Owens, Buck - Don't Let Her Know Lyrics

Lips, make a smile on my face
Eyes don't let her see you shed a tear
Heart don't let her hear you skip a beat
And pride don't let her know how much I care
Don't let her know
Don't let her know how much I care


Laugh, dance and sing so she won't notice
The hurt that's still burning deep inside
And don't let her see the way I tremble
Don't let her know how much I cry.
Don't let her know
Don't let her know how much I cry...

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Owens, Buck Don't Let Her Know Comments
  1. Brenda Seager

    They are great.!

  2. Infidel14?

    Country music doesn't get much more Country than this, complete with the quintessential Country music ending(at around 2:18).

  3. Lilmike Lilly

    Fantastic, listening in 2019 from NZ 💗💗

  4. lyle miller

    There has never ever been a Tom Brumley sound...elsewhere..ever....rip Tom, they needed a steel player in heaven..the best!!!

  5. Corene Cipolletti

    We miss you Buck...

  6. Viggo Hansen

    You have to love these guys

  7. Dale Messerly

    Wow I miss the old variety shows.

  8. Don Matejek

    Watch how in later years, Don was put in the background, but yet, Buck said that he was devastated by Don's death. There must have been more going on behind the scenes than we know!

    Dan Nájera

    Don Matejek what do you mean? Please elaborate

  9. IgorScrotus

    Buck is tuned down a half step, if you're trying to play along in D and wondering why it doesn't work....

  10. Dennis Riray

    Beautiful harmony.. well done Don and Buck.

  11. tom amerson

    The 2 of them made an awesome pair.
    Too bad Don's life was cut short

  12. louie fernandez

    Buck Owens is one of my favorite performers!✔🐼😡😊😁😂🔰

  13. Rowena Dunlop

    Buck, one of the good old country boys, with Don Rich they were fabulous. Miss this music so much when you turn on the radio today and they say country music you think "WHAT THE HECK:

  14. Glenda Copeland

    Buck's music never sounded the same after Don Rich died.

    Robert Guilbeau

    I truly believe that Buck died quite a bit when Don died.


    Buck was never the same after Don died his death drove Buck into depression


    I agree with y'all 100%...😢😢

  15. Joe O

    Now I know a little more about where Gram Parsons got his magic. Thank you for posting!

  16. Tom z71

    I remember these days that a good video on buck an don like it

  17. BigETCB

    The best duel in country

  18. Lena Andersson

    I love this countryboys❤ R.I.P I Hope God Love countrymusic🎤🎻🎼

  19. Tim Whitlock

    The great Tom Brumley squeezing every drop of pain out of the pedal steel.

    Joe O

    These guys are total pros!

    Phil Harvey Jr

    Nobody ever was as good as Tom Brumley!

  20. nugentj

    This was the background music to much of my childhood.


    great countryside singer of all time

  22. tyler gray

    As good as it gets

  23. domingo mansibang sr.

    dont let her know the best hits by buck owens way back 1970"s

    Scott Mitchell

    try 1964

  24. Scott Bechler

    @John Eastmond--- I don't know where you're seeing all those colors, the guitar has a wood grain body, with a polished aluminum frame, the pedal channel is red, but nothing unusual about the guitar otherwise. BTW, that guitar is a custom built machine by Zane Beck, thus the nameplate "ZB". Have a great day, and enjoy the Master, Tom Brumley!
    There are several very fine steel guitar players out there, but absolutely none can compare to the late Tom Brumley's playin' on a country ballad. As I've remarked before, he could make you weep like your baby puppy just died in your arms. Country music has a big hole in its heart. Now you've heard MY opinion. Thanks for the great post.

  25. Troy Merriman

    heart don't let her skip a beat. stay focused.

  26. David McGuire

    Stunning. Man...... Buck and Don. Country greatness. Dons harmonies are some of my favorite in music history.

  27. Frank James

    This IS "COUNTRY"!

  28. Campfires & Constellations

    Love the looks on their faces throughout the performance!

  29. Teresa67 Factoid

    Dangerous Don Rich. Played anything with a string on it, and harmonized so perfect with Buck. Un-replaceable talent nowadays. I was 10 or 12 years old in the 60's, and had zero appreciation for Buck, and country music in general. Compared to the Beatles, it was laughable to me at the time. I totally get "real" country music like this now. This music only 'sounds' easy, to a non musician. As a musician, I now realize that this classic country is difficult to play correctly, and is truly an art form.


    When Hee Haw first came on my brother had been playing guitar only a year or so. Although he loved the Beatles and all the other great rock bands , he always wanted to see what cool licks Don Rich would be playing on the show. My brother Don, got his first good electric guitar around that time. It was a Telecaster!!!

    Marisa Miller

    I never noticed Buck when I was forced to watch Hee Haw at the supper table. It was always Don I crushed on.
    I'm going through my second crush on him now.


    @Marisa Miller he had a great smile to go with his great playing !!!

    Marisa Miller



    @Marisa Miller Thanks Marisa! I'm in emoji heaven !

  30. bazthehandyman

    Fantastic.....a sound long gone now.Buck,Don and Tom together...AWESOME.

  31. carl dixon

    Indeed Tom Brumley. A dear friend and one of the best. However, and NO disrespect to one poster below, Ralph Mooney preceded Tom and he indeed did fit in with Buck and Don's harmony and their style of music.

    As did the successor of Tom and that was J. D. Maness. All three of these virtuosos fit in perfectly with slightly different "timbres" of course; yet still "fit" like a glove.

    May Jesus bless (and "rest the souls") of Buck, Don, Doyle Holly, Willy Cantou, Ralph, Tom and J. D.

    Loved them all dearly

    James Marshall

    carl dixon
    Well said...but to be clear, J.D. Maness and Willie Cantu are still alive as of October, 2019.


    @James Marshall Great info. Is Jerry Wiggins still with us ?

    James Marshall

    Sadly Jerry passed away in June of 2018.


    @James Marshall thank you Jim. That's sad. He was a very good drummer with a sprinkle of rock in his soul.

  32. 2k Boats_Hoes_m9-1

    Classic don't get any better than that..beautiful song :)

  33. bazthehandyman

    Absolutely brill from masters in the business.......it's all long gone now.

  34. MrJimc2

    Well said!

  35. pedalman

    Yes,I agree two greats, its just a shame country radio sees fit to play stuff like Taylor Swift.....and as for the CMA awards show if that is country music I would like to know which country it comes from.
    All I can say is thank you to all the people who take the time put these great videos on youtube .........youtube is fantastic.

    Joyce Leady

    AMEN!!!!! Nothing like hearing that steel guitar which you never hear now days ... these are the best country music days ever

  36. Steve Spear

    Pedalman it's still around in dudes like Vince Gill and Paul Franklin

  37. Wayne Forsythe

    i love this old stuff

  38. John Letkiewicz

    OMG, Country don't get no more country!

  39. Arthur Name


  40. paul j

    What a team. Excellent.

  41. pedalman

    Only Tom Brumley was able to play pedal steel with Bucks style of country music .
    Other steel guitarists had a go but never fitted in like Tom did.
    This was really great country music, Don Rich was fabulous .... now its all gone, and as I listen to it I get a real sense of loss. frustration that bands like Marty stewart never get played on country radio.

  42. Tom Tom

    A1 job

    Where did Don Rich die? Morro Bay at PCH ?

  43. HippyHillbillie

    R.I.P. Tom

  44. WarryWally Ferdinandus

    Perfect DUET 'n Perfect STEELGUITAR of the Buckaroos ! FANTASTIC !

  45. Bert Lag

    Tom Brumley on steel.... simply amazing. Of course Don and Buck are also at their best!

  46. BigETCB

    From Bakersfield California i invite your group to come and play at the crystal palace you guys will sell out for sure especially if you play bucks early songs and hits this would be a awesome tribute oh and Dwight Yoakam

  47. BigETCB

    lol you took the words right out of my mouth hot dam right

  48. eddie davidson

    Oh Junk3t, do I have good news for you! Nudie's son-in-law, Manuel, is alive and well in Nashville, and is ably carrying the mantle and designing some marvelous clothes of this genre. How do I know? I have several of his pieces.

  49. redhouselass

    Absolutely fantastic!! I've just had a look at Ray Charles doing this song and he's just as good!!

  50. lonestarrida076

    Real music! Love to hear that steel guitar

  51. Janis Lewis

    I love the video. I want a karaoke DVD of the song by Buck Owens, "Don't Let Her Know".

  52. willem jansma


  53. Bert Lag

    You've got to love the Buckaroos in a Nudie pink suit! They were great musicians!

  54. Lisbeth Lindgren

    Men, dressed in pink, I never thought I should see that. cute

  55. kallestrand86

    those suits are legendary!

  56. xxxmlK1973

    I agree I love those suits but I don't think my wife would like me in one pink or not lol

  57. Tisha Roy

    @1brunester Nudie suits>> very nice

  58. corky jones

    Tom Brumley was a steel guitar God.

  59. Laura Cobb

    That was back when the artists took pride in how they looked.
    RIP Buck & Don

  60. Ethel Teague

    This is so awesome. I didn't realize there were so many songs with Buck and Don together. Great posting. Thanks so much

    Ridge Roberts

    Pretty much every song with the Buckaroos before 1974 when Don died had Buck and Don singing the melody and harmony. That was one of the iconic sounds of the Buckaroos. There was the occasional song that Doyle Holly would song, or on one of their albums, they would bring a guest singer, but Buck and Don were the stars together.

  61. jerrysknob

    Incredible singing and that Buckaroo sound!!! Don Rich's harmonies were super..RIP bud

  62. John Eastmond

    @JayBBluejay You know about instruments, Who makes the steel guitar? I couldn't help but laugh when the solo comes up and you see ol' Tom Brumley dressed in pink behind a chrome/brown/tan/red/olive steel guitar! Obviously not made to be featured on the T.V.!!! "bout as pure of a tone ever to come from steel guitar, so pleasant to hear not nice to see!

  63. eddie davidson

    Less is sooooo much more. Listen to how restrained this is. Miles Davis "All Blue" was recorded only a few years earlier. Miles was all about understatement. So was Buck. Less is so much more.

  64. steinsteel

    I miss America. Wish she was still with us. God bless the Buckaroos

  65. Allan Hansen

    One of the best steel guitar solos ever.

  66. mtmastro54

    No better harmony singing than Buck and Don....and Tom Brumley--doesn't get any better. Thanks.

  67. dagny1207