Outfield, The - For You Lyrics

I'm so sad, feelin' blue.
Since you left, I've been missin' you.
Need your love, oh, so bad.
Realize everything we had.

All day, all night,
You can have it any way you want it.
One love so right.
Don't you know that I live my life for you?

I was wrong, my mistake.
I regret. Look at the price I paid.
Take these words. Understand.
Try forgive me. I'm a broken man.

All day, all night,
You can have it any way you want it.
One love so right.
Don't you know that I live my life for you?

I'm so sad, feelin' blue.
Since you left, I've been missin' you.
Take these words. Understand.
Try forgive me. I'm a broken man.

All day, all night,
You can have it any way you want it.
One love so right.
Don't you know that I live my life for you?

All day, all night,
You can have it any way you want it.
One love so right.
Don't you know that I live my life for you?

For you.
You can have it any way you want it.
For you.
For you.
Doesn't matter if the sun don't shine.
For you.
For you.
Oh, any way you want it.
For you.
For you.
Doesn't matter if the sun don't shine.

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Outfield, The For You Comments
  1. Josh Prince

    Can someone pleaseeeee tell me how to play John's part on the guitar?!?!?!

  2. Isai Campos

    Desde niño,escucho este tema musical, saludos cordiales desde El Salvador,2020

  3. Domenic Vitanza


  4. hdmat101

    Everything about this is so weird; you can see that this was a transitional period of the 80's to the 90's within everything about this video.

  5. FerMacross

    Una banda impresionante, donde no fue rey en su tierra sino afuera, no me canso de escucharlos. 😆

  6. Willson Espinoza

    grandes recuerdos mas cuando llegaron a El salvador

  7. michaelcorbin2540t

    Amazing songwriter ,nothing but great sound and real lyrics

  8. jay sweeney

    No words how good this song is..blown away...thank you

  9. Josh Prince

    Imagine being able to sing like him... just imagine

  10. Ed R

    So underrated band

  11. Rhett H

    Damn I miss the 80's Music!


    I'm listening in 2040
    Since stuck in bootcamp when it was released. Soon as I got a pass, I bought a sleek black Pioneer Top of the line compact digital walkman cassette player for $80 lol and this album to play the hell out of this song!

  13. salas g

    You have to be a certain someone to feel this.

  14. Sergio Ortiz

    Las canciones de este grupo son muy melancólicas

  15. Anchan Khemglerd

    A yin a Dine Pae 😅 loet Mr . From Myanmar sing the cover from for you

  16. Cynthia Anne

    I remember their CD Play Deep. One of the best albums ever.

  17. Rowe Espinosa

    los ingleses yla cuna del pop si que supieron darnos muy buena musica . lo ultimo que ha quedado es coldplay.

  18. FireTiger941

    *Doesn't matter if the sun don't shine...*

  19. king edward

    This is the talent 2days music sorely lacks. Bravo

  20. Eliz

    Linda, canção!!

  21. daniel

    Esta cancion me explota la cabeza, temaso!!!!

  22. Aeron Belfone

    Spent most of my teenage years listening to outfield takes me back to a special time reminds me of my dad. Rip

  23. Herminia Hernandez

    Remember seeing them in concert, didn't regret it. I went alone, a young girl out those hours not good but thank God I went and return home safe and sound.

  24. Marcos Castillo

    Siempre me pregunto, En que momento la música se fue al traste!

  25. Leonardo Lazo

    para mi la mejor de the outfield

  26. Maria Jara

    No saben cómo busqué esta musica

  27. Jose Zamora

    Have you ever wished that some song just never ended instead of playing it over and over again ,this is one of them great tune glad I seen them In concert in South Padre island 1985 i

  28. UpRoaryus

    I can't believe it has been so long since I heard this ... great tune !

  29. Ram Tadangjapi

    You can have it anyway you want it

  30. Juan Cordero

    Lo mejor

  31. Juan Cordero

    The good

  32. Ricardo Daza Contreras

    Esta cancion la pedi en radio z rock and pop justo en el programa billboard año por año y estaba de disjockey en el programa el señor juan carlos hurtado y me dijo muy buena cancion ricardo que hace mucho tiempo no la ponia en la emisora y para el tambien es uno de sus temas preferidos.

  33. Melissa Mckinney

    One love...so right.

  34. jou812

    So proud to have lived during the 70's-80's-90's and kicking in 2019 good stuff is out there just not the same, its ok enjoy what you love and makes you happy or sad for a moment we all love music for a reason it makes the world go round and can make it a better place for all.

  35. Chuck E

    Si love them too and play them on my play list all the time.

  36. lefreakful

    What a great song. I usually put it on repeat when I'm driving, put the top down on my car and ride along. It's a good feeling and this song is a great add to the experience.

    Dan Finkelstein

    A very underrated band.

  37. george Good

    How I feel about dating today
    I'm a broken man

  38. Jessî Toro Troncoso*

    2019! ❤ Remember and Nostalgy.

  39. Fabiane Cruz dos reis

    Amo demais the outifild

  40. Azucena Ojeda

    Xsiempre ochentosos, ...

  41. Mariano Freyre

    This was his last hit of Outfield¡¡

  42. leaocampolla08


  43. Carl Schönbeck

    Pure english classic from the early 90s! Stunningly beautiful!

  44. Suchit

    This kinda songs will never get old....still listening in 2019....🙂😇

  45. Juan Carlos Garcia Gomariz

    Hola tronkos!
    Lo compartimos en "Neguri Rock Murcia"

  46. Carlitos Way

    Dad, i just lost you and I miss you every second of my live. I enjoyed this song when I was a teenager, and the lyrics tell a bit how i feel. I know you might look older but no matter what I would like to keep you forever next to me. I am so sad since you left, your departure was so unexpected and it still hurts,.... so much. I know you are next to me, mom, my girls and the family. I remember you everywhere I go, its hard to be strong without you. I miss you dad!

  47. NyltomCaldas NyltomCaldas

    Que bela canção. Adoro as canções de Outfield. Excelentes canções.

  48. GoRdOn FrEeMaN

    The simple songs are the best ones.

  49. Pat R

    This is the first of their songs I ever heard and I was hooked on their music from that point on. Their music was quite different from what everyone else was doing at the time. Supertramp and Roger Hodgson had come and gone but there was nobody to fill the open hole in the music scene until the Outfield came along. Very soulful music for those that listened, and it's still good today.

  50. Rodrigo Valenzuela Cabezas

    Qué gran tema.... Quién la está escucha en Julio 2019??

  51. Gabriel Putallaz

    por favorrrrr!! que años gloriosos de musica !!!

  52. Jana Elizabeth Sekelski

    Lovely 90-ties ❤

  53. DAN PEN

    Always loved this song

  54. Omar Sebastian Velasco Aparicio

    No me canso d escuchar este gran grupo..no me aburre ...lástima Yano hay grupo como este.

  55. Rafael 25

    Creo que esta es de las canciones más infravaloradas que he escuchado. Que pedazo de tema:)

  56. Hernan Giunta

    Tanta soledad almenos the oufield me hace recordar hermosos momento de mi vidaa

  57. Estong Big Boy

    One of my favorite rock bands.. Oh the outfield.. How good they are?? Listen & you will find out.. Pure musical talent

  58. GusTime

    10k likes vs 338 dislikes, no hay duda que la musica de los 80´s es la mejor

  59. canal do gemeos otavio e asafe

    Alguem do brasil curti ai

  60. Jose Zamora

    Every time I go to YouTube this is the first song I play and replay it like six or more times ,just can't listen to something else, great tune, love it

  61. 80s Music

    Music of this level of excellence was prematurely finished by grunge. Tragic.

  62. Manjoe Malinao

    Who's listening The Outfield in 2019?

    Union Pacific Railfan

    Me I love The Outfield

    Karla Ccave


    Heather Barnes



    Manjoe Malinao 2020!!!

  63. Later Brantley

    Thanks to the outfield,

  64. Juan Morales

    Mi Banda Favorita, hermosa canción.

  65. Ariel Carranza

    Estos pibes la pegaron con este temita... ¿Por que no puedo dejar de escucharlo?

  66. Canis Major: Conservative

    Outfield was one magnificent rock band. And the 80s were awesome years. If I could I would go back and relive today. Best years of life .. !!

  67. j villarreal

    perfect love song saludos desde Panama .. jeffreyvillarreal

  68. Art Jenkins

    326 thumbs down...........................now that is funny!

  69. Pete Jimenez

    Kiss the Rain is my favorite Outfield song of all time!!

  70. kevin manning

    Good band but there songs can sound very much the same!

  71. Anna Kastillo

    No kidding!💘😟2019 for you!🙏✨✨

  72. wyman36

    Was the white convertible really a right hand drive, or was it just filmed to make it look that way? Maybe a conversion, perhaps?

  73. Erin D

    Heard this at a bar over the weekend. Thank goodness someone had Shazam so I could figure out what it was! Cool song.

  74. Robert Zea

    Portan pocas vistas? Alguien de México?

  75. Michael Aguayo

    My dad gave me this tape when I was a kid. Remember playing this song over and over and over again!!! What a perfect song!!! I’m 28 now but the memories will never fade!! And the 80’s must have been amazing!!

  76. Francisco Pantoja Perez

    Alguien sabe porque este tema no está en Spotify????

  77. Nicolas Ulliase

    La canción tiene un gusto a juventud impresionante

  78. Horacio Roveres


  79. Rosario Guaman


  80. Joel Marcos

    Still listening this song..

  81. Helion The Great

    Whos still listening 2019 ! 🤘🤘

  82. alaska Madelin123

    The 80s those were the days 😏😏

  83. J Lee

    ♥️💋My Love

  84. Boyke Pandelaki

    Love this beautiful song #TheOutfield

  85. Depcom

    Like Steve Perry, this guy's got one of those golden, smooth voices.

  86. Pat Kalinawan

    I remember all Outfield songs. I used to work in a sheet metal shop, wherein I played their songs while doing lay outs. Hearing this song makes me work harder

  87. Union Pacific Railfan

    ya know that Tony Lewis's album is now alvable call Out of the Darkness into the light ya need to check them Out Tony is still singin he still playin music ya never heard Tony Lewis go to www.tonylewisMusic.com

  88. Edward Snowden

    R.I.P. John...play with the rest of the legends!

  89. Ar Villanueva


  90. Rosario Guaman


  91. Rosario Guaman


  92. SummerNights & Neon lights

    God I love this song so much !❤💔❤💔❤

  93. S I

    Hope you're doing well, Courtney.

    - Stuart

  94. Cristian Guerrero

    Claudita te amo aun despues de 29 años...

  95. jmil2tx

    Very interesting, very complementary interplay of voices.

  96. MVendetta Blue

    2019 ❤️

  97. Asifkhan Niazi

    4:33 minutes Frozen in time .. could be warm any time even a hundred thousand years from now