Packy - Slide Lyrics

[Tory Lanez:]
I'll bet you notice
You're rich and I'm famous and I'm on it
I'm confident enough to say that I want it
You come around, I'm comin' down 'cause I want it
I want it

Hey shorty dear (wussup girl)
It's been a minute (it's been a minute)
Got love for you (got love for you)
But we were never in it (never in it)
We had our moments
We were off and on (off and on)
Now we on whenever possible, I'm often gone (I'm often gone)
No complications
We could chill, but no obligations
You can tell me 'bout all your dreams
I'm still enjoying those conversations
I see you workin'
Make it happen, girl you that chick
And if you thinkin' 'bout comin' over when I'm in town
Girl do that shit

Just slide, slide, slide, slide
After you work that double shift
Girl hop up into your ride
Hop up into your ride
Slide, slide, slide
Make your way to the east side
Girl hop up into your ride
Hop up into your ride

[Tory Lanez:]
I'll bet you notice
You're rich and I'm famous and I'm on it
I'm confident enough to say that I want it
You come around, I'm comin' down cause I want it
I want it

You got it, you got it, you got it
Don't play no games
You know my past
Don't make me say no names
Never did you dirty (no)
My record clean (clean)
You give me space enough, you keep in touch impeccably
Like "oh my, damn you must have done this before"
I'll be good to you
We go way back
6th floor to that dorm room that I stayed at
Girl you still bad
Every girl that I dated back then
You killed that
And I hated it
But you stayed around for me
Years later you stay down for me

Slide, slide, slide, slide
After you work that double shift
Girl hop up into your ride
Hop up into your ride
Slide, slide, slide
Make your way to the east side
Girl hop up into your ride
Hop up into your ride

[Tory Lanez:]
I'll bet you notice
You're rich and I'm famous and I'm on it
I'm confident enough to say that I want it
You come around, I'm comin' down cause I want it
I want it

Ever since back in the day you intriguing me
Everything we do come easily
Never too serious
You never leaving me
I got the seasoning
I could be cookin' up winter or summer
They never know but they know to take cover
I got it like that
You were there when no one knew of the name
And now everyone does and you proud of the fact
Talk that talk that I like
Let 'em all know you ridin' still
Leave your car in the driveway girl
Let 'em all know who behind that wheel
When I bring it home (in my zone)
I'm throwin' strikes (throwin' strikes)
You should steal a second
Baby roll the dice and just

Slide, slide, slide, slide
After you work that double shift
Girl hop up into your ride
Hop up into your ride
Slide, slide, slide
Make your way to the east side
Girl hop up into your ride
Hop up into your ride

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Packy Slide Comments
  1. Clutch Epic Gaming

    And then Tory made it big.....

  2. Vicente Garcia

    I want another Packy and Tory Lanez collab

  3. Thomas Daniel

    If you know your worth and have a dream, guard it.

  4. Nolan Harter

    no packy a member

  5. Joshua Rasmussen

    Classic in my opinion. Still one of my favorites...

  6. Brandon L.

    anybody know any songs similar to the first 30 seconds of the song?

    Cee Cee

    Yeah Justin Bieber's Hold Tight. Don't know who wrote it first, guessing Justin, but it's a total rip off.

  7. Mike Picazo

    My favorite song so far!!

  8. William Garrett

    Packy is Definitely an incredible artist, every artist goes mainstream at times, but this is a hit. This song should be on the radio every 30 min, it's a good song

    Cee Cee

    It's Justin Biebers Hold Tight

  9. Not Your Baby

    Slide into them DM's lol

  10. Oleg G

    Sidearms I slide slide slide!!

  11. TL11


  12. Jack Bishop

    This is a new era of autism

  13. caleb carter

    A-South is a great rapper.

  14. Nick Smith

    A-south sent me

  15. SkyNB

    Kinda brushed this song off when it first dropped but im feeling this shit now man, good work guys

  16. RizzyyOG

    This song is growing on me

  17. xip 2.0

    Why is just say Packy now?


    Cause its for business reasons look through the vids its a update


    @Christian Andaya Packy writes it Moe-t produces it. The Specktators Collective is a record label kind of not just packy but cyrus too.

  18. ThePauseman417

    The entire time i read Tony Lanez instead pd Tory Lanez. FUCK me man.

  19. Frothi the Man Child

    every time I'm down I listen to ur music keep up the great work

  20. Ryan Day

    I dont think they should change anything they are doing. Every song they come out with has a sort off special feel to it that just gets you pumped to see wahts next. The Specktators havent had not one song that i didnt like. These guys are some smart people. Tney know what they are doing.

  21. TaYGamingFTW

    Awesome song!

  22. Jack Hawkins

    Pair up with Josh A guys just for 1 song

  23. Dartwaffle

    Still wondering, are we the Pack or the Specktators?


    Packy is the vocalist The Specktators is the whole group


    I know... I was wondering if the fans were the Pack or the Specktators


    The Specktators i think

  24. Anthony00

    How come the title just has Packy and not the specktators? They didn't break up or anything right?

    The Specktators Collective


    Their brothers, can't really break up brothers.

  25. Shrubs

    Used to love you guys, the more you make music I like it less. Not feeling this, or any of your new stuff. Not your worst work, but not your best work. Didn't like the sample for the chorus, or really any vibes I got from this. I know you guys can do better but other than that I'm excited what has to come in the future.

    Joseph Higham

    Hey man packy makes some of the best songs I have ever heard and this song is no exception. If you don't like his recent songs maybe your growing out of his music but to be honest I think this song is just as good if not better than most of the songs I have ever heard from him

  26. Ashton Patterson

    Jest slide

  27. The ForgetfulEndz

    Hey can I use two of your songs for my YouTube channels intro and outro?

  28. Tyler

    Packy 4 lyfe #FuckTheHaters

  29. Dawson Norwick

    These new songs are all great. People be justin just cuz they just don't like the new name for some reason. Tory lanes sounds awesome in this.

  30. Javedur Rahman

    Is Tory Lanez a singer or rapper. Every time I search his name its a rapper that comes up

  31. Caged Will

    can we have more songs like jumpoff i fucking love that track

    Stephen Carmickle

    that's one of my least favorite songs. To me, this song and jumpoff are like polar opposites, and it's the ones inbetween which are the best. 

  32. THEJEEK22

    I know it's a different style but tbh it really grows on you after listening to it for awhile. Anything they put out is dope!

    Joseph Higham

    That's so true I was kinda skeptical at first but now I'm digging it all the way.

  33. Dakota Brannock

    I remember when they first hit the scene I found them by accident 2 days after there first song came out I've been listing scence

    Joseph Higham

    Man I wish I was that lucky but bro that's sick you are definitely a hardcore fan to have been listening for this long.

    Dakota Brannock

    @Joseph Higham yea there almost impossible mixtape to find the never ending mixtape before familiar with floss it's been a while

  34. Casey Allwein

    It sounds mainstream, but you can't deny it's catchy af. Been listening since the sunroom so I know what packys capable of

  35. Ty Franke

    I see a lot of comments saying they don't feel this is the Packy they fell in love with. Now I know what your saying, but its the same music him and Moe-T have been dropping since Finding Floss...
    Yes maybe this song sounds mainstream to you guys, but its a good change of pace, and its only been this one song that sounds "mainstream".
    To me honestly it sounds like the same music I've been hearing since I first found The Specktators (Packy)...
    Same Difference is dropping soon, I'm more than positive its gonna have the same tempo as any of the other mixtapes he and Moe-T have released. Packy's motto is to write not so that you feel happy, he raps so that you can feel. He wouldn't go back on that. Just be patient and wait for the new mixtape, you won't be disappointed. But I'm sure Packy and Moe appreciate the feedback you guys are giving to them :) Sorry for the long ass comment...   

    Jacob Hardy

    @Deep Mistry I could see some better grammar in that comment lol but you are 100% correct! 


    If anything, this is the exact same that they've done the entire time, because they ALWAYS drop things of new styles. Sunroom, Familiar with Floss, Parlay...they all have different sounds and styles to them. Releasing this song is just repeating the cycle of them going into new territories of song style and killin it. Totally agree with you. :)

    james cameron

    I feel u bro i know excactly wat u mean

    james cameron

    I feel u bro i know excactly wat u mean

    Specks bruddA

    Haha Ty, if you see this it's crazy to think about where packy has went in one year. Nuts.

  36. Philip Swain

    Been a fan since familiar with floss as I am still loving the music i want them to make it BUT I just hate the inevitable fact that there will be "plastic" fans who think that they know everything about packy (like they are to other artists) and what he has been through to get to where he will get to when in fact they will know nothing unlike people who know his stuff from the beginning and his story and would have only come here because he would of had a top 10 hit and become a fan.

    Again it's not that i don't want them to make it its that I won't like the amount of "know it all" fans that will become a part of packys fan base


    Braxton Freeman

    I know the feeIing man. I tweeted Moe-T and said I wish he still rapped cuz newer fans will never know. He tweeted back saying, "That's what makes the day one fans the dopest!"

    Aaronvd Vanduyne

    "All they know is what they see through cameras" thank you in advance- so how do you know his life story bro

    Philip Swain

    what i mean is that they wont know how long he worked to make it

    Philip Swain

     Thank god someone else feels the same

  37. Nolan Montebello

    Make more songs plez

    Nolan Montebello

    And put them on iTunes

  38. Lucas Childs

    You guys should do a song ft. nobodyepic

  39. JTD98 4theGamers

    Love the new music

  40. Karamb1t

    This song, well I think, relates to more people then, say 24 restyle, or ready for it. The hook is really smooth and suits the beat and flow of the rest of the song. I know the hook is similar, well sounds like, a Justin Beiber song, but that is besides the point. The idea of, just slide... Slide... Slide slide, sliiddee is great.

  41. mckawesome777

    Dude Packy, there's something about your music that excites me for every track that comes next, I have such an emotional connection with music it's a huge part of my life, and rap especially because of how lyrically focused it is, and man the Game better watch out for when you finally bust that ceiling because soon all the big rappers will have to take notes, because no one will be able to ignore that flow or the soul in those lyrics man, trust me cause I know I can speak for all of us saying we ALL dig it.

    Joseph Higham

    +mckawesome777 hey man I fell the exact same way about everything you said I love these guys too and I have about 130 songs on my phone but I only listen to my favorites from packy and I can't wait for the day they "bust through that ceiling" and hit the ground running your comment made my day cause I have never met many people that feel so strongly about music and packy for that matter as much as I always have and I thank you for it you rock and keep doin you man I love it.

  42. Norman E

    Wouldn't say it's one of his best songs but definitely a good song none the less. Keep it up packy👍

  43. Deep Mistry

    2 day 1050 like 

  44. Francisco Hernandez

    The beat is sick, but not feeling the lyrics that much, nevertheless, good song guys

  45. Tristan Baez

    Damn. Sick song

  46. John Tibbetts

    I can feel it. That Speck love 💚👍

  47. Armin Kurbasic

    Please come to Nebraska

  48. Nathan Dillard

    It was alright but definetly not your best but keep it up guys

  49. Null

    This song is obviously about sliding into ur dm's

  50. Alex Clarke

    Sick as always!

  51. Lucas Johnston

    This should make the charts for sho

  52. Pastraumi straumboli

    Why are you not signed yet... Shit, mainstream music is consuming the lesser artists and it sucks

    Braxton Freeman

    He is signed. To The Specktators Collective. The independent label owned by his brother which he helped to build.

  53. MrEMS0909

    Maybe this will grow on me, really not feeling this one besides the beat. Lyrics honestly sound very mainstream which isn't terrible, but I definitely prefer the upbeat Packy or the Packy talking about real shit.

    troll face

    Honestly it grows on you, but 24 just had a better upbeat real shit feel


    @troll face real shit? lol how so

    troll face

    He was talking about how hes getting so much attention now @MrEMS0909 


    @troll face I don't agree, I think it's just a dope song. He talks about his attention more in other songs. 24 Restyle has like maybe 2 lines about his new found success. 

    troll face

    I guess youre right. @MrEMS0909 

  54. Dat Gamertag

    I'm not the only one that thinks that every single and mixtape is better than the one before so that means they got some work to beat the parley

  55. Dat Gamertag

    I'm not the only one that thinks that every single and mixtape is better than the one before so that means they got some work to beat the parley

  56. Cero

    The beat is sick 💯🔥🔥 lyrics are kinda of 🔥 overall great song👌🔥🔥 on repeat until another song drops 🙌✊


    Its always a good day when packy and moe t post new music

  58. xPertt_ RL

    Who wants to check if my lyrics for "Slide" are correct?


    Great song!

  60. Ty Franke

    Packy= Bae<3

  61. Anthony Orozco

    This shit is fire💯💯🔥🔥

  62. MrSpecktatorfan

    Nioce Nioce
    Never Disaapointing

  63. Mason S

    These guys deserve fame for all this hard work they put in

    Cee Cee

    It's Justin Biebers Hold Tight

  64. Victoria K.

    I hope they play songs from their new mixtape at their shows

  65. Chris F

    From the dream to the real thing

  66. ThePauseman417

    Moe T makes such dope beats. Packy with the dope bars. Shiiiiiiiiit.

    Cee Cee

    Justin Biebers Hold Tight

  67. ThePauseman417

    What sucks is my iPod and phone got stolen so I won't be listening to this constantly like every other song. This is dope too man.

  68. Euphoric_ Dubu

    Moe's beats never disappoint, Packy's slick as hell. Keep it up boys!

  69. Caden Truesdale

    Another Dope production! Keep up the good work Packy

  70. DunglyTV

    Let's get that SPECK love! True!? ;)

  71. Lotus

    Moe-t's beats are t1

  72. TheRealRaper

    so good

  73. Will Hughes

    Loving it guys! Keep it up

  74. Annika

    SOOOO dope. Can't wait to see what else is in store this winter!

  75. Mets Man

    sampling that JB, tho


    Lol it kinda does sound the same


    yeah it sounds possible, that makes me sad :(

    Ty Moon Lord

    I find you suspect for knowing Justin Beiber's songs...


    @BigKGaming not the singer, sampling is when you take something from another song and put it in your own, in this case it was the beat

    Cee Cee

    You're absolutely right it's Justin's Hold Tight

  76. 1995Herb

    the new mixtape's gonna be sick as hell. can't wait!

  77. Maser

    This so dope!

  78. Lachy Keep

    Fucking love you so much Packy. Best musician

  79. TehMCWGamerz


  80. James Whitehead

    Looking forward to the mixtape!

  81. Phantom

    up vote!

  82. Cxrrera

    Such a good song! :D I can't wait for the mixtape! Its gonna be floss, as usual. 

  83. Felipe Rodrigues Freitas

    Lembra um pouco "Hold thing " do Justin Bieber .

  84. autobotras

    The road to 100k!

  85. Real_ Erick2x

    This is the shit #SPECKBOY4LIFE

  86. TheG707

    Tory sound alot like The weeknd, overall this song is sick!


    @***** No it's Tory Lanez


    @***** definetly Tory Lanez...


    Nigga damn

  88. Supreme Draga

    When are you guys gonna start adding your new music on spotify? Hopefully the new mixtape will be there when it releases!

  89. Hunter DiMaio

    Never disappoint

  90. Johninatoooor

    man, i wish this kind of music will never stop coming. amazing work, once again

  91. wangatang101

    amazing work

  92. JustCallMeJulez

    Detroit made Eminem now you guys <3

    Braxton Freeman

    Exactly. Does sound better.


    They're from East Lansing. In and out of shows where we know they Duda Damn Thing.

    Brandon Tyler Ledford

    @ThePauseman417 That reference though!!

    Brandon Tyler Ledford

    @ThePauseman417 ALso it is, "Where they park the cars in the garages, in and out of shows where we know they duda damn thing

    Brandon Tyler Ledford

    @Brandon Tyler Ledford DANGIT. I got it wrong, it is, "Straight out of Michigan, where they parked the cars in the garages. I be on that 405 shit, november night, with the windows down..."

  93. leo silva