Owl City - The 5th Of July Lyrics

My mum woke my dad up
And said "it's time to leave"
So they jumped in the old Caprice
And tore off into the night
On the 4th of July

They flew through the darkness
Driving like Jehu
And they rolled into Ottumwa
Before the sun begun to rise
On the 4th of July

And in walks Bob and Janice
Rachel's on her way
To peek in through the window
Hoping to hear her grandson cry
On the 4th of July

My mother watched the fireworks
From her hospital bed
And after it was all over
She held me for the first time
On the 5th of July

I've got my mother's brown eyes
And my dad's quiet way
And Grandma Rachel's love for music
The morning I arrived
On the 5th of July

Deeping in Iowa country
And a heavenly hideaway
On the shores of Lake Rathbun
My folks brought me home
On the 5th of July

That was when (that was when)
Life began (life began)
For me
That was when (that was when)
Life began (life began)
For me

A teacher and a mechanic
Brought me into this world
They loved me with all their hearts since
The day I opened my eyes
On the 5th of July

That was when (that was when)
Life began (life began)
For me
That was when (that was when)
Life began (life began)
For me

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Owl City The 5th Of July Comments
  1. Rita H.

    I just listened to this in January 2020. What a beautiful tribute to your family! My life began near Lake Rathbun in S.E. Iowa as well.

  2. Sean Davis

    Such a calming song to listen to everytime.

  3. Broski Joeski

    Only found this song because its my birthday

  4. Eliška KLIMEŠOVÁ

    On the 5t of July we celebrate anniversary of burning one of our famous thinker. The more you know.

  5. Kichelle Myers

    I was born in Ottumwa too 😁

  6. Kuldeep Pawar

    This is just calming and for some reason gives a weird kind of nostalgia

  7. Katriin The Cardinal

    its really good to know that owl city stuck to its rhythm instead of flying with all of the other garbage

  8. Swift Heart

    My owl city heart 💙💙

  9. Moh. Gifari Hi. Sahada

    i've been grow up with your heavenly voices.. love all song that you've made... greetings from indonesia

  10. Katie Fedele

    I love this song OMG

  11. Max-ze Lee

    This is my birthday date!!!!!!!

  12. Muad Mohamed

    I need new songs from .. i miss u ♡

  13. Komal Mahajan

    M a July 5 baby 😁 anyone else ?

  14. Jacqueline Roberts

    This is my new favorite song, it's just so catchy. I actually feel like singing along to it and dancing.

  15. Jacqueline Roberts

    Adam's music is so catchy, I almost feel like I could tap dance to it. This song made me reflect and think about my own life and my past and where I was born (florida) and things like that.

  16. Jacqueline Roberts

    I have never listened to owl city before, and I am just now starting to, but this song was really powerful.

  17. Truegang

    Dont no wats wrong with the lyrics in the description

  18. Thoko Skene

    NOT enough views😞

  19. Akbar Junaedi

    Why this songs not be popular???

  20. 庄Marshall

    Spring, morning, born, pure, creation, motion, alive.

  21. M Ramshang

    Best medicine, you know what I meant 😜

  22. The Chance M

    It has only now dawned on me that the reason the lyrics in the desc. start in the middle is because they start when he was born.

  23. Tluangkima Khiangte

    I love your music since 2009 😍😍❤❤❤...love your voice..tone😍

  24. Q Toons!

    God, this got me in the feels...

  25. 이정원

    Thank you for that make like this music

  26. Candida Lily

    It's glorious Melody, indeed

  27. Juicey Jiggy

    He’s talking bout his birth and how they had to go get him out his mommy’s belly lol

  28. Mia Robets

    Where is this guy what happened to him???

  29. Jhon Person Panoso

    Owl City deserves more!!!!!!!!

  30. Jiban Soren

    Yevdi ketu kfu ori NCR kfu kdut kfy kfy

  31. Jenifer Clemente


  32. Daniel M

    Thanks Adam

  33. Erica Augie

    July 5 is my birthday :)

  34. ElemeNationPlays subs love utube

    The nostalgia 😢

  35. Romeo Kumar

    Very unique music thanks

  36. admiral admiral

    We're both born on 5th july 😍

  37. #AndyMan21

    The 5th of July just so happens to be my moms birthday

  38. Никита Никифоров

    Awesome! Thanks for the emotions! From Russia with love!

  39. ArtsySundae

    now this is underrated

  40. ajima gaming

    I think this song story belongs to to adam😭💔in he's real life

  41. Page Coleman

    My birthday is on the same day

  42. Joseph

    WHERE HAVE I BEEN!!!!! I HAVE ALL HIS ALBUMS. OH wait I was in Israel when this came out ... makes sense 🤣🤣😂

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  44. Ben Elder

    great as always

  45. Jayana Perez

    My birthday is also July 5th!

  46. Kayla Wasser

    You share a birthday with my grandfather Adam!!! Happy belated birthday

  47. N Th

    Happy Belated Birthday, Adam! I love your music so much. Many Blessings!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  48. Zatch

    Awwww damn now its the 6th😂

  49. Reshirex

    6th of july now

  50. AN Arcade

    Adam, your music saved me from a rough spot back in 8th grade. We moved from Tennessee to Illinois and I felt so alone. But your music somehow made everything seem alright. Long story short I've since graduated highschool and was doing good. Until yesterday, July 5th 2019, my childhood dog (and best friend) passed away. I found myself again in your music, and find this. Kinda poetic, huh? Thank you.

  51. Yuri Katsuki

    Happy birthday Adam🎉 thank you for making the greatest songs and cheer me up when I'm feeling down 😊

  52. The Reebstir

    I'm listening to this on the 5th of July so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!!

  53. The Reebstir

    Does Owl City still make music? Just wondering because I love they're music so much!

  54. joy mathes

    Happy birthday Adam young!

  55. TheMightyPizza

    Happy birthday Adam! 🎂

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  57. GonnaRegretThis

    Happy Birthday Adam.

  58. Yuri

    Happy birthday Adam 😄

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    Happy Birthday Adam! ❤

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    Happy birthday

  61. Aaron B

    Happy birthday, man

  62. Nutmegtfm

    It's the 5th of July today! Happy Birthday Adam! c: 🎉🎉

  63. Elaine

    😊💙Happy Birthday🥳

    Elaine S

    Hi self


    Now it's my birthday!!🥳July 7

  64. siga raga

    Aye 5th July tuday

  65. TwinsDoStuff

    happy birthday Adam!!!
    July 5th, 2019

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    Happy birthday Adam! ❤

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    Happy bday Adam ❤ Its my bday too 😊

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    Happy birthday Adam!! ❤❤❤❤

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    I was recommended this today, which is Friday, July 5th


  70. Tirthankar Sarkar

    Happy Birthday Adam 🎂🎉🎈
    I wish you a happy, healthy & prosperous life. I'll cherish your melodious songs for the rest of life <3

  71. LiveResistance

    Happy Birthday Adam! You share a birthday with my Mom. This is a special day for me. :-)

  72. Marichii

    happy birthday adam!!! i'm so happy i heard vanilla twilight in a grocery store all those years back and got hooked. thank you so much for blessing me and everyone else with your music 💙

  73. Moraj

    This guy is my childhood. I’ll listen to Adam until I die

  74. Moraj

    Happy Birthday, Adam Young!!! You’re a true unsung legend.

  75. Dixxy Normis

    I don't have any other social media so hopefully you see this message Adam! Happy birthday, and thank you. Your music has shaped me into the person I am today you're an amazing person with an amazing soul.

  76. Beverley Todd

    Happy birthday today Adam I love you and your fantastic music ❤️❤️

    Beverley Todd

    5 July 2019

  77. James Brazell

    Happy birthday

  78. Akhmad Mandala

    Today, 5th of july is my birthday and i didn't know this song existed!

    It's now my birthday anthem song 🥳

    Tirthankar Sarkar

    Happy Birthday Akhmad :-)
    Enjoy the day and have a wonderful life!

  79. Joanna Mysluk

    Happy 33rd Birthday! Great job on the song by the way.

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    Happy birthday Adam , hoping to hear new things from you

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    Beautiful song 💜

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    5 of july anyone?

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    Happy Birthday Adam Young ... I'm here from 5th of July 2019

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    It's 5th of july.

    Happy Birthday Adam❤

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    Happy Birthday Adam!! Enjoy your day ❤❤

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    Hbd Adam

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    The 5th of July is my b-day!! So happy b-day tommorow me and you will be celebrating :)

    Gabryele Resende

    me too! XD

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    It is so good thanks for this song

  92. All in one Remix

    Happy birthday Adam Young....from 2k19....I am from India...Love your songs very much Adam

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    happy birtday

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    He's singing about the day after I binge all of Stranger Things 3

  96. Raspberry Jam

    Adam, what can I say? What can I say that will do justice to your skill, your talent, your natural born ability to create something so beautiful as all your songs? Is there anything anyone can say? Is it possible to put into words how amazing your music is? How inspiring and moving? Is it possible?

  97. Juanita Soto

    Happy Birthday Adam wow god bless u such a beautiful story though a song❤❤❤

  98. Heyyshanta

    I became a mother on the 5th of July.