Owl City - Firebird Lyrics

We used to talk all night and not say a word
When I would hop into your red Firebird
And, man alive, we would drive just to drive around town
'Cause in your car we understood and figured out
That everything changes
Everything changes

Tell me why I look back and I wanna cry
Sometimes I feel like we grew up too fast
You and I had the time of our younger lives
Sometimes I sigh and think about the past
But it's alright, cause everything changes

A basement full of boys building homemade bombs
AJ cut his finger and said "go get your mom"
I saw it all through the windshield of my white truck, Troy
Lotsa ups, lotsa downs, lots of growing up
'Cause everything changes
Everything changes

Tell me why I look back and I wanna cry
Sometimes I feel like we grew up too fast
You and I had the time of our younger lives
Sometimes I sigh and think about the past
But it's alright, cause everything changes

Hey Billy, remember when
It was just us (it was just us)
Pretending we were Nash and Coral
On the school bus (on the school bus)
I wouldn't change a thing, 'cause everything changes (changes...)

Life is different now and that's okay with me
I moved away and you started a family
But deep inside you and I are still the same kids
'Cause you're my brother and that won't ever change
Even though everything changes

Tell me why I look back and I wanna cry
Sometimes I feel like we grew up too fast
You and I had the time of our younger lives
Sometimes I sigh and think about the past
But it's alright, yeah it's alright

There's a new guest room in my parents' home
The carpet got replaced a couple years ago
Because it isn't my bedroom anymore
There's new photographs on the freezer door
But it's alright, 'cause everything changes

(Everything changes)
We should talk all night and not say a word
('Cause everything changes)
Let me hop into your red Firebird again

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Owl City Firebird Comments

    Which is better? Owl City Firebird? Or Galantis Firebird?

  2. Aiden Lavallee

    Just imagine he does a collaboration with Half Alive?

  3. BrainlessGeniusTimzi

    So many Stand By Me vibes in this song...

  4. Neil Peterson

    I doubt everything changes
    I'm probably still gonna like this song...

  5. All Music

    Now this hits nostalgia

  6. Deontaye Ray

    #FireBird 🔥

  7. Piaohsiu Wu

    Enjoy your success forever beautiful friend thank you 🙏🏻

  8. Mr. Shampoodle

    Listening full volume with speakers on full volume and everything on full volume :))✌️

  9. Norman Gronych

    I am glad that Owl City still produce the same songs like then. Every album is amazing!

  10. Abigab

    Why is no body talking about the homemade bombs part!? Am I missing something?

  11. Awsome Farren

    This song made me realize how fast I grew up it feels like just last year I was a little girl now I’m a teen almost in high school

  12. Awsome Farren

    “ we used to talk all night and not say a word”
    Their conversation
    Owl city:38275
    The girl:46291
    Owl city:5819636
    The girl:173950

  13. Some times I dream of cheese.

    OMG i rember this it was on the raido once

  14. Reno 2112

    I had a Firebird...Trans Am actually...I miss that car and that time in my life...

  15. BucketSentry

    put it on 1.25 speed doubles the hype!!

  16. Martha Fleming

    Many years later im still listening to owl city

  17. Yuki Macale

    There are 41 dislikes and those dislikes are people that have no friends or emotions

  18. fakhri ramzi

    is it just me or some parts of the song is about the walking dead?

    Katarzyna Myśluk

    Wrong song, the one you're talking about is Bird With A Broken Wing.

  19. Kiwi Fruit

    Im so happy that Owl City is still here for me <3

  20. professor

    jcbshortfilms on the owl city subreddit pointed out that 12 seconds in (right after 'when i would hop into your red firebird') you can faintly hear a car starting!

  21. willworknow will

    Such a pretty song

  22. Irene Chacón Ruiz

    This is my favorite song of the album

  23. Jacob Irvine

    Change the red Firebird to a red Challenger convertible, and change the white truck to a black Daytona, and you've got the story of my life.

  24. Rashad Lewis

    i wanna go to their concert !!!

  25. Ginger Boy

    Seriously man... I've been looking for these kinda songs ma whole life....😋 All I've ever found were those with despicable f-word and else....😑

  26. 8 - Bit Hero

    When you came back to play minecraft.

  27. Raspberry Jam

    Adam be sayin' everthing changes, but he hant changed from an amazing singer in like 10 yrs.

  28. Juliah More

    Its crazy.... I totally feel this song. Im going onto high school and i feel like I'm caught between being a kid and having everything change.

  29. Ez PzZ

    Yeah Everything Changes but that's okay to me because you are still my favorite#Adam

  30. Ahmad ElKhodary - أحمد الخضري

    Are we not gonna enjoy new songs this year? :'(

  31. awesomelego24 awesomelego24

    This song sounds REALLY good loud. Adam your music is absolutely AMAZING

  32. Marisa Delmare

    don t you ever change your vibe,it different,it special,it exotic,it unique!!
    sending big love from Algeria to all of you

  33. cat fall

    this song is making me cry

  34. Grace Chapman

    This gives me such feels.

  35. Dhrubajyoti Shee

    The main thing about owl city is that all the songs have an inner meaning...😇😇

  36. Nicholas Alva

    i love ur music

  37. Jacinta M

    I like how the truck is named Troy. I now have my first car, a Chevy Uplander, and since it's big and red, I named it Clifford like the dog, cause that was one of my favorite shows when I was little...

  38. FiendishCatz

    uM aCtually its called a pHoeNix

  39. tristan john piad

    This reminds me of my infancy! Owl City never had a song related to drugs, s*x and other bad influence delivered in our lives..

  40. Grace Chapman

    We used to talk all night and not say a word.

    Don't you love people who you can talk to without really saying anything?😊

  41. Franky_PT

    Dad: Turn that off...
    Me: Why??
    Dad: We have bigger speakers upstairs.

    willworknow will

    Bet NO kid has EVER heard that! EVER.

    Give me the N-pass!

    @willworknow will
    Me: hold my earphone

  42. Moonbeam Scribbles

    This is my favorite song from this album

  43. Fuli wolf

    Firebird reminds me of my brother Jon he's a great brother he takes me to a bunch of different places to eat lunch

  44. bahron family


  45. Private Cow

    More like fireFLIES

  46. Awsome Farren

    Ik I'm late but I am finding out about ur music now and I am absesed with this song shooting star and fireflies

  47. Tuli Das

    Times when people listen to fireflies now its firebird .. everything changes

  48. Dhananjay Visai

    hats off for those idiots who dislike this video

  49. Héloïse Vitel-Sturm

    Definitely one of my favourite of his album.

  50. Thoko Skene

    We use talk all night and not say a word 😎

  51. graymalkinmendel

    Turn and face the strange
    Just gonna have to be a different man
    Time may change me
    But I can't trace time

  52. Wikerstervolski

    *Previous:* Fireflies
    *Now:* Firebird
    *Next:* Firepterodactyl?

  53. Lee Jasper

    Your big big big Chinese fan is here. I listened The Salt Water Room when I was a middle school student, and now I'm working for my own family. You always have very nice songs without any dirty words.

  54. random guy

    I like to say this a bad song TO ME.(ps plz dont crucify me)

  55. Bharat Patil

    2019 ...

  56. Tinkerbombshell

    Everything Changes

  57. KNight ByTheDagger

    I just missed my prom.
    I just wanna cry.

  58. 소나기샵

    I love this song SOOOO much
    cause really, "Everything Changes"
    and love the melody and lyrics
    Blessed that I'm living in the same time as you
    (sorry for my bad english if I wrong)

    plus)I love you Adam Young! - (A fan of Owl City from Korea
    The Cinematic concert tour was REALLY GREAT!!
    TOO BAD I can't search your songs of 'Cinematic' in korean platform (I can't buy and listen your song. It's really sad.)

  59. Jason Schuchardt

    I love this song, but I have to wonder why the 1080p version of this video looks like it was rendered in 480p?

  60. Malevolent The Dragon

    I love this.

  61. SwiftBeat

    I made this likes to 3.7k :)

  62. Kacper Zduński

    It amazes me how clear and well-organized is the mixing in his tracks. Everything has its place in the mix and thanks to that, the end result is very integral and pleasant to ear. And the song itself also resonates with me, and brings out many nostalgic feelings, which I love about the entire Cinematic album. Definitely one of your best, Adam!

  63. Christiaan Sjouw

    One of my favorites ❤️

  64. SugarRose

    not to interested in the life of his girlfriend, and her brother. I don't care to listen to their voices on the album either.

  65. Miles Wiley

    I love this song, I really appreciate it because I drive a red firebird.

  66. Amorsa X


  67. Aurora Drago

    Firebird Fireflies

  68. Bright feather

    Life is different now and thats okay with me
    I moved away with my family
    But it's alright cause I got owl city

  69. Kaan Yilmaz

    Just 145k views really ? humanity don't understand the art of music

  70. Pixelated Camera


    use that Adam.

    It'll work out don't worry.

  71. Pvpballgaming

    This guy needs more views and subs

  72. Fire bird

    Ladies and Gents and Phoenixes, this is my fabulous car, Firebird!

    Katarzyna Myśluk

    Thy name says it all.

  73. Geoff Girouard

    Mans Ferdinand is way better...

  74. Megan B.

    This song sounds a lot better on Youtube than it did at his Seattle concert. He did it slower in person (probably because he was playing a gazillion instruments by himself lol). Was still pretty good though!

  75. Joe Henkel

    My brother passed away this summer. 😥 I want to cry everytime I hear this song.

  76. nathanisaweeb

    AHHH I love this song :D

  77. James Lanzaderas

    This is actually good

  78. Lisa Lee

    I had a blast last night seeing you live at the house of blues in anaheim!! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to see your performance! :) Been a fan of you since Fireflies and Vanilla Twilight!!

  79. Let See The Truth About God

    Since I was 14 and now i am 22 , i love your all songs because it so catchy, and i cried when i remember the day being young and your song makes me feel happy when i hear it. Your my inspiration! My idol. Please make again a song although a little bit listening to your song. Make a song to your fans , Please🙏🙏🙏

  80. Greenity

    *Hello there! Fellow **_Owl city_** Citizens!*

  81. M0NST3R TH

    kind of similar to deer in headlights

  82. Quentin Fleetwood

    He played this live last night and it was fantastic!

  83. Daniel Death

    Grew up to fast😭😭😭😭😭i hate it

  84. Ez PzZ

    Yeah Everything Changes 😢

  85. Ez PzZ

    I grew up in remote village far away from a town.So, most of Adam Young's songs are quite emotional to me.
    'Firebird' reminds me of my childhood lives when my mom was still alive. However,my mom death, when I was 5 years old, in 2000 takes away my cheerful childhood life.


  86. SeattlePhoenix

    Leaving elementary school was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I spent 6 years there. I grew up there. I watched my friends and peers grow up too. I hated school, but deep down I loved that place.

  87. Mathis Anidioticsport

    I love the use of paradox!

  88. Arka Azizul

    "you're my brother and that won't never change,Even though everything changes!! " Man I don't know how Adam find these So Heart-touching words!!

  89. Nicolas Medina

    This song speaks to me SO much right now

  90. Coryn Macpherson

    My uncle’s name was Billy, we lost him when I was very little and, I don’t remember him very well. For some reason, this song reminds me so much of him. It’s nice ❤️

  91. Josh Simpson

    oh man... the memories I have with my brother are precious, and it is hard to look back and live in the future. But it's okay, those have made us who we are, and everything changes.

  92. beny gaidaci

    Why this man has so few views? He deserves alot more views than he has!

    Jorge Flores

    Pure irony.

  93. Shadow Heart

    I love Owl City! His songs are so underrated! They are awesome! Owl City is definitely my favorite singer!

  94. Blinking fate

    its funny how i thought this song was just ok only but whenever im down i listened it ,and it has soothing vibes to it.and i really like it very much now.its one of my fave from the album


    Adam you never miss to make me cry and goosebumps all over my body. Stay blessed ❤️

  96. Mira

    LOVE this song ♥️
    Also kinda makes me think of the Winchester brothers...

  97. WillieIIIreborn

    So basically "Photograph" by Nickelback