Ozzy Osbourne - I Just Want You Lyrics

[O.Osbourne - J. Vallance]

There Are No Unlockable Doors
There Are No Unwinnable Wars
There Are No Unrightable Wrongs
Or Unsingable Songs

There Are No Unbeatable Odds
There Are No Believable Gods
There Are No Unnameable Names,
Shall I Say It Again, Yeah

There Are No Impossible Dreams
There Are No Invisible Seams
Each Night When Day Is Through
I Don't Ask Much

I Just Want You
I Just Want You

There Are No Uncriminal Crimes
There Are No Unrhymable Rhymes
There Are No Identical Twins
Or Forgivable Sins

There Are No Incurable Ills
There Are No Unkillable Thrills
One Thing And You Know It's True
I Don't Ask Much

I Just Want You
I Just Want You
I Just Want You
I Just Want You

I'm Sick And Tired Of Bein' Sick And Tired
I Used To Go To Bed So High And Wired
Yeah - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
I Think I'll Buy Myself Some Plastic Water
I Guess I Should Have Married Lennon's Daughter
Yeah - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

There Are No Unachievable Goals
There Are No Unsaveable Souls
No Legitimate Kings Or Queens,
Do You Know What I Mean? Yeah

There Are No Undisputable Truths
And There Ain't No Fountain Of Youth
Each Night When Day Is Through
I Don't Ask Much

I Just Want You [6 Times]
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
I Just Want You
I Just Want You
Hey, Yeah,
I Just Want You
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
I Just Want You,
I Just Want You
I Just Want You

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Ozzy Osbourne I Just Want You Comments
  1. AspiringOO

    Why does he say there are no believable gods ? I believe he is acting as everyone's different opinion and nothing is true and everyone has a different opinion about EVERYTHING. And the only thing he knows is true , is love.

  2. Александр Филимонов

    да уж не просто ему было слезть с иглы.он поет про внутревенных наркоманов.

  3. mike white

    Spooky Beautiful. It Just Kills Me. I just want YOU.

  4. Samantha Gomez

    His music is so deep when u light a blunt and really listen


    Samantha Gomez you don’t even need a blunt.

  5. 619 OG

    Where n the fk is all this Russian comments coming from ? Lol

  6. Igor Freitas

    Abraço de Portugal 🇵🇹

  7. николай панченко

    Оззи не повторимммм

  8. Brandi Bonilla


  9. игорь родкин

    зээ бэст!!

  10. Sky Reishi

    I like corn on the cob.


    Smh can't relate

    Sandy L

    Dude you read my mind. 😜 love me some corn 🌽 on the cob

  11. Jason Moore


  12. Leonardo Henrique


  13. Shannon McEvers

    You were my very First Concert ever! Saw you at monsters of Rock as well!

  14. Lucio Mauro

    Man, the whole song is marvelous, but the bass line starting at 2:05 is absolutely amazing

    619 OG

    Lucio Mauro was thinking gawt dam that bass !

  15. Shannon McEvers

    Is Today your Birthday? Happy Birthday Beautiful man !!!

  16. Isidio Garcia


  17. Above Mass

    Tropical the island breeze
    All of nature wild and free
    This is where I long to be
    La isla bonita....

  18. Trump Is My Copilot #DFWU

    From the first Sabbath album to this very day, I have always fucking loved Ozzy! And he loves us ALL right the hell back 🤘🏻

  19. PAO LIN

    Пришел после просмотра новых клипов)) решил пересмотреть старые

  20. Neverhaten35 Neverhaten35

    My phop is the best he loves you

  21. Cláudio anticristo

    que som foda

  22. Jerry Waller

    What do the numbers 94541 om heads mean ?

  23. Vanessa Rodriguez

    That's why I shave my head since my daughter life was terminated with poison in her blood by those demons in hospitals who made fun of me and my God and call CPS on me to help them kill her are you ready for judgment day God is not all mercy an eye for an eye says the magic book not me "the bible" to bad they don't know how to use it like me ....

  24. геннадий кольцов

    Отличный. Певец,,,,и человек отличный Эпоха без понтов,,,, пример сегоодняшним

  25. TCorporation66MG


  26. Roots Style

    I lovo this song... marvel!

  27. SoundMuzak

    The verse sounds very similar to "La Isla Bonita" by Madonna :P... great track though. My favourite from Ozzmosis.

  28. Вова Щава

    Дедушка Оззи оставил огромнейший след в истории рока дай бог ему здоровья и творческих успехов.


    Сэмпл у окси спиздил...

  30. Cujo13 cujo13

    This song has soo much meaning to my life lol 😂 2020 still the same

    619 OG

    Cujo13 cujo13 Ozzy isn’t available so you’ll have to settle for me 😎💪🤘

  31. Matt Keisler

    What an absolutley beautiful jamming song!



  33. anderson bolaños


  34. Фюрер Напроводе


  35. alex M

    Ozzy I'm 37 years old in 2020 you been rocking me my whole life

    Evelina Vex

    @619 OG 51 years old....and what an idiot you are

    alex M

    @619 OG dang pervert grandpa leave the 19yrs kid alone! Stay off my thread

    alex M

    @Evelina Vex just wanted to say Americans aren't like 619og hes a scumbag.... Rock ON!!

    Evelina Vex

    @alex M i know ) i lived in american family on my student exchange program

    619 OG

    @alex M lol derp

  36. daniela mardones

    La tigresa del oriente gringa ❤️✌🏽✌🏽

  37. TV Easy

    One thing and you know it's true: while Ozzy is singing, you are not feeling blue!


    #Postmalone #Hollywoodsbleeding #Ozzy
    Post Malone - Take What You Want (Audio) (Crooked Collabs ft. Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott, MT


  39. Javier M.

    R.I.P Ozzy

  40. Steph Visceral Dissection


  41. Misha Krymskyi

    Respect from Ukraine 👏🏻🇺🇦 2020

  42. El Zigi

    Озя озя!!!
    Был есть и будешь!!!

  43. NikoL CC

    Ojala sigas muchos años mas vivo viejo Sos grande

  44. Deathly Hallows Sauce Boss

    One of my biggest regrets in this this life is knowing what could have been.
    Ill never meet
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Will I ever meet
    Zakk Wylde.....
    These will be my greatest regrets

    Childish GamYeetO

    Deathly Hallows Sauce Boss ozzy is still alive and well

    Deathly Hallows Sauce Boss

    @Childish GamYeetO yes he is lol.
    But ill still never meet him

    Fabian Rabitö

    He does meet & greets in almost every show, but the price is high

  45. Евгения Фотеску

    а если подумать?

  46. Любовь Любовь

    Все таки старички самые крутые! песня огонь!

  47. Diego Mojica

    Ozzy lo mas grande! Saludos desde Córdoba capital Argentina!

  48. kenoreilly2000

    Amazing lyrics - yin and yang, female, male, desire - what a romantic sentiment

  49. Den Punch


  50. NOVA

    2034 here?

  51. Alex Kraev

    Охуенно!. OHUENNO!

  52. King Savage

    3:13 best part

  53. 111usul

    right in the feels, almost shed a tear, almost...

  54. Александр Бойко

    With love from Ukraine!

  55. Алексей Болонный

    Если бы я ничего не знал, ничего не видел и был полный дебил. услышав эту вещь я бы сказал - Это мегакруто и мега классно!!!

  56. Григорий Захаров

    where are the children here? Is this song about love relationships? Or do I not understand something?

  57. libbs schmidt

    I'm from the future and still rocking this song in 2050

    green wood

    I'm from 9281 and this still 🎸 rocks

  58. phil adam

    One of the best songs ever. He is the God of heavy metal. All hail ozzy .

  59. Doctype

    Дошли не все. Одни считают, что я создал монстра.
    Другие с ходу слышат сэмпл - это Окси Осборн


    Я сразу начало вспомнил.


    @Androks, не ну я охуел сначала

  60. Dan POllo

    No doubt his best album

  61. gustavo algusto do nascimento

    excelente banda ótima musica perfeita saudades desse tempo que não volta mais saudades

  62. adonis 506

    Diciembre 2019

    Saludos desde Costa Rica

  63. Олег Макаров

    Клип похоже про то как травили скрипалей. Ну а Оззи как всегда красавец. Дай Бог здоровья

  64. Adam Rivera

    Ima cry like hell when ozzy dies

  65. Анна Голуб

    Оззи красавец,что не песня,то шедевр.Дай бог тебе здоровья.

    Сломанный Телефон


  66. andres mauricio castaño lopez

    Solo Maluma

  67. uncensoredVojtik

    2800 people don't want u !

    Meme 132

    *99000 people want u !*


    @Meme 132 But Do they want just me ? Or someone else also ?

  68. sha broussard

    Let’s be honest. Ozzy without hair looks rough lmao. Let’s all be glad he didn’t loose his hair my god haha. Aside from that, ozzy may be my favorite singer ever. Maybe. I know he isn’t the “best” but he has something no one else has.

  69. rocking rambo

    Why he fall on gothic gerner after doing heavy metal

  70. Siyaad Shire

    We always keep it up the good work,💙👌🏾✌🏾🧐

  71. Жанна Филиппова

    Голос Юрия Хоя напоминает.И манера.

    Rosa Vetrov

    Вообще ни разу.

  72. Андрей Левинский

    Кому как а я обожаю єтот клип.Для меня єто лучшая композиция в творчестве Великого и Ужасного!!!!

    Андрей Ганычев


  73. Tony Santucci


  74. dubSACKKED

    One of the defining songs of my teenage years. Amazing to this day.

  75. Артём Битюгин

    Oxxxymiron - Reality (x Piem, J. Makonnen, Dinast, Letai, Palmdropov)

  76. bOhdAn Havrilyn

    Thank you Ozzy for your beautiful songs

    Every song pierces

  77. j b

    When I listen to this the whole internet listens

  78. Aninha Soares

    Uma lenda esse cara! Ozzy forever

  79. Justin Kromski

    The Prince of Darkness. Will forever be The GOAT! End of story.

  80. Gary Smith

    See it? It's the background! Have you seen it?

  81. Melissa

    I saw him live front row sometime in 2000s... and I cried. I cried, and unexpectedly it was when he did war pigs- (I'd heard it many times but NEVER like this)... before the song you could feel a stillness taking over the air and just somehow knew it was gonna be beautiful... he commanded the heavens and when he Sang out it - was clear and pure as a bell, and so gorgeous you could feel the hairs on your arm stand up. EVERYONE stood so still watching in awe- you could hear a pin drop as his voice literally echoed through your soul. IT WAS A RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE BLESSED BY GOD HIMSELF AND ONE OF THE MOST ETHEREAL MOMENTS I HAVE EVER HAD ON THIS EARTH. thank you, ozzy. We love you dearly.

  82. Death Inc.

    Greatest song of ALL times!

  83. AlexKx

    The children look like they are in a gay parade at the end!

  84. Alex Kay

    классика ...

  85. John David Hart

    my entire life has become a noise complaint. Open Eye Universe. John David Hart

  86. Витя Витя

    Я из. Черноморска мне 48 на роке вырос. Буду слушать до самой смерти. Рок навсегда!

  87. Patron

    fuck! i hate this song

  88. Jennifer Sherman

    I have loved his music when he was Black Sabbath! Awesome voice! And his concerts r rockin great!!!

  89. Patrick Palmer

    Love this fuckin song!!

  90. Marco Marchetti

    La islaAaaA bonitaAaaa.... lol

  91. Van Hallen

    En vendredi 06/12/2019 !

  92. Оки Щеки

    Русских столько, ахринеть

  93. Алексей Разин


  94. Алексей Разин

    Это же Баста - осень, улыбнуло