.Paak, Anderson - The Chase Lyrics

[Kadhja Bonet:]
I need you more than you could know
Ooooh, oooooh, oooh
Don't let me down and don't let go

[Anderson .Paak:]
I say
You know I hit it almost every time and then I miss one
How we gon' get ourselves up outta this one?
Hard to get up from this like Sonny Liston
Feel like it's Ed and Laimbeer with the Pistons
Bad Boys, but no Will Smith and, only real friction
Got to the fork in the road, a split decision
I could eat or split everything, my own decisions
That would take a little more time and more wisdom
That would take a little more grind and more vision
What's the difference between the poor and a rich man?
Standin' in line, not havin' wrist bands
These lessons you learn with no tuition

Hold on and ride for your own
Together in spirit form
With your hands I can hold
In your heart there is hope

Time has no wait, what that has to imply who we are, who we see so much clearer now
It may not be in their sex but that don't take us out of view
Hold on, hold tight-hold tight
Hold on, if not for you then I
Hold on and ride for your own
Together in spirit form

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.Paak, Anderson The Chase Comments
  1. FreshX

    This song would be emerald if it stayed like on the beginning

  2. DJ Melinda aka The Real DJ Melinda

    This is such a Funk joint!!!! Pffff..., crazy, Loving it

  3. Raid One

    It's a shame it ended there right where the climax of the song should be

  4. Winifred Anderson

    My recent message from new phone

  5. victor Motaung

    CREDITS to the guy on the bass i dont know if its 'Strings: Kadhja Bonet' or what but wow

  6. victor Motaung

    thumbs up (hit the like button) if you are a huge Anderson Paak fan and you are in South Africa

  7. Clayton Johnson

    I didn’t see the new Shaft movie but they should’ve put this song in the movie if they didn’t already

  8. William Hernandez

    The chase (feat. Kadhja bonet)
    Anderson .paak kadhja bonet

  9. Queen Gleaux

    I like this album more than the newest one

  10. Prolific Pops

    2:13 That beat was used in the Get Down! Dillon Cooper rapped on it! It was called Grandmaster Caz - Mr. Bill

  11. davidg1

    This song would be a good fit for on my block

  12. SEVER Zee Zombi

    805 nard core 4 life foo.

  13. Bridgette Webb

    Since Breezy lovejoy—— 2030😩🎼🎤🎧🎹😍😍


  14. Demetrie Jacobs

    This sound like it in a gta commercial

  15. King Kirin


  16. Mykel Hunter

    Nigga eight o' five take no jive brutha

  17. Desiree Gautier

    Bruce Leroy meets Bruce Lee! #yesplease

  18. Oscar Hunter

    Completely different person from Malibu, much much much more rap and not as RnB. Still bangs for 6 Summers though...


    Ventura went back to that Malibu sound

  19. Charles Polm

    Thank you dr dre

  20. Mariana Gonsalez




  22. Memes equal Savior

    Venice was his best Album

  23. Augwee

    No Anderson dont burn out our beautiful little city Oxnard! Lol

  24. Lauryl Herman

    This should be in a spike lee joint

  25. Izaiah Gonzalez

    Who else here from Oxnard

  26. Zumpt

    best album since TPAB

  27. Lilly Goth

    This would be a dope song for Bad Boys 3

  28. ˢᵗᵒⁿᵉʳ

    I could rob a bank to this song

  29. Matthew Finnigan

    Anyone else get Jackie Brown vibes from this?


    Kill Bill

  30. Coolhand Q

    His artistry is magnificent to witness.

  31. The Haniman

    He’s got to make this a single

  32. JES

    The intro is fucking beautiful 🔥

  33. Leoreks

    paak has the most unique voice I've heard in a while from a artist
    Excluding JID

    Rachel Peck

    Leoreks Have you listened to Curtis Harding?

  34. 모스키노

    1분뒤 비트 스위칭 되는거봐.....으아아아아아아아아아아아아아아

  35. Gondagurl

    Thank you!! Im so sick of all the same sounding shit out right now. Just heard u on SNL. I Love it! LIT!!

  36. Amber Bigley

    I feel the "jagged leaf on a bed of roses" vibe with this one

  37. Kaelon Roache'

    1:01, lawd I’m gettin a heavy 70s, Lalo Schifrin vibe that’s so cool, very reminiscent of Enter The Dragon ✊🏽

  38. Fatima Musa

    Who else came here after the daily show. :)

  39. Christopher Jones

    This suppose to be on the 1970's Super Fly sound track. Classic!!!! Only if we could go back in time



  41. Kenneth Smith

    He's Dynamite!!

  42. Ninaboosexy sanchez


  43. Amir Stuckey

    Aaaaahhhhh!!!!! Shit is dope! Well worth the wait. Got all the albums.

  44. Mr. Curtis

    This that Black Dynamite type flow

  45. D. J

    Holy shit

  46. Daniel Bonsu

    He sounds like JID and Kendrick combined

    Br4d K1rk

    Daniel Bonsu all 3 are personal favourites too

  47. Mark Ruiz

    We need a video directed by Quentin Tarantino ASAP

    CERC1234 Gaming

    Kill Bill Vol. 3

  48. Revamptheindustry

    Get wax on something you famous mofo

  49. Rich4198

    Reminds me of Black Dynamite

  50. wcjm0aoeif a

    Make a full version please

  51. Broderick Daniel

    If there would be a remake of shaft this song would be on it 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾.

  52. Dayrunner13

    is this from luke cage?

  53. Clint McAllister

    My lawd, that groove. The bassline is so damn tasty

    trick 86


  54. chris Turner

    Im loving this shit!

  55. MF Bobyle

    Yes lawd!

  56. CallMeTony

    Oxnard represent! 805 ride or die!

  57. Ella Russell

    i lost no nut november to this song

    Tarence Carter

    Hahaha! Underrated comment!



    Yung.Frank Leyva

    No ella why!!!

    Joseph Beattie

    😂😂😂😂 sames!!! Jk

  58. Austin Quadro

    Dang, this album getting slept on! You killin this vibe .Paak!

  59. Olivia Rivera

    OmG 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤩🤩

  60. Joel Molinares

    Anderson just whipped us with that belt like he Pootie Tang....


    Tippy ta, tippy Tae.. Lol I love pootie tang..

  61. Hirashishima The Man With The Line On His Eye

    paak really on the drum tho🙌🏿

  62. Garre Tindall

    This TRACK tho 😱😳🤯🔥🔥🔥

  63. Becca

    Anyone else just found this album and is in LOVE

  64. Mani Girl

    I live in L.A but Oxnard brought me here!

  65. Jimmm Grimmm

    Isaac Hayes - Theme of Shaft..... That's the influence....

    Trey Lawrence

    Jimmm Grimmm Exactly what I thought.

  66. LeBeautiful

    Oxnard homies PLEASE STAND UP!!

    EC_ Chris

    Does camarillo count?😂

  67. Sehmim al haque

    love the vibes of this whole album! grammy worthy ezz!

  68. John Rosalez

    Im from oxnard .. its lit

  69. Under Dog

    NO WAY, been listening to kadhja bonet for the last few months! Didnt even see the title just heard her voice and knew, even brought her own sound. This couldn't be a better start. Headphones on, stress off. Lets go

  70. Anaelda R.

    I decided to check out this album on a whim and screamed when I saw Kadhja Bonet because I was so happy

  71. Wilkenson francois

    This sample is from THe Get Down....

    Jimmm Grimmm

    Nate Fuller ........ The beauty of Anderson Paaks construction of music is he can use a fusion of many songs to make one song.......

    This is definitely a fusion created off the Theme of Shaft .. ... Music Connoisseur talking here....

    if you want an in depth lecture about music, Jimmmm Grimmm is the Brother to vibe with.....and when it comes to sitting in the same room with many greats including Bobby Womack, Peven Everett, Isaac Hayes and Gill Scott Heron, once again Jimmmm Grimmmm is the Brother who has been able to do that....

    So go listen to Theme of Shaft and show respect to our Great Elder Isaac Hayes who set the foundation for this song in motion......

    You have to bow to this Music Connoisseur because I live and breathe music.... you dig..... From seeing James Brown, Prince, Stevie Wonder, George Clinton, Roy Hargrove in concert to vibing with Common and Black Thought across the streets of DC ..... once again I eat music....

    so you, my newbie friend, are WRONG......Now go and dig through some crates before writing a comment up in here...yep....

    Jimmm Grimmm

    Nate Fuller ...... it's called the wah wah lead guitar fusion..... that is definitely a take off the Theme of Shaft.... go and learn about music ....... Sorry to hurt your uninformed ego..... lol

    Nate Fuller

    Jimmm Grimmm bruh where did that come from lol. All I’m saying that the sample is *not* a recording of the Theme from Shaft. It’s not even in the same key my dude. Like not even could you transpose the original recording. Pretty sure Theme of Shaft is of major quality and this beat of minor quality. I don’t deny that Theme of Shaft was probably a huge inspiration for the beat, but it’s not a sample of that recording at all.

    Jimmm Grimmm

    Nate Fuller ...... I have explained the Wah Wah lead guitar fusion to you.....Don't rubber stamp your answer with points that are not based on any music knowledge..... I eat music....

    The moment I hear some songs, I can tell where the idea and foundation for the song came from...... So once again, you are completely wrong....

    Jimmm Grimmm

    Nate Fuller ......you said .... " is not a recording" do you even know what you are talking about.....you are all over the place....

    I sit down and talk about music with the Greats..... no Comparison my friend.... no Comparison at all.... you are a newbie.... I am the Real Deal......

    From Fela Kuti to Hugh Masakela to Bernard Wright and Barry White.....seen them with my eyes..... vibed with Don Blackman (Rip my funny Brother) Kashif (Rip my Brother whom I also surprised with my knowledge of a riff he used live on stage) and Keni Burke who is baaaad on the guitar......to Betty Wright who was surprised that I knew of her brother..... so please sit down and show respect to Jimmmm Grimmmm......I eat Black Music......Black Power..

  72. Mistah Maskapone

    best first track to be ever put on a album

    Aidan McA

    Kyle Broflowski it’s really good but nah

    Higffy 321

    @Aidan McA proof?

    Wahashak Abdi

    Higffy 321 Tool - the grudge

  73. SoulRebel 69

    Anderson Paak...thank you for this new album. I've been waiting patiently, cause I knew you were working on a masterpiece! This will go down as a classic album. Mark my words.

  74. Unnamed

    Who watching in 2018?

    El Big Chungus De MeXiCo

    Wht do u MEAN??!! IT IS 2018!!


    @El Big Chungus De MeXiCo yeah haha shouldve made a joke about that

  75. Geovanny Ulloa

    You got yourself a new fan 👊🏾

  76. Zota de Poet

    What´s sample? Please!


    Grandmaster Caz - Mr. Bill (From the get down soundtrack)

    Zota de Poet

    @Talkiee Thank you! I had searched for you from the end of the get dow.

  77. Austin Armstrong

    I hate that he's illuminati now, I love his music

    Jimmm Grimmm

    Austin Armstrong ..... here we go.....Conspiracy Theorist Austin RamStrung is in da house.....Clinically depressed Austin.....


    You are retarded

  78. Big Body Banks

    This shit got me fighting invisible mfs !! Can't tell me it doesn't sound like something out of a Bruce Lee movie !!

    King T'Challa

    More like if they teamed up


    King T'Challa well he is black and Asian 😁

    Vortex Blaze 2

    Vro he got me over here knockin out random shit.

    Prolific Pops

    Sounds like it could be in the Luke Cage TV show

  79. joel wright


  80. Difficult-E


  81. Benjamin Benson

    Yes lawd!!!!!! The greatest is finally back!

  82. Sunny Castillo

    Fucking 805, that’s right!! Ventura baby we out here

  83. Jaylyn

    Into the "Groove Theory" playlist ya go 💎

  84. Cell Jr.

    This is that "If James Bond were black in the 1970s" type of song

    Meeraki Tengokū

    So Alex Cross

    Lucas Ntlaka Godlimpi

    Cell Jr. Fits perfectly... You know ur shit


    What about black DYNOMITE

    Chad Anding

    @phuck black dynamite would just backhand james bond and it would be over lol


    Cell Jr. call up idris elba for the music video

  85. Giovanni di Mola

    yessssss. just what i needed to hear!

  86. Hobby

    Greta Van Fleet: We’re gonna bring rock back and destroy rap!

    Anderson .Paak: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Really?

    techno n otherthings

    Greta van fleet are banging!! Dont diss, glad someone is bringing back good RnR!!


    Man stop putting false words in other people's mouths. Never said a damn thing like that, let Greta do them and let paak do his

    I only know

    @techno n otherthings still dead thank god


    Shit Greta and Paak go hard, nice to see young people making solid references to older music and mixing their own way into it. Love em both, too much trash music nowadays, glad both exist

    Austin Tyler

    @0317Stanley Greta Van Fleet doesn't reference older music they blatantly copy it.. thats not like even an opinion its literally what they do lol if you like that it's fine but they definitely do not do anything unique with those sounds

  87. Chris

    1:04 thought he was gonna hit us with that I BELIEVE IN MIRACLESSS

  88. Thor The God Of Thunder, Hoes, and Beer

    Kendrick J.I.D and Anderson paak almost here the same voices on some songs

    Jason Thomas

    I'd love to hear them do impressions of each other lol

  89. Imfrombmf thomas

    Been waiting for this album

  90. Ebony White

    Love her voice

  91. Edgar Gonzalez

    Damn this dude really isnt putting dumbfounded on. The hotbox is what started off his career bruh.

  92. Michael Jonas


  93. Femininestep

    Living for the 70’s funk vibes

  94. F3indMvster

    YES LORD IT OUT!!!!!


    I knew the correction was comin lol....just keep in yall on ya toes

    Austin Tyler

    @F3indMvster I had a feeling it was intentional after making that comment. Good one lol this album is fiya btw

  95. Eliza h.

    I saw my hometown Oxnard trending and was worried something happened. Glad it’s this amazing music! New fan of Anderson here!


    This my hometown ❤

    Rich Wall

    That’s awesome 🐲

  96. Declan Fry

    The production on this album is just ridiculous, that BASS

    T G

    Mainly because Dre produced it

    John Stafol

    It's the Underachievers. They're are insanely talented. Anderson Paak has been working with them for years.

    Marcus Boone

    @T G I would say Dr. Dre being the executive producer (mixing and mastering all tracks) yes... but that Curt Chambers bass is dope especially on Trippy

    victor Motaung

    @Marcus Boone bruh you know it just well

    David Wood

    Sooo because the bass is higher in the mix it's "great production"?

  97. ayana

    it’s 2:58 AM i should be sleeping but i’ve decided to instead listen to this album

  98. Cody Dalton

    This beat knocks