.Paak, Anderson - Trippy Lyrics

[Rodney Dangerfield:]
Ah, that's right, doll
But everyone wants love
Love, is the answer, Johnny
Everyone is lookin' for love, deep love
A lifetime of deep love, you know?
I'm lookin' for a shallow half hour, you know?
[Johnny Carson:]
Don't you have luck with women?
[Rodney Dangerfield:]
I never had luck with women
I'm no ladies man, I know that, Johnny
And I never got girls when I was a kid in show business either, you know?
One girl told me, "Come on over, there's nobody home"
I went over, there was nobody home!

[Anderson .Paak:]
You and I will always be somewhere between
You and I will always be somewhere between
Sweet Trippy, I'm yours for the gettin'
Talkin' foolish, had the moon, I was gone, eighteen hunnid, sippin'

I can't get rid of you, all the places that I used to go and kick it
All this weight that I'm liftin', trippy

Come meet me in the middle, right there where you always be
Somewhere in between, you and I will always be
Come meet me in the middle, right there where we always be
Somewhere in between, you and I will always be
Come meet me in the middle (I'll meet you in the middle)
Come meet me in the middle (Somewhere in between)
Come meet me in the middle (You and I will always be)
Right there where we always be

Without a space I could feel, in the words to define
Pick it up, if you will, heavy weight on my mind
Just a pretty brown thing wit'cho head in the clouds
Why don't you slip the round thing in the palm of my hands
Up enough for the thrill, over over you spill
Open up, I could tell
I could see when it's real
And as soon as I grab ahold of ya, I'ma have to let go of ya

[J. Cole:]
Came down the block, somethin' sick, but it's rented
I don't give a fuck, bitch, either way, I'm in it
I ain't gotta prove to you that I got bread
Niggas talkin' money but broker than the bed that I slept on back in Muammed crib
'Member fuckin' hoes leanin' all the left
Don't know why they rock wit' a nigga, but they did
Damn sure wasn't the money, maybe it's the kid?
Used to have a honey that we loved when we was young but somehow got disconnected before Facebook got so big
I used to search her name hopin' we could reconnect
But if I sent the message, would she still be on my dick?
When I couldn't find her, had me feelin' mad lame
Maybe she got married and she changed her last name
Maybe she just ain't up on the latest of the internet and ain't got into that
But give her time, that'll change
Bingo, what do you know?
Years later, late night after a show we here later
Brown skin, love how it glow, your hair tighter
Ask, "Is it cool if I smoke?" Go 'head, light up
High from your fragrance, I love, you smell purrty
Know I got it straight from the mud, my nails dirty
If somehow we both loose touch, I won't lie, ya got me open way too much, I'm gon' find ya

[Anderson .Paak:]
We should be lost in the deep end, like water to a fish scale
Why don't I just swim?

I can't get rid of you, all the places that I used to go and kick it
All this weight that I'm liftin', trippy

Come meet me in the middle, right there where you always be
Somewhere in between, you and I will always be
Come meet me in the middle, right there where we always be
Somewhere in between, you and I will always be
Come meet me in the middle (You and I will always be)
Come meet me in the middle (Somewhere in between)
Come meet me in the middle (You and I will always be)
Somewhere in between
You and I will always be

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.Paak, Anderson Trippy Comments
  1. Alex

    Heard this live at his concert in Westbrook, ME. Met this cute girl's gaze halfway through the song and smiled at each other.
    Didn't know her name.
    Didn't ask for it.
    Just smiled.
    What a concert.

  2. miss_johnson

    Come meet me in the middle, somewhere in between...

    😌miss you always

  3. Helder Esteves

    "Sweet Trippy, I'm yours for the gettin'" in this moment i knew this was a banger

  4. Colin Parker

    I'm so godamn stoned

  5. RestEasyMacMillerWeLoveYou

    Some mac miller vibes !

  6. Jamal Meizongo

    Why don't we have a video for this song?

  7. Cosmic Brownie

    When my husband played this i was thinking how loving he is , which is why i love him 💓

  8. daniel asselbergs

    2:50, those 6 seconds is just so damn awesomd

  9. Sonya

    2.5k people got no taste in music 🎧.......

  10. Katlego Khunou

    chiiile if I dont get pregnant to this...

  11. Andre Veliz

    Trippy ~~

  12. Marco Romero

    I don’t got to prove to you that I got bread 🍞 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  13. N AM

    Paak + Cole = 🔥

  14. rawiri Mcclutchie

    Got me missing my ex's fuck😣

  15. James R

    I fucking love the fact rodney dangerfield is the intro. Fucking both are legends.

  16. Reggae Rasta

    Man I'm late to Paark but what a find Dec 1st 2019

    Baller #14

    Glad you could join us brudda!

    Robert Nelson

    me and you both...im sorry, self

  17. Ncedisizwe Mtengwana

    song that got me through my worst experiences. i appreciate Anderson & Cole for this...

  18. Skit Marx

    Watch out. Paak is gonna take over the world.

  19. Aye Swvyzii

    Cole wit the Kendrick flow on this one

  20. Maximo Diaz

    Que paso anderson?? bastante maloo el álbum

  21. Faisal Baig

    this song is a vibe

  22. Shazam Kablam

    I've been listening to this song for 1 year now and still 🔥.

    Clayvo 71

    The hardest song on the album 🔥🔥🔥

  23. Enhance The Rapper

    See you space cowboy

  24. meriem sabeg


  25. SLINKZ

    Coles verse in this is real magical, I feel every groove

  26. Shred

    wish i didnt know this trash

  27. Wrist Lock

    I remember so vividly, after I broke up with my Ex because of differences in where we wanted to take the relationship (marriage or not)
    She contacted me 4 months later and we started hooking up. That's when she was the most freakiest in bed. Bruh I kid you not it was some good sex and this song was playing from her phone while we were on her bed and she was saying the most kinkiest shit that I was into and making the sexiest faces with those "I want you to fuck me" eyes. It was definitely an experience. l get boners to this day when I think about it lol. Long story short every time I hear this song that's what I'm thinking of. Thanks Anderson Paak 😁🙏😅

    Colin Parker

    That's fucking hilarious I can imagine fuckin a chick to this song high as hell

  28. Bill Mc

    Shout out to Rodney Dangerfield

  29. Heffsta02

    so turns out I've been sleeping on J Cole....what a verse.

  30. Beverli Collins

    I like this ish rite here..very chill and smooth..Paak and Cole go hard forreal!!!💯🔥💞

  31. RoN

    gives me the chills

  32. ducanhbui

    this song takes me to a place

  33. tmason142

    I lost my mom the same day i heard this song for the first time & i liked it so much that i listened to it all day & it brought me peace. Now everytime im missing my mom or just feeling down in general i listen to this song & it makes me feel better. I wish Anderson Paak could know what this song has done for me. He deserves to know that his song was so good it kept me out of depression over tge loss of my mom.


    This comment was written by the girlfriend of tmason. Btw.

  34. nils deboeck

    Cole, paak make some more babies already

  35. Genaro Puliafito

    Does someone know where i can find that clip of dangerfield and carson at the beginning?

  36. Young Sinatra Tonez

    No luck with woman....story of my life

  37. WhereisBalake

    Came here because of the Rodney Dangerfield sample. Stayed for the great track.

  38. june

    Bro im high off acid right now and my love for jcole is flourishing even more

  39. Sam Dom

    Fucking finally

  40. CAM KINGS 0117

    check out our first music video its trippy as fuuuuuuuuck

  41. Andrea Miele

    Swag drumming and summer vibes 😍

  42. Isaiah Thompson

    Sooooo underrated

  43. Vincent Acuna

    This is the kind of music thats helping me get over losing Mac

  44. Junior Kimba

    This is feel good music!!!

  45. Alexandrea Renee Todd

    I love john michael parker...til the day i die

  46. Chantelle Tucker

    Hooked when I heard more on flying lotus album
    People don't sleep on that album

  47. Incognito

    *One girl told me "come on over, there's nobody home."*
    *I went over, there was nobody home...*

  48. AMAC

    Sweet trippy, I'm yours for the gettin'.

  49. alia belgacemi


  50. EmJay HalfMoon

    Like water to your fish scales...💦

  51. Desi Winslow

    I neeeeeed a video. Please and thank you ❤️

  52. Dark and Handsome

    Yeah man, she changed her name on facebook.. She has some funny ass name for sure..

  53. Penelopee Ethereal

    This song breaks me down!!

  54. StephonST

    Muhammad a lowkey celebrity bases off mentions alone

  55. Cashmere Funk

    Yoooo i miss Rodney Dangerfield , back to school movie lololo but this right here is 💯.

  56. Marcus Moore

    Drown in, breathe out

  57. Mogic Beats

    My favorite record at the moment🖤

  58. Guri

    The swing is crazy

  59. Michelangelo

    Music Video? :(

  60. William Hernandez

    Trippy (feat. J. Cole
    Anderson .paak j. Cole

  61. Twifight Sparkill

    My man says yes to this, shares it and I love it like him - smooth, brilliant and softly spilling my mind into the warm soak of ecstacy. ❤️

  62. Trevor Hall

    Love is everyThing To a man ThaT's aLL He needs To geT THrougH Life.

  63. Trevor Hall


  64. Terpoholic Sloth

    Did they sample Kendrick's Pride (distorted vocals) or something. Sounds so familiar. SIIIIICK

  65. Xavier Hudgeon

    This is the fiest cole feature I've heard where i didn't feel like cole was the only reason i like the song this song is amazing but not because Cole is a great rapper Paak contributes just as much if not more then cole and

  66. Styl849

    I'm seriously upset that I'm just now hearing this song.


    seriously like how did i miss out on this its so great

  67. John Bentley

    Come meet me in the middle...
    Like we ALWAYS dooo

  68. TayMeeks !

    🔥🔥🔥💫💫💫 I swear J. Cole is absolutely amazing 💫💫🔥🔥💫💫

  69. toulouse everything

    hawans a day

  70. Titus J Wavy


  71. Bud Palmer

    Love the Rodney Dangerfield sample.

  72. Elevated Mindz

    New Carolina Artist, Ty 4 Thought, Run and tell that shit like bad news! New project titled “10,000HOURS”

  73. Juan Bravo

    needs a music vid

  74. Jason Sanchez

    Damn.... My ears are in heaven

  75. Rodrigo Ortega

    Honestly J.Cole fucks tha beat amazingly...

    Rodrigo Ortega

    And .Paak warms it up and then down for tha Raps...

  76. Immaculate Moments

    This is what you call a classic. 10 years later, I'll be bumpin this!

  77. Jesse Baldwin

    Paak nd Cole was the collab of my dreams, when this shit dropped, i lost it. both phenomenal artists and this shit is just PLATINUM

  78. Tisha Steen

    Shamar jazzy joe max Charlie Willie kabir j Cole Smith Anderson lee beamon Jackson McBride easterling eaton Howard Hawthorne Gordon Steen boys wvg to bg to og Raymond Washington pooh bear kabir Stanley tookie Williams beamon bandana boys dela easterling ebk ymcmb 2k20 Berkeley terrace apts dipset cokeboys meechi blizzy essex universal union County Newark nj and new York Harlem wvg 109 wax max boys Atlanta zone 6 roc nation c.m.g dblocc inmates oww peter roll squad rich Rollin 103rd Crenshaw crestlane grovestreet 22nd 21st cte Duncan Duke boyz Florida devil rays golden state warriors Chicago Bulls March 26 1985 Dennis Rodman play boy gangsta crip ymcmb 2k20owwww

  79. Ethan Villarreal

    Song just reminds me of my ex and the holidays :/

  80. prron

    Oxnard that 805 ! 🔥🔥

  81. davis4557


  82. David Rosas

    The females vocals are godly. They take me somewhere else

  83. Sal Dominguez

    I’m in love with the whole song

  84. Prolific Pops

    That intro is such a classic

  85. Otair Teodoro

    Muito bom curtiram som e bom, isso som pAncadA.

  86. dustin Rhoads

    George straight type beat

  87. Native Sun

    Rodney finally got respect. Thanks Paak!

  88. Clay Robert

    J cole ruined this song with a completely corny verse... shit was corny af

  89. RoN

    here i hear a lot of de la and tribe influence goddamn is good

  90. You Call That a Knife?

    This song really deserves a music video

  91. leekjaymusic

    Sweet trippy I’m on for the gettin ?

  92. fffilix

    and they had Khadja Bonet on the song..... enough said.

  93. Mr. Fanach

    Cole world

  94. Bam Bam Bruno

    Kendrick is that you

  95. Anish Sabharwal

    Wish there were podcasts of shit like the one liners at the start😂

  96. The Erkenbrand

    How can 1,7k people dislike this masterpiece?