Outfield, The - Sandman Lyrics

All good children close your eyes
Go silently to sleep
If you feel afraid there's always
Someone there to keep
You from being harmed
A friend who's never out of reach
Sandman, sandman

All good children close your eyes
Before the lights go down
If there's trouble in your mind
He's there to ease your doubt
When you feel alone
You'll hear him shuffling around
Sandman, sandman

But your mother calls
It's time to turn out the light
And say goodnight

All you children thinking that
The man does not exist
I suggest you think again
This story has one twist
Scared that there's a figure
You've seen looming in the mist
Sandman, sandman

He's a sandman, sandman

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Outfield, The Sandman Comments
  1. areasmith

    This sounds nothing like Metallica's version. :)

  2. George Rhyne

    What a way to close out their recording catalog! Thanks for posting!

  3. muxiel barrenchea

    tony lewis I like

  4. Gussy Rikh

    Beautiful ...

  5. Skoaler Bowler

    Entgrathia betshedia corhdistmalitia te morhpheus tel dias bufroif corts

  6. Wilfredo Antonio Espinoza

    Berga de rola.. toda una obra de arte practicamente transportada desde los 80's a este milenio...