Owl City - Montana Lyrics

A fifteen year old kid from Saint Paul
Hopped on a train and headed west
Got a job at a Saint Mary restaurant
Washing dishes and making friends

The years went by like the seasons
And they brought him a lifetime of joy
He bought ten or twelve acres of heaven
With a paradise vantage point

And he built a cabin at the foot of the mountains
That stole his heart when he was a boy

On North Fork Road you're almost home

Get lost in Montana
Where your heart can finally roam
Get lost in Montana
Where the mountains call you home
Get lost forever in Montana

His son worked hard in West Glacier
His daughter sold souvenirs
And he always went back to Polebridge
With his family every year

To his green tin roof in the Rockies
And his sky so full of stars
His spirit lives in these mountains
Where Montana first stole his heart

On North Fork Road you're almost home

Get lost in Montana
Where your heart can finally roam
Get lost in Montana
Where the mountains call you home
Get lost forever in Montana

Two words on a bumper sticker
Were all I needed to read
I found myself for the first time
When Montana enchanted me

So get lost in the Big Sky country
Where adventure calls your name
Every moment is worth more than diamonds
When you spend time in the treasure state

So get lost in the Big Sky country
And let your heart lead the way

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Owl City Montana Comments
  1. Alex Animates

    I'm still in 2019 and it feels like everyone forgotten him...


    This song is life!!!!!!!

  3. Roger Marcellin

    You never appreciate Montana till you leave it. I love west glacier.

  4. Jacqueline Roberts

    Another powerful song from Adam (owl city).

  5. PIE Files of the Paranormal

    I’m..*sniffles* im not home sick (I miss LOLO MONTANA MY HOME

  6. charnchan khosang

    Very nice song, I live in Thailand but when i listen this song feel like i live in Montana

  7. gender Gendie Roblox

    If we dont care about Nature.. Montana is Awful... We need to try to not sin and The nearby trees on New clark city will be cut down for buildings...
    We need Peace, Just dont rant to people for more Nukes to have it Care about other species like Salamanders

  8. Some times I dream of cheese.

    this reminds me of my life I will nevr foret u

  9. Alex Farris

    I'm literally on North Fork road, lol...

  10. Adventure Sonic

    Im proud of this song cuz i was born & live in Montana!

  11. Bowen Snorlax

    Does this make u feel like ur out of the country and in the city of Montana like u just want to get lost in Montana like driving everwhere getting lost makes me feel like I'm out of the country 😌😌 anyone else?

  12. Jeffrey Bear

    I live in the flathead. And worked in Glacier National Park for USNPS. Went to Polebridge, Bowmen lake, Kintla. For campgrounds miss it loved it

  13. gender Gendie Roblox

    Favorites made by Owl City
    2.birds eye view
    3.Good time
    4.When will i see you again

  14. Ngozi obasi

    I love this song🙂🥰

  15. gender Gendie Roblox

    Best song almost like fireflies

  16. Tjavanga Pomba

    owl city do you know that here in Africa in Namibia we lessen to your music

  17. Alicat

    i can’t believe this song came out a year ago! jeez it feels like just yesterday

  18. Kevin Rainaldo Rahardja

    Well i just discovered this youtube channel and i cant let it off from my life it just stuck in my heart

  19. epickitties

    I live in Montana and I have been every where he said a there is a bumper sticker that says get lost in Montana

  20. Kevin Rainaldo Rahardja

    I felt like im on other dimension ;-;

  21. Ben Elder

    One of top 5 songs

  22. Carson Brandt

    I dare people to come to the treasure state and actually enjoy it (Missoula, Bozeman, Kalispell, Polson, Glacier Park, ski resorts, hikes to natural hot springs, and hot springs resorts)

  23. BenTly TruCk

    I almost sang out "old town road" instead of "north fork road"
    That's 2019 for ya

  24. Dani Ann

    I have never been so happy to find this song. I first heard it in the radio and I had to look it up since I live in montana I love this song so much

  25. Ali Mohammad

    get lost in montanaaaaaaaaa

  26. J O’Brien

    Stay out of Montana we don’t want you

  27. Marissa LeighAnne

    There's no way that the length of this song is a coincidence.

  28. RioT Quantum

    I live in Montana

  29. little potato man

    I saw this when just got on yt

  30. Keilana C

    I don't know how many of you live in Montana, but I do, and it's by far my favorite place on Earth. It is Heaven to me. This is my favorite song now. He even used their nicknames. I'm in love.

  31. Rotten Legacy

    Soon after it came out, I showed this song to my sister. My mom (who has lived in Montana) happened to be in the room, and I was playing it out loud. When the chorus came on--"Get lost in Montana..."--out of nowhere, my mom said "That's pretty easy to do."

    Mildly amusing story aside, there isn't a single Owl City song that I dislike. This song makes me want to go to Montana, which isn't an uncommon occurrence with songs that talk about places!

  32. Joshua Edward Bejado

    This song makes me want to sell everything I have, leave the city, and go live in the mountains.

  33. Amie manneh

    This is my jam at the gym 😍

  34. DeathsSecretary

    I used to live in Montana, and my heart still calls it home. Even though I live in Iowa.
    When I heard this song, I felt both home-sick & lifted up at the same time! This song sings EXACTLY what my heart feels about my "home".

  35. Treyden Whitney

    Jeez our state slogan is weird, “get lost” is on the back of literally every Jeep here

  36. Treyden Whitney

    Yooooo, I live in Montana this is awesome

  37. Insane Pancake

    I've lived in Montana for all my life and still do, I feel appreciated

  38. Insane Pancake


  39. Blythe Foster-Wagamon


  40. Smamich

    Oh fuck Adam and I are both July birthdays born in Minnesota with Asperger's syndrome

  41. Lexstron

    crazy birds at the beginning

  42. Richard Reynolds

    Just found this song and I swear someone needs to make this song official for Montana! Seriously after listening to this I was ready to pack my bags and move!

  43. Cole

    Its so beautiful i can hear he's voice so amazing went back in 2009 im still miss this song owl city

  44. dmixdup

    The is certainly something to be said for a rousing ambitious musical chorus. So much of today's music is forgettable, unambitious dreck.

  45. Adam Jd

    Beautiful song it's chocks me up every time I listin to it 👍👍😊😊

  46. Kruz Sory

    Simplemente increíble

  47. katthetheater nerd

    I'm a minnesota kid!

  48. Husky


  49. Ananda sita

    greetings from Indonesia😁

  50. Gaming Master1031

    People listening to this in Montana like this comment

  51. Music Beatz

    I love you bro frm India

    why o why

    Better than T Series

  52. Kitovraska

    This song is perfect! Brings me joy and excitement everytime I hear it!

  53. Prajjwal Patel

    Every person in this world who thinks Adam young is 100000x best that Justin Bieber should like this comment

  54. 정명현

    this song good

  55. Thermo Beats

    Is this about Adam's gradpa?

  56. Tyler The Wolly Manny

    That Song Needs To Be In Spider Man: Far From Home

  57. Faith Sterling

    I went to his concert last night. It was so amazing!!! It almost made me cry!

  58. IAm Remarc Saceda


  59. CBGaming

    I wanna go Montana now..

  60. BTW

    I'm not from Montana but damn I wanna get lost in Montana now. Whose with me?🤔😂

  61. Tsongainaharivelo Diarintsoa RAJAONARIVO

    alt version is better

  62. Alex Kempton

    Owl City holds a special place in my heart, It brings me back to my days living in the country. so much packed into one song. Thanks Owl City!

  63. Elisha Gilmore

    My family and I visited Montana a couple of months ago and that's exactly what we did. We openly got lost in the woods. It was incredible.

  64. Brave

    Born and raised here in Montana. It's nice to know my favorite music artists appreciates it here.

  65. Marek Pedziwater

    He makes a song for this state and hes not going to be in concert there? Owl City, Explain!

    Katarzyna Myśluk

    Travel costs, I guess.

  66. Alex VanDyke

    Im a 10th Feb native to Montana and this should be called the ballad of the "transplant"

  67. BanditTheWolf

    Ok so I’m a 15 year old kid and I go to st Paul’s school.....

  68. Nashew

    I've never even been to Montana and this song makes me wanna move there.

    Kait Gunderson

    Nashew its really beautiful here! 😁

  69. Rock en Español, Spanish Rock Circuito Vital Rock

    AWESOME SONG !!!!! 🎸🎤🎵🎶🎹🎵🎼🎵🎸

  70. Wyleyne


  71. Brian Lund


  72. CaspianDrakon

    I love this! I might be bias because I've lived in montana for the majority of my life, minus that one odd year in Alaska. This song matches so much to what it feels like here. I love it so much.

    Katarzyna Myśluk

    Funny how one of his songs is called Alaska...

    PIE Files of the Paranormal

    My dad lived in Alaska then Denver then St. Louis when i was 5 we went to heaven Montana oh I miss lolo

  73. Matthew

    Montana should use this as a promotional song....makes me want to go!

  74. Lucas Gabriel

    Adam young is so amazing. He always takes the perspective of everything, his songs are so unique. He takes the events, environment, people, surroundings, and others.

  75. Peťko


  76. Andrea Nagai

    Montana!! And it's 4:06 long... ;D

  77. かおり


  78. bookish Tachyon

    This song has the same energy as Sweet Home Alabama

  79. Selarz

    Headlights by Robin Schulz? :(


    Anyone here from billings

    Lorin Tingey

    GEOMETRIC NUKE Great Falls

  81. TPS

    Say adios to Montana, the next Boulder, CO


    Please release instrumentals aswell, the sound design is amazing :)

  83. Stubadub

    Just found N. Fork Rd. on Google Maps.

  84. prince ak

    I just love this song, I can't explain in words😍😍😍 thanks Adam sir for this lovely song😘😘

  85. JoshJenrayAK47

    As a Montanan…… I absolutely love this!!! And from one of my favorite artists!!!!

  86. Dhunu BG

    Its awesome too.

  87. Kpopluvr94


  88. Lireni Lotha

    Awesome songs. Not one a disappointment.

  89. Jess /Chester

    i live in montana and this song makes me cry, it's so wonderful and close to home (literally) <3

    Carson Brandt

    Jess Jackalope listen to it when you drive from Polson to Kalispell!

  90. Jeremiah Tablet

    If Montana tourism doesn't make an offer to buy licensing on this song to use it in their campaigns, they are fools.

    Sam Tyrrel

    Can confirm we had a big campaign called Get Lost! (in Montana)

  91. Satria Dwi Kurniawan

    This song punch me so hard..

  92. Michael Gordineer

    Owl City's Music has a Little Magic in It

  93. true fire

    Wish it was more slow paced an emotional


    true fire theres a slow version !!!

  94. Manash Gogoi

    Very cool and mind blowing song .When I listen my mind gets refreshed.

  95. It's shrimp in a bag!

    I could prolly count on two hands the songs that make me physically cry, and this is one. My best friend was raised in Montana and I was raised in the wild Rockies of Colorado. . . that's where my heart has always stayed, that's my home, my fatherland. I climbed rocks and built treeforts and splashed in mountain creeks and ate wild berries and had the dream childhood. This song is Nostalgia, this song is Joy. . . T-T


    Now I want to visit there

    PIE Files of the Paranormal

    I was born I Colorado but Montana will always be home

  96. LeeAnn K

    As a person who lives in montana, I knew there was gonna be a bumper sticker reference.

  97. amelia marie

    as a Montanan I believe the “The years went by like the seasons.” Could have either been super fast, or super slow.

  98. Rosey Starz

    I love this song so much!

  99. Durp Man

    I live in Montana

  100. Alfadz Ignacio

    Likers, Viewers and Subscribers might not high but at least we are here your true fan 🤟🏽 HIT LIKE IF YOU AGREE.