Packy - Looking Up Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, hey

Talk what we living like, nothing less, nothing more
They ain't want us in the game? Kick down the fucking door
They can say what they want, all's fair in love and war
All they do is point fingers, I look at the fucking score
Winnin' since 2010
Took four years 'fore I saw the first Benjamin
See a lot of dreamers, not a lot of workers
Lotta people wanna get the love, not a lot of them deserve it
I don't really go out, find me in the studio
I don't gotta show out, some shit is not for you to know
Team getting bigger, you gon' find out soon
Love getting to the money, we gon' need to get a room
Hands dirty, but the kid clean
Small town, doing big things
That was sixteen, imagine what I'm cooking up
Got it like a dictionary, everything looking up

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Packy Looking Up Comments
  1. Music forLife4

    Love it!! The Beat is f***ing fire!!🔥🔥🔥

  2. actofwar123

    Imagine packy ft logic 😱

  3. Heroic Squirrel

    Been waiting 4 years to see you blow up and get big, and I'll wait 4 more. Keep up the good work bro, this shit is fire

  4. Yung Bling

    "Team getting bigger, you will see it soon" ohh packy what do you have in store now :D

  5. raccoon

    this lit af

  6. Itz Yack

    All these songs just change my mood so quickly I love you guys!

  7. The ReBL King

    bruh. when is this album dropping? I need it now!

  8. Dylan Singares

    Brib Pack!! 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Exchanged Logic

    Inspiration.... Enough said

  10. Matt B

    Packy when are speck hoodies going on sale again I'm so interested in buying one?! #Speck4Life

  11. Luke M

    matter of time pack, you're gonna blow up some day soon ❤

  12. Adam Mc Nally

    is it just me or does pack sound different

  13. Lol Capto


  14. Samantha Hunter


  15. Budgeez

    wish this was longer

  16. Janik Stahl

    Get back to the old beats

    Technically Difficult

    Its his job to innovate and stay fresh

    Janik Stahl

    +Technically Difficult sure but i mean the style those new Beats are Crazy

    Technically Difficult

    @Janik Stahl so do you want cool,calm & collected beats?

    Janik Stahl

    +Technically Difficult yea

  17. 10,027,828 views

    This is Sparta


  18. MondaySounds

    Pretty good!

  19. Matthew Bentz

    you know the songs good when you get chills

  20. Nathan Necessary

    1 word 4 letters.. Dope

  21. AlexanderApple

    I've been listening to Packy for a while now, he's really good, I like his music. However, I do like Cyrus better. He has a better, smoother flow, which I tend to like better- if thay makes any sense .-.
    Nonetheless. Awesome music
    Keep doing what you're doing
    And a very serious question. Will there ever be.. a Moe-T speck sixteen or song ;-;

  22. FlossPerfect

    Im noticing that no one caught Packy's line "team getting bigger u'll find out soon" someones joining the collective

  23. ShinyHunter Ampharos

    New mic? You sound a little different, still fire though 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Coleman Terry

    Ok Pack so how many dollars and/or sexual favours you want to come to the 6? Cause holy shit we need this.

  25. Dub Soccer

    Authentic and real. That's what I love about Packy

  26. Rigby


  27. Hayden Harris

    Great freestyle!

  28. ExCiTe Bull

    This better be on sound cloud

  29. The New Age Limited

    Whoever this new dude is better be lit! ✊🏻

  30. MiguelsView

    Honestly don't want Packy to blow up but shit he won't stay underrated for much longer. Dude killing things

  31. TheFess

    i like this video because its recorded in the studio where the magic happens which you don't see a lot in packy's vids its always in a another location and still lit as ever🔥🔥

  32. Versatile_gamer50j

    Bros you have to post this up on Spotify

  33. Ross Wingo

    "team gettin bigger. you gonna find out soon"

    hinting at a new member to the speck label? Cyrus has already established a solid footing but a 3rd voice would be pretty dope

    Matthew Bentz

    I think he says "team get it bigger." totally different meaning, but it does sound similar to both

  34. manfris kolas

    Place your bets folks! Who will The Specktators sign next? I'm putting my money on Croosh!!! ^^

  35. F8LRebel

    My favorite speck 16 this year has to be Roll Through 😩😤🔥🔥🔥

  36. adrian montero

    fire like always

  37. Joey

    On vacation, but can't miss out on a Speck 16. Used data for this one, don't give a shit, worth it.

  38. Santiagoaway

    Been here since 2010

  39. joker 796

    lmao ive already watched this 20+ times already

  40. Djurre Bakker

    goddamn🙌 this shit mfing hard

  41. Caleb Gerloff

    Release an album for me to blare in my car during the school year

  42. Chris Presley


  43. Tyler

    Soooooooooo lit 😭😭

  44. Gerald Jordahl

    Amazing! *o*/

  45. Jacob Armstrong

    That 60fps looking fresh though, dope verse as always.

  46. DCP Gaming

    So fucking authentic and great! As always! Keep that great shit up🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. Braden

    "Team getting bigger, you goner find out soon" Ooooo shit

  48. Jon Conaway

    Speck sixteens never disappoint 🔥

  49. J Jones

    I miss the old speck

  50. MiguelsView

    Packy Bodied This Beat

  51. rProphet

    You're a true fan if you been listening since the channel was moeteemusic ;)

  52. rProphet

    Damm nigga this shit fresh as fuck

  53. Edwin Rodiriguez

    Packy is soo underrated af bruh😩😩😔


    Been with the spectators since the cannon remix ;) I figured they'd be huge by now.. not enough exposure on their tracks tho, could you imagine if one of these niggas got on a track with big Sean or logic?

    Specks bruddA

    +TrueProphet- yep. They've done it all themselves. It's all "looking up" ;)


    +Specks bruddA I'm feeling that punn haha take this big ass W bro

  54. Ty Franke

    Oh everything looking up with a new 16🔥🔥🔥

  55. Golfy

    I just made a Halo montage and I put one of Packy's songs in it and I the link to his video in the description? Is that okay with you?


    He says as long as he gets credit he doesn't mind


    +AshFPS - Minecraft & COD Daily I wanna give him as much credit as possible but how do I give I'm credit?


    +DeadEyed song by - Packy - Song Name
    Packy Twitter, website you should be good.


    +DeadEyed & soundcloud


    +AshFPS - Minecraft & COD Daily Oh thanks dude!

  56. AidanJH9

    Damn I lost track with y'all after the parlay but you still fire and I'll have to redownload all my shit because you've been fire since the sunroom and nothing's changed


    +Mason Delain they have them for free lol

  57. Pryhmer

    Its fuggin l i t

  58. Epic Bl3nd

    straight 🔥🔥🔥

  59. Deluxe 13

    Is the instrumental from Rocket League? lol

  60. Kid Rizzy

    Hey guys, Im an 18 year old rapper from Rhode Island, if you wanna check out my music on my channel I'd really appreciate it! Like, comment. and subscribe if you enjoy! Thanks!

  61. sshann30

    Moe-T for pres

  62. treyvorak

    I think packy is stuck in the same flow. like he doesnt ever seem to flucuate his voice. its just one steady voice every time.


    i mean voice. he never sounds happy or sad or anything. just on steady voice. everything sounds similar because of it. dont get defensive.

    Janik Stahl

    But the flow is killin it every new song

    Specks bruddA

    But that one flow fireeeee

    DCP Gaming

    I think it's different in Mad Lifey

  63. Kyle Hager

    dare I say this is better then the vision and busy?

  64. Shadow

    Still as Floss as the first.

  65. Alex Gilchrist

    That cine"moe-t"ography tho 👌and that verse to like ga damn

  66. Madara -


  67. Thomas Wells

    Words can't even describe how beautifully great this is

  68. Daniel Drummond

    the music it's very short

  69. Edward Aguilar

    screw the people who hate this video. this verse is lit 🔥🔥🔥

  70. Specks bruddA

    Pack killed this shit... Prolly one of my favourite sixteens... Your turn cyrus, drop the rest of the album.....

  71. Peanuts

    Another lit Speck 16! Keep it up Packy! ;)

  72. Dolphuns


  73. FEAR Kryptonite

    Gah damn Pack

  74. Plektron

    sick Speck 16 Track packy 👌

  75. milo simmons

    the ending doe

  76. Technically Difficult

    Dont keep your head down look up at the pros not the cons :)

  77. Kevin Muñoz

    alright, who's the fucker that disliked

  78. WeAreLyrics

    <3! Always like these short verses.

  79. Teh Aleeex

    Everything looking up.

  80. Ryan Anderson

    omg this gave me a fever. I had to hit up the er after listening to this AND call the fire department🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  81. Francisco Moreno

    This needs to be turned into a song. 🔥🔥🔥

    hunter anderson

    all of them do!!

    Francisco Moreno

    Yeah I would have to agree

  82. aaronkilgour//proof

    good shit pack

  83. Paco

    Ooooh 🔥

  84. Scott C

    something to keep me busy until Cyrus drops his album

    Specks bruddA

    +MyYogfan don't quote me, but I think there is 11 more songs...


    Holy shit really? even if its half that its way more then i thought

    Specks bruddA

    +MyYogfan haha 2 weeks later. He is dropping 20 songs in total.


    +Specks bruddA Lol thanks for letting me know

    Shad Sparks

    +MyYogfan yeah lol he said there's 20 songs on the album 🔥

  85. assasin3006


  86. Shad Sparks

    Whoever disliked is ok with Trump or Hilary becoming president


    Funny because I'm a Trump supporter and I liked the video

    Lethal Snipz

    +PPHD Same


    y trump??


    @MikeRuthlessBloopers It's a scapegoat to get likes from idiots that don't understand politics.


    I liked and Im here to Make America Great Again! Once and for WALL

  87. dylan

    Fun Fact: He dropped the f-bomb more times in this song than in any of his others :)

    (i am obviously exaggerating )

    Thomas Wells

    +TheDrakonz I think he meant in just the Speck 16s

    Technically Difficult

    @TheDrakonz Calm down dude...

    Specks bruddA

    +TheDrakonz oh god. It's you again.

    Adam Mc Nally

    dark days are ahead if hes sticking about

    adrian montero

    +Temp 4 real

  88. Wisdaredevil Gamez

    60fps smooth af

  89. AlecMack

    Good shit Pack. #speck

  90. Wolverinesfan22

    Fucking heatttttt

  91. oddbirch 61


    Lucas Childs

    i couldn't agree more