.Paak, Anderson - XXL Freshman 2016 - Anderson .Paak Freestyle Lyrics

Jokers and Cinderellas at the ball of confusion
The tension is high but niggas is still fly
Sophisticated puppets with political ties
Organized crime, paperback shrine
Pussy with a price tag, money all the time
Pills and a nightcap runnin' through your spine
Niggas sippin' lean what a fiend for the high
Addiction is a bitch but we thuggin' 'til the end
And these bitches love the glitz so I'm turnin' up the lights
I'm rollin' out the whips, throwing the dice
You can roll if you like, do what you feel
You wanted a show? Just open your eyes
This is life as you know it
A few make it through, most won't survive
A penny with a hole with no hope inside
It's survival of the finesse
And my nigga's went to dinners
So we taking a bite and I made up my mind
The whole world loves you when you're top of the line
The hoes gon' want you when you're thuggin' it right
But the feds gon' bust you if your money too husky man
Trust me, devils want you livin' in fright
Ain't that right?

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.Paak, Anderson XXL Freshman 2016 - Anderson .Paak Freestyle Comments
  1. 김현석

    디자이너 ㄹㅇ 뭔가 병신같은데 중독되서 또 보러 와버렸다...

  2. Add me on Fortnite:Youssef Elbehery

    Everybody gangsta till Desiigner Summons The devil

  3. Ong?

    lil dicky looks so out of place 😭😭

  4. Gaming W/ Nicko

    I still listen to paak till this day

  5. Mrcerclees

    *Best part*

  6. Miles McCue

    That was the longest minute and a half of my life

  7. Natanael Lazaro

    Lil dicky on 0:28 was like is this foo even speaking English... his face said it all

  8. Lxrd Zilla

    Still the second best in my book

  9. Chec_poinT

    We’re really going to not talk about how desiigners was making bird sounds and his classic gunshots even while .Paak was still speaking?😂😂

  10. Venom Squanch

    That moment you realize Desiigner is *Donnie Thornberry* all grown up.

  11. The Boyos

    Anderson is apparently the one kid I played with on Xbox that sent me rage messages

  12. Oh Yeah yeah

    Desiigner sounds like my button mashing in a fighting game

  13. Rod Richardson

    lil dickey didn't go 30 sec but killed everything there the boys trash

  14. Dew Dantes

    Im gonna be real the beat is trash

  15. 425Thetrapgod Is Bad

    0:10 desiigner either looks like hes on heroin or very sped

  16. MakoTheKid

    Legend has it. Paak is still waiting...

  17. Kadeem The Dream

    This was my first time hearing Anderson Paak back then and I threw him the trash bin. Now he's one of my favorite artist. He completely messed up with this freestyle

  18. N Rex

    this is parody, right?

  19. Mc Dippin Sauce

    Desiigner on molly and coke or something. Straight zooted . Imagine being that stupid and making millions


    those mics are ass

  21. lubricated Banana

    Desiigner and Anderson have hella style and Lil’ dicky comes in looking like a Florida frat boy

  22. Janet Perez

    Me drunk: desiigner
    Me sober: lil dicky

  23. Devon Smith

    Losing brain cellssss. Lil Dicky saved this

  24. Sam McCagg

    Watching this with captions on is well worth the time


    3:37, look at the their faces

  26. A Shwin

    Gahhaaa look at Desiigner dancing in the background. That man is living life!

  27. A Shwin

    Anyone just start laughing at Desiigner? Lmaooo he went wayyyy longer than he was able to handle or even needed to.

  28. Abegail Inso

    I just realize this cypher was trash 3 yrs ago.old school rappers killin' it

  29. Amos Zaman

    Desiigner killed the beat 😂🤣😂

  30. Chriss Souinguissa

    Lil dicky est terrible

  31. xExticy

    Desiigner really is just vibin tho

  32. Daniel LM

    My son is amazing, he look korean, he dance like MJ. He only in pre k. Lmao that was definitely off the top



  33. Daniel LM

    He got "RIGHT ON THE PLANE" lemonade lemonade baby what can i say hahahahahaha


    Bro i always laugh with that Line 🤣🤣🤣The fact that He Acts Like it was a punchline

  34. The N

    Honestly lil dicky should have gone in the other one

  35. Abegail Inso

    Is desiigner really freestyling?

  36. Jrizzy Exclusive

    Someone said desiigners switch word and he couldn’t stop

  37. Jibril Mohamed

    Most autistic lineup

  38. Giovanni Ruttilio

    Lil dicky looks like a tourist that taked part at a freestyle battle destroying everyone

  39. Tenzin Kuendrub

    Desiinger tryna throw up gang signs

  40. Martha Salazar

    You could tell Lil Dicky ain't feeling it with them 2 😂😂😳😂😂 but he killed it ayyyyeee 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  41. Carlos Benitez

    This man fucked a flesh light and won 2 Grammys

  42. Kris Chillinsky

    lil dicky was it

  43. Kris Chillinsky

    the guy screaming in the back like rick james god this is like drunk at a party but worse because they get paid for this shit lol damnit

  44. Kris Chillinsky

    i didnt know dennis rodman started rapping.. that first guy sounds dumb as hell lol hahalike someone joking about being a rapper lol awful just awful... young boys ... lean... clapping... just say shit that is in everyones day to day lingo in the streets lol just awful. 2nd guy was at least saying shit lol sorta. did he say three sacs in his face? looked like he didnt want to be rude to bannanas or oranges so he wore both. lol

  45. Universal Roblox News

    I regret putting captions on during desiigners verse.

  46. youngdumy boy

    My nigga be like : give me scoobie snacks hay yabadobado

  47. K.R.BEE_ Yongz

    Brrrrraaaaaaaa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂do it do it😂😂😂😂

  48. Jose Luciano

    3:30 This is when they knew they fucked up

  49. Hydra

    Lil dicky killed it

  50. Rian Roy

    Playboi Carti: I speak the best cursive

    Desiigner: I'm finna end this whole mans career

  51. Arne Noedel

    When desiigner is freestyling, Paak looks so happy that he won't be the worst one

  52. NeekzGamz

    Why does lil dicky sound like Megan the stallion mixed with a white man

  53. Leon Holborn

    Paaks come out in his pjs or whaaa?

  54. Tyrese Townsend

    The sad thing is that Anderson is so much better than this 😂😂

  55. shank shrek

    Lil dicky: the kid that tries to get everybody to study
    Desiigner: the one that keeps playing
    Anderson: the kid that doesn't understand the question

  56. Phillip Fitchew

    It sounds like anderson.paak was actually freestyling.

  57. thaha jj

    Lil dicky said he fucks a bunch of fleshlights and then proceeds to spit some fucking fire man, if I wouldn't know who he is I wouldn't believe he could rap

  58. TimeLord

    Would Desiigner be good if he actually spoke?


    1st dude......... no

  60. Lawrence Starks

    Had to come back and watch dicky carry the team 2020#

  61. ExtendedXMagz _

    Lil Dicky looks like that white guy who just one a free trip there

  62. Gustavo Ramirez

    It kills me that desiigner freestyle better than lil mosey lmfao

  63. Armando Ortiz

    Lil dicky got the wrong schedule

  64. Andrew M

    When you put the nerd in the special needs class

  65. Aswaya

    Lil Dicky & Anderson.paak: *speaks english*
    Desiigner: *speaks ancient enchanting table*

  66. LIL FIRE

    Is it just me or is Lil Dicky the only one who’s actually wrapping it in this

  67. littlebear908

    Anderson was a straight off the top freestyle

  68. Machinima Minecraft

    Desiigner be casting spells

  69. Rafael Caetano

    3:04 lil dicky’s shy “hey”

  70. Mustafa Yerebasmaz

    Dicky 🔥🇹🇷

  71. mj city

    3:34 when Designer when he realized Lil dicky rap was better

  72. Baby Bulletproof

    “Heeeey!!!!!” Best quote ever

  73. The 90's Time Machine

    The worst part about Paak’s verse, is he legit looks like this dude thought he was spitting straight bars. Like he was making those manogoing off so hard, and spitting such straight facts

  74. Georges Manasse

    I came for the youtube comments bout designer 💀💀

  75. cringey kid

    designers face at 3:36 😂

  76. MPHG

    I bet Lil Dicky’s back still hurts

  77. Jacob Gutierrez

    Lil dickey was the best one ngl

  78. Shandi Septian

    Lil Dicky teaching how to freestyle

  79. Robert Sans Souci

    Paak went old school freestyle. No writtens . That’s dope yo

    G o R E - BS

    *MY SON KOREAN BUT HE DANCE LIKE MJ, BE HE ONLY ON PRE-K* mf did so garbo bruh

  80. kizfy

    holy fuck desiigner is traaaaaaash

  81. Jericho Routon

    lil dicky was very disappointed 😂

  82. Rikesh Patel

    What the fuck is designer saying why did they let him go so long

  83. Rodney Wesley

    Best name ?

  84. Ezzixz.sinpezz

    Bro wtf did designer say tf

  85. Dahlia is a flower

    Rewatching now as lil dicky carried it...... All these others are still better than lil mosby.. Moses.. I don't know that kids name lol

  86. Curtis Fiatoa


  87. snowj720

    D was mumble trash on this. Anderson is always the dude, but wasn't his tippy. Dick throws a few more lines and he owns the track.

  88. zeaks

    Now Desiigner looks like he woke up like the man.

  89. Boe Beazie

    Lil dicky killed both of them that's sad lmao fuck XXL ITS NOTTHE SAME







  93. GlitterFairyLilo

    Anderson .paak is only good when he sings tbh. He should stick to singing.

  94. Nobody asks

    3:05 me when i hear a noise in the kitchen at 3am

  95. Ninjaboi

    I dont like how Lil Dicky's braincells were killed

  96. hi hi

    It honestly seemed like designer made it seem more hype for Anderson but little dicky was more fire

  97. Rainsfort Mohlahlana

    Desiigner should put that hook in 1 of his songs. It's dope AF

  98. Rainsfort Mohlahlana

    Lil Dicky: "hair so straight no blow out"
    I felt that on behalf of my black fam 😂💔