Owens, Buck - Hot Dog Lyrics

Well, my baby works in a hot dog stand
A-making them hot dogs as fast as she can
Up steps a cat and yells don't be slow
And get me two hot dogs ready to go

Hot dog, she's my baby
Hot dog, drives me crazy
Hot dog, I don't mean maybe
Well, you oughta see my baby at the hot dog stand

Well, in the cool of the evening when the sun goes down
All the chicks and the cats all gather around
They order hot dogs and red soda pop
Then head down the road to a hep cat hop

Hot dog, she's my baby
Hot dog, drives me crazy
Hot dog, don't mean maybe
Well, you oughta see my baby at the hot dog stand


Well, I'm a-waiting for my baby every night at twelve
She closes up the shop and then we lose ourselves
At a hep cat hop, in a crazy way
We're a-doin' the bop till the break of day

Hot dog, she's my baby
Hot dog, drives me crazy
Hot dog, I don't mean maybe
Well, you oughta see my baby at the hot dog stand

Hot dog, she's my baby
Hot dog, drives me crazy
Hot dog, I don't mean maybe
Well, you oughta see my baby at the hot dog stand

Hot dog
Hot dog
Hot dog
Hot dog
Hot dog
Hot dog

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Owens, Buck Hot Dog Comments
  1. Danny Paul

    One of my favorite songs

  2. shellie hicks

    My real name is isaiah i'm using my grandmas account and i used to listen to this when i was little

  3. Reggie Holder

    I miss this music

  4. Memphis Anker

    Hot DOG

  5. Steve Murray

    People who think Buck Owens was just that guy from "Hee Haw" are missing out. He was also a rockabilly pioneer.

  6. William B

    She's my baby HOT DOG!!!

  7. Jonny Vegas

    This version is copied from Shakin´ Stevens. Shaky did a version of the song in the late 70´s. Buck heard it and recorded the song again .But this time in Shaky version.


    Buck did the song in 1957 under the name Corky Jones. . .Owens recorded a rockabilly record called "Hot Dog" for the Pep label, using the pseudonym Corky Jones because he did not want the fact he recorded a rock n' roll tune to hurt his country music career.[10] wiki buck owens

    Jonny Vegas

    Yearh... I see it as a "thump up" for Shaky,, that Buck actually does the song in his version. ;)

  8. Steve Robinson

    Awesome! The man is a legend!

  9. Rockin Ed

    It's all fun and games until you lose your weiner  1:02

  10. Armando Flores

    buck owens, great artist.every one should have the chance to hear this wonderful man ply his trade.[preferably on vinyl]. my father loved buck aswell as many other of the bakersfield sound.what a privilege to have had the good fortune of inheratence of my fathers listening ear.

  11. dizzman23

    hot dogs

  12. JAP Greasers

    Thank you very much. Great upload!!
    Appreciate it ♦♫♦・*:..。♦♫♦*゚¨゚゚・*:..。♦

  13. stivmortis88

    No buck's is the original and the best u shits, he recorded this version when he was way past his Tom cattin' rockin and Rollin self, I have it on vinyl the whole album is him covering his old rockin songs and over producing them. Hear the original on pep/capitol

  14. Ricky Bobby

    why does the girl in the hot dog stand look so familiar?

  15. mandolingrass

    I don't think it is dons tele as Dons was a maple fingerbboard and the one Buck is playing is a rosewood! Unless the neck has been changed?

  16. Red Vynil

    They should've just had the hot dog in the cop's hand get longer instead of jumping out of the bun.

    Kevin Jokipii

    Or have him squeeze the mustard bottle too hard and make a mustard geyser.

  17. nemesisgenius

    I was shocked this song did not go to #1 on the Billboard country singles charts late in 1988 or early 1989 for Buck, after "Streets of Bakersfield" went #1 for he and Dwight. This never entered the top 40. Thanks to Randy Travis and Rodney Crowell's popularity in 1989. This song was too good for country radio I guess. HOT DOG!!!

  18. CCSRW454

    is it just me or is he playing don rich's guitar?

  19. MikeBlitzMag

    For one brief moment in the late 1980s, records like this got copious amounts of airplay and all was once again well in country music. Too bad it didn't last. Buck Owens is greatly, greatly missed.

  20. zybeco

    Buck was the best. I'll always love that Bakersfield sound

  21. 1950sRockabilly

    Cool Rockabilly!

  22. M Wing

    Great MAN!

  23. melvyn braithwaite

    i think shakin stevens is better

  24. André Salo

    So this song goes in the genre rockabilly? and not country

  25. graham bull

    Great--but i prefer his first cut of this song as Corky Jones in the fifties---didn't Shaky do a version?

  26. Jessica Harris

    <3 I love Buck Owens!! I met him in California!! He was amazing!! <3

  27. ClassicJunk88

    i like hot links

  28. Alejandro Martínez

    hell yeah!!! Buck Owens rocks!!

  29. Frank Walker

    ready for the season

  30. Frank Walker

    Ready for the season!

  31. Frank Walker

    Ready for the season!

  32. Sanibeldreamin

    I love hearing Buck do this one! He is having so much fun here!

  33. curbstompoioioi

    Agreed, but he's Buck Owens, and he's still cooler than you, or me, or anyone else.

  34. James Lee

    Buck Looks Dumb In This Video

  35. Robert Laberge

    Buck also recorded this song at the height of the rockabilly era in the fifties,
    his first hit I believe.

  36. nish chikk

    HOTT DOGG!!! I love it!!!!

  37. Mike Baumer

    there were two mathing telecasters....Buck had one and Don had one.....Buck gave Don's to Marty Stuart

  38. Francoise Isa

    beautifull song

  39. STCCLover

    I have allways loved him,and I allways will

  40. gottisher28

    yaaaay ty!!

  41. robbin ekenberg

    Magic !!!!!!!

  42. samuella owens

    i av the same sirname as dis guy i am ******* owens

  43. Pam Bish

    Wow !! he is playing Don Rich's old sparkle tele !!!

  44. uckthat

    Rosie Flores does a great version.

  45. Flashback50s

    He used the name Corky Jones when he recorded this originally, in 1956,worried that a Rockabilly/Rock & Roll record might hurt his rep with Country music people.

  46. Andy Price

    This was the title of an album he did back in 1989. I like the sound he had back then.