Our Last Night - The Capture And The Captor Lyrics

We've played this scene out one too many times,
just make sure you have your lines ready.
Let me set apart dysfunction from love. (action.)
"My dear, you've been trapped down here for days.
The red marks across your heart have faded,
but the days events remain fresh in your mind.
The mistakes you've made in the past have paved the path I took to find you.
There's a shipwreck outside, but never mind that for now,
we have unfinished business to settle.
I've been planning our escape. So take my hand, I will not return without you." (cut.)
Ladies and gentlemen its where we cue the next scene.
No, the set isn't changed, the curtain just falls for a while.
Well shortly be back to where we started.
I'm still waiting to pick up the pieces.

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Our Last Night The Capture And The Captor Comments
  1. I'm A Pioneer

    August Burns Red copied the end of this song with Beauty in Tragedy ;)

  2. sunshineinabag

    too good

  3. Jason

    Probably my favorite song

  4. Alexander Melton

    I can't find this cd anywhere...

  5. pppaaatttrrriiikkk1

    nah this is from a little album they made in 2005 called building cities from scratch