.Paak, Anderson - Celebrate Lyrics

Time never cares, if you're there or not there
All you ever needed was a simple plan
But you're doing well, I mean you're not dead
So let's celebrate while we still can

[Verse 1:]
I know what they say, I could give or care
They talk so much on me, I must be doing something right
I saw my son today, in the likeness of a full grown man
So I'll celebrate while I still can

On a clear day you can see West LA, even downtown
I remember where I couldn't even see the point
Of stepping out the mother fucking house
Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go
I came to fix up the tree that's [?] came to far

[Verse 2:]
How many others have walked the same ground you have
You will be wise to pay attention to your old head
I spent the whole day throwing records in the deep end
So let's celebrate while we still can

[Verse 3:]
Captivated, the fruits of my family tree
Where would I be without you
What would you do without me
It would be a bad look talkin' bout what could of been
So let's celebrate while we still can

On a clear day you can see West LA, even downtown
I remember where I couldn't see the point
But I got it figured out now
Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go
I came to fix up the tree that's [?] came to far

[Piano Riff]

[Verse 4:]
Do not be concerned about the money in your brother's hand
What's mine is yours
I thought you knew me better than that
I was under the impression that we all want the best of life
So let's celebrate while we still can

The partnership of the board and the body of the fellow that is doing the maneuvers in the fluent directions with the-with this wave is what interests me. Now chaotic surfing, nervous surfing, and uh, surfing power has its merits. And I, uh, I can-it fascinates me. That's just not my direction. I can only speak for myself

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.Paak, Anderson Celebrate Comments
  1. shun harris

    This song makes me want to jump up and Celebrate my life!! Thank you Anderson Paak

  2. muyiwa iyowu

    Still my favourite .Paak!

  3. Pharaoh Rameses

    Celebrate my failures while I still can..

  4. Smoon

    I’ve never been to church, but I’d like to imagine this is what it feels like

  5. Sonny Etchell

    beautiful song

  6. Vacca Production

    just love this type of piano at the end, do you have some same shit to recommand guys ?

  7. Koala Property Services

    Sounds like it's straight from 'Wonder Years'

  8. Angela JP


  9. pussy

    Some musicians still got it 👍

  10. C. Brooks-Bey

    First time hearing this track and it's currently helping me keep calm. going to add it to my playlist.

  11. iliqdrogata.

    Beatles vibe. Gorgeus music, congrats Mr. Anderson

  12. Suyash Marshall

    this reminds me of classic american of late 50s enjoying. the festival of glory and with one whiskey on hand nostalgic

  13. Ngarua Mwangi

    Woooh! Love from Kenya!!

  14. musicophile mélomane

    Much love...from Senegal 🇸🇳

  15. Arthur Marquet

    I live by this song.

  16. Jan Škrbec

    Does anyone know which surf movie is the outro from?

  17. macdabluepanther

    almost to the last track, and haven't heard a bad song yet. music like this is timeless! I wish they played more stuff like this on the airwaves!!

  18. forrest gumption

    Gotta say, this is some fine music!

  19. Armin Imamovic

    The piano that starts at 2:40 is AMAZING i could listen to that part on a loop for the rest of my life

  20. Armin Imamovic

    It's 4pm. I'm sitting in my room listening to this album next to my open window feeling a nice october breeze. Sun is shining. This album is giving me amazing vibes. The feeling i have right now is unexplainable but it's the best feeling i've had in years. What a feeling!

  21. Base*Radius

    Came here from Josh Turner guitar!

  22. Mac Murry

    God bless you for this album it really got me threw some rough time.

  23. Travis Dalenberg Music

    The world needs more feel good tracks like this. Keep the dream alive Anderson Paak!

  24. MultiMiel

    It's one of those tracks you sway to in your living room, in your underwear, eyes closed, hairbrush mic in hand. Soul food. Thank you for this. Love.

  25. Taylor Roberts

    It’s like Q Tip took drum lessons from Questlove

  26. ARThist

    Bass line similar to that of Sam Smith's Not The Only One or am I the only one who hears that?

  27. Lazy Shay

    you're doing well. I mean, you're not dead.

  28. Gabriel Letedara

    Yea, celebrate while still can, appreciate your hard work & late nights.

  29. Delandro Smith

    Does anyone know what he says at 1:20 ? Genius says ''I came to fixin' up the tree that farms move, I've came too far'' but I'm not so sure. What would he say if he performed it live?

  30. AnonsCrossfader

    This song, this whole album will be remembered for years and years and years. I honestly think you can go ahead and put it up there with the dark side of the moon and sgt peppers.

  31. poch915

    Theres 60 people that simply wont celebrate this music.

  32. darkodasefx

    2 years later, still one of my favourite albums of all time!

  33. Jon T

    do u think its apporpriate if i played this song at my 70 year old granny's birthday?

  34. Dina Mohamed-Aly

    soulful melody :D

  35. Ramon omaR

    Anderson Paak is amazing! I saw him live before ever listening to any of his records, was blown away! So good!

  36. Tina Jad

    This song bridges classic rock to R&B, ugh so good.

  37. Giorgi Jakeli


  38. John L

    he sounds like a hybrid of john mayer and kendrick lamar - anyone else feeling that?

    Tommy G III

    John L dude, to me the harmonies at times sound like Mayer. Ive been lookin for a comment that brought that up lol I think Mayer and Paak need to at least do a song together I’d love to hear what that would be like.

  39. Koen Nijmegen

    Man I love this track

  40. Cullen Cochran

    that piano solo is the musical equivalent to a smirk and a shrug.

  41. Arina Thomsen

    Bumped into this song, goggled it. Anderson Paak. Love your music. Son of the biscuit, you so talented!


    Goggled hehe

  42. Chris Goodhue

    unreal track.

  43. John Simmons


  44. Pi-Evolution

    I fucked a fleshlite to cope with the pain.

  45. Ima Extraterrestrial

    ❤ Feel Good Music

  46. Earl Prinsloo

    played this song in traffic on repeat for an hour. and one more time when i pulled up to work late. nothing short of amazing...

  47. Sarah Cook

    Does anyone know what film this is featured in? I know I've seen it in a flick recently and I can't find it!

  48. Angelo

    uffff men!!! saludos desde Chile💪👌

  49. JoaquÍn Astorga

    This album is a masterpiece

  50. Dudley Morris

    This song is definitely giving me some Otis Redding vibes.

  51. Fooly Cooly

    Strong start, but gets a little too poppy. "Let's go to the club, blah blah," etc., that kinda shit. Feels more like they were aiming for a catchy tune instead of creating something with depth.

  52. Matthew Galgano

    such good instrumentals and flow

  53. EROS

    fshww favorite track from this project

  54. Mac Jeezy



    ...while we still can.

  55. KalebebYT

    Wish there was a clean version.

  56. bobda builder

    anyone know that background song at the end when the guy is talking?

  57. Derek Davis

    I always thought I would never get tattoos. any. I figured I would got to my grave with the same skin I came out the womb in. however those words "let's celebrate, while we still can" speaks to me, so much. that's just how much much soul his music can touch you man. I'd legit get those words tattooed on me, maybe

  58. stevo w

    He's got this old soul, 70's feel with style and impeccable taste. Glass raised from Moncton NB Canada, look that up. Cheers
    SFW Est 1975

  59. Randy Jackson

    Call me crazy but the chorus has a Fountains of Wayne vibe

  60. Dong La Ly

    Best song on the album!

  61. KTM !

    Love it

  62. KTM !

    Soooooooo fucking goood

  63. ToughLoveIndigo

    Shit's so fucking *SPIRITUAL*......... (praisedances💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼.....💃🏼💃🏼)

  64. AZCardinals 4 Life

    I felt like I had heard this song before when I listened to it for the first time. I can't describe it, it's timeless music that just makes me feel nostalgic and joyful.

    Samantha Zayas

    AZCardinals 4 Life it’s the bass.


    I was thinking just that before I saw this comment.. wow

  65. Jonathan B.

    Definitely one of the smooothest albums of the year! ✨👌
    > More smooth music here if you're interested ;)

  66. boonimax twella

    why would you dislike this

  67. Kovács Bálint

    can i use this on my shortfilm?:))

  68. Bebe Jose

    ON REPEAT!!  A slice of happiness Much love from Namibia :).

    Dippsy Dolce

    Bebe Jose truelly

    Eric Rodrigues

    Bebe Jose yea! This song will definitely help u through your next famine!

  69. vuitton lv

    respect for paak his music is so meaningful 😍

  70. nschulz4537

    For some reason, this reminds me of "This Will Be Our Year" by The Zombies.

  71. Marcus Ruffin

    Sound like something you'll throw a Marley on it you know..

  72. droopy562

    31 years old and so much stress in my life, this song here lifts my chin up

    Darnell D.

    laugh as much as possible, love at every chance you get

    Thomas Pasquale

    I guess all we can do is listen to Anderson and celebrate while we still can


    Hope your doing well my dude. Im the same age as you. and i roll back up to this one to get me through the hard times

    Tsu-B-asa Ozhora

    Exactly the same for me ahah , such a beautiful vibe


    that's not the job for you then

  73. A. Villares

    Damn he just a genius man he could have hang with the dudes from the 70s


    He would have been way ahead of them. They didn't know about hip-hop.

  74. Live Jones

    I smell a charcoal grill lighting up. Grandma come dance wit me!

  75. Vitor Leite

    what can i say... awesome.

  76. Aline Ferreira


  77. Calorisimo

    This song makes me so happy :)

  78. lauryn robson

    Love your music 💘

  79. jurgieleniu

    this makes me wanna feed kangaroos in Australia, dance with a pretty latina lady somewhere in Middle America, have a good drink at the place with a panoramic view of NYC... just live to the fullest

    Jack Sloan

    Fuck yesss dude.. totally feel that!

    Jorge Moreno

    middle america?

    Karol Buczek

    well said


    molly ... yuck. get some racks in ya.

  80. TheGusBus

    mmmm really feeling this one. Captures the 60's-70's surf culture for me

  81. lolloandreoli

    This song is perfect. I'm crying right now

  82. Ben Hutcherson

    Anyone know the piano section?

  83. K D

    How does this song only have 200'000 views??

  84. Shane Boke

    this track just took me back to the memories I never had

    Jake the Human

    Yes, that's exactly how I feel

    Louis Francis

    absolutely flipping beautiful


    want to join our group kek?

    J K

    Giveth the fucks that had never been

    Ricky Doe

    Welcome into the Vapor World

  85. Lucie Gonzalez

    Anderson.paak is one of my favorite artists of the past year, AND I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SONG! I think it was also featured in a Nike video with Kevin Hart.

  86. Friezas _

    This is. It men!! Dope dope dope ☮

  87. Kelly Wright

    If I had to sum up his music style, I would say he's like a more rock influenced Musiq Soulchild.

    Chelsea Calalay

    His voice reminds me of a singing Kendrick lol

    Kelly Wright

    +Chelsea Calalay He does lol But on a side note, if that's you in your profile picture, you're amazingly beautiful. (: (I'm a guy btw. Not a lesbian. Haha)

    Marcus Ruffin

    #SoulfulHipHop ya dig

    Denise Abney

    Kelly Wright TOTALLY like Musiq Soul Child...first one I thought of though was Dwele...all that late 90s Neo Soul vibe!!! loved that decade of music

  88. Hugo Rodrigues

    KENDRICK FT. ANDERSON PAAK, Plzzzzzzzzz! Thumbs up ppl!!!!


    na. I think Kendrick would actually ruin the track.

    Dong La Ly

    droopy562 They don't have to collab for this track though.

    Matthew I

    Hugo Rodrigues j


    YOU GOT IT ... windows tinted

    Skankhunt 42

    They just made a collab and it is amazing. The features for paaks next album are amazing. Pusha t, q tip, kendrick, j Cole, snoop Dogg, dr dre. I would really like him to make a song with earl sweatshirt or ab soul too

  89. Peter Kolodziej

    This reminds me of all of the classic and legendary tracks that came out in the 50s and 60s .. love it

  90. Stephen Shields

    When I'm old one day and my body is breaking down and it's close to the end, I'm gonna need to hear this.

  91. Stephen Shields

    Song hits me right in the feelings. I had to play this for somebody recently going through a stressful deal. It helped her out I think.

  92. Yas Ao

    I looooovvee this!!!

  93. PiratePlays

    does this remind anyone else of 'Hard Times' by Plan B a little bit?

  94. Nathaniel Johnson

    I came here because of First Take lol