Packy - Only You Lyrics

They say I'm the one that changed
Everything is different now and I'm the one to blame
Hold up
Walk with me, baby
Please tell me why I ain't heard from you lately
"It's a two-way street", you'll say
"Pick up the phone, call me", you'll say
Wrapped up in your own world
You think about me today?
My fault
We got some issues, but I know you got me and you know I miss you

I got a little attention
And you don't think I need you now

Only you
It's only you
It's only, it's only you
It's only you
It's only you

I got a little attention, but all I ever wanted was my girl
I know I'm not perfect
I know I got feelings that I don't let surface, I know
You been there from get go
I don't deserve it but please baby don't let go
We could be so special
We could be everything
They say they got me now
Girl, you've had me since seventeen

I got a little attention
And you don't think I need you now

Only you
It's only you
It's only, it's only you
It's only you
It's only you

You mad you don't hear from me first
Before I tell a soul I put my soul into a verse
People start talking, hit you on the blind side
I'm sorry, should've had the hindsight
Forgive me, caught up in the limelight
Put you on hold, like wait 'til the time's right
Tick-tock, where the days go
Wish for the old nights, we could just lay low
We could just
Lay down, lay down, lay down
We could just
Lay down, lay down, lay down

I got a little attention
But all I ever wanted was you

Only you
It's only you
It's only, it's only you
It's only you
It's only you

Only you
It's only you
It's only, it's only you
It's only you
It's only you

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Packy Only You Comments
  1. adam cole


  2. The5LazyNinjas

    So I was playing this song in my car while I was driving my girlfriend home. She put her stuff behind the driver's seat. When she got out, as she was going behind the car and opening the door, I hear her say, "Onnnnly you..." and it just made me smile. ☺ I gotta thank you for that. :)

  3. Robert Haney

    Introspective lyrics, incredible production.. people need to hear this. Michigan Stand Up!

  4. Xion

    Music Video!!! :D

  5. Coaching Intervals

    It is a good song but find a female singer or something cause the autotune can be jarring to hear most of the time

    Coaching Intervals

    Write verses next time and just get a singer to do the hook from now on cause your singing skills especially with the autotune isn't for you but this wasn't as bad as over again!


    @ColdChris over again was made in 2012 maybe 2011 if its one of the older ones on F.W.F. Also who are you to judge what Packy raps and what he sings? Plus in Over Again he did a better job singing then in everything except Only for Tonight but you're not a real fan since you've never heard Finding Floss and Never Ending Mixtape.

    Coaching Intervals

    Yh fine fair enough the singing was better in 'over again' I admit that, also I have heard of the never ending mixtape but I only found out about in January. I'm not saying he can't sing in a song because in 'you want it' he sang a lil bit but it suited the song, I'm just saying I don't feel it as much as his raps, now that he has Cyrus alongside him he can help with songs like this cause because their is only so much Packy can do with singing.

  6. hoboorginization

    Please stop. I've listened to your music avidly for about a year and a half. You and Em have been what kept me going when I was in a dark place. Please stop trying to force music that you think will sell. It might sell incredibly well, but it's not you. Bring back your songs with passion, like groovy chick, el capitan, pacific time, don't look back, for real for real, static, jumpoff, the campaign, forever feel. These are songs that anyone listening can tell are not only a work of passionate art, but are also true to you. You don't need to respond to this, all I'm asking is that you think about where your music is going and where you want it to be.

    Chris P. Bacon

    This is free

    II xVoid II

    Let packy go in the direction he wants to go. If he's not going in the direction he wants, he'll stop. I know packy. Hes not doing this for money. Hes going in the direction he thinks is best and if ur a true fan you'll support that

  7. Gurjot Sidhu

    Been here since u had 49 000 subs

  8. ThinkHyperion

    The newer songs lack the old lyrical expertise the old songs have. For example, "I killed the dictionary. I got away with words(I've got a way with words)" or "I don't get high like a mariah chorus but I've been introduced to trees, yeah met a forest(metaphorist)" the lyrics are less clever and more repetitive. With that said, I've been with packy since the sun room. I would follow his ass into hell and haven't met him in person.

  9. Dawson Norwick

    Probably the best song yet. Easily the best album. Keep up the good work guys

    J. TorrezZz


    Dawson Norwick

    I tried to correct myself b4 but it wouldn't let me

  10. Kalle Nilsson

    I the chores It's a bit, false honestly, but when you're singing besides that it's good. I love The Specktators, been following yall for a long long time. There's a few good tracks in this mixtape. This song and that single: Ready for it, are the only songs where you're not fully on point with the singing

  11. eddieisclutch9er

    his songs put you into the deep parts of your mind and you think bout everything like bro thats a skill. keep it up love this shit stay floss 

  12. Anthony Picciano

    I like this mixtape but I hate all the features and other producers stick with u and moe u turned a great album (parlay) to a decent album(same difference)

  13. Jay Southern

    Album cover is beast

  14. Ty Franke

    Packy's songs make me think so much about my girl and I<3

    Please Dont Kermit Crime

    What, are you 5 years old?

    Ty Franke

    @ImSmarter ThanYou Fuck yea bro!!!!! 


    @Ty Franke haha

    Ty Franke

    @FlossPerfect Haha I missed you bro... Hows life been? Enjoying Same Difference? lol

  15. 소화의별빛

    Such a chill song!
    Lay down,lay down lay down!!!

  16. nddavid9

    Great song amazing album

  17. The Lazy Crow

    The new mix tape is FIRE! 

  18. MattAttackerPro

    One of my favorites on the mixtape here

  19. Jose Najera

    Post all maybe? Cant download on my crispy phone

  20. Superchapin

    This song is dope!

  21. Dylan Osborne

    This is sick

  22. Phvzes

    Good shit packy!!

  23. Jake W

    Let's like this up on audiomack!

  24. Luke M

    Nice one guys

  25. gg allin

    One of the first people in the world to hear the new album. So sick


    What is wrong with you guys....

    J. TorrezZz

    @brando112501 ???


    people keep calling it an album

    J. TorrezZz

    Oh, I know


    @brando112501 oh my god like really calling a mixtape album like is there anything to do but kill these people om my gooooood

  26. Cameron Reiter

    Great song

  27. Zadean

    Oh yea!

  28. Matthew Dominguez

    good stuff