Packy - Somethin' Bout A Sundress Lyrics

Pow, pow
End of the semester, call it summertime
There she goes already, walkin' around in somethin' fine
I'm like damn, that's that chick, that's that chick that's gon' be mine
I know there's a lot of fish but I'ma go drop her a line
Wait, who's that girl, who's that chick
I just fell in love three times in five minutes
Somebody tell me what is up
Summer love
Got the ladies tryin' their best
Dressed in less clothes showin' off ass and chest but

There's somethin' 'bout a sundress that gets me every time
And I swear that girl right there is never gonna leave my mind
Believe me girl
I know she could be that, she could be the sweetest girl
Believe that, you would never leave that if you've ever seen this girl
There's somethin' 'bout a sundress
There's something 'bout a girl in a sundress
I said there's somethin' about a sundress, yeah
There's something 'bout a girl in a

Lor-lor-lordy there's a lot of shorties when the sun is out
It's like one big sorority and the majority are comin' out to tan
Maybe do a little sippy sippy
I was seeing her like 20-20 then her friend came out
It's 50-50, damn
Feeling like the man
Then I saw her lookin' hot, and now I'm feeling like a fan
Whoa, hold up
Nothin' like a fine ass chick with a cold one
Only thing better is if she's wearin' you know what

There's somethin' 'bout a sundress that gets me every time
And I swear that girl right there is never gonna leave my mind
Believe me girl
I know she could be that, she could be the sweetest girl
Believe that, you would never leave that if you've ever seen this girl
There's somethin' 'bout a sundress
There's something 'bout a girl in a sundress
I said there's somethin' about a sundress yeah
There's something 'bout a girl in a

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Packy Somethin' Bout A Sundress Comments
  1. Ian Walker

    almost 8 years later had to revisit this gem

  2. Thrall079

    Didn't they used to be called The Specktators?


    Who's listening in [CURRENT YEAR]?


    I still come back to this song I just wish it was on apple music so it could be in my daily playlist

  5. IAmZebra

    Always sick

  6. Issaih Reed

    Still bumping oldie bangers in 2018

  7. Surf Goth

    Damn. Throwback

  8. Teh Aleeex

    2018 fam?

  9. Savannah Turner

    Reminds me of me ex who just died. Brings back good memories. thank you

  10. Zumina Rin

    Wassup, It's 2018 and still listening to this 👌💖

  11. AngeredMONKEMAN

    why is this not on apple music

  12. Christopher Toynton

    November 2017, still playing

  13. Christopher Toynton

    Damn I miss this even now

  14. Chaotoss

    We back once again!

  15. Harry Jones

    2017 and this is still my summer song every year

  16. ThumbWiggler

    bro why is this not on spotofy


    ThumbWiggler i wish but


    ThumbWiggler i don’t think he wants to add spek music to his sadly

  17. Ian Walker

    still dope

  18. Lemuhrs C.

    Back and its better #2016

  19. RockinAndNotChalkin

    This brings me to some old memories man.. Pack still bangs

  20. Foghy OG

    still comming back even now almost 2016. these songs they are just straight up classics! :]

  21. Harry Kessell

    godlike lads! keep it up

  22. zion

    It's 2015 and I still come back to listen to this album much love to the specktators

  23. XxDeathBellsxX

    Honestly my favorite song from them even now. The classics beat the new stuff. But there's a lot of new stuff I like too! Lol just like to reminisce with the oldies

  24. Nr Zero

    chill right?

  25. Lemuhrs C.

    This bring back call of duty modern warfare 3 memories lol the good old times!!


    I swear bro!

    Zumina Rin

    it does 😢😊 it also reminds me of Homefront as well..

    Matthew Leland

    Zumina Rin I loved Homefront, freaking knock off ass game lol, it was fun tho

  26. Estefano Arellano

    make a song about yoga pants now lol

  27. Jake W

    Not me but I would have if I knew about them!!!

  28. Jack Merington

    5 people thought it said 'dis I like'

  29. DasNotGud

    so funny....

  30. Martin Garcia

    I saw your mom at the corner there was a catch though she payed you!

  31. joseph5131

    I seen you sucking d**k on the corner tho

  32. Martin Garcia

    ALERT! Joseph5131 ALERT! He is gay!

  33. joseph5131

    But since nobody epic sent you do you know when he's picking you up

  34. Martin Garcia

    But I'm your dad

  35. joseph5131

    Nobody important sent me which is Martin Garcia down below me

  36. Martin Garcia

    Joseph gayscobar sent me

  37. Uchiha 愛愛 Ty


  38. L Hype

    Nobody epic sent me here

  39. Jake W

    No problem

  40. John Michael Phelps


  41. Swavey

    aight thx

  42. Jake W

    Yes Packi Sings and Moe-T does the mixing and backround music.

  43. Swavey

    Who sings the verses, is he called Packi?

  44. Fiiz Ace

    I meant nobody epic

  45. Fiiz Ace


  46. Swavey

    Please put this on spotify

  47. OldManNutcakez

    The song sampled is Roni by Bobby Brown.
    Good Choice, these guys have very good taste in R&B music.

  48. Darknight98

    great song

  49. Carlos Garibaldi

    Good song by the way

  50. Carlos Garibaldi

    Nobody is epic

  51. Marty McFly


  52. Kyle

    whats the original song

  53. manuel trejo

    Good song

  54. manuel trejo

    So these guys are famous or what?ps nobody sent me

  55. hey what's up? smiley face

    idk MAYBE lil wayne
    twooooooooooooooooooooo chaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnzzzzzzzzzzz
    and eminem disliked this amazing song because they can´t do something like this and they are just jealous BUT who knows it could be anyone

  56. LastGamertag

    Nobody army commence !

  57. Taylor Quirion

    Who are these 3 dislikers?!?!!?

  58. Abdulrahman Tillawi


  59. jbcowboys96


  60. joao cardoso

    2 gay guys in the dislike button

  61. c bro

    what song does this sample?

  62. Ned Taylor


  63. Charlie KluxismPromos

    They do charge on iTunes :)

  64. ETphonehome

    If you dislike this your not straight xD

  65. CallMeInZane

    I can't stop listening to them...
    I know all of the lyrics to every single one of their songs xD

  66. _brianpeterson

    Amazing job!

  67. FaZe Kapton

    Love it :)

  68. Cesar Esquivel

    I agree these guys gonna a be famous

  69. Amine H

    These guys are on their way to fame, trust me.

  70. Ryan Lether

    maybe their def.

  71. lm- Stealthy

    No I don't think it is "siick" I think it is sick with one i

  72. chris vatter

    HSK Montage (MW3) By GooberFx check it ouut c;

  73. x33Degrees

    To be honest, I've spend some dedication into figuring out the lyrics for the Sunroom and Familiar with floss. Its all by ear so some are probably not accurate.

  74. x33Degrees

    How the fuck does someone dislike this?!

  75. Senpai Cam

    I wish i knew all the lyrics though :D

  76. Seneca Utech

    Hey, any way I can get lyrics to all your songs? :)

  77. Climbinguy

    if i get 50 likes i will take a flash drive with all the specktators songs on it to my next school dance and have the dj play a few of them.

  78. Chellee anna

    Why isnt there a video for this, couldnt find a hot enuf chick??

  79. ActLikeABarrel

    Can't stop listening!!

  80. Arvin De Vera

    Sundress!:") 3

  81. Xboom5420X

    This video can be fixed, 1 condom & time machine required.

  82. Climbinguy

    trying to spread the music, aside from the red hot chili peppers, the speck is the only group ive listened to for 3 straight months without getting tired of the music. this is my favorite song by the way, along with favorite album.

  83. Arvin De Vera

    Lyrics please

  84. Joey

    i got like ALOT of artists that have some bad songs.. and im dissapointed with.. but the specktators.. DAMN NEVER DISSAPOINTED <3

  85. Joey

    1 dilslike :O

  86. xXrawnwarXx

    i swear if u guys do a world tour. please come to Australia first :p

  87. Aiden Woods

    Do you think you guys can put the lyrics in the description? If so it would be much appreciated! :)

  88. JokerzheeYT

    No dislikes :) HATE=ELIMINATED

  89. Biddo

    Really hoping you guys post lyrics for these videos.

  90. Climbinguy

    Can you guys get the lyrics up for this mixtape?

  91. Kawnida

    Best Rap group ever

  92. Chris

    i didnt find moe_T on twitter

  93. The Specktators Collective

    this is not copyright by us

  94. NatoCinema

    yh but is it sure this is non copyright , if we get copyright strikes we cant use it and cant get partner anymore.

    - Verth