Packy - Tell Me Lyrics

They said I'm guilty, I killed the game
Did my time, still the same
They don't know who I am but I bet they know the name
It's P-A-cock-I ain't even know they try to keep me shut up
I'm like what up to the money that I'm here to get a cut of right?
Hear a lot of hating as faking as wishing they could make it as lame as dudes acting like broads
Me? I be crewed up, getting it with referees
Say they ready for us and I say they better be

Tell me, what is it you feening for?
We be right in front of you so tell me what you dreaming for
Tell me, what is it you want from me?
Tell me, te-tell me, that you putting on for me
Tell me, something that I wanna hear, tell me that you need me
I say that the world's ours, tell me you believe me
Tell me you ain't satisfied, with pretty fine
Say you love the boy, tell me that the city's mine

Steady getting overlooked, 'til the day I'm overbooked
Crowd singing with me, they don't even know the hook
They just get behind that artist that can start it from the bottom up
Spit a flow, rip a show, get the dough, got enough
Riding though the city I want everyone to know the crew
I prefer a cho, 'cause you don't know what a ho would do
Say she been with amateurs, brain like a know-it-all
I give her my number now she know the protocol, uh huh
Tired of that whack shit, I'ma give you that wave set
She was lovin' my music, saw me live, and now I'm her fav'
It's that flow, it's that flow
They say get it boy and then go
I said no, I said no
This my city boy, this my home, true
What the hell would I do without the people that got me through
This point of life that I can not grow up
Any second I could just blow up
Any venue I can just show up
Grab that mic and spit the best flow of
Any rapper that you know of, and get my enemies to show love, let's go

Tell me, what is it you feening for?
We been right in front of you so tell me what you dreaming for
Tell me, what is it you want from me?
Tell me, te-tell me, that you putting on for me
Tell me, something that I wanna hear, tell me that you need me
I say that the world's ours, tell me you believe me
Tell me you ain't satisfied with pretty fine
Say you love the boy, tell me that the city's mine

I'm 'bout it, don't tell me you doubt it
Might not be up in the game but we got it surrounded (surrounded)
I'm on it, tell me that you want it
My city like a stop sign, but you know we run it (know we run it)
Cruising doin' hundred on the interstate
I won't stop until my team is eatin' off my dinner plate
22, winning like I'm 23, drinking like I'm 21, rapping like I'm gettin' 20 G's, hah
Please, it's whatever, though, I got it on lock-down
I don't got a word to say to people that we're not around
I be schooling them, I should have a scholarship
And if anybody got shit to say I won't acknowledge it
All about a dollar shit, I know my path, I follow it
I got this shit, I got to win, and I don't ever do the opposite
Tell me what the profit is, I'm lovin' it
Haters gonna hate, still? Swear I don't be hearing none of it

Tell me, what is it you feening for?
We be right in front of you so tell me what you dreamin' for
Tell me, what is it you want from me?
Tell me, te-tell me, that you puttin' on for me
Tell me, something that I want to hear, tell me that you need me
I say that the world's ours, tell me you believed me
Tell me you ain't satisfied with pretty fine
Say you love the boy, tell me that the city's mine

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Packy Tell Me Comments
  1. Haqurs

    Omg memories just syncing in rn

  2. Mr Joshh

    Still probably my favorite song from Packy

  3. KillermanV3

    I remember listening to this when I started 6th grade in 2012. I would think of this song while I was at lunch. I started college on Monday and today is Wednesday night and as I'm going to sleep I'm thinking about this song. Who would have thought I'd still be thinking about this song 7 years later?! Hell yeah

  4. Jeff Cunha

    whos still here?

  5. 9 Amil

    WhO eLSe iS heRe fRoM a BtS eDiT...¿

  6. UMAD SwaggyBoii

    2019 and been with yall since the begining btw look how young yall looked no facial hair

  7. Dylan Joy

    Still here from nobpdyepic years ago😂

  8. B Freedo

    This back in the day shitt was fire

  9. ASTON

    A perfect song right here

  10. CTroll1

    all these years later... still know the lyrics by heart

  11. SimplyFrosty

    Remember blasting this on Mw3 back in the day, great times

  12. Diamond Knight

    Nobody epic brought me here a couple years ago and I'm still listening in 2018💯

  13. Hartlas

    Remember listenin to this back in 2012...

  14. Núbia Bernardo

    I like it

  15. Veer Pal

    Damn in 2 more days it'll have been 5 years

  16. VilleGraphics - Graphic Designing

    This is exactly what I was looking for when I started liking rap. Oh, btw am I the only one who found this in my recommended?

  17. lahhbrandoo

    i came back to listen to old songs i used to jam and this really isnt that bad especially for its time

  18. Cleto

    Brings me back to 8th grade

  19. DL.17

    Damn look how young he looks here I could barely recognize packy

  20. tranq

    Still listening to this in 2017! Been listenin since the mw3 days

  21. Jonny Francisco

    Who is still listen to this 2017.

  22. Vasmor

    Straight up HOT GARBAGE

  23. ASTON

    Forever my favourite Speck song <3

  24. Wy Lee

    still wondering how moe got the fuckin blue yeti to sound so good... He's amazing

  25. Slick Rick The 3rd

    top colors for a dildo
    4)hulk fist x34 limited edition
    2)world trade center
    1)mom are you my dad

    Cyber Galaxy

    Slick Rick The 3rd what interesting colors

  26. Antonio Arnaiz

    yo i think i got some fire aswell hit me up for some collabs

  27. Antonio Arnaiz

    yo this song was lit u got fire bruv

  28. Paul

    confused on why his names spelled "packy" but he spells out p-a-c-k-i?


    he had a name change it used to be with an i


    +FlossPerfect gotcha


    I know i am late to reply but it is because Pack"i" is the racist term for middle eastern people. Pack"y" Is not.


    He Sounds like SpongeBob


    cant tell if insult or observation

  30. Whos Kaoss

    this that real real good ish

  31. Braxton Creakbaum


  32. Ishmael Soliman

    Came back here to tell my 12 year old self that I didn't fuck up on my taste in music.


    +ishi soliman haha


    +ishi soliman Same

  33. FortniteBRFeed

    Who used to play mw3 when this was out?



    l. l.

    Qure Paniic still do :)

    Dude Its A Duck

    Qure Paniic all day everyday

    Big Squilly

    Now I’m playing Fortnite 😉

  34. Jon DePiro

    Pack if your reading this bring some life to your phrases, don't make it like a robot is talking to us but add some life in your verses. This is the first thing some of the music OGs here in Minnesota said for constructive criticism. Well done though, keep it up.

    Mohammad alghazali

    this song is 3 fucking years old, man go listen to some of his new shit.

    Jon DePiro

    I have this was the 3rd video I watched.

  35. Lord Sauron

    criminally underrated music.

  36. Yummy Muffin

    Thought this was gonna be shit, but then.....just this....insane, love it

  37. JCArabit

    Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  38. Olliiin93

    That moment you realize this song and 'about that life' have been out for 3 years.
    Man, all the things that happened the past years...been with you all along. love you guys, you helped me through some tough times!

  39. hal900x

    These kids look exactly like me and my friends in the early 90's. SoCal surf rat gangsters. Weird.

  40. Daniel Paul

    I miss this type of flow

  41. EpicShadows

    Idk why this music video reminds me of survival by eminem


    Its the video bored in the video it also reminds me of drake - over

  42. Jordanmck 2010

    i love them

  43. BWALL

    Can i use this in my videos?

    Roberto mendoza

    @CyBeR NO!!!!!

    fzehj fzeho

    +Roberto mendoza who the fuck are you to say no bitch?

  44. Horror and metal are life

    Fuck these main stream rappers these guys that aren't with any one or don't have a deal are way better . logic, and packy blow half of the modern rappers out of the water.

    Time Lapse Crew

    This song should have loads more views as well.

    Krunk Mike

    +nick trammell WAT? Grammar much?


    +Krunk Mike lol nice comeback idiot

    Ishmael Soliman

    +Krunk Mike you just can't read bro.

  45. skaterman425

    Nobody would know them if it wasn't for nobodyepic, which I don't even watch anymore lol

  46. matdaman100

    @Yugzu chill he's just a kid trying to make out here

  47. daniel may

    Great video. Just great. All I can say. Perfect with his lyrics.

  48. mrmixer3

    I like how the title says packy but he says P.A.C.K.I , nice move pack

    Austin Belew

    The original name for him was Packi. It was after he learned Packi is a derogatory term for a Pakistan resident. Still can make it work, I and Y sound similar.

  49. Mohammad Khan

    this guys need more recognition  

  50. Mohammad Khan

    good shit, 

  51. thomas libby

    This is great

  52. Gabriel Sanchez

    Dope af

  53. Young Kingx21

    im liken the beats very creative.....dope ass song 

  54. Robin Moberg

    best song of The Specktators<3<3

  55. Logan Porter

    Can't stress how damn great all your music is, moe-t makes the best beats hands down

  56. Brown Hunneds

    _cLick_ Or not #Vine #Speck #OrNot 

  57. Steven Alvarez

    We should request there raps on the rai

  58. Gaming Videos

    hes famous cause hes smooth fast rap with a good voice plus nobodyepic is a bigggg fan

  59. KillBill 1299

    "I want everyone to know the crew" maybe he's talking about sp33dy, nobody epic, etc

    Specks bruddA

    KillBill 1299 no. He isn't.

  60. GastonP

    You got a good taste of music,mr NobodyEpic. :#


    So does Hova. Hova listens to like Jason Derulo and 2 chainz and shiiitttt

  61. F_Sol845

    I've been working my ass off;  I've been rapping since 14. I'm currently 19 commuting to college, going to work afterwards and then doing all my homework and studying, After all that I sacrifice rest to write and make music. Help a kid reach a dream. I'm not in it for the money or fame or even women. I only want to spread a positive message while also prove to others that dreams are achievable. Give me a chance. It’ll be worth it. Join me from the beginning or listen to me once I blow. Thank you

  62. Ben Pocos

    Moe-T is a Poe-T him and pack are an amazing team

  63. Jayson Garcia

    I honestly think these are the deluxe brothers secret identity..

  64. HOVA236

    Amazing song

  65. Overlord7987

    lol just realized they use a blue yeti XD

  66. MeerkatGamers

    How Does This Not Have More Views??

    fzehj fzeho

    +MeerkatGamers people nowadays don't know what music is, that's why..


    They got reasons why they wont wanna hit itunes yet

  68. Sean

    Guys, please put on iTunes!

    DJ F&F

    It's been on iTunes for a while already


    you can get this song and most of the others for free on their website?

    Kyle B

    @thebigjoe431 Some aren't on there though, like Falling up, REFS, and I won't remember :'(

    DJ F&F

    Those are free on their website

  69. quarantine458

    Canon is still my fav :)

  70. Nick Barrera

    They keep it real by calling themselves the "Specktators" cause the grew up in "Speckgreen" neighborhood and their childhood names were Moe-T (Matt) and Packie (Patrick)

  71. EC 01

    Don't compare this guys with eminem because there bot white


    thank you!!!!!! #nobodypic

  73. Mike Gordon


  74. Andy Mendez

    Song dope
    Yall make good music
    But get a better name

  75. goprohockey 1


  76. Jake Kamm

    really good thank you nobodyepic for bringing to these people

  77. Riaz Rahman

    guys look at my video its riazrahman or u can type riazr9 and subscribe to me :)

  78. Riaz Rahman

    thank u for showing this nobodyepic,duluxe 4 and sidearms 

  79. TheThunderB23

    thank you nobodyepic and Deluxe 4 and sidearms for showing me this group there fuckin amazing


    I also got here from the crew thanks guys

    Julianus Victor

    I did to but campaigns my fav

    Matthew Stubblefield

    props for the crew. great vids guys

    Godplay Gamer

    And RedKeyMon

  80. Unsited Flunkey

    these guys are the best better then slim shady


    totally with you on this one, by far. 

    ilya sels

    he is better than slim now a days but the old slim is way better but packy is going good to become verry good


    Than* and what?

    gta modder bruh

    Not right he's the best raper

    LoTuS CuTiE

    Unsited Flunkey no

  81. Nick Shaw


  82. hisham daher


  83. james caico


    Austin Macias

    sadly if that happens then they become too mainstream and then someone will wanna fuck with their style, i mean it would be good for them to become noticed but i think they would fall into that stupid ass music being played today

    Christian Brunn

    The radio is still relevant today? I'd rather run my music through Aux than listen to the radio..


    Yeah, macias is right. This mainstream stuff ain't for them. Always the bottom up. No real shortcuts. If they make it, I saw it comin. Good luck bros.

  84. Ralph Anderson

    This is DOPPEE!!!

  85. Hector Nuño

    Nobodyepic brought me here

  86. Mahdi Abdulle

    These guys need way more view there awesome

  87. Drew Bell

    Thanks nobodyepic... Great song thanks for mentioning it

  88. Trent Richmond

    Just noticed you today. And I can say im already a huge fan man. Keep it up your raps dope af.

  89. michael caiafa

    Rich Early Fuck Stress

  90. Adam Mayotte

    you are just stupid

  91. Newspaper Adds

    thanks nobodyepic for showin me this

  92. Gdk224

    And off the leash is good i think

  93. LtEpicness

    No they spell it Speck for a reason Damon.

  94. Zachariah Iskandar