Packy - Groovy Chick Lyrics

And it, and it, goes like this
Fine little thing from the west side, man
I can get in trouble on a coast like this
Girls run around in they best outfits
And the sun's out, and my drink never runs out
Beach when the sun's up, bar when the sun's down
Walking sunset strip with a sundress
Strawberry blonde hair down, man I'm obsessed
Walks like a model with a butt, though
Split a bottle of Moscato in the cut, though
That type chick, that type killa
Live like Timbo, smooth like Dilla
I'm like "Whoa, how I go about this?"
Not used to the wife type
But I'm already seeing me with this girl
And this girl might just change my whole life

She a groovy chick, straight out of a movie chick
She a groovy chick, and I just might be in love
She a groovy chick, straight out of a movie chick
She a groovy chick, and I just might be in love with this groovy chick

Hey fashionista, I'm a backpack rapper
It's nice to meet ya
Got a new song, you can be the feature
Never done this? I can be your teacher
Girl just let loose, don't gotta tell her twice, though
Drink in her hand, only thing 'bout her ice cold
Warm heart with a free spirit
Had her heart broke but the girl don't fear it
She dive right in, head first
Hope for the best, never even expect the worse
All about her attitude, cool chick
Everything she do is on cue like a pool stick
Jump out the pool quick, gotta go to school, shit
Hop in the drop top, good with the cool whip
You know? Then skirt off
Told me dinner tonight, she don't do dessert off
And groovy

She a groovy chick, straight out of a movie chick
She a groovy chick, and I just might be in love
She a groovy chick, straight out of a movie chick
She a groovy chick, (and I just might be in love)

And she don't wanna go
She don't wanna go
Man I hate to see her leave
And she don't wanna go
She don't wanna go
I just need her here with me

She a groovy chick, straight out of a movie chick
She a groovy chick, and I just might be in love
She a groovy chick, straight out of a movie chick
She a groovy chick, and I just might be in love

She a groovy chick, straight outta movie chick
With a booty and oooh she thick
And I wanna be who she with, choosy chick
Yeah, something 'bout two's and shit, losing it
Grab the booze and hop in the jacuzzi with
Cold drinks and a hot tub with a good girl
Now tell me that that's not love
Rock the boat, 'til that thing don't float
We going overboard, baby grab that rope
Come closer, oh that other chick?
She don't come close to you
What am I supposed to do?
I think about other girls but it's mostly you

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Packy Groovy Chick Comments
  1. Alan Zavala

    saw this in my favorites and ohhh my god the fucking nostalgia . i literally used to stan packy holy fuck , no offense but hes not exactly the best artist out there so i cringe thinking about it now .

  2. Erna Guevarra

    What's the first word of the song? Thank you!

  3. Angel Ten

    Love this song♡♡♡

  4. Runfast McChunky

    I’m sad that they still haven’t got the publicity they deserve but rainbow haired drug addicts are getting paid millions to negatively influence our youth 😂😭😭

  5. Hendrixxx

    throw back

  6. Kush Coma

    Damn she thicc

  7. DSmash

    Old days..

  8. Daniel Auriemma

    Back in the day y'all

  9. Sandave 1

    packy i relate to this song on a weird level right now in my life dude

  10. DCP Gaming

    The Specks are even better live!

  11. V8MarBos

    why in the hell would someone dislike the song doe

    Mr Doinks

    sneakerhead___23 Hillary Clinton supporters

  12. Ricky Gerardi

    I miss the old pack :/


    what happened to them?


    It's a him, not them:) "Pack" is packy he means he misses his older music:)

  13. amicabletoaster

    such a good song u guys are the best

  14. Imnotsharingmyrealnameonthiswebsite

    I miss the feels this song gives me.... Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  15. Ben Hall

    Favourite song of The Parlay

  16. christian flaming

    Nice song. I want to become a rap artist but I don't know where to start

  17. ATOMiiC CHI3F

    brought by nobodyepic

  18. ryan h

    good song

  19. firefoxcwm

    this song gets me in this weird mood... i listen to it on the drive to school and it gets me feeling right. 

  20. Dongers United

    Am I the only person who can sing this song perfectly? I challenge packy to a rap battle that you can only sing this song...

    Kyle Hamilton

    You are not alone.

  21. Nathan Johnson


  22. Amasian

    Need another song like this!

  23. ImOnYoutubeTooMuch

    MUSIC VID!!!

  24. Noah Lampinen

    Deluxe finish you are house

  25. Dell Barnes

    Am I the only one that hears some daft punk influences? I love it!

    Sinful X.

    shaft punk sucks sorry I just had to make a dick joke

  26. Jaedan Ford

    When you comin down to Arizona me and my girl are going too see it

  27. Toby Boutilier

    Yeah this song pretty damn good

  28. Rogsonify

    This song is orgasmic!

  29. Drew DeBruyne


  30. erikortega117

    anyone who dislikes this song can eat a cock

    This channel does not exist.

    +erikortega117 You mean the chicken type of cock? Delicious ;)


    haha,ummmmmm... jcnbieber ygiuytfikytrdytrikf


    ummmmmm, nope

    Anias G

    @erikortega117 Why?


     come on bro -_-

  31. erikortega117

    JahovaWitness got me into this song from that MW2 gameplay, thank you hova :) love you man
    subscribe to "JahovaWitness, KYR SP33DY, Deluxe 4, Deluxe 20, TheG18, SideArms4Reason, Legion, ShadowBeatz, & Nobody Epic" everyone! you wont regret it

  32. A Spaceful Mind

    I am now relaxed

  33. James gamer 69

    This song make think if summer

  34. Applesause


  35. Rehfuze

    Quantity Over Quality.

  36. Louis

    this is such a sweg song

  37. TheWiggliestTwinkie

    Does anybody know what the first word of this song is.. It's repeated a lot but idk what it is.


    Can it be

    Daniel Jodlowski

    Its "gonna be" and then its repeated like this " gonna be... gonna be...gonna be in love gonna be in love..."


    no I think its can it be

    TheCaptain Kik

    can it be

  38. 123eltontin


  39. Conza Dude

    i dont know why but i love this music just from hearing it a day ago its addicting getting this so i can pump it loud in my cars

  40. Locky Duclos

    Nobodyepic sent me and now I love your music

  41. Andy Calderon

    Hey specktators when are yall gonna come to atlanta me and my girlfriend are huge fans.

  42. Ben Russell

    My favourite song on the album

  43. Alex Melody

    Deluxe Reacted On This OMG + TRY THIS WITH A BASS

  44. Alex Melody

    Deluxe Reacted On This OMG + TRY THIS WITH A BASS

  45. Pharaoh Zayzo

    I heart u deluxe

  46. Pharaoh Zayzo


  47. meibachboi


  48. Jovan Gaulon


  49. deserve justice

    Love this song

  50. Matteus Steininger

    We know delux it's awesoem

  51. TheCono2

    Love this song!


    Love this song

  53. Beastreso

    Hmmmm, come to Australia for a tour please? <3

  54. deluxe7k

    This is definitely my favourite specktators song

  55. mimmo theturnip

    Yes jahovaaa awesome song

  56. Funktabular

    Me like

  57. Stephen Rodriguez

    Jahova sent me here

  58. riotkiller27

    this is the shit 

  59. Potato -chan

    Awesome song :D

  60. Chuck Pardee

    Best song ever # d4cocklover

  61. Majora

    Such a Perfect song!

  62. FancyFoxGaming

    I love this song!

  63. Gabriel Sanchex

    I like it!

  64. Luis Garcia

    Great song ! :D

  65. Connor MacKay

    This song so good

  66. Connor MacKay

    That D4 comment LOVE THIS SONG TO

  67. Jo 369

    specktating like a boss #D4cocklover

  68. Lidia Duarte

    BADASS MUSIC!!!!!!!!
    Keep it up #SPECK4LIFE

  69. xiBenjiii- V

    Dat song though

  70. MrBryanR

    Best song from you guys I am definetly buying this

  71. sgbrooks056

    What the hell, why does this have so few views?

  72. Lidia Duarte

    She a groovy chick
    And I just might be I love
    Ohhh shiiit doppest songgg everrrrr

  73. Cédric Gaudreault

    Respeck :)

  74. Iku Zo

    This song is the best out of all your other songs. Tbh this is the only on I think is really good, your should start making more songs like this one.

  75. Zach Seaman

    #d4cocklover lol

  76. Zach Seaman

    She's a groovy chick :)

  77. 333

    Great song, like all their songs

  78. Sophia Som

    My boyfriend dedicated this song to me <3 I must say this is catchy! You rarely find songs with meanings like this. Nowadays it's just ass, ass. At least this song got the ass and personality <3 

  79. Chris Claros

    This song is so Deluxe4

  80. Anthony H

    Tham D4


  81. Tyler Garci

    Dang this nice

  82. RTL team

    Damn, dope man.

  83. NG_Fantasy-

    Favourite song so far!

  84. connor tuttle

    This song is groovy af

  85. Josh Adlington

    This a dope song kinda like get lucky with the bass

  86. Cameron McDonald

    I just got this album

  87. Chaotic Carti

    I'm dead ass about to tell my friend to ask the specktators if he can use this in a montage.. #SubToDepuhs #FaZeNeedAMontageWithThisSong


    LOL that second hasgtag

  88. Chaotic Carti

    Defiantly loving it


    I see how it is

  89. Chaotic Carti

    So far good

  90. The_Gingersaur

    I only like thus song because d4 likes it

  91. iAquax

    Hey guys would be ok for me to use some of your music in my videos on my other channel?

  92. sal aceves

    Will Joel (nobodyepic) ever rap in one of your songs and will he be in another vid again?

  93. Nick Vinten

    this song is sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  94. Justin I

    u think they,ll make a music video

  95. Justin I

    Mine too