Packy - I'm The One Lyrics

It's just different
I'm the one
I'm the one

I'm the one that built it up (I did)
I ain't seen nobody quick to help (nobody)
I'm the one that make the plays (Kobe)
Handle the rock and set the pick myself
I'm the one that's always up late night (late night)
They were in the bed all tucked in (tucked in)
Kill 'em all, I don't gotta mount 'em on the wall
As long as everyone know I bring the bucks in (bring the bucks in)
I'm the one your friends ask about
I'm the one that got away (that's me)
People takin' bets on the day that I'll fall off
I be in the booth yellin' "Not today!" (Not today)
I'm the one that got it done
I was in the classroom holdin' down two jobs (uh huh)
Now I really do this shit, now we're into plan B
Now you got new probs (oh baby)
I'm the one they lookin' at, poster boy
Now they all want to be the man (all want to be the man)
Nobody want to be the little bro (uh uh)
But they all want to be the fam
That FuFu lame shit, not with that
Five years grindin', no kickback (no kickback)
Now they tell me I'm the one, I'm the Big Mac
Everything they tellin' me to do I did that

Not one for the chit-chat
Took a week back home for the sit-back
Told 'em all take five but be ready for the wave when I get back
I swear I'm on, I swear I'm on
They know I'm right, they pray I'm wrong
They hype me up, I play along
In the end, I'm the one they put the paper on

I'm the one
(I'm the one, I'm the one, I'm the one)
I'm the one
(I'm the one, I'm the one, I-I'm the one)
I'm the one
(I'm the one, I'm the one, I'm the one)
I'm the one
(I'm the one, I'm the one, I-I'm the)
Uh, check the stats
Sign my checks on the fronts and backs
Own that shit
They don't, they don't pay you, they loan that shit
They don't, they don't make you, they clone that shit
I'm the one
(I'm the one, I'm the one, I'm the one)
I'm the one
(I'm the one, I'm the one, I-I'm the)

Uh, I been in the bat cave (bat cave)
You know it's going down when you don't hear from me (hear from me)
Doin' everything on the checklist
Makin' sure it's 'bout to be a hell of a year for me (year for me)
Shootin' 'bout a hundred from the field
Said I wouldn't get a spot up in the game, but I will
Lot of people takin' both sides of the fence
Go ride on the bench, I don't need your fake ass still (fuck that)
Can't nobody hold us, try to mold us
Do our thing and forget what they told us
Now they tryin' to stand on our shoulders
Actin' like I bought bullshit that they sold us
Actin' like they had a hand in it, my shoe couldn't stand in it
Actin' like they 'bout to get a hundred damn grand with it (grand with it)
Talkin' 'bout everything they 'bout to cop
Knowin' damn well I'ma be the man with it (man with it)
Oh boy, here I go (here I go)
Lookin' back where I was four years ago
From the inside it was all planned out
Outside look like a miracle, either way (either way)
I'm not done
Got yo girl tryin' to ride shotgun (shotgun)
Tellin' me I'm a damn star in the making
This for anybody actin' like I'm not one (acting like I'm not one)

I hate to be like this
All the talk is makin' me like this
Ooh yeah, girl, cake to me like this
I don't know how to behave now they used to me layin' down
Playin' my role, then I move to the booth, I ain't playin' now
That was only phase one, look at where we came from
I don't give a damn what they sayin' now

I'm the one
(I'm the one, I'm the one, I'm the one)
I'm the one
(I'm the one, I'm the one, I-I'm the one)
I'm the one
(I'm the one, I'm the one, I'm the one)
I'm the one
(I'm the one, I'm the one, I-I'm the)
Uh, check the stats
Sign my checks on the fronts and backs
Own that shit
They don't, they don't pay you, they loan that shit
They don't, they don't make you, they clone that shit
I'm the one
(I'm the one, I'm the one, I'm the one)
I'm the one
(I'm the one, I'm the one, I-I'm the)

I'm the one

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Packy I'm The One Comments
  1. Diamonddevon

    Still mad that packys been tryna make it since 2012 and he still is slept on 7 years later🤦🏻‍♂️ he needs to blow up already....

  2. Bazeknight

    DJ Khaled made this song way too fucking hard to find.

  3. Ms.chan.7106

    no im the one xd

  4. Adam Mc Nally

    this and save the pleasantries are my favourite from the mix tape


    it's even better on 1.25 speed

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



    +( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) yes

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  6. Elijah Norris

    Anyone else from jahovas stream

  7. Elijah Norris

    Jaho as witness is giving a big shout out towards you guys

  8. Blaskibloski

    From the stream right now!

  9. Baltimore Butcher

    Good ish homie just stay in the studio n keep grinding

  10. Bryan Garcia

    It's rare when a song immediately catches my attention. Usually the radio has to replay it so many times until I like it. But this shit slaps!!!

  11. Ben Malone

    Nobodyepic FTW!!!!!!

  12. A O

    Awkward Situations

  13. Cameron Logan

    All packy's songs have a mad flow

  14. CRYZZ6IX

    Nobodyepic brought me here...

    Hugo Aragón

    Can't say the same, a GoW player brought me here

  15. matty W

    100k hype

  16. noah webber

    Someone bass boost this shit

  17. DAtBoiTy

    Where can I find these lyrics

  18. Nitroxbass

    Man you guys are the best

  19. Promoting Sounds

    We put together our TOP 5 [SPECK SIXTEENS] Watch here:

  20. Dawson Norwick

    The 2 people who disliked this must have AIDS

  21. chris munoz

    You got a future ahead of u man. Keep it up

  22. Tsuki Z

    Why aren't you famous?

  23. Anthony Picciano

    At first I did not like this mixtape at all I kinda changed my mind about it good work

  24. TheSmasherPack

    This mixtape is fire :D

  25. TheRumoredMadMan

    First song in a long time to give me chills. Great beat and lyrics

  26. Kenzie Flawless

    This is one of my favorite songs in Same Difference.

  27. Cory Kitt

    I think a collab with logic would be fire

  28. Clash With KickAss

    Not fussed on this tho, prefer your old style, like the difference, my city & off the leash

    Jack Hardy


  29. Clash With KickAss

    It amazes me how you you're not that known, crazy talent, great songs


    been thinking this since I first heard him☝

  30. Lee Johnston

    this song is awesome, and guys don't be quick to hate on the other songs, last mixtape sounded crap but two months later i was BLARRIN that shit in the whip, #FLOSSTIP  it'll grow on ya promise

  31. LifeSounds

    Sick Song!

  32. Dawson Norwick

    New songs are amazing. Packet, you ARE the one

  33. cole strickler

    this is my fave

  34. Revitalyzed

    This is that one song in every artist's album/mixtape that no one saw coming. Easily the best song in the mixtape. 


    Cuz he went hard af on here

  35. SkyNB

    Dope song guys

  36. RizzyyOG

    I like Slide, Plair, Im The One.. And maybe Bruddas

    Austin MeGusta

    add all the way to that

  37. YaBoyBillNye

    IMO this and Bruddas kinda saved the mixtape.  I didn't like the whole slowed down pace of the album.  No hate to Packy, he can do whatever the fuck he wants to.  If he wants to change his style, he doesn't have to ask us first.  I'm just saying I prefer the upbeat songs like this, Miss Me, Groovy Chick, Static, Tighten Up, etc.

  38. michaelwithaenotea

    "That fufu lane shit, i aint with that!!" XDD

  39. Dongers United

    I like all the songs in this album, every thing about it, its a new taste of music from moe t and packy but I think you guys need to keep doin what your doing

  40. gamerguysgames

    The video they posted about same difference really sums up the entire album. Adds another level to it

  41. Hunter DiMaio

    Same difference is the hot shit people just don't know

  42. AaronTube Official

    I don't know what other fans are saying but I like this album & see the progress. Great job Speck!

  43. jyungflamez

    Tell moe T to make beats like this

  44. Thilo vH

    i like it too, but i enjoyed the faster stuff more, like campaign or tell me 

  45. dragonkook940

    The waiting is over

  46. Alan Darrington

    Fav on the mixtape! Great Job man

  47. Essential

    Im really having a hard time liking most of this mixtape. Compared to the rest of his music this mixtape is slow and unenergetic. Apart from this song i cant really say i like any of the songs. However i always do this with packys music recently so i will end up liking it probably :P

    big meech

    i dont know if i completely agree, but it seems like i liked his older songs quicken then i started to like his newer songs. idk why though. 

  48. Ehrens

    This is def my fav.

  49. SoA Montreal

    As a fan I have to admit this whole mixtape was shit compared to what we know he can produce but this songs ok

    Jack Hardy

    This and Bruddas, i feel his flow has slown down, not saying hes bad but he was better in the more hyped up songs in Floss And The Parlay. But i guess as a fan too, this tape aint the best.

    Jack Hardy

    In my opinion that is. But others like the tape so i aint saying its shit for everyone.

    Justin Carroll

    Same I mean like I feel where packs coming from but it's not like the old specktators :/ I miss it


    I think this song and the whole mixtape is awesome My opinion

  50. Mladen Lalov

    This song is fucking amazing my favorite from this mixtape

  51. Mason

    Nice pack

  52. Kalle Nilsson

    One of the best

  53. 소화의별빛

    The One Rapper,damn this beat!!! 
    So hardcore!

  54. nddavid9


  55. The Lazy Crow

    Favorite song on the track so far!!! :D

  56. MattAttackerPro

    You are the one!!! and the best rapper!!!

  57. Quacks

    going to the store to get jergens for this mixtape 

  58. Neutral Intel

    Packy never ceases to amaze me

  59. ScrewKingsisle

    WTF lol and I thought I was going to sleep early...


    Read my mind

    Brown Panda 57

    Mine too lol

  60. ramo610


  61. Technically Difficult


  62. Superchapin

    This song Is DOPE!

  63. CRexQ


  64. LeSaer

    I'm the one