Owens, Buck - Key's In The Mailbox Lyrics

Oh jealous me and careless you
The odds were just too great
I couldn't stand those lonely nights
You made me sit and wait

But I'd thought I'd seen the last of you
When you walked out of site
Instead I see you in my dreams each night

Oh the key's in the mailbox, come on in
I'm sitting here wishin' dear, I'd have your love again
And I'll never even ask you where you've been
The keys in the mailbox, come on in

Well I said I'd rather stay alone
Than share your company
I said don't come around at all
If you want more than me
But sitting here alone I can't deny the flame that burns
And I'd gladly take you back on any terms

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Owens, Buck Key's In The Mailbox Comments
  1. James Sawyer

    it's got that sound that you want to hear over again

  2. swad guy

    Buck Owens, a great country singer, with a distinctive singing voice. It touched the heart. The Bakersfield sound is also true country. Rest in peace Buck.

  3. Dennis Smith

    I wish our local "Country" radio station would set aside a little time for music like this.

  4. Barb Henson

    Absolutely love this song need so much more of these real country music 🎶🎸🎶🎸❤❤🎶🎸🎶🎸

  5. Deborah Blades

    gave us many beautiful songs in his … GOD bLESS

  6. tom amerson

    He's my all time favorite!

    Albert Cooke

    In.the.Late. 60.When.I.First
    Heard.Buck.Owen.Made.In.Japan. Song.I,ve

  7. Velma Chambers

    Great voice

    Velma Chambers

    Great voice

  8. brenda biran

    Helloleo.I don't know what went wrong,butitsokaynow,iloveeeyouandiamenjoyingallyourlovelyvideosandyourbeautifulmusicitjuliftsmyspirit.I don't what I would withoutyou.icantseeyouicanthearyoubutistillloveyou.isitherelonelylisteningtoyourbeautifulmusic.andvideos.and my stingray is also on.that is my only company.God less love Brenda.

  9. Ed Melanson

    Great voice now singing in Heaven 😢


    buck ain’t around no more but has left us with a super country sound.

  11. Jimmy Chambers

    I was 300 likes. Wynn Stuart is still King Of Bakersfield.

    nahmanini sithole

    Jimmy Chambers hey 300 likes!, I am going to chime in and say I believe it's Stewart. Have a good one!

  12. Ben Craft

    2018 one of the greatest singers country ever had,

  13. Lena Andersson

    Real Country by Buck🎤🎸🎻Looooooove it so much🎹

  14. James Avery

    I sure do miss hearing ole Buck on the radio.

  15. Kenny Denny

    A very under rated artist, and he is often overlooked for Haggard and Jones. Buck's music was perfect.

    Country Loner

    Haggard and Jones can both take a back seat to the great Buck Owens I agree Country Loner

    Joy Smith

    They are all what Country Music is. Equal in their own style. What great music is suppose to sound like. Legendary ❤️🎶🎶🎶❤️

    Keith Kimmey

    Youre sure right I like Buck better than Merle and George he was that great,thanks,Keith

  16. Tomkat 56

    I could listen to his music alllllllllll day.

  17. Paul Angelos

    buck was the best

    Bob C

    +Paul Angelos Agreed. His contribution to country music is immeasurable.

  18. wil heram

    bella musica, al escucharla me transporta al viejo y salvaje oeste, que lastima que en mi pais honduras no la sepan apreciar mas de lo que merece...

  19. Randy Minnick

    Pure Country!