Packy - Tighten Up Lyrics

We are the music makers
And we are the dreamers of dreams

Already, 808s on, heavy
Me and the speakers getting blown in this Chevy, like, whoa
Hit me on the flip side
Girl got a motor, and I love the way the whip ride
Certified, dope shit, flow sick, choes for the whole clique
So thick, no shit, pose for the ho's pic
Then I'm outtie, outtie with a quickness
How many people you know getting rowdy doing business?
At the same time, it's game time
And my whole crew giving all the grass gang signs
If it ain't about a dollar, it's all about a dime
If it ain't about a dollar, then I'm outta my mind
Get a grip
Went from taking what I was given to taken what I could get
Don't leave any money on the table: that's a tip
Couple rounds down and it's OT
I G-O, then I OD
I'm good

I don't know about you
Oh, you got you a hit?
Well the boy got two
Oh, you can flow a little?
Well the boy can too
Ain't nothing you can do, that the boy can't do
I tell 'em all tighten up, tighten up
I tell 'em all tighten up, tighten up
Haters say get out
The chicks say get at, me (Yeah)
They heard about the team, and I'm with that
I'm really good

[Nych G:]
You dealing with that new school dude
Getting paper like a book
All eyes on me, oh
Tell me how I look
If confidence is key, well then I guess I be a locksmith
Find me on the plane getting brain in the cockpit
It's obvious my attitude is longitude and latitude
Confusing fools like Rubik's cubes
And I ain't even made a move
They don't see my point of view
So I got a point to prove
Once you make the news, single women seem to come in twos
Ironic, but I'm only being honest
If I say that I'm the hottest, it's a promise
I'm done being modest to these artists, that be thinkin' they the hardest out
Large amounts in bank accounts is really what I'm all about
No doubt, I'm in route, motherfucking detour
A monster on these beats
Yeah, the flow be on that Igor
Packy told 'em: tighten up
Stacks told 'em: line 'em up
Me I'm feeling light 'em up
Then roll a blunt and get high as fuck

I don't know about you
Oh, you got you a hit?
Well the boy got two
Oh, you can flow a little?
Well the boy can too
Ain't nothing you can do, that the boy can't do
I tell 'em all tighten up, tighten up
I tell 'em all tighten up, tighten up
Haters say get out
The chicks say get at, me
They heard about the team, and I'm with that

[Ajax Stacks:]
Yo, all I hear is High Rise this, and High Rise that
Salute to the skies, 'cause, dog, that's where High Rise at
Look can guarantee hits when High Rise at bat
Your girl loving the crew
She got a High Rise tat
Damn, man, I put her on everything
Bada boom, bada bing, don't forget your wedding ring
I probably made her sing until I heard that cash came
Then my ass came and changed over to the fast lane
Polo thing, without no sting
Got the whip dipped in candy ram
From afar, looked like a smart car
'Cause you know a nigga getting brain
When I'm riding around, I'm getting it
She riding on top and I'm hitting it
I know you hate it
I'm constipated; I really couldn't give a shit
Got the Speck on deck
Got the tech on deck
Here's a hollow tip: protect your neck
'Cause our Wu-Tang go bang bang
In that new thing like a flip kang
And Nych's got his kicks out
Looking like the High Rise Liu Kang
You better tighten up, when we lighten up
'Cause the stream ain't get hard to hang like

I don't know about you
Oh, you got you a hit?
Well the boy got two
Oh, you can flow a little?
Well the boy can too
Ain't nothing you can do, that the boy can't do
I tell 'em all tighten up, tighten up
I tell 'em all tighten up, tighten up
Haters say get out
The chicks say get at, me
They heard about the team, and I'm with that
I'm really good

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Packy Tighten Up Comments
  1. Reversed Hub

    Underrated speck song w amazing features

  2. Mr Whiskey

    Even 5 years later this shit's stuck in my head.

  3. Riche NoLedge Hamilton

    Your girl got a hi rise tat! Ouch,,, I can roll around bumping my 15s to this💨

  4. Clash With KickAss

    "Nobody epic sent me" oh, such care

  5. Ajax Stacks

    If nobody sent ya'll.. how did you all get here!?.. haha just kidding. S/O to Packy and the Speck movement... OUT HERE #HighRise

  6. Conan White

    who the hell is nobody epic lol

    Kyle Harbeck

    Famous youtuber

  7. LeSaer

    "It's obvious my attitude is longitude and latitude, confusin fools like rubicks cubes and I ain't even made a move" Dope ass line

    Kyle Harbeck

    I totally agree

  8. Jarret Irish

    Love this song

  9. BlastinhoCSGO

    have this song copyright? (sorry for the spam)

  10. Nathaniel Buxton

    Come to OKC

  11. YaBoi GDP

    One of the favorite songs you guys should have a concert at St.Louis I would die.!c:

  12. kyle chero

    nobody just got you a sub

  13. Thee Zeus

    Like up this comment If nobody sent you!!

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    Ain't nothin you can do that the boy can't do

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    nobody epic sent me to buying some song. RIGHT NOW ALLWAYS!


    i love this song

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    love this song 

  18. Sweaty Crow

    Nobody epic

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    nobody epic sent me dang nice song

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    Fucking epic

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    mij ook :P

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    Nobody epic sent me here

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    Lil wayne sucks compared to u guys

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    NOBODYEPIC brought me here btw u guys r better than lil wayne

  25. taylor folkers

    best rappers

  26. SergioSxySaxMan

    You guys are good. Keep these hits coming

  27. HybridEdits

    Go Stupid!!! Go Stupid!!

  28. Wavy Papii

    Going dumb

  29. Joe Chapman

    Naa sounds like kid ink!

  30. Kenlin Davis

    I won a talent show with a 1000 dollar reward by rapping this song so I would very much like to thank the specktators and I love y'all keep doing it

  31. Austin Catlin

    L Town Mitten Cap

  32. blaze zicer

    yll should be famous or something

  33. blaze zicer

    yea he sounds like big sean

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  35. 452blade

    nobodyEpic brought me,this music made me stay,why the fuck is this band not famous :/

  36. 452blade


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    im gay'

    Aubrey Dahozy

    Garrett Gault yess u are

  39. Cory Burns

    how to u sound like that

  40. Going 1980s

    The Taste Of Words And Music Brought Me Here

  41. arutification

    why the do u reply to all comments dude

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  43. Romani Campbell

    woah chill out

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    Your the first.

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    So sick

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    Shit son the beat!

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    Aubrey Dahozy

    FiNe Kaotic all in yr face Chauncey

  55. dont0say

    my taste of music brought me here

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    This song is insanely good omg loving it I listen to this whenever I'm having a bad day is insane like how far they have come

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    it kinda does

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    Seriously.. I'm a gamer myself.. And i know and follow "The Crew" but like, i know The Speck way before that... I'm here out of love for their music, not because i'm a gamer.

  67. sromero724

    X) perfect, good job spek

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    I think ur going to the top you are going to be all over the radio ill tell all of my friends u are going to be popular i know it i ussaly dont comment in less somethings really good and that was super good :-)

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