Ozzy Osbourne - Revelation (Mother Earth) Lyrics

[Daisley - Osbourne - Rhoads]

Mother please forgive them
For they know not what they do
Looking back in history's books
It seems it's nothing new
Oh, let my mother live

Heaven is for heroes
And hell is full of fools
Stupidity, no will to live
They're breaking God's own rules
Please let my mother live

Father of all creation
I think we're all going wrong
The course they're taking
Seems to be breaking
And it won't take too long
Children of the future
Watching empires fall
Madness, the cup they drink from
Self destruction, the toll

I had a vision, l saw the world burn
And the seas had turned red
The sun had fallen, the final curtain
In the land of the dead
Mother, please show the children
Before it's too late
To find each other, there's no one winning
We must fight all the hate

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Ozzy Osbourne Revelation (Mother Earth) Comments
  1. The M.A.

    "Revelation (Mother Earth)" kept getting better as it went on. I almost wish that the song didn't have to end!

  2. Nigel

    I’d much rather listen it a solo like this than a stupid soulless constant sweeping boring djent thing. Fuck Stevie t

  3. Giorgio Pascale

    When Randy died, so did a part of metal music. His ability to play was unmatched and truly one of the greatest of all time.

  4. soberslayer666

    How dare that Asshole E.V.H!!! Said Randy stole from him!!! And after his death he said he was very good, No he was the greatest. E.V.H could never come up with the classical beautiful sound that Randy put n his solos!!! No comparison at all, what a joke!!! Fuck u Van Halen!!!!

  5. Dana Zeller

    Love this amazing song!! Randy is the greatest guitarist of all! R-I-P Randy Rhoads 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻😍 😍🤘🏻 hope to see you on the other side!!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🎸🎸🎸🎻🎸

  6. Jo Momma

    My all-time favorite Ozzy Song!

  7. Joe Strummer

    [Daisley - Osbourne - Rhoads]

    Mother please forgive them
    For they know not what they do
    Looking back in history's books
    It seems it's nothing new
    Oh, let my mother live

    Heaven is for heroes
    And hell is full of fools
    Stupidity, no will to live
    They're breaking God's own rules
    Please let my mother live

    Father of all creation
    I think we're all going wrong
    The course they're taking
    Seems to be breaking
    And it won't take too long
    Children of the future
    Watching empires fall
    Madness, the cup they drink from
    Self destruction, the toll

    I had a vision, l saw the world burn
    And the seas had turned red
    The sun had fallen, the final curtain
    In the land of the dead
    Mother, please show the children
    Before it's too late
    To find each other, there's no one winning
    We must fight all the hate

  8. Roger F

    Who 's the piano player? It's so perfect for the song

    Станислав Канька

    Don Airey

  9. Mike Hileman

    [email protected] YouTube . Listening to the Apocalypse while Disney wants me to buy tickets . Maybe see the world burn! This is how absurd life truly is...

  10. S Hitchcock

    Love you ozzy you are in my ❤ forever

  11. Pata Physics

    Love the orchestration in this wonderful composition.

  12. Jared Blair

    - God Bless the OZ MAN!!

  13. Alan M

    And on the 8th Day, Ozzy was born.

  14. Beau Québec

    By far my favorite Ozzy song. A true masterpiece.

  15. Jose Roberto RV

    Best song of the álbum 🤘

  16. NeverOwned

    Love this, just wish they would have let "Steal away" play through.

  17. Maiochi Mia

    Very fitting for these times. Loved it when it came out & always will. Only now it almost feels like a Sign of These Times. 😟

  18. Louis Csanko


  19. Louis Csanko


  20. the eye in the sky

    This song is a prophecy!

  21. JohnexNottsRdfdBlvd

    Probably still be true in another 40 years (please prove me wrong !).

  22. l8er

    “Children are the future watching VAMPIRES fall” 🤣 always thought that was the lyric growing up. Me...”yeah fuck those vampires”

  23. MT Rich

    Like it or not Ozzy Osbourne said it before Greta thunberg.

  24. Sergio Grimaldo

    If Randy hadnt died he would have left Ozzy to do his side projects Randy didnt drink n do drugs his life was about music hope they make a movie about him some day

  25. Sergio Grimaldo

    Beautiful haunting ballad

  26. Daren Wobensmith

    We have 391 idiots in the world

  27. Knight Rider

    You can hear the Musonia influence in the piano part.

  28. Knight Rider

    Ozzy grew so much after leaving Sabbath. This album was Ozzy singing to his potential. Amazing songs.

  29. Thomas Williams

    I loved this with steal away. I was in the navy in conn. At the time this came out 1981 82 Randy died and I saw Izzy in New haven conn with brad Gillis.would haves loved to see Randy rip.

  30. Joseph LaMacchia

    Happy birthday Randy

  31. jaci p

    When I heard died, again he was frozen. He would have made music history if he was alive😢

  32. jaci p

    Ozzy was my first concert, February 1982. When Randy played his solo the stadium went silent & I was frozen in time 😢😢😢

  33. Victor Salazar


  34. BJB

    fucking insane - this song is a masterpiece 4:59

  35. The Xavier Goat

    that piano solo tho ozzy your a god

  36. Hocus Pocus Focus

    Randy and Don's solos are extraordinary!!!

  37. Dean Perez

    Many uh masterpiece Sir Randy did manifest

  38. The Brand23

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  39. michael holmes

    Love Randy but please remember Iommi was this brilliant for years . Iommi was 22 on the first Sabbath LP have you heard the fucker play on it ?

  40. ícҽís թհօҽղíx

    Please let my father live...

    When Ozzy dies 😥

  41. jaggers price

    first ozzy 33lp record,summer of 1981, damn long time ago and still wait for new ozzy music.r.i.p. mr rhoads,well loved and missed

  42. Fire and Ice

    Why do these Ozzy videos get so many dislikes? This song is awesome to me.

  43. dino whitton

    Randy Rhoads is #1

  44. Terry Myers

    he. was very awesome. 1982
    I loved. his. playing. Loyd Noble. happy. hallaween

  45. joe mahma

    Father, of all creation, i think we’re all going wrong...

  46. The Woodshed

    Randy was the best hard rock guitarist of all time. He was still a kid when he and Bob Daisley wrote this album. Imagine what he would have done had he not gone for that joyride. Sadly missed.

  47. Joshua Gonzalez

    This and Diary of a Madman have some of Randy's best work, imo

  48. CodyTheDoggo

    In my opinion the greatest Metal Guitarist

  49. Maxtendo Hd

    Sounds like Tenement Funster from Queen.

  50. Davi Clar

    Just remember, this kid barely had anytime to write and figure the solos out for these two albums. Ozzy needed money and needed to tour quickly to get it. He was purely a genius.

    Shane j

    If you read Bob daisleys bio it goes into a bit of depth about the process..

  51. John G

    Although Diary is my favorite album, there's no song like this on there...this is so unique and beautiful...same with Goodbye to Romance

  52. Mitchell Hart

    Listen to the lyrics to the writ and let me know what you think about it l was hook that years yaeh

  53. Morphelia

    Heaven is for heros and hell is full of fools ....how can one think Ozzy is A Satanist

  54. Domenic Vitanza

    I saw Randy Rhoades with Ozzy back in the early days what a show....

  55. Domenic Vitanza

    One of the most beautiful songs ever written

  56. Sean Beck


  57. Casey Pilarczyk

    Ozzy fucking rocks

  58. Rob MacLeod

    I love RR I wish like fuck he was still here


    Like, UH, Randy sooooo doesn’t sucK ;)

  60. Crimson Skies

    Randy is missed but I found myself thinking about Rachel Youngblood who also passed away that morning and became a part of a sad day for the music world. With that said, the pilot Andrew Aycock also lost his life and became a part of rock history. Three lives lost and such a senseless reason.

  61. Jeff Kirkendoll


    Michele Walburn

    It's one of my favorites that he did. It got zero radio play. Had I not had the album back in the stone ages I would have missed this amazing song

  62. onewithmyself

    The prospect of teens knowing of ozzy now that post malone had him on a track...I know atleast a goof handful of kids will be turned into exploring who the legend is. And they will encounter many other legends through that. The thought of kids stumbling upon songs like this brings me much joy.

    Michele Walburn

    I cracked up when I heard what these lil piss ants were saying that had no clue who Ozzy was. Their parents should be beaten, publicly. Lol. My granddaughters are 7 and 5. They know who Ozzy is. What are these people teaching their children?


    @Michele Walburn bro that response is awful. That was way more cringy than parents with bad musical taste.

  63. Angel Hernandez

    Blizzard Of Ozz and Back In Black the best albums of 1980.

  64. Misfit 1973

    Ozzy: A fucking piano solo on a Ozzy Osbourne record!!! Are you Mad???
    Voice in the distance: Cocaine is here!
    Ozzy: Do what you must then... IM COMING!!!!

  65. Kenn Cramer Hanberg

    Ozzy have one of the best surprising solo careers i have seen. Good musical quality both with himself and the band and production. Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins did something like that too. Some made some pretty good records, but got less known, but worth listening to and then some just didn't make it of different reasons

  66. Jody Johnson

    Thanks for a day of agony in school Wich we are learning nothing but I am me looking for a reason now it's heart you could not break

  67. Jody Johnson

    I already know that Ozzy was in a band black Sabbath he the music thought it was music is was my life

  68. nnoneymoney

    I asked Creator from 30 paces in my heart " Stop me from peeping through knothole which was about waist high" 4th. Grade Fremont California 10 yrs. old 1978 -->I saw 3 things "His tree his story history"Wisdom from a knothole can keep some people from groping around in the dark trying to feel ones way through life.But to follow Jesus when the answer is decide for yourself not to be prejudice to get/have 100% love/respect the creator itself can tell not 1 single living soul what I just told you.Or then it would know a reflection of helping you decide.So,looking back in History did we as a society decide for ourselves not to be prejudice or did creator decide for us?©® Dino Sherman 9-13-19

    Michele Walburn

    I'm not high enough to understand what you are saying. Do you know where to find some good weed?


    I know how to find Eden need.Psychiatree & Psychiatrick too.

  69. Dylan Nicolodi

    Randy Fucking Rhoads man !!! What a tragedy!! Gone way too soon!
    RIP Randy Rhoads

  70. Jimmy

    The greatest guitar EVER bar none! Live ended way to soon!😞

  71. Bartimus Trashwalker

    Fair to say that this song was a prophecy.

    also, I'm gonna leave this here for myself 4:03

    Michele Walburn

    He is a prophet. Well at least I've always believed him to be.

  72. Jeffery Smith

    A perfect combination of classical and heavy titanium.

  73. Scotty Jones

    Definitely some of Randy's best work here...his riffs are incredible! Bob Daisley is also a brilliant composer. He put shit together like no one else. He never gets the credit he truly deserves...

  74. One Way Road

    Greetings from Turkey.Beatiful voice.

  75. Christopher Pooler

    Jet Records albums are the best. I have both Blizzard and Diary. Too bad this is Epic Records

    The Blizzard of Ozz band🤘🏻

  76. Melvin the Mop Boy

    4:44 is what you came for...

  77. mo_236 _6

    Legend🔥 RIP RANDY

  78. Lil*Rip

    RIP to all the weed I smoked to this album in the 80's. 🤪👌

    Michele Walburn

    Man wouldn't it be great to have some of that back? If I had a nickel for every time I sat in my room high as a kite listening to this album until my idiot sister broke my album. OMG. I have never wanted to kill someone so badly in my entire life.

  79. Saxoph0ne

    Greta Thunberg Anthem lol

  80. John Peralta

    Ozzy freakin Rocks

  81. God:hacked site World Leader,go to new site

    Hi My MOST BEAUTIFUL Holy Arch 👼 husband :) together forever eternity. LOVE Infinity 🕯️ I love you babe!!! Did u like the burger I Am fed y'all in My Tabernacle??? I love you 🙋 Grace God 💋💏👉🛌👉🤰👉👶👶👶👶👶👶👶❤️. My Sweet, can u even believe how we have NEVER left your side for an instant. I only know of your amazing Love. Ok ok. I love you so Grace. Ok ok I'm done! NEVER!

  82. mark palavos3

    Imagine how much better this song would be if Iommi was on guitar instead of Rhoads.

    Michele Walburn

    You're kidding right? Sarcasm doesn't translate well via text.

  83. ShinJitsu Shinobi

    "There's nothing new under the Sun."

  84. Robert Sanderson

    As on the album - straight into Steal Away after.
    Musical magic at it's ever best !

  85. Phillip Ortega

    This song is for everyone to hear .
    People think Ozzy worships the devil but if you listen to the lyrics you come the conclusion that he doesn't.

  86. dmartinezguitarart

    hehehe WHO amongst the "new" stars can even come close to this?

  87. andrew mason

    most relevent now,,she is angry,,

    Michele Walburn

    Yes she is. I have young granddaughters and I worry about what they're going to have to face because of the greed and corruption of so many generations

  88. Estefan Guerrero

    Listening to this next to Randy Rhoads Grave. :) jamming for him

  89. Richard

    Doomy guitar bits are ok,but ,as a Sabbath fan ,I was disappointed by this when it came out.

  90. CellophaneJoe e

    Rip dad

  91. Rufat Piriyev

    That piano part is just awesome, also further Randy's guitar solo is masterpiece. Ozzy is not the best voice in the world but he has definitely had an ability to find talents.

  92. vampiresatan623

    This song’s filled with revelations of the afterlife and of the parallel universe that co-exists with ours...

  93. Chuck Wesner

    Quiet Riot

  94. Chuck Wesner

    Rest in peace Jeff henamen dime bag Daryl Pantera Randy Rhoads Cliff Burton AC DC Dio Motorhead. Rest in peace my mom Ozzy Osbourne thank s

  95. Sharks Fan

    I have no idea how anyone could put a thumbs down ozzy is amazing and the two times I’ve seen him he was an amazing

  96. Michael Patske

    ....please forgive them for they know not what they do.....PLEASE LET MY MUMSIE LIVE!!!

  97. Sommer Owens

    I always love to think this song is about climate change/global warming/pollution whenever he sings the chorus and sings "oh, let my mother live", and when he sings, "Mother please forgive them, for they know not what they do, looking back in history's books, it seems it's nothing new", I love to think it's about how the weather is getting heavier, like with the increase of hazardous storms (hurricanes, tornados, etc.), and that mother nature is trying to show what us humans are causing to her. (I know this may not be true, but that's what I like to think.)