Owens, Buck - A-11 Lyrics

I don't know you from Adam
But if you're gonna play the jukebox
Please don't play A - Eleven.

I just came in here from force of habit
I don't intend to spend too much time in here
But I heard you matchin' for the music
And if you play A - Eleven - there'll be tears.

I don't know you from Adam
But if you're gonna play the jukebox
Please don't play A - Eleven.


This used to be our favorite spot
And when she was here it was heaven
It was here she told me that she loved me
And she always played A - Eleven.

I don't know you from Adam
But if you're gonna play the jukebox
Please don't play A - Eleven...

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Owens, Buck A-11 Comments
  1. Dave Dodge

    Buck big everywhere not just Vegas

  2. Lilmike Lilly


  3. John Hood

    Well synchronized song, Tom Brumley on the pedal steel guitar saturating without overpowering Buck's voice, great beat. Loved the jukebox with this song and many others like George Jones, whispering Bill, Connie Smith, Loretta Lynn, Marty Robbins, etc. All RIP, sorely missed but not forgotten.

    Rage Reynolds

    Loretta is still here

    Eric Kinsey

    I listened to an interview with Johnny Paycheck where he stated this is Ralph Mooney on steel, blew my mind

  4. Jeremy Charlie

    I dont know you from adam...

  5. Nathan Worcester

    That rare album photo where Buck Owens looks kind of like a blond Nic Cage.

  6. Glen Yates

    Very nice buck Owens ps ps rest in peace buck Owens and ps ps now buck Owens roy Clark are now together in heaven rest in peace buck Owens Roy Clark glenn Linda cats in Oklahoma

  7. Kitty Bruåsdal

    Good good music

  8. monsterjazzlicks

    Who COMPOSED this please?

    WG Newbury

    Hank Cochran?

  9. Leni Calimag

    Thanks ,for the songs line up for Buck Owens , my favorite country songs till this day

  10. Jessica529

    Does anybody know what song was on A11?


    Hey great question?????Lol.

    The Skipper

    It was Dixie Land.

  11. domingo mansibang sr.

    I like all the buck owens songs thanks for all.

  12. 1234 567

    Feel like drinking! So great song!

  13. t eresa muldoon

    very nice love buck owns

  14. mosrite60

    Johnny Paycheck song actually. Great version by Buck

    Connor M. Music & more

    @mosrite60 Heard ol Buck did it first.

    Cadillac Jack

    Actually, this version by Buck Owens is from a year before Johnny Paycheck's. This is on Buck's 1964 LP "Together Again", and a 1965 single for Johnny.


    +Cadillac Jack yeah okay. great song by both. Wonder who the song writer was. Back 1964-65 Tom Bromley still with Buckaroos. Man, what an amazing pedal steel player. greatly missed. mos60


    +mosrite60 ..sorry, Hank Cochran the writer. one of the best . mos60

    Ninay Murillo

    mosrite60 im so afraid of losing you again çharliy pride songs