Owl City - Wolf Bite Lyrics

It's another bad dream
Poison in my blood stream
I'm dying but I can't scream
Will you show me the way?

It's another wolf bite
Howlin' in the moonlight
I wanna get my life right!
Will you show me the way?

Will you be there?
Toni-i-ight, toni-i-ight, i-ight

If the darkness falls, and my angel calls
In my despair
Will you be there?
In the darkest night
When I need your light
Will you show me the way?
If my time runs out
And the sky falls down
Despite my fear
Will you appear?
If the world goes blind
And I lose my mind
Will you show me the way?

Will you show me the way, tonight?
Will you show me the way, tonight?

It's another nightmare
I swear there's something out there
So save me cause I'm so scared
Will you show me the way?

It's another werewolf
All dressed up in sheep's wool
And changing when the moon's full
Will you show me the way?

[Chorus x2:]
If the darkness falls, and my angel calls
In my despair
Will you be there?
In the darkest night
When I need your light
Will you show me the way?
If my time runs out
And the sky falls down
Despite my fear
Will you appear?
If the world goes blind
And I lose my mind
Will you show me the way?

In my despair
Will you be there?

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Owl City Wolf Bite Comments
  1. Ella Zambuto

    Adam is trying to tell is he's a furry and I support that

  2. Checkers the Wolf

    furries reeeeee

  3. X N

    2020 anyone?

  4. Veda Merrell

    2020 anyone?

    meRed MC&ROBLOX

    Sure why not

  5. Miguel Elohim


  6. Nelson Barrameda


  7. tri widarto

    watching this in 1-1-2020

  8. Zelie Zmegac

    Lmao I love this

  9. Jihad Mehdi

    Adam is not responsible for the visualization, the company behind him is.

  10. Jacques Steyn

    if i ever feel in a bad mood i just watch these wolfs dance and im ok....

  11. Di Bn

    World is a deceit...better be single...

  12. AetherHeart Studios


  13. Caldivaley High School

    I still wonder, why the werewolf use bicycle.

    meRed MC&ROBLOX

    Too lazy to walk

  14. Lee Hitt

    This song is much more interesting at 0.75 speed. But I don’t like the video. It seems like a user submitted video that was edited by his record label. That part is OK for me. But, I particularly don’t like the occult symbolism added. Pentagrams, one-eye signs, lightning bolts, pyramids, demonic looking wolf mask. Quickly flitting Subliminal images. That’s a no for me.

  15. FW4 Official

    one of my favourite

  16. David BaGuetta

    Ah sometime YouTube recommended is good

  17. Matt Maggio

    Seriously the quality of the music video does not equal up to the quality of the actual music

  18. Sophia B. Williams

    It is owl City.

  19. Wilderness Abbey

    At 0:31 is me and my friends on Halloween.

  20. Juicey Jiggy

    Yo u see the dislikes “666” only evil ppl dislike owl cities great music🧐

  21. Bond james

    2019 still a banger

  22. sky flowers


  23. john javier

    I heard this song in good manners the movie a boy that was a werewolf

  24. john javier

    Someday I I wish I could be a werewolf

  25. First Name Last Name

    I like how the dancers are kind of doing their own thing at the end

  26. HARSHIT In InDiA

    Owl city is ❤
    The most loyal and quality wise best FAM army☺
    Lets howl together lovely hoot owls💞
    More love from india🙏 to all bothers and sisters of universe❤

  27. Cute border Collie

    I love this song 😍🐺 it's another wolf bite

  28. Muller J

    I dont know tf you guys are telling about the music video. I think its amazing and dreamy.

  29. Slime Creep

    me: this is my childhood hero
    someone else: isn't he irrelevant now?
    me: please get out of my housr NOW.

  30. Liezel Mapa

    Whoooooo I'm very lucky because owl city is part of my life I love owl city very much

  31. Mimi Vloggies

    i love this alot, great visualizer!

  32. ash0787

    furries ruined this song for me before I even heard the song.

  33. reven clark relente

    Gosh...This songs make me cry😭😭😭

    reven clark relente


  34. moonlight god

    I love how Owl City's music takes us to a place where our imagination exists.. ☄️💘

  35. biowolf 123

    I have that mask I got it for 80 dollars

  36. Micah Ryan

    just try to watch this without the audio i so you did better than me

  37. Billie Irish

    Wolf bite:exists

    Tik tok:hippity hoppity I have your property

  38. Joshua Orti

    Owl city makes happy music and it's hard to find that these days

  39. Ahrar Art

    love the music, my favorite, but the video is ruin it. Wolf Bite Favorite ever not the video, scroll it down.

  40. Moonbean Sunshine

    Idc if he’s underrated. As long as he got good music it’s more than enough for me. Thumbs up Adam 👍👏

  41. redsparks13

    I’m dying but I can’t scream

  42. Evan Rinesmith

    Furries be like...

  43. Rifaldi Official

    who is watching 2019


    Gozie Leo

    Here again to shed tears of happiness. This song is gold.

  44. Grey Wolf

    Lets howl 🐾🎩

  45. Sonicmlp Golden

    **Waits for a furry joke**

  46. ibtixam haider

    I Wanna Get My LiFLine FOh ThoSe AmaZing PaSt DayZz..😭😭

  47. พรเทพ ปอโพร

    i love owl city.

  48. Chengyou Yu

    0:56 there goes the cat lol.....

  49. Shrinit Choupane

    Ahh...So much of Nostalgia !! : D

  50. Krychu


  51. shubham tamse

    If this song would've been released by some mainstream artist, then it would've been a hit song peaking charts, don't know what's wrong with people

  52. Calvin Fujii

    What does official visualizer mean?

  53. timothy thomas

    It's Furry?

  54. Andrea Dy

    I loved this so many times

  55. Martin Roberts

    This video every time makes my hairs stand on back of my neck. One of his best music videos by far! Everyone knows his the one riding the bike :P I've always thought that.

  56. Amlaan

    637 ppl are aliens 😒😒

  57. Katrina Davis

    Them dancing in those wolf masks is what gives me life.

  58. plant breeding easy

    Beautiful anti depressent
    Hit a like if it did so.....

  59. al imam

    Missing those days😙😄. Any one 2019 🤔

  60. Reed Richards

    I still think this is a fine video. The music is so good it could carry a blank screen, but I like the dancing wolf-girls. They have heart.

  61. Leah

    is this glitching or are there actually no comments


    oh okay they all loaded xD

  62. Mark Kimoto

    Adam actually drives in a circle at 1:24, he gets onto the Grand Central Parkway East at 33rd Street, goes to LaGuardia Airport (Exit 7), and comes back on the GCP to 33rd Street (exit 45).

  63. Falalongkornz

    Can't believe this album is already 5 years old. 2019 anyone?

    Franco Villarroel

    Me, every single day...

    Mario 1981

    Falalongkornz yep me

    Abhishek Negi

    I listen it whenever i am traveling
    I am from India

    Abhishek Negi

    I listen it whenever i am traveling
    I am from India

  64. Supernova Enc.

    All I have to say is put it to 1.25x speed

  65. Stardust Studios

    2019 anyone? Still here cause this song so epic. Like if u agree

  66. AQuA

    2019? Anyone? :)

  67. Skullyô SolarMay

    2019 anyone?

  68. Kacy Thurman

    0:56 Lets all take a moment to acknowledge the cat in the background

  69. Clara L. Young

    Remus Lupin's song. I'm convinced this is his song.

  70. Himon Sen

    my goodness what a scary face😅

  71. Gaming Master1031

    I think this music video is great. So is this song.

  72. Ronit Singh

    The video clip is very reminessance of Japanese music clips, love it!

  73. Abigail Matthias

    It's been to long.

  74. Joseph hakim

    What’s up with the pentagrams in the music video

  75. Kamila Honeycchi

    I miss the good old days with owl city

  76. Diana Hajadi

    If I saw wolfs like these near my neighbourhood, I'd probably like

    Me: Hello, is this the zoo?
    Zookeeper: Yes, what is it?
    Me: There are 6 wolfs here
    Zookeeper: What are they doing now?
    Me: 1 of them was riding a bike and the rest are dancing
    Zookeeper: WHAT!!!???

    Lol, so yeah, bye

  77. CheezyChicken guy

    Owl city deserves like 10 mil subs not 2 mil

  78. TheFirefly

    I love this song but this video looks like a parody.

  79. Abhilash Venkatesh

    0:39 Ahh, those notes in the bass!

  80. Haley R. G.

    2018 anyone?

  81. catbox

    Hhhhhh I remeber my Owl City phase but I still adore their songs even if I'm not obsessed

  82. juan rios

    Este man Adam es un gran cantante y compositor todas sus canciones son muy buenas no tiene ninguna mala

  83. Fernando Russo

    It's another bad dream

  84. clotheswasher4


  85. Michael Swirsky

    This music video's painful to watch. It's like they just didn't know what to do with it.

  86. Duke

    22 sept 2018

  87. Couch Potato

    I can assure  there's something in Adam youngs every song that drives you away

  88. Chandler Bing

    whos picture is at 1.25 ?

  89. Jack

    Great, song.

  90. Ashlee Diaz Torres

    Tonight no angels :

  91. Emily Lunde

    I could imagine 1000 mores ways this music video could be better and more relatable

  92. かおり


  93. Xaidus

    hey love you owl city, your songs did a lot for me, the lyrics you decide, your very underrated but thank you, wish all blessings on you.



  95. Benjamin M

    The choreo is kinda sucky