Packy - Fever Lyrics

I got that fever, they like it
I know this, I'm psychic
When I'm out in public they all on my private
Low key I'm thrown, low key I'm cold
Low key I'm platinum if these records ever get sold
R-R-Records ever get sold, records ever get sold
Low key I'm Chamberlain, these records never get old
That hundo' percent
Five hundo' for rent
When I'm paid out, forget what that five hundo' meant
Fever, I got it bad
Get a little bit of that swag, bit of that sag
Bit of that got you mad
Get a little hit of ass
Bit a little bit of gas
Bit of that flame
Give her that player, spit her that game
Tell that chick to get rid of that lane
Ask that chick what she thinkin'
I'm that guy, where you been?
I'ma leave my boys with your friends
Yeah that's fine
Used to ask, now I say what's on my mind
Like, "Come over girl, I've been known to get faded off of wine"
She said, "Let me feel your head, that's a fever every time"

Man down
I'm throwing up
Nobody put they hands down it's a holdup
I'm hella' hot
Can't come close to a kid like me
But you can get it front row, get hyphy
Get high, g-get high
Get high, g-get high
Get high, g-get high
It just might be that fever

Uh, I'm messed up
They newly faded fresh cut
My team the on-deck circle man we next up
Midwest, I get it
Detroit I might fit it
Midwest, that's my shit
Nobody messin' with it
Two of them make one of me
CEO of my company
R.E.F.S.: Rich Early Fuck Stress
Real shit, don't ask choes
Don't approach with no ass, woah
Not normally like this but that fever make me an asshole
Oh my damn though
They love me all on that channel
Got the rap game on that utter shit, I'm milking it with no cattle
Keep that flame on with no candle
Ri-Ride the beat with no handle
She want to ri-ride with no saddle
She said "Hit it boy with no paddle", dang
I'm doing something right I ain't changin' a thing
Moved out of that neighborhood but I ain't changing the name
Speck though 'til I die, Speck choes they fly
Get you over them ex choes, got next choes on my mind

Man down
I'm throwing up
Nobody put they hands down it's a holdup
I'm hella' hot
Can't come close to a kid like me
But you can get it front row get hyphy
Get high, g-get high
Get high, g-get high
Get high, g-get high
It just might be that fever

Uhh, yeah, uhh, yeah
Uhh, uhh, yeah

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Packy Fever Comments
  1. Ben Ahrens

    I first heard this song as a 6th grader. Now I'm a pothead stoner and found it again

  2. Randy Martinez

    i havent heard this song since 7th grade damn time goes by quick

  3. domiy27

    i miss this part of my life :( nobodyepic put me onto these tracks lol where the cod community at today :'(

    AzTeck Raps

    nuketown 2025 spawn traping :D

  4. Mark Haertel

    this song is the best when smoking 420

    Sleepy 420

    DJ Heart-Tell honestly it is. I Like to race to this song with my whip

  5. Brian "D-City" Ortega

    Speck means in German Bacon.. lol

  6. Tom Farmer

    "R.E.F.S, Rich early fuck stress" (1:55)

  7. KoalaityGaming

    I see Dr.Dre wtf

  8. NixNac

    I thought he was black :x

  9. Joseph Ramirez

    My favorite one

  10. Jack Hardy

    "Speck til i die". Changes to packy two years later

    Luke M

    Yeah ikr what's packy, all i know is the speck


    Specktators are now his own label. just saying.. 

    Volt Rizzy

    +xXxHaRdYZZxXx he hasn't gone against that statement at all

    Shad Sparks

    +Luke M lol Specktators is the label, Packy is actually him. Patrick "Packy" Duda and Matt "Moe-T" Duda lol that's their names.

  11. KoalaityGaming

    Lol u got bieber fever? (I'm joking)

  12. Jovan Sanchez

    you know how i got here.. cause I'm batman 

  13. Lidia Duarte

    Vim sidearms 4 a fukin reason

  14. Vote4Goku

    im slightly homosexual

    Inline GTI

    Do you still feel the same way?

  15. MrBrohamm

    Their shows possesion, they're is they are, and there indicates a position or direction

  16. Jaden Dile

    this song is so catchy

  17. Mark Valle

    Actually their is for saying sentences like,"their clothes are dirty,"so it's actually there.Sorry for being a grammar nazi.

  18. MrBrohamm

    Theyre means they are so it is their' actually

  19. Axel Brandt


  20. Dreadful

    Im Satan <3

  21. Austin James

    Should start linking thier shop in descriptions I'm getting myself a hat and sweater

  22. Jeffrey Duzon


  23. IceCola

    IM BATMAN!!!

  24. Sam

    There going be fucking big soon

  25. Andre Mckerracher


  26. Bello Jeckel

    I wish i could see them live !

  27. ROCKAS

    You owe me a shitload of cash!

  28. XxBossMagic

    Im still waiting for my money bitch!!

  29. gdj009

    he saying that's where he got it from.

  30. wildgamingstudios

    This song has been confirmed to be on Need for Speed Rivals

  31. DepressedDaddTTV

    His channel is jahovaswitniss. So no you are not Jahova.

  32. Austin FU

    Thank You NobodyEpic!

  33. bobo gool

    your the tooth fairy :)

  34. The BrandonH

    Well the Transition is on iTunes and it has a lot of their hits. But I will definitely look on the website first. Thanks

  35. Baunch

    Fucking love this song, been that way for a while! Get higher

  36. ee3thannnnnnn

    dont have too, its on their website... though i think you can donate too

  37. The BrandonH

    Im buying this whole album, this is sick

  38. Joe

    and grizzly adams had a beard.

  39. ThatGuyNamedZed

    And I'm a tiger.

  40. Connor Chase


  41. Daan Baert

    Because eminem is to mainstream

  42. papercut553

    Pretty sure he meant that I'm Jahova sent him here..

  43. AISMATE2245

    This song is so sick

  44. Omar M

    I think he meant Im Jahova sent him here, I was sent here from my good taste in music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. AISMATE2245

    This is sick as fuck

  46. Cesar Cerda

    Sick beat

  47. Curtis Iutzi

    look at my channel the3tryhardz

  48. tracy ware

    16 people dont have the Fever

  49. Austin Beyerl


    If you want a bass boosted version.

  50. KaGe Logicz

    dont go bad when you turn mainstream please

  51. jonathan knudson

    fucken love your shit

  52. Jeremy McGregor

    I completely agree with that except that they might turn into trash after they go mainstream.

  53. Thedu ckscry

    It's even cooler when you write it correctly!


    And im the fuckin tooth fairy.

    Randy Martinez

    RILEY WARD cool?

  55. GreyShamrock

    I can agree with that, most other's would say that the Crew made them what they are today, of course that's not true. I can't wait till the Specktators are mainstream completely!


    number 3 more like 1 to me

  57. matt anspach

    Nobody epic sub.

  58. Dominic Roehrig

    14 people don't know what good music is

  59. Austo 9119

    Your music is better than most famous rappers!

  60. Austo 9119

    Heard of them from Nobody Epic.

  61. sullythabig

    fack deg

  62. Kevin Parker

    LEGIQN anyone? Hes in the crew

  63. mullen8and33

    this shit is raw

  64. Nathan

    Who else here got this from Nobody Epic?

  65. xBroMobilex

    Stfu bout this video game shit. Enjoy the music.

  66. Haustyle13

    I heard of them from MsxHeartxAttack

  67. Samir Modha

    and ShadowBeatz

  68. ShaneRobet

    Well said :')

  69. Mike Hawk

    The screwed up part sounds like ASAP Rocky

  70. DeluxedSpyder

    The Crew; KYR Sp33dy, Deluxe 4, Deluxe 20, SideArms4Reason, Im Jahova, NobodyEpic, TheG18. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  71. real nigga

    They already got a record contract with MTV Sony and something else

  72. Daniel Franks

    Ya'll need to get famous now!!

  73. DS Fishing

    Nobody sent me here ;)

  74. Praveen Nathan

    Nobodyepic .....imjahova...sidearms....the crew :)

  75. Dirty Dirty South 5th Ward

    thats who sent him here, hes not saying he is; imjahova sent me here too.

  76. Cippi

    No you are not.

  77. LostPride

    Actually NobodyEpic said to leave a like and a comment... Sooo should we not listen to him?!?!?!? WHAT DO WE DO!?!

  78. Esther Vlemmix

    I know that the crew brought you here but like 60% of the comment are like thath

  79. James Barlow

    Stop saying 'Nobody Epic' Just like the top comment if he brought you here. everyone just wants a top comment...

  80. Julio Garcia

    I here this shit will I smoke some weed

  81. TheSkeduardo

    Opening line gave me a fucking boner

  82. Tyler Shane


  83. Jake Jippy

    Nobody Epic

  84. Übermensch

    Nobody epic

  85. FatalEffectPaintbal1


  86. Max


  87. 276themexican276


  88. RabbitsAbeast

    Jahovawitness brought me here. Specktators made me stay.

  89. asi9ine

    you should do some grammar hw

  90. Logan Loupe

    listening this while doing homework

  91. chum1ification

    crew may have brought me here but they made me stay

  92. IwasDROPDasAkid I

    I got that fever they like it I know this I'm phychic

  93. Kamal Dansby


  94. Sharkiesha Nooahh

    Oh fuck there good

  95. Bridge Rockway

    After listening to this I want you to make a song with ASAP rocky