No, I never want to feel the pain
Of remembering how it used to be
Never gonna fall in love again
Just like you and me

At first we thought that love was here to stay
The summer made it seem so right
But like the sun, we watched it fade away
From morning into lonely night

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Page, Tommy Never Gonna Fall In Love Again Comments
  1. Hashim Lailie

    always remember life only ones,preciate for what u've have right now for living,learn from mistakes,don't look back as what you sacrifice for ur life only for ur own living and for ur familys beloved,that's from "pak kodi and the gang"

  2. RAY L

    The music arrangement of this song is way more melodic and heart wrenching than the Eric Carmen's version. After I knew of his death, this CD; specially this song, became closer to my heart.

  3. sunshine Glory

    Love Tommy voice and this song is beautiful may me cry his song always comfort me ...and touch my heart❤

  4. Cheryl Fulton

    This song is so beautiful and very relaxing.

  5. Ayrton Senna

    This is the song that I enjoyed when i was in high school. Even now, the song reminds me of it. Especially, I loved the song by Tommy Page.

  6. Mute Artist


  7. Tp Wish i always love u tommy Unicorn

    my heart felt pain..when i heard this song

    Wiwik Suprihatin

    Still remember you Tommy page


    R.I.P Tommy page