Outfield, The - John Lennon Lyrics

A soul full of anger - but nothing to show
A world wrapped in cotton - but nowhere to go
Obsessed by a woman that you didn't know
Don't turn around - don't turn around

Torn between lovers - both mothers as well
A mind a prison - a heart in a cell
If only the screams could be heard from this hell
Don't turn around - don't turn around

You were surprised by a girl in the sky
who changed everyone
And as your life became so mystified
There was a lonely heart - left by the side

Tomorrow could never be just one more day
Confused by an image - refusing to stay
The child in your mind always wanted its way
Don't turn around - don't turn around

Then on a day in your life
still remembered by everyone
There was a man with a gun at his side
You and your monkey had nowhere to hide

He was the man that was sent from the rye
Don't turn around - don't turn around

So many things on his mind
I'm not sure if he knew
Why he blew you away
I can't decide if it's true
What he thought on that day

Don't be afraid when the day turns to night
Don't be ashamed when I turn out the lights
Call out my name and I'd hold you so tight
Don't turn around - don't turn around

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Outfield, The John Lennon Comments
  1. Nelson Walker

    terrific song and one of my favorites from the Outfield - thanks for posting

  2. Gary Bodman

    Don't turn around, don't turn around :(

  3. Jon Mendez

    I like the Outfield and Lennon. I think this is a great song.

  4. Mark T

    This is a crappy song clearly aimed at profiting on Lennon's death as some sort of 'tribute'.

  5. gremmiehodad

    I know this is late, but rest in peace John. I can't think of a more appropriate song than  this! Two great men, both named John, both taken way to soon, One paying tribute to the other! The irony is bittersweet!

    Benoit Vanhees

    +gremmiehodad nicely put. At least the second John wasn't executed by some lunatic character, but certainly gone to soon. Maybe Iron Maiden has got it right, only the good die young.... (Gerry Rafferty, Gary Moore, Phil Lynott...)

  6. Blow Chunks

    ... I like this song because it dares to take exception to the legend that is John Lennon. It's a good song on it's own but to someone like myself who was around when the Beatles were kings of the pop world (& revolted at the hero worship I saw going on at the time) it's gratifying to see an honest tune about a guy who, although talented, was mortal,flawed & had his demons to contend with & didn't always handle them as well as a hero should.Then death made him a saint & all is forgiven.....

  7. songcollector07

    i love this and im just hearing it for the first time , i grew up with the outfield , loved them in the 80's , still love em today thank you draeka for posting

  8. Christopher Banez Lim

    i think along with Julian's "Too Late For Goodbyes" this song hits the mark. I love singing the interpolation part by the end of it. Cool that you got it posted, cant find it before. Hail the Outfield.

  9. SledgeHammer

    I love it! Thanks for posting this!

  10. Todd Edwards

    This is awful . . . both lyrically and in terms of its production. Uggh. I can barely listen.

  11. Zachary Schreiber

    reminds me of sneaking out to the garage with my Sony Walkman to smoke cigarettes in the mid 80's. Great song.

  12. leandro1ization

    esta chida esta rola, de dicada a uno de los mas grandes musicos de la musica a Jhon Lennon pero no es el unico homenaje que le hace the outfield a Jhon Lennon en su web existe una rola muy buena que espero y la escuchense llama While My Guitar Gently Weeps o cuando mi guitarra llora, esta si es un verdadero homenaje .

  13. Laertes Erdrick

    i Love this song...

    A mind a prison - a heart in a cell

  14. Daaazer

    ...you were surprised by a girl in the sky who changed everyone.

  15. miketheblueeagle

    i love this song although for you is my favorite of diamond days

  16. Marko Petkov

    'McCartney fanbois defend him under all circumstances. News at 11.'

  17. Reverend Flash

    "It's sort of one of those songs you grow up with. You're never really sure if you love the song because it was always played around you or if you genuinely decided to make it part of your character." What?
    Dude. No one knew this song EXCEPT you.
    And 'tis not Paul McCartney with which thee to be fucked; 'tis THOU with which thee to be fucked.

  18. Marko Petkov

    This one and Magic Seed are my two favorite Outfield songs and they are exceptionally rare. Which I can't understand.

  19. Dean Cole

    love this song. Can't find it on itunes. Thanks for putting it up here.