Packy - The Whole Nine Lyrics

I get the motivation from my boys winning, never did it with a co-sign
We built the whole machine, we go the whole nine
Still they wanna talk down to me
Like I ain't turn a mic and a MacBook into a gold mine
They don't wanna help, they wanna own mine
They talk fans like they know mine
They got the answers, huh, they givin' out advances
They wanna take my money, I pay 'em no mind
I am not the one to play with, I promise
Three years gettin' my shit tight, no projects
One year, three mixtapes, no dollars
How could I go get guap and not talk commas
I owe it to myself to stunt some
Everybody ready with the, "I told ya"
Everybody still ask if I'm rappin'
Then they wonder why I got the big-ass chip on my shoulder
I got something to prove
I ain't start at the bottom so I got something to lose
Feel like everybody talkin', they need something to do
I'm a workaholic, I just have my fun in the booth
Never lookin' back so I'll never run into you
I'm allergic to that bullshit, ah-choo ah-choo
Now the blessings coming in twos, I ain't ever messing with you
If I'ma give up a cent, I'ma invest in my crew

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Packy The Whole Nine Comments
  1. Kobe Does It

    Cold ass motherfucker that needs to be signed. Tired of these wack ass “rappers”. Lil pump...tekashi cmon man

  2. Noctis

    “I didn’t start at the bottom so i have something to lose”🤭

  3. Eyvar Pena

    Packy was lowkey better when Cyrus wasn't signed with him, Packy doesn't really make songs anymore, it's mostly Cyrus making the music

  4. Santiago Corona

    Hey packy I've been a fan for awhile I wanted to know if I can use your music for my gaming videos?

  5. Redwan

    Dope 🔥

  6. Karamb1t

    how the FUCK hasnt he blown up yet. Same with Logic ffs

  7. Lil Ceejayy


  8. Joey Harding

    Reminding me why I love your guys work so much. Never give up dudes

  9. Jasper van den Berg

    "I ain't started at the bottom so I got something to lose" - Nicee

  10. Dunte Young

    My and my twin birthday is the sixteenth of DEC and we can't wait to see what you guys do next

  11. Epicurean

    he is so white


    hmmm his pigment looks normal to me

  12. Abraid

    I got this on loop because it never gets old. #speck16

  13. Felix Letzens

    i can´t freaking buy your guys gear because speck is a special kind of meat in austria and everybody would just look at me like I´m crazy or something -.- sucks

    Jordan Albert

    Holiver Oldens well you can still buy it and just shed the bullshit off.. just be like "Nope, it's the greatest rap group alive"

  14. Greg Roberts

    can i get a feature???

    Jordan Albert

    Greg Roberts they won't respond and why would they.

  15. marwaanize

    Thank you packy for the music. Aint much good these days

    Jordan Albert

    marwaanize for real tho

  16. Dawson Vandecar

    Lol this is on the river trail in lansing, im going to high school where you went too lmao

  17. Thomas Wells

    For a Speck 16 can we have Packy and Cyrus create the beat and then have
    Moe-T rap on it


    Jack Mehoff haha that sounds like an amazing idea

  18. Gamer Time


  19. Angel

    He needs to BLOW the fuck up asap I'm trynna go to tours tf 😭😭😭

    John Segura

    I saw him in 2014 when they performed at The Demo in St. Louis. I'm sure they'll tour again.

  20. Joshua Lemire

    If this shit isn't dropped for a download in a year end speck16 I'm gonna be pissed

  21. JL D

    i love this Patrick.unc

  22. adrian montero

    dude that dab was 🔥🔥🔥

  23. MrIllwind

    strong. powerful. tru. always pack

  24. Chris B

    Yes!!! Can't wait for your next project now!!!

  25. Imagineers Mi

    Am i early now?

  26. kazzy The monster

    fuck my other playlist......... Keep this on repeat SHITTT!!!

  27. Kapek

    This was more lit than my city in '43.

  28. TooGame

    bars doe

  29. Dr. Headass MD

    Damn, Imma have to start watching these next to a fire extinguisher

    Jordan Albert

    I Midnght I you're not already? 😄😂

    Dr. Headass MD

    +Jordan Albert been using a pail of water, but that doesn't seem to be enough :P

    Jordan Albert

    I Midnght I ahh true, wise decision though, I tried using my water bottle last 16 and my phone caught fire. :/

  30. The Corporation

    an album with bars like these. please

  31. Harry Painting


  32. Royal Ozzy

    I know the whole point of SpeckSixteens is that they are 1 verse, but I wish this was longer 🔥🔥

  33. Bradderz

    Straight fire Pack

  34. Adam

    oh shit

  35. CDog924

    Always droppin that heat 👍

  36. Adam Mc Nally

    holy shit

  37. Allan Medina

    Speck will always be that clique. /16\

  38. McDs

    Always dumb lit

  39. Six Strz

    I've been saying this for years a logic packy song would be fucking 🔥

    Austin MeGusta

    Manuel Vazquez been saying the same thing

  40. 19thRanger

    Damn some lines in there got me hyped for a album tease

  41. Mohammad alghazali

    pack. you just made my month❤

    Jordan Albert

    Mohammad alghazali dope bc next month another one drops, and continuum.. 😂

  42. MrTwoBits


  43. Max O'Toole

    you don't won. expect the unexpected

    Jordan Albert

    ruccus 102 whut??

  44. Andrew Walker

    Damn haven't heard u in a long ass time. That shit was dope!

  45. ChuTa


  46. Gta Drifts


  47. TheTEN24

    Missed the raps packy, good stuff man shit is dope

  48. KKamm

    God damn. Pack means business

  49. Itz_JOMO1011 PSN

    hes back yooo :)

  50. LTCSplatter

    absolutely insaaneee

  51. whitty

    new work soon?

  52. The Dark Elite

    YEAH BOI GET IT!!!! Straight fire right here!!!

  53. Matt B

    So hyped can't wait for my hoodie to come in! #Speck4Life

  54. Shinobiwansean

    Had to play it back at least 3x man 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  55. Shinobiwansean

    Nigga spit that 🔥🔥🔥 he just keeps getting better and better 🔥🔥

  56. Daddy Sammy

    that was fuckin SICK

  57. Tony

    good shit mane

  58. Michael Picone

    need full songs that go hard like this🤔

  59. Angel Herrera

    you need to be on XXL and show these fools how rapping is done Pack

  60. Man man

    This is amazing 🔥

  61. Dolphuns

    Packy is the wave god fr

  62. Austin MeGusta

    Holy fuck that went hard. I feel violated

    Boosted MFG

    Austin MeGusta

  63. ZackGoes

    love listening to another man on the grind

  64. Peanuts

    The boy Packy with them bars! As usual, another great Speck 16, missed you Pack!

  65. Nate C

    Kid is a beast

  66. Tristan Mineault

    That was so dope. Can't wait until the next mixtape though, I'm itching for that shit

  67. Hunter DiMaio


  68. Dilly

    I can't do this right now man, this is too much heat!!

  69. Bangbangskeetskeet

    that hoodie is dope

  70. Vanarh

    yo why not take all the speck16 tracks, make them into an album and all the money it makes goes to charity? (16 tracks an album)

  71. megagigabitson


  72. big meech

    Ohhhhh packy's speck 16s never fail 🔥

  73. JohnnyMrC

    Just finished a shit load of math homework quick as hell after I listened to this


    JohnnyMrC I'm dead af

  74. Richard Flores

    achoo achoo

  75. Jon Capri

    just wish they were full songs

    Jon Capri

    soooooo gooooood 😭😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  76. King Digit

    This goes harder than my penis when I see Barnie


    Jay Digit WTF??😂😂

    Thomas Wells

    Jay Digit this was comment of the video on Packy's snap story

    big meech

    Hahaha his snapchat story 🔥

    Shad Sparks

    Jay Digit Pack's comment of the day on his Snap Story lmao

  77. Nick M

    Damn! Hoodie + Speck 16= 🔥🔥

  78. MagicLink43

    Moe T back at it again with the amazing production.

  79. Exia_DC5

    Guys, I broke the replay button again

  80. Alexander Bassila

    too fucken lit! really need some of these speck sixteens turned into full length tracks they are all dope!

  81. Bash

    Pack didn't just dab on 'em like that. 🔥


    AshFPS fuk u

  82. SynovialCape15

    Holy fuck that was good

  83. spencer

    DAmnnnnnn Pack, you didn't have to flame the whole damn game up bruh. This shits like a Cali wildfire, its gonna be burnin for a hot ass minute! good lord..

  84. Edward Aguilar


  85. Adrian -

    ayyy no dislikes

  86. Josh Carter

    Yes Yes Yes 👌🔥🔥

  87. Ty Franke

    About to cop that hoodie! And good to hear Packy rap😊


    Ty Franke where can I buy the hoodie?

    Ty Franke

    firefoxcwm at this link:
    And it's also in the description of the video!

  88. BOOG AUZ

    banger szn

  89. Endzeez

    Love that he's got the WSJEO hat !!

  90. Specknot

    achoo achoo