Pagano, Lindsay - Everything U R Lyrics

love can b complicated
2 often mistranslated
1 word for all dynamics
leads 2 problematic

emotions & affections
feelins in all directions
sometimes a simple action
creates satisfaction

& as long as u r mine
i will take the time 2 let u know
what i feel cuz

all i need is everything u r
complete and if u ever fall
ill b here standing in the shadow of my heart

cherish is lost 2 chatter
mind games over matter
im not looking for suggestions
more answers with question

i speak in hugs & kisses
cuz true love never misses
i will lead or follow
2 b with u tomorrow

all i need is everything u r
complete and if u ever fall
ill b standing in the shadow of my heart

there's ntohing u could ever say boy
2 make me wanna walk away
and as long as u r mine
i will remind myself that this love is real

all i need is everything u r
complete and if u ever fall
ill b standing in the shadow of my heart

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Pagano, Lindsay Everything U R Comments
  1. jason87077

    I pride myself in knowing ALOT of music, and being a 90s kid id obviously know alot from the 90s and 2000s... but I've never heard this song before in my life nor have I heard of's so odd. I feel bad that I didn't know about her til now. She's very pretty and has a great voice!

  2. bujitapanda

    I thought she was just a character created in Scooby Doo and not based in real life 😂😂😂😂

  3. Miguel B

    Why do I like this song??

  4. Rayna LeFevre

    She was on what's new scooby doo.

  5. Hybrid Tamer

    She’s from What’s New Scooby Doo love her voice

  6. Kirsikka

    she's so cute!

  7. Hugo Osment

    Os Pesadelos de Molly! ❤

  8. Mark Mino

    does anyone remember lyndsay singing a song called "i want a love i can see"?

  9. The_Undead_Tea_Drinker

    Who here knows her from Scooby Doo 😂😂😂

  10. Bruna santos

    Queria que o sbt voltasse a passar os pesadelos de Molly.


    I haven't heard this in ages. I still have my CD single of this. However this is the first time I've seen this video. Since hearing this tune in the old AOL commercials, I wanted to find out who this and when bought the single and played it in the CD player, I found out I was listening to the AOL gal herself, Lindsay Pagano.

  12. ItsOverNyanThousand

    Video is still cringy but I used to have a crush on her. lol

  13. first icredible boy

    Lo vosite por que aparecio en Scooby doo xDxD

  14. Shawn Anderson

    This is on the album "Love & Faith & Inspiration", produced by Jude Cole. It's actually a great album and it's too bad it's been overlooked.

    None None

    It's one of my favorite albums.

  15. Velvet Sensations

    She reminds me of Sigrid

  16. Helena Constantino

    Os pesadelos de Molly sdds

  17. Rachael Medeiros

    Back when belly shirts were SO popular and wasn't considered trashy

  18. Victor Augusto Leite De Morais Augusto

    i love you lindsay pagano

  19. Jon Doeringer

    Loved the TV show, never saw this video. Well done.

  20. FlixCreEightR

    I don't remember her. Use to be the theme song for the short lived show, Maybe It's Me.

  21. Antonio Rivera Jr

    love this song! takes me back! @lindsaypaganotv you have always been on my top 100 artists of all time since i heard this song! i even remember the Aol commercial.

  22. Mariani Jaqueline

    "os pesadelos de molly" 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


    eu adorava essa serie

  23. Adriana

    lol I knew her from scooby doo

    Luigi Mele

    Adriana same omg

    Suyash Bhagwat

    lol yep

  24. TheBC313

    Great song but she never stood a chance with this shitty video.

  25. cris

    gosto muito dessa musica

  26. rebecca sulamita

    Os Pesadelos de Molly saudades kkkk

    rebecca sulamita

    Perfeitaaa saudade

    Manda Tjsaik

    rebecca sulamita simmm 😂😂

    K O

    Estou assistindo um filme, que a voz da personagem, me lembrou outras dublagens. Fui procurar a dubladora e vi que ela também dublou a Molly. Lembrei da música de abertura da série e aqui estou.😂

    Gabriel Claro


    Hugo Osment


  27. Jay Schwartzman

    2002 Theater Music, this would always play before the previews began.

    Col Fol

    Omg yes!

  28. hanhan _

    Brings me back to my preteens lol


    Me too! :')

  29. Stanward Oshiro

    AOL girl. She went down and out just like the AOL service.

  30. DJ Slava TV

    2006? I hear it in 2002

  31. Sally H

    I love how she had this hit song in 2001 and still got to be a contestant on The Voice over a decade later, against people who never got a record deal in the first place. You had a chance and failed, Lindsay. Give someone else a chance.

    Eric Lima

    Two words: Career revival.


    +Sally H Thats a bit fucking harsh. She has talent. Why shouldnt she get another shot?

    it's joke

    +Sally H The Voice has always had people like this who have had minorly successful careers before the show. She's nowhere near the first one to get this opportunity. For example, E.G. Daily (voiced Tommy Pickles on Rugrats), Jordan Pruitt (released 2 albums with Disney and toured with the HSM cast), Cassadee Pope (leader singer of the band Hey Monday), Dia Frampton (from the band Meg & Dia)... and those are just the ones I know as someone who doesn't even watch the show.

  32. Time2Flee

    I think I sang this (poorly) in a talent show once

  33. Arthur Reis

    "Maybe It's Me" Love this song and this serie.


    Yes! Loved that show.


    love her voice.

  35. itshauteoutside

    This used to be MY JAM when I was in my pre-teens, and I knew when I saw the name on The Voice that it was you. Great Job, Lindsay! - from a long time fan :)

  36. Lexi donahoe

    This is my cousin, she will be on The Voice tonight!!!!! Watch!! Shes gotten even better!! :) Love ya Lindz <3 

    Olivares Silviano

    She's beautiful

  37. Reecie Darling

    I used to love this song

  38. Feemailgamer

    i had this single on cd...i still do holy crapola


    Hahaha I have it somewhere but this brings me back to being 13 again woaaahhh

    Rachael Medeiros

    I was just about to comment the same thing! I played the single so many times in my little blue sparkley cd player until the cd skipped. Back when I was obsessed with Nsync and my sister loved °98

  39. Kestrelis

    This song also known as "Generic Pop Love Song."

  40. Lucas Payá

    Maybe, It's Me! Miss that time...

  41. maahmatchelle

    Maybe, It's Me!

  42. timekeeperboi

    not sexy sexy.. but... innocent

    Von Morris

    She was a child. If you look beyond the slightly risqué outfit, she has a baby face. Nothing sexy about that.

  43. timekeeperboi

    im trying to figure out who is sexier..... Her in this video.. or mandy moore in the candy video.... (DROOL)...

  44. timekeeperboi

    god she was and still is sooo freaking cute.

  45. Jannat Khalid

    I did!!

  46. Jennifer Minor

    OMG I finally found the song!!! I finally remembered her name was Lindsay but couldn't remember her last name. Thank you wikipedia!

  47. revolcona

    This video it's like an aerosol commercial.

  48. Maria Jay

    Where's the store Located ?

  49. Samantha Ivy

    She's Italian and Jewish. OH MY. Love. I was a fan.

  50. Mya Johnson


  51. TheOther

    Looks like it was directed by the same person who did the Rebecca Black vid lol. But all around good campy-pop song...

  52. AgentMargo

    OMG, I used to have this song on my hit clip player back in 2003. :D

  53. Samantha Ivy

    I think I just walked into Limited Too.

  54. NiiixReplay

    my thoughts exactly

  55. MrsNoHate


  56. Tobiasz Skalny

    skurwiale gowno, ktore uprzykrza ludziom prace na lotosie... chuj w oko tej piosenkarce!

  57. John Ferry

    this video is pure drivel but the song is great

  58. Bruce Marchesani

    @600keith I have all those episodes on vhs :)

  59. TheRichtofen115

    whats the name of the song she sang in whats new scooby doo?

  60. stefani fan

    I've loved this song since I was 11 yrs. old, I'm 22 now and I still do!!!

  61. ComeliaO7

    I first heard this song from an AOL commerical. Thats when AOL use to run the world.

  62. themirrorsofmymind

    @beccabtw123 That's who she reminds me of! Thanks!

  63. beccabtw123

    is it me, or does she kind of look like amanda bynes?...

  64. NeoGeo12

    @600keith Yeah i think for the first half of the season but for some reason i remember tuning in mid season and the theme had changed. Oh well at least WB had way more class and aspiration than the current CW.

  65. Chelsea Elizabeth

    I used to have that belt. Sweet Jesus.

  66. MoreyMusic

    awesome song!

  67. yofrankhere20

    @600keith Yeah sure was, I watched that show all the time

  68. 10RexTheWolf01

    Whats the name of that song on Whats New Scooby Doo: Episode Riva Ras Vegas, Time: 5:08
    "Oh Baby Baby, you told me I'm your queen, Its funny how you show it alawys acting so mean, My heart is broken and I'm feeling kind of vile, If you think I love then your living in denile..."

  69. 9xprincess

    i heard about her on Whats New Scooby doo. I didn.t she was a real person! LOL sorry Lindsay!! She looks nothing like the animated one. If they made her like she really looks she would be way prettier than Daphne!!

  70. 9xprincess

    i heard about her on Whats New Scooby doo. I didn.t she was a real person! LOL sorry Lindsay!!

  71. beccabtw123

    i love this song! its so catchy!

  72. Rodjer

    хороша девчонка

  73. B Huse

    @souslesprojecteurs1 Especially since this song predates Akon's and MJ's song by about seven years. (This song was first recorded in 2001)

  74. Police Officer Fan Club

    @lumierelovely it is pretty word for it to take place in a store, named the title and the isles named the album and the products named random words. the outside scenes with the flowers and water was totally unrelated o_o;

  75. Sarah Seley

    *SIGH* Memories. This came out when I was in high school. I sometimes miss those days and miss how things used to be.

  76. nikki8907

    I had a Hit Clip of this back in Junior High, lol.

    Maybe it's Me was a great show too.



  78. ProjectDanny

    i've met here before she was so nice

  79. Xanstrom

    one of the talents taken down by Britney Spears' "music"...

  80. Vitaluv

    Loved her. She's from Philly like me and we were pretty proud of her when her song was used in the AOL commercial. Since she's aged her voice has really matured into something even more precious. Love her.

  81. gator512

    Wasn't this used in an AOL commercial way back?

  82. Haeinscute

    I haven't heard this song for a long time, Lindsay is a great singer.

  83. billiefan2000

    yes it was

    i remember maybe it's me

    and this was the theme song for the reagan dale neis and fred willard tv show

  84. themirrorsofmymind

    Yes it was, although with slightly different words, but yes this is the song. Wish they had given that show a chance...

  85. luviey

    This song came out around 2000

  86. pookiez30

    How long ago was this video made?