Pagano, Lindsay - I Gotta Stop Lyrics

Gotta stop myself from running back to you

I don't know, what is real
Always make 'in it feel
Like I don't know what I'm thinking

Blow your cool
Drop the ball
Throw your fist, through the wall
Without even blinking

And the more you swear
That you have changed
The more you stay the same

I gotta stop
I gotta stop
I gotta stop myself from running back to you
[repeat chorus]

Stop coming
Stop running
Stop dreaming
Stop feeling

Build me up
Tear me down
Till I feel
Like a clown
That's just what I'm used to

When you should 'pologize
It's my fault, no surprise
But now I see through you



Can you sleep at night
Oh it must be nice
To always have the other hand
I'm already gone
And you still don't understand...

[Chorus x4]

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Pagano, Lindsay I Gotta Stop Comments
  1. Mark Mino

    i feel like she was going for the britney look... she was pretty as a brunette, she is pretty either way...

  2. Max B

    I love this. Why didn’t it become a hit?!?!

  3. angelo pagano


  4. Angela DiPalantino

    Still love this! Beautiful song beautiful girl!

  5. Daniel Asamota

    she quit the music biz. she should have kept trying

    Camille Peruto

    Daniel Asamota she didn't quit! She was on the voice and is in an insanely awesome cover band! :)

    Daniel Asamota

    Good. She seems to have quit trying to promote her own solo career, and that's a shame. I like her music a lot that's why I'm promoting it. You're very good too. I see you got your account set up so no one can comment. Well, if you're gonna' get people interested in you you're gonna' have to open yourself up to criticism. You're very talented too got a sweet voice. I will post your vids too. Remember honey, there will always be haters. They tore me to pieces and I wasn't quite as talented as you. A lot of people get jealous just c oz' you're trying and they ain't got the guts! You keep trying coz' somebody with some sense will eventually give you that big contract.


    She’s in my dads band


    Stellar mojo


    I know her

  6. Tingdzin Kochu

    Philly pride!

  7. William Kates

    Really liking rhis,

  8. Mohammad Saed

    Freya im here bc of him lol

  9. Darksunshinerain87

    I loved her glossy black hair, she looks weird as a blonde.

  10. Molly Reda-Schneider


  11. james friel

    looks a whole lot better as a blonde

  12. Jannat Khalid

    Scooby brought me here :)

  13. Kelli C

    I love this song..she needs to come back on the music scene

  14. SP 1643

    They are real songs.

  15. MikePagano

    Those golden brown Italian Pagano eyes are driving me crazy.

  16. JULIETTE77xxx

    The song is called "fruit of my life"
    The words I know:
    Some guys are like veggies some guys are like pie but there's a party fella who's the apple of my eye. His friend are peaches as sweet as sweet can be but why he doesn't realise is a mystery to me life sa' bowl of cherries and your really cute let me show you I love you with a basket of fruit
    Hope this helps x

  17. Anna Ewing

    @bluebloos Yep. I watched that episode earlier today on Boomerang.

  18. Pop Rush Official by Mariel

    I love this song and Lindsay!

  19. amanda10679

    I was there for the filming of this video, and heard the song played over and over, I have to say I loved it and never got tired of it. Good luck Lindsay I think you have a great future .

  20. gchsbus

    All I have to say is, you have absolutely no idea how long I been waiting for this. All I need, is everything you are. :)

  21. Reegan Cheddie

    @bluebloos yup true!! i just watched that episode

  22. Police Officer Fan Club

    wow she looks so different. she's older and all grown up. i'm disappointed she dyed her hair blond to fit in with the media and their brainwashing and being messed up, rude, racist, discriminative, derogatory and degrading towards asians. i find that soo offensive. someone should sue the media to teach them a lesson

  23. 541967

    After this many years- I still love the girl's voice!

  24. Christine Pham

    wow she has grown!!

  25. Haeinscute

    Wow, Lindsay went from really cute, to down right gorgeous! Her voice got even better than it was before too!

  26. Simpledreamer

    A pretty good song! Happy to hear your new music, Lindsay!

  27. Sandy Truong

    I absolutely love this song too!

  28. JamyeTV

    @loveorbloom Same here! I hope Lindsay releases another one soon. I love this song so much. I'd love to hear more of how much her voice has grown.

  29. JamyeTV

    This is still my favorite song from her :)

  30. JamyeTV

    I've never got a chance to hear Bang. I'm searching everywhere for it like crazy! :( I hope Lindsay re-posts it.

  31. loveorbloom

    Great song, been listening to it over and over!


    it sure is good to see LINDSAY PAGANO back again. great song too.

  33. abbied1113

    yeah princess124

  34. abbied1113

    She sort of reminds me of Britney Spears when she was a teenager, anyone else think that??? :/

  35. Julia Timmons

    i love this song:)
    great job!!!!!!!

  36. iitsMOOKIEtv

    dopeeeeeee good work!

  37. WBreeze637

    needed to be more shots of greg and I, otherwise the stuff concert shots at beat street looked pretty awesome