Owl City - All My Friends (Alt Version) Lyrics

It's been this way from the start
It's like they're always trying to tear us apart
But we will stand strong, stand true
And everybody's gonna watch what we do
And they'll be awestruck saying aw shucks
They either got real good or they got real good luck

And I'd be lying if I said that I could take any more
Cause I've been on my own, trying like never before
And I was lying on the couch and there's this knock on the door
And it's like

All my friends
Woah, come right in
Woah, all my friends
We can take it all back again
Woah, put your hands on in
And lemme hear you say, oh...

Another day, another chance
We got our card and we're going to the dance
We're gonna stay strong, hold true
And everybody's gonna watch what we do
And they'll be awestruck, saying aw shucks
They either got real good or they got real good luck

And I'd be lying if I said that we could take any more
Cause we're about to light a fire like never before
And if you're lying on the couch and there's a knock on the door
It's like...

All my friends
Woah, come right in
Woah, all my friends
We can take it all back again
Woah, put your hands on in
And lemme hear you say, oh...

We'll always be young at heart
And nothing's ever gonna tear us apart
Because we stand strong and stand true
And everybody's gonna watch what we do
And they'll be awestruck saying aw shucks
They either got real good or you know what

All my friends
Woah, come right in
Woah, all my friends
We can take it all back again
Woah, put your hands on in
And lemme hear you say, oh...

Lemme hear you say...
We're gonna stay strong, stand true...

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Owl City All My Friends (Alt Version) Comments
  1. Yanu Movie City

    I love this song

  2. Jonathan Zion

    This one is cooler than the other one

  3. Angela L

    Has anyone figured out the instrumental piano part in this song? I want to play it but I'm horrible at this kind of stuff. 😅

  4. NoahAckerGaming

    I'm a punk rock fan why do I love owl city so much

  5. NoahAckerGaming

    Better than the original but slightly


    How can I help this video get more views ?

  7. Wesley Cooks

    This is the original owl city in the alternate version

  8. lighthouse island

    Absolutely love this song, just like I love every other song he's ever made. Thanks owl city for inspiring me to become a musician.

  9. Amit barthwal

    You are unique and beautiful.

  10. abaywolf

    this is legit a type of song that charlie puth would sing, i think you both can become a good friends

  11. PurpleNope

    0:01 Owl city calling his fans with the sound of an owl.

  12. Jesica Lopez

    I love it! 💖

  13. O'Malley Caboose 5

    my problem with this song is
    .. well adam... you can't sing in a country accent. I here a hint of one in the verses and it just makes it hard to listen to.

  14. Raspberry Jam

    I never thought I'd say this, but I think I've finally found an Owl City song that I can honestly say is my favorite.

  15. Thomas Schneider

    you have to play it at 1.25 speed

    Thomas Schneider

    it sounds amazing

  16. Lavender Letter

    It actually has too much of an emotional impact on me that I can't listen to it as much as I'd like to.

  17. Weston Kenyon Music

    I love that cute girl at 2:23. Breanne, I presume.

  18. Bekah

    I've been avoiding the original version because of the contradicting reviews it's received, but i decided to click on the alt version. No regrets, but I still haven't listened to the original

  19. Raja Taris

    It's Breanne Düren 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Sanela Isakovic-Aslani

    Great version

  21. Rachel Hagarty

    Bro it just needs bass

  22. Saimawia Sailo

    If Breanne sings......everything is awesome

  23. Evolution Inc.

    When's the ctrl version coming out?

  24. Lolo Mo

    I like this version better P.S. BREANNE FTW

  25. GGRREE


  26. Ananda sita

    this music forces us to like stars in the sky😊😊😊

  27. Miniesta - The Official Channel Of Miniesta

    I love all the alternative songs of this album.. They are really classic.. And I love the way you harmonize.. It's like other worldly..


    Here’s my opinion about this song. Sure. It’s not exactly like Adam’s normal style: but that’s what makes it good! He’s just trying new stuff, and it’s still the same deep meaning in the lyrics in the meaning that he’s known for it.

  29. Selin Naz Sur

    I honestly loved the other version too lmao

  30. Michael Swirsky

    This is slightly better, but it's still not very enjoyable to listen to:(

  31. Laky 22

    Wooww!! You amazed me every time I hear you! You are more than a genius!

  32. Gaming Master1031

    Please Adam when are you going to make another song. I have been waiting for a very long time. I know making music is not easy; but you are an inspiration to me to make music myself. I am working so hard for at least making one small piece but I couldn’t come up with one until I listened to your music. You are the best artist. It is very sad that you haven’t released a new song. Please come back.

  33. Cocoa and Consternation

    Well Adam, I LIKED THE ORIGINAL TOO. keep making amazing music. You keep me going.

  34. Cocoa and Consternation

    I like both of them... Help 😰

  35. Gaming Master1031

    Congrats on 2M.!

    I also tell everyone in my school who you are so they can subscribe and listen to you.

  36. Weezy

    The original version felt like you were the host of a huge party where everyone who you consider friends came.
    This version is the end of the party and its only you and like 5 or 6 of your closest friends chilling with you.

    Both amazing, Both really fun to listen to. Both Owl City.

  37. Malevolent The Dragon

    I freaking love this. It's different, but I like how chill it is. VERY laid back. Doesn't bombard you.

  38. Bright feather

    He has a lot of friends.

  39. Gaming Master1031

    I’ve got the chills listening to this.

  40. ronnystorm

    I used to not like this song.... till I saw it live at the House of Blues in Houston Texas. Omg they really put their heart and soul into the song!!!! They truly believe these words. After that it meant so much more to me.

  41. Shadowz2

    Love this version Adam it’s so amazing

  42. Sharon Hollohan

    The other version is group worthy. this is like a best friend song! I love you Adam for blessing my life with your music and message 💚💚💚 Love from everyone

  43. cookie crumb

    I personally love both versions of this song!

  44. Phoebe C

    That bouncy piano though... YOU WIN THIS ROUND, CINEMATIC

  45. Rebekah Atzbach

    I did not like the original at first, then I heard this and it was better, but still wasn't a fan. (The lyrics weren't anything super special to me so I was like meh) but then after hearing it live I realized that its a song written for hype. It's a fun tune and catchy so it's easy to sing along with. Now I really enjoy it 😁

  46. ZappingHero

    I use to enjoy the original version, but I actually enjoyed this one a bit more now, mainly because of the musical sounds in the background (kinda like at 0:55) which sounded pretty cool and all-that. :)

  47. Swarnava Ghosh

    He is soooo undervalued...... He is on a level as high as Ed Sheeran....... Love your songs...... Keep 'em coming!!! 😊

    Mark Kimoto

    Ed Sheeran is so much lower...What​ are you talking about?

    Swarnava Ghosh

    @Mark Kimoto should have said that, shouldn't I?


    Ed Sheeran doesn't even exist when it comes to Adam lol

  48. Sierra Harper

    Much better than the music video version

  49. Alessia LeBlanc

    I like this version better then the other one

  50. Adam Richardson

    yeah, this is like a traditional Owl City song! It's good to know there's a version like this!

  51. Rohit Chettri

    Best ^^

  52. Faturochman Pranacahya

    aaah yeah much better :D good job!

  53. Ch M


  54. Caleb Park Production Company

    Hmmmm. I'm torn between this or the actual version. Their both good and i cant choose

  55. Tyler Bryce

    He prob made this new version because the original got so much hate.

  56. Steven Wilcox

    This song reminds me of Mathew West's song, Next Thing You Know (Thirteen). Not because it sounds the same, but because both of them are songs of the artist trying to rap when they don't normally do that... lol.. Both awesome songs too...

  57. Usama Zafar

    Can anyone suggest me bands/musician similar to Owl City? I know Owl City is the only Owl City but a little match would be really helpful :)


    The postal service

    Rebekah Atzbach

    It's really hard to find anyone who has the same sound. Owl City is it's own genre 😂

  58. Ade Nurazizah

    so true..

  59. Kim Leyson

    This is soooo good!

  60. Bethia Barber

    I prefer the original version - the softness of this doesn't quite fit with the song imo.

  61. Mary J


  62. Reel Of Cubes

    He fixed the original

  63. Husnain Naeem

    I ❤ it

  64. Dingtiplung Dangmei


  65. Esther Mowforth

    I absolutely love this version. It's not normal owl city but I fricken love it. Kinda want more like this! This album is fantastic Adam. I love it :)

  66. かおり


  67. Cooper

    Fuck the people that only come to critic Adam, because this or that, cinematic is a simple musically work, but such a personal and lifetime project, and that is fucking hard to do.
    I'm grateful to have cinematic and I enjoy everybody day, do it you too.

  68. Oscar Roa

    I Love It So Much

  69. Oscar Roa

    I Love It So Much

  70. Liam Slytail

    I like this, but I can't unhear the original version. ._.

  71. Elixir

    Sounds so good!

  72. skippy 401

    all friends

  73. Johnnie Guilbert

    I like this one a lot actually. Wish the music video was for this version

    Steven Wilcox

    I prefer this one too, but I love both versions.

  74. Painted Parrott

    oh heavens this version is so much better <3

  75. Keshavan Seshadri

    It is very good

  76. jbw!

    better than the original

  77. Kevin Ying

    I knew Adam Young still has it in him. Too bad these are the alternate versions because they sound like the perfect melding of Adam's signature sound and what he has been tampering with lately.

  78. Nazalni Ahzam

    Is soooo gooooood

  79. Fasil Azeez

    Soo Good!! :)

  80. Carlos Rojas

    Love this version!!!

  81. Shota

    love itt!

  82. CtrlAltDie Pikabu

    Like like like!

  83. Danyella Xavier Franco


  84. ZappingHero

    I still listen to the original one, but this one's really good (especially at 2:23), I like both versions of this song anyways.

  85. Shiloh Bronson

    I really do like this version

  86. October Boi

    This version is way better. Love you Adam😍

  87. Mr.Thunder TRLE

    Still the worst song I've ever heard, no matter how many alt versions you make!


    Wtf. Mobile orchestra and midsummer are fine

    Mr.Thunder TRLE

    ThisEmptyWorm Lol ok.

    emil engen

    Mr.Thunder TRLE I thought it was ok, i'm saying that you're judging songs/versions you haven't heard.

    emil engen

    ThisEmptyWorm not really, midsummer station is so generic. mobile orchestra is really lame and he sings about God 24/7.

    Sanober Imteyaz

    Mr.Thunder TRLE then why u here? This may not be the best song I've ever heard, but it takes a lot of effort to make one and it's really mean if you're saying that.

  88. JhonMMTV

    Adam and Phoebe should colab

  89. Joshua Mangano

    Yeah, this version is better. Hearing Breanne is fantastic. Well done

  90. TMendoz123

    should’ve posted this instead initially really, not to say that i don’t like the original, i just love this old style more

  91. Dhunu BG

    Oh Man.....Wow....this song makes me feeling soo cool....soo beautiful.....beautiful lyrics and tunes....soo good.

  92. Avery Hannesschlager

    much prefer this version!


    I like'em both. The original I listen to whenever I'm in the mood for Non-Electronic songs (kinda like when I listen to any song Rush, as well as any non-edm song by Owl City since I also love Rock music as well). But this I can quite agree otherwise. :)

  93. дudiᄆπᄆᄆ k

    Blast of 5


  94. mymidsummersunshine

    It’s like a 2010/2011 Owl City cover of the original

  95. Amit Kumar

    Love your voice ..:)

  96. Firda Augustina

    breanne's voice is sooooo gently and calming :3

  97. Kerobhim Sangma

    awesome ... Cinematic

  98. Clowa Flora

    I think a collab with 21 pilots with this would be awesome

  99. gladeator404

    This is so much better than the original..