Page-Lockhart, Tasha - Welcome Lyrics

Every morning paints a new beginning
And each season hears its name
Every seed we know dies before it grows
Cuz everything in life must change

This carousel in time will come full circle
Even winners sometimes lose
Just be sure you know
We all reap what we sow
So be careful which road you choose

Welcome to this thing called life
It's a mystery words can't explain
So relax and hold on, the ride won't last that long
Cuz everything in life must change

All around the world we feel winds blowing
Waking to a different day
Still hunger has no cure
The rich forget the poor
It feels like wintertime in May

See everybody needs another someone
Through the turbulence of life
Cuz loneliness is loud
Turn it down somehow
Just let me know I'll be alright

Welcome to this thing called life
It's a mystery words can't explain
So relax and hold on, this ride won't last that long
Cuz everything in life must change

Welcome to reality,
The beautiful dance of joy and pain
Remember every touch
Be careful who you love
Cuz everything in life must change

Do, do doooo...
La, la la

If you listen close, you'll hear one calling
Like a whisper through the plains
On the hill you'll see a ladder and the King
who says, "Walk with me, I will never change"

Welcome to this thing called life
It's a mystery words can't explain
So relax and hold on, the ride won't last that long
Cuz everything in life must change

Welcome to reality,
The beautiful dance of joy and pain
Remember every touch
Be careful who you love
Cuz everything in life must change

Nothing ever stays the same
There's only one who'll never change

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Page-Lockhart, Tasha Welcome Comments
  1. MrAveryBrown

    Kirk Franklin's pen is timeless! He really arranged and composed a hit, with this song.

  2. MrAveryBrown

    This song, here.. Has been the pace and soundtrack of my life, for a while now. "Everything in life, must change." Smh. Mercy.

  3. My Name is Eve

    I love her voice style and talent!! Do your thang GIRL!!

  4. Christina Celestin

    man I been slee-p on Tasha Page-Lockhart! Lord forgive me for not finding this precious jewel earlier

  5. Nashanta Stanley

    Really nice album.....!

  6. Maurice Stewert

    God bless her. Yeah.

    Mari B

    Maurice Stewert amen

  7. Maurice Stewert

    Oh and this is a good, song whenever I come onto youtube I have it saved it is the first thing that plays, I have been listening to it for days ya'll. Wooh!!!

  8. adonis royale

    this song touched my heart when i first heard it today and ive been listening to it all day non stop

  9. I Appreciate Being Alive

    God bless you for singing this song. This song is a reality check and a reminder that life is ever changing. We should always remember "only what you do for Christ will last".

    Maurice Stewert

    I think it's "for Christ will ask" because we all have to give an account for how we treat people on that day, referring to "Judgment Day", when after the last days and after the last hour on earth we are all brought before God to bow and be judged to see whether we've been saved and lived good enough to be brought into the House of God, the Kingdom of God, Heaven to dwell (live) with Him forever as humble servants, but we all have a mansion prepared just for us to our liking in Heaven Matt.12:36, Revelation 20:11-15, 1 Corinthians 4:5, Romans 14:10, Heb. 9:27 Rev. 20:1-15, Matt. 24:36, and John 12:48.(and this is why we are not to judge other people for anything, I know they did back in Exodus times but that was the old way of doing things the Mosaic times, times of Moses and when Jesus was born He was to bring an end to the old way of doing things, and say that that old way was just a preview for things to come, the real rules and way to live, which is the way Jesus lived and we are to follow as it was an example. He was coming as another representative of man but to do what man has not yet done and that was live perfectly and die perfectly, he didn't sin ever though he was tempted by Satan, and very much, one time He was in so much agony that He was sweating blood (I heard, I haven't read it but I would like to find it, but I don't have a guide to it I don't know which scripture,) but He wasn't anxious because that would mean he sins because god tells us to not be anxious for anything, he even tells us that in the old way of doing things we were to sacrifice goats and bulls and such but that was whenever we wanted to repent or give offerings and pray to God and thank Him, but that was the old way and because of what Adam did which separated us from God but Jesus came back to restore our bond and the thing is God knew it would have to happen even before He created the world, but He had and still has a plan like He said, and He is not a man that He should lie Numbers 23:19 and just like that He has individual plans for you and they are of good and not of evil they are to prosper you and not to destroy you Jeremiah 29:11-13, so don't you worry if you are laying in your bed or anywhere crying or worried everything work out for the good of them that love the Lord, the Bible says Romans 8:28, I meant no harm in correcting you I just wanted to sharpen you as the Bible says, as iron sharpens iron so must one person (or man) sharpen another proverbs 27:17, but when He says "man" He means humans because that was the first original name for humans back in bible times like how it was described back in "Genesis" after He created Adam and Eve. But Adam brought sin in the world because he was the very first human being created by God so through him after he sinned he set the bar very low for us having us all be born with sin because he and Eve were to procreate and fill up the world with man, or humans as we call it today, that was there job, there was no other commands for them but to be fruitful and multiply Genesis 1:28 and to not eat of the fruit of the tree that was in the center of the Garden of Eden Genesis 2:17, now some would cry out, incest! But God at some point wiped out the world for a completely different reason and that was cuz all of mankind minus Noah who was one of Adams Great grandchildren through one of Adams many children that the Bible couldn't list all of them or didn't want to (cause that is just what they did got freaky, I mean fruitful and just multiplied, no i am just kidding, but for real hey that is what happened I just don't mean to be perverted, but I think God's got a sense of humor,but also Cain and Abel had wives but i don't know where they came from, but my thing is it must not have been a sin then, because they had no other rules, but God did let Abel or was it Cain know that envy was not it, because there might have been some disclosure along the way or so, but...moving on, around Noah's time people had already gotten to know God was real and existed and to obey Him, but God saw they were not doing that and there was angels having sex with the women of the earth and making super powered ( I think) and large giant babies, called Nephilim which is where Greek mythology was born from when people worshiped them i do think because the Bible says this Genesis 6:4, and God saw that there was every evil inclination in man except for Noah so he decided to wipe them out and Noah was actually married and so were his two daughters and they were to carry on the tradition of being fruitful and multiplying I mean how else did WE get here, and I am not sure that these spouses (Noah's or his children's) were all human and not nephilim, maybe Noah's wife was one, or one of his daughter's husbands, or at least grandchildren of some, their life's blood or as we call it today DNA, had to have stuck around, science just takes everything from the Bible, why wouldn't they that is the first and only ever written documentation of how the world started, the right way, wasn't no speck that blew up and put everything together, no man please, all they did was do like the Greeks, and steal from the Bible and just expanded on it drastically, and ridiculously, ssooo,... also do not go by the movie "Noah" it is totally flawed and added to by Hollywood, for entertainment purposes, they can't just keep it real for nothing, not even for the Bible the ultimate history, I mean how do we explain Shaq, or Yao Ming, but all jokes aside, but again still a little for real all I am saying is that would be completely innocent and not incest ) just a little history review that they should be teaching in schools, and not lies about who discovered America, cuz that is some bull crap, and all these wars and who invented this but leaving out the Black people, just jumping to present day after hearing all this bull crap and the thing is we're being taught it mandatory for all the years from Pre-K to the 12th grade, and unless you have enough money to go to college or the interest to learn otherwise for yourself, you're all out. but Imma go now, and I am sorry this wasn't supposed to be this long i swear it wasn't t was only supposed to be that first line. But i saw an opportunity to treat the world to some truth and I did it, i felt like it was God was telling me to do it ya'll so i did but, God Bless you all, I love seeing Christian out chere ha ha, keep up the good work I know ya'll don't get that enough but truly God bless you we need it in this world! I just hope I cleared up some confusion.

  10. CDaDrumDinero

    This song is powerful. I wish a lot of people will listen to this song.Because she has a strong message that just blows my mind. This song had me in tears. God bless her real good.

  11. Tammy Israel

    Thats a good song