Outfield, The - Better Than Nothing Lyrics

It's better than nothing girl
It's better than nothing at all
It's better than nothing girl
It's better than nothing

Let's find a hideaway tonight
Somewhere where we can be together
I'm tired of waiting for the right time
If this is not the Ritz whatever


I wanna hold more than your hand
I wanna touch more than emotion
You don't need words to understand
This hole might be run down and broken


Don't think because I just can't wait that I don't care
This isn't meant to be a back seat love affair


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Outfield, The Better Than Nothing Comments
  1. Adolfo Mendoza

    Mejor que nada! Grandioso. ... John spinks!!!!!

  2. Paul Dare Jr BORN JAN 23 1963 1:23 am


  3. Ros Rmn

    Wow !! Esas voces ! Guitarras, batería uff ! Los mejores 👌❤️

  4. Ros Rmn

    Mis favoritos the Outfield ❤️ exelente música

  5. mrwillie mcallen

    my favorite band i love them rest in peace john spinks

  6. southroncross

    I saw these guys live. It was Night Ranger - The Outfield @ old Cumberland County Memorial Arena in Fayetteville, NC, July 1987. Tremendous show. Man, I miss those days.


    I arrived in Fayetteville in AUG of 87. I saw them in OCT of '86 in Germany before I left there. Really small club and a great show.

    Johnny Boone

    I wanted to go to that show so bad, but my Uncle Sam had plans for me at Fort Jackson, SC.

  7. 4skully

    I really liked these guys they were decent musicians and wrote well. Peace everyone


    yeah i agree, i wasn't even born when these guys were around but just looking back at the artists around at the time this kind of time 87/88 was becoming the end of what i call the power pop/rock sound, bands on a similar line the hooters, cutting crew just to name a few wasn't long before they faded into obscurity.

    Michael Ventura

    Very astute observation.I was entering my early teens when this album and Play Deep before it were released,and being a latchkey kid I watch alot of MTV and listened to music a lot and your right,every other band had this big sound.By 1991 it wss pratically obsolete with grunge waiting in the wings.


    m i the only one?? good times were had, i think by all... its better than nothing,,,,

  9. Luiza Castro

    M uuito boaaa! Como amo essa banda💝

  10. Newton Zago

    Essa música sempre foi a minha cara desde os meus 12 anos............som único e perfeito da banda.............os riffes de guitarra de john spinks, a batera do alan jackman & baixo e vocal do tony spinks...........amo essa banda!

  11. Fil Kappa

    2.00 wonderful

  12. ramon teran

    wooooooouuu amazing group

  13. trdidion

    i have this album on cassette and their first album on vinyl

  14. emarieg1

    If u have nothing to say.....sing this song!!!!!


    Fuck all the bullshit? I have no idea what that means but fuck it anyway!


    What I would say in a song! Salute!

  17. miketheblueeagle

    @al3xmet well you can definetely count me in for the next 50-60-70 years im around i will forever be an outfieldmaniac

  18. Albert Sanchez

    This is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. I bought this cassette tape from the flea market a year ago and was completely amazed, I played it all the way through and couldn't help but think that almost every song was a big hit, at least in my eyes.

  19. ThomasStevens1965

    Thanks for posting bro!

  20. miketheblueeagle

    please subscribe too me

  21. Y Macky

    Beautifulsong this is!
    The best song The outfieldthis is.

  22. Gatro

    Beautiful love song by The Outfield. It's true that Bangin' is one of the best records they have.
    Porque chica, es mejor que nada ;).