Owl City - Not All Heroes Wear Capes Lyrics

He doesn't fight crime or wear a cape
He doesn't read minds or levitate
But every time my world needs saving, he's my superman
Some folks don't believe in heroes 'cause they haven't met my dad

He loves his workshop and rock and roll
He's got a hot rod and a heart of gold
And you could say he's a man of few words, but he talks a lot within
And even though I'm a little taller, I still look up to him

He built me a house in the arms of a tree
He taught me to drive, and to fight, and to dream
When he looks in my eyes I hope he can see
That my dad's a hero to me

Rust-ridden fenders, and doors full of dings
Somehow he can fix about anything
I didn't think he knew how to cry till our dog died that year
He doesn't always say I love you, but I can hear him loud and clear

He built me a house in the arms of a tree
He taught me to drive, and to fight, and to dream
When he looks in my eyes I hope he can see
That my dad's a hero to me

He built me a house in the arms of a tree
He taught me to drive, and to fight, and to dream
When he looks in my eyes I hope he can see
That my dad's a hero to me

My dad's a hero to me
My dad's a hero to me

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Owl City Not All Heroes Wear Capes Comments
  1. Psybel Dialogo

    2020 anyone? Still a fan here.

  2. Alex Burress

    Hey Ben when was the last time you've seen Sarah

  3. Shachi Chang

    Someone save me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    I am eating lots of chocolates..... remembering my father(big brother)

  4. RobloxVivid

    Be positive and caring

  5. Raina Kumar

    Love u owl city love your voice it kinda makes me cry anyone 2020

  6. J P

    But I don't have dad...


    Is this acoustic Version on Spotify !

  8. Call Me Danbo

    He doesn't always say I love you, But I can hear him loud and clear

  9. Kirrthana Yuvaraja

    I don't know why but this song.. it makes me cry. It bought back all those years my dad took care of us. Truly, it touched my heart. Honestly my dad is a superhero. The lyrics seem to resonate within me. I love it. Thank, you.

  10. otmane bavari

    *2020 😍😍😍* *owl city the best*

  11. Christine John

    my Dad is in his 60s and I'm so happy that he has made it so far...i pray that God gives him many more years to live because my Dad is truly a hero to me.i want to celebrate most of my success together with my Dad.

  12. Malin Eriksson

    Really wish that I could think this way about him but I cant. He had his chance, now its to late. One more thing I wish is two parents, like I have my dad but I dont like him tbh.

    otmane bavari

    Oh there is one here

  13. Jamer Mark

    Dear stranger, whoever reads this: may your parents live over 100 years. THEY'RE the real HEROES 🥰

  14. Saurabh Tewari

    I hope this is the song my kids would've been singing about 10 yrs from now.

    Don't think much I'm still 16

  15. Agasthya Mavilla

    guys let's get owl city back up to the podium.

  16. Lawrence Ogola

    2020. Soooo emotional 😔😭

  17. Aniket Das

    Another masterpiece from Own City

    Siddhartha Neupane

    But we can't hear it on TV

  18. A cE

    It's really hard to relate when you have a Dad who could hurt you with a few words only to encourage you later on, seems like a manipulation tactic, does it not

  19. Gryffin Prince

    Looks like he upgraded from the basement to the garage. lol

  20. Cloud Maker

    I'm a rebel son and this touched me

  21. da levi

    owl city music
    love, nature , universe, family,etc

  22. Jia Loko

    its so damn good in ears <3

  23. Asaf Amin

    Its 2020 still listening 😎

  24. Wyatt Fulgham

    Dude these songs are so moving man you have a gift! Keep up the great work bro!

  25. Elvlevvelvle Ramos

    tnx for creating this wonderful song. <3

  26. Sugma TV

    January 01 2020?

  27. jojo eyy

    its 2020 still best song

  28. Katrina Tiña

    Thanks, YouTube for recommending it at 2019. 😂🤭🤗

  29. janskupelaa:D

    still best music

  30. Strongboy 72

    gonna play this at my dad's funeral with tears in my eyes.

  31. Shresht Vs

    i cried..

  32. Naga blog

    I love you Apa😍😍

  33. Jroque Sevillano

    I like owl city 💕 cool music

  34. Sayan Adhikari

    Love from India!!!! U expressed my feelings about my father in such a beautiful way....Its an enchanting song

  35. ChesTeR wahlang

    Adam u are really awesome dude cos ur wrote a song with ur heart n u always make me proud to get a chances to lesting ur song... May God bless you bro...

  36. Siambawi Langel

    Anyone in December 2019🙌

  37. Mepham Singey

    Just pure music

  38. FENZEN

    Not all heroes wear capes

    Stratogale April 1957 sucked by a turbine

    *No Capes!*

  39. michael akinremi

    Excellent song. Thanks OWL.

  40. Thunder Thighs

    This made me cry.


    12000 people think their father does nothing for them and are way selfish

  42. Rajarshi Mondal


  43. Moni Sarraf

    I love you dad♥

  44. uma shankar

    every time I hear this a tear rolls down
    Dammmn good

  45. Matthew Beach


  46. Niall Leonard

    I might have the best father but i will for my son. Even if i'm a single dad.

  47. Art that’s Nice

    owl city is great

  48. Johowiiezz

    Owl City & Ed Sheeran colab would be so sick.

  49. Soy Sauce_453

    Such a feel-good and pure song.

  50. My Space

    My dad and Adam's dad's names are both Randy.. 😍

  51. ゎ衣ドRadioactive

    *ft. My Dad*

  52. owta spAc

    I don't believe it. I guess your dad was an asshole, and you are not, and trying to be nice.... Anyway been ther.....

  53. Charlie Mooney

    If this is about dads then I don't have a hero

    Lady M8

    So sorry(

  54. dave bolonia

    i heared this i feel miss my dad...so sad

  55. PARMANAND Wills

    I love this........Dad is my hero too

  56. hyper shab

    I just lost my dad a couple of months ago due to cancer so listening to this song makes me miss him so much it brings me to tears but well, he's in a better place now thaanks owl city I needed this ⚘

  57. Jade Cariquitan

    I suddenly miss my mom and dad😌

  58. Leticia Felini

    Love your voice, Adam you is so beautiful!❤😍

  59. Jade Cariquitan

    Will always be one of my most fav. song♥️

  60. Sudeep Deb

    Good job youtube recomendation

  61. your comment might not work so please

    IDC if anyones reading it,OWL CITY'S a hero to me.

  62. Sudeep Deb

    2:56 just appreciate this tune

  63. Kitchen Lovers

    I really aprriciate you old city

  64. SUNBURN316

    Yo this is how you write songs❤️

  65. Wilbert Van Sebastian Madrid

    I really hated my dad when at a very young age, he was so violent, and alcoholic as well, but time passed, and I can see him changing and making up to me what he was lacking makes me feel like crying whenever I hear this song, kudos.

  66. Brandon P

    Who is chopping up all these freaking onions?

  67. ReZ KimZ

    Most beautiful and meaningful song😊😊I've heard

  68. pendulum swings

    all of owl city songs are so good! all good lyrics

  69. Skillful TeeVee

    #Yolo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2raanVWU6c&t=212s

  70. Adhiraj Mathur

    Lost my dad couple weeks ago! He was super supportive of me and my music and loved me so much! He indeed was a hero to me!


    June 2020 who’s listening

  72. Sandra Yoshiko

    2k19 Nov 23

  73. Alex Animates

    Sent this to my Dad, yeh he cried XD

  74. Samuel Prodhan

    Love u bro ..

  75. Sabrina Pederson

    I showed this song to my dad, and there were tears in his eyes.

    To all dads, you're awesome!!!


    Sabrina Pederson i showed this to my dad, and nothing happened. My dad dont understand english :(

  76. Jelly. P.

    i wish my father is like him 😞,

  77. Tsunayoshi Sawada

    I want to be a song writer like owl city

  78. Yasiru Bandara

    We never leave you adam keep it up you genius

  79. Misael Vagni

    I can't understand those 1.2K dislikes

  80. Nabris Mufti A

    I cried when the first time heard this song,

  81. Abdullah Kamal

    Owl city is awsm

  82. SilverWick☆

    There goes the river of my eyes, I ain't even his dad but I am crying

  83. HAXWUW

    Im waiting for owl city to stat agien and some new song


    I think this channel is done at least its not dealeted

  84. Alisha Patrick

    Thank you Owl City for this sweet song.. I lost my dad on 11/2/19 and although it doesn’t fully describe my dad , the song is helping.

  85. Animesh Sarkar


  86. B.N. Sangma

    You are Amazing Sir👍 😍😍😍😍My Dad is Hero to me😘

  87. classy cat

    This is so my dad

  88. kevinhanson mahusay

    I love this song ever when i repeat hear this song because i've recognize my dad and left me behind all this year

  89. Tintin Tin

    Iloveyou papa I sincerely do. 😭

  90. Deepz Hahshah

    Love DAD and love the song

  91. xstonah

    my dad's not a hero to me, if he was then he'd still be in my life

  92. Faiz Iqmal

    When the lyrics 'He built me a house in the arms of a tree' , I cried...because it was really a nice flashback. I have very bad aittitude to my dad, I'm a f*cker, sometimes I feel like I'm don't deserves to be his son, hope someday I can show my love to him too.


    If your dad is as great as you make him seem, he likely loves you even if you don’t treat him right. You can’t do anything to make him not love you anymore, but I urge you to make things right with him as soon as possible. He deserves it, and it will help you out so much.

  93. Jeremy De Veyra

    I miss my dad in heaven sooooooo much :( this song is really for him, hope he can hear this.

  94. finedig

    This is just a good song. No other way to describe it. This song and artist have only good in them.

  95. Sukanya Roy

    Grammy don't deserve you,youre beyond this

  96. Tanishq Agarwal

    How can a song give you goosebumps everytime you listen it !!! 🥺

  97. Ostoy Jake

    My idol ☺️☺️🎧

  98. Jacob Seed The Wolf King

    This should definitely be on Spotify.. I mean this version, Acoustic... I really love both versions.. But honestly this is nicer :)