.Paak, Anderson - Brother's Keeper Lyrics

[Anderson .Paak:]
Nothing's safe when your numbers change
Keep it low or pay the fee
Niggas talking but it's not too often that they living what they speak
Good pussy kept me entertained
Money came then it went away
Lord see over everything (Over everything)
Am I my brother's keeper (Am I my brother's keeper)
You know everybody gotta eat, bruh
I wanna live on ahead, if not a cloud in the air
The right side of the chair
If Jesus would've had a better lawyer would he have to see the cross
I hope your niggas is true, I hope they don't do you like Judas
I pray to God
Pain wearing off, sleeping while I talk
Laid in the arms, woke up at the top
I wanna live on ahead, if not a cloud in the air
Right side of the chair

[Pusha T:]
9 A.M. LA time
My brother just turned a half a million dollars
For being one half of one of the greatest duos in hip-hop history
(Am I my brother's keeper)
I couldn't love him more
(You know everybody gotta eat, bruh)
Everybody eats, B
King Push

Am I my brother's keeper, they still asking 'bout the duo
Applaud his finding salvation
But I'm still rapping 'bout the you know
It's hard to leave your foundation, this spaceship took me to Pluto
Still an underground king, but the money's Jason Derulo
Sumo in the safe, Kujo on the grill
Diamonds in the face, racing leather wheel
To all my other field niggas, you knowin' how I feel, niggas? (Woo)
Destroy and rebuild niggas
That's the only way to build nigga, yuugh
Definition of a real nigga
And their talk, it ain't to kill niggas, no
Am I my brother's keeper, I'm dialing in a bit deeper
Arms reach of the reaper, they say it's cheaper to keep her
Life's a bitch

[Anderson .Paak:]
(How I ever, ever let you go)
(How I ever, ever let you go)
(How I ever, ever let you go)
(How I ever, ever let you go)
I'm running through changes, is it strange
(How I ever, ever let you go)
To be baited, shit I'm grown
(How I ever, ever let you go)
But still a fade
(How I ever, ever let you go)
Shootin' off with no marks
(How I ever, ever let you go)
If I hit, there's no mistakes, yeah
(How I ever, ever let you go)
Huh, baby
(How I ever, ever let you go)
I'm running through changes, daily
(How I ever, ever let you go)
Every day, ohh, ohh now
(How I ever, ever let you go)
I'm running through changes
(How I ever, ever let you go)
Through change
(How I ever, ever let you go)
Every day
(How I ever, ever let you go)
Will it stay
(How I ever, ever let you go)
I'm running through changes
(How I ever, ever let you go)
Will it change
(How I ever, ever let you go)

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.Paak, Anderson Brother's Keeper Comments
  1. AndersonPaakFan



    People used to call pusha t trash back in like 2013

  3. Saint H

    Push sound like hov a little bit 🔥

  4. zweli mdlalose

    The product tho. Yes lawf

  5. MrCreolesoul

    Yes Lawd!

  6. Marjorie Freeman

    🔥🔥 I don’t think people hear this best though.... omg haha

  7. Varia

    Afro Samurai? :)

  8. Alex Long

    It’s so bad!!!!!!

  9. D_Exiled_1 Arisen


  10. J D B

    Song ends after Pusha’s verse

    jordan long

    J D B you’re crazy it begins after his verse

  11. ObitoXP

    Shit still slapz harder than my mama

  12. Prolific Pops

    Great idea adding Push to this joint. This song was made just for him.

  13. FoshoGotFlow


  14. wanda earl

    This dude speaking real FACTS right here!!🔥🔥

  15. Arap BajeraNiekontrolowana

    Dope track.Im getting high of listening....

  16. Arap BajeraNiekontrolowana

    Damn! Its a chocolate for my ears!!!

  17. ivyshaolin




  19. Black Gaara





  20. Shadrach Lorrimer

    I love the ending of this🙌💕😌

  21. Jsalcedo23

    I love push
    but from 2:36 and onward is amazing

    Chris Plambeck

    Holy spirit took obér

  22. TIara MoNique

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  23. Francisco Mendez

    The ending beat reminds me of the drums-i hope time doesn't change him

  24. T Amazin

    2:36 to the end just COMPLETELY FINISHES MY SOUL!!! YESSSS LAWWWWD !!!!

  25. J B

    King push!

  26. Jeff66

    Again spot on! My favorite artist and what a song!

  27. Prince Valaroso

    Pusha sound like Malice on this

  28. MrGNugget

    2:36- the end is absolutely amazing. Wish the rest of the album was as good as this

  29. Soaribb

    This funk rock flair is what really captivates me

  30. jonathan carvajal

    Shhheeeeeeeessshhhhh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. DocM

    Great, great music, from the heart & soul!! u did it again AP! and Pusha killed this shit!!🔥🔥

  32. Oh that-mad-lad-centurion

    What if i told you i only came for paak

    I dislike T

    KD's Burner Account

    Then I would feel rather sorry for you.

  33. Cebo officiel

    dr dre the legend

  34. Winston George Music

    The Mordern Day Curtis Mayfield. 😎💥💥💥💥👽🧟‍♂️

  35. Winston George Music


  36. Krenjura

    Pusha voice sounds different on this song compare to DAYTONA.

  37. Lordpianz

    that transition is so clean

  38. Sanjay Demali

    Fuckin amazing.. Both went off

  39. Darrin Nelson

    that outro got some shit to it. Idk what it is. It feel like vibin out at a live show with live music... from like 2:36 and on

  40. Hank Scorpio

    KING THANOS 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. WarrenVlogs

    I literately shed a tear just from production alone. It’s just too beautiful

  42. lung richard

    Pusha had the best verse on this album imo. pure fire.....

  43. Winston George Music


  44. Cash Money

    Please give me suggestions for similar sounding songs to that outro! Paak. Awoke a sound in me that I didn’t know I loved so much

  45. Aahgu serious

    I could listen to the instrumental 8 hours a day and they killed it! This album so fire !!!

  46. Prephaze Music

    But Anderson, who else could defend himself better than Jesus? that was the point, That no matter how powerful god show himself to be, Man will always struggle to accept him in the world. Like when Moses struck the rock when God to him to speak to it, it was showing how even the greatest and closest of us to god we still fall. but he responds in love, which is such a wonderful thing.


    Prephaze Music I hear you but you get his point right?

  47. K J

    I need more of that second instrumental in my life🎵❤️

  48. Lilac Calandra

    Can I rent a room on the groove of this song?! Both parts of this song are ridiculous!

  49. jeff thomas

    Just when u thought the song couldnt get anymore dope......da damn outro.....the track is cannon

  50. louis .hargis

    If Jesus would've had a better lawyer, would he had to see the cross! 🤯🔥🔥🔥 that line is so over heads.


    Explain that for me


    MINISTER SLOW STROKER he was put on trial, punishment was to be nailed to the cross, if he had someone to help him speak out, he may have never been nailed to ot


    If h e didn't go to the cross, we would be in hell, though

    Rob Cobbina

    @PhukkinButterIt My interpretation was that he let himself be arrested, and did not defend himself in order to fulfil the scriptures and 'finish' the task

    Joseph Beattie

    @PhukkinButterIt explain again in hebrew please ty so much

  51. KikoMinorcaREC

    I get emotional with the second part. Paak is something special! ❤

  52. JoseKaws

    The instrumental is one of the greatest I have ever heard


    Love anderson paak. push is solid too. But I give credit to Dre for this specific track. Masterfully done.

  53. Donni O'Neill

    This album is a game changer, well done

  54. tiffany thompson

    PEriodddddd the wholeeee mix tape go hard asf them beatsss them lyrics straight shitting on em 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💯💯💯💯💯💯

  55. memphis10jr1

    That bass in the change up tho!!

  56. Craig Nienhaus

    The back pack, bringing the trap back, with the soul full of hip. And just enough drip.

  57. MCMP

    I need the instrumental. This is some of the best work I’ve ever heard

  58. Son Goku


  59. Frank 5.7

    Fuckn love this album. This is music🔥🔥🔥

  60. CYoung449

    This album could've been on Luke Cage season 3.

    RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot

    Netflix are a bunch of assholes.


    Honestly lol

    Prolific Pops

    I said the same thing. Especially with the 70's Blaxploitation vibes from the album's intro.

  61. Audiostoke

    Anyone catch that Pluto is next to Neptune ie the Neptunes..intentional or not its a bar lol Love the outro on this the whole track is fire.

    Austin Young

    Audiostoke reminds me of the Bobby James switch up by NERD

  62. Justin Long

    Pusha T sounds so different wtf

  63. Shakil Moore

    This album has a Kendrick Lamar TPAB vibes.

    Carlos Sixtos

    TPAB has .Paak vibes.

    Donte W

    This was Produced by Dre and TPAB had Thundercat on it. Dre production and Thundercat got similar sounds

    Just Is

    That's called jazz and funk. They really aren't similiar otherwise.


    Almighty Bar Reviews This wasnt produced by Dre, only engineered. Tired of people giving all the credit to Dre when he didnt really do shit regarding production

  64. EMSA 4L


  65. Sergio A


  66. Slic T

    Yoo!!! I FELT DAT SHII!!

  67. youngmanners

    the switch up

  68. dkingj89

    I love Pusha T, but i'm here for the outro. #soulful

    Darrin Nelson

    dkingj89 that outro got some shit to it. Idk what it is. It feel like vibin out at a live show with live music

    Poke Crack

    Speak on it

  69. michael deadwyler

    Imagine nippy on this beat. SMDH!

  70. Kevin Kalb

    The 2nd half of the song ❤️

  71. Johnny Morgan

    Judas' represented 12 people, 12 planets, 12 on your block with creepy surveillance, red beams on your cabinets, snakes, butter, glocks and Jesus. Sweat and Swahili in the travels, rule the world have a marriage in your castle, fell in love with your ego, needles on your abladulangata, curiosity killed the gato, EL Chapo out the thugged by American nostrils, where you think his drug money a? America don't be owing niggas, they steal the bag then go and get it. Ain't no rules in the streets nigga, ice seeking heat missiles, the game couldn't be stopped by a sweet whistle, I sleep wishful thinking how can I bleed niggas, wouldn't feel loved until you kissed my feet. Gone are the days of the humble king, young man rumble, let the crack crumble where the trouble lay, and money loves company to leach, on your insides and your organs just to have a seat, and watch your die slow, what we sow is what we reap, I got promises to keep so im shoving liquor down my tonsils to sleep

  72. Lumumba Ekpuk

    This album is incredible

  73. Lumumba Ekpuk

    This album is incredible

  74. Lorcan Creedon


  75. Jermaine Carter

    The last 1:38 is almost the best thing I’ve heard this year... just beautiful

    Mario White

    Yep Yep !!!!!!!!!!

    Jim Huinink

    A 2:30 of the song, if you want to skip to it.

    Austin Young

    Jermaine Carter this reminds me of the end of N.E.R.D- Bobby James


    Explain what does he mean by that

  76. LeBeautiful

    This is a favourite!

  77. Melvin Henry

    At this point if you hate Push I hate you.....great collab! 🔥 🔥 FUEGO!!

  78. spunkymonkey53

    Push shoulda had a longer verse man

  79. Gerald Benson


  80. Isaac Lopez

    Still tripping out on how a guy from the 805 is featuring with so many dope artists I love it putting Oxnard on the map hahaha

    Harley Weedwax

    hell Yeah Oxnard is on ..Ventura too


    Fr bruh lmao #805

  81. Talk Catholic

    #Oxnard #805


    that's righhhht

  82. Joc II

    Anderson on them drums got me dreaming!

  83. Danny Evergreen

    My neighbors just sent a message to turn the music up

    Victor Esparza

    Danny Evergreen My neighbor told me to turn it up but I'm listening with my headphones!!! This shit bangs.

    george diaz

    Lit 🔥

    Jonny Black

    Hell yee

    Barry Huffer

    I hab mexican neyba 2 bra

    Yehonatan Abutbul

    They did? That's so cool my neighbors never speak to me so I'm lonely.

  84. MegaPollitoconpapas

    grunge guitar vibes and juicy rap? yes pls

  85. 09confusion1

    You know the second this beat came in, niggas knew push was finna smoke that shit

  86. Jackie Chiles

    Easily my favorite song on this awesome album. Yes laawd!

  87. allen hicks

    I can hear Jay Z on this track too tho 💯🎶🔥🔥

    A D

    Lol, pusha does sound like jay z here doesn't he.

    Blue Martinez

    allen hicks it’s funny, because I heard JAY Z sometimes takes the beats Pusha T didn’t use


    Shitttttt you damn right

  88. MrAjama9

    This production sounds very familiar... *DJ Khaled--Holy Key (Feat K-dot and Big Sean)*

  89. Alex Valencia

    The drums 🥁🔥

  90. Sacred Kidd

    Day 3633... Since Paak has been elected he hasn't released any music. I'm not sure I'm liking him so much anymore. My neighbor was taken from his house yesterday, help...

  91. Trey Sequeira

    Little did push know he was contributing to DAYTONA’s rap album of the year rival lmao


    @Bryce Cannedy you ain't lying

    mason samways

    @Trey Sequeira He doesn't lack vocab and has some of the most nostalgic references and punchlines I've heard from someone in his era. Don't sleep on him just because his newer music is experimental.

    Trvp visuals

    @Trey Sequeira Yall forget about Saba - Care for me?

    є м ς

    @Trvp visuals Underrated for sure.


    Yeah Saba, Lupe, Nipsey all have a right to that title

  92. Edward Main


  93. This Is Boone

    "Still an underground king but the money's Jason Derulo" 😱😱🔥🔥 - King Push.

    Rodney Griffin Jr.

    W C Push has always been 🔥 this verse was just another chance to prove in. And glad I could help ✌🏽

    Scooby MiKE

    He's also "riding solo" since he's not making music with his brother anymore

    AJax Laffles

    reach or not - that shit is FIRE



    lil Artman X

    He underground but he got that sell out money

  94. Phyllisha Hart

    Support real artist my friends!!!

  95. pgwwa2

    Wanna hear a whole album from Paak thats like second part of that track

    Katelyn Robinson


    Destin Taj.


    Walter Carter

    @@dodgerkid05 . instant replay.


    @Walter Carter Can't wait for y'all to hear that Andre 3000 track ..Andre rapping like it's the year 3000!


    If you dig the vibe of the 2nd part of this track then check out The Internet & Steve Lacy!

  96. Aaron Derrick

    2:36 best part


    Aaron Derrick Agreed

    Mono ball

    At that part I felt an eargasm


    The switch of beat/rthym was dope