Our Last Night - Tear Her: I Will Be Revenged Lyrics

My misconception has got me nowhere so far,
and it's too late; were too far away from light.
These games just make me sick and tired of everything.
I know that I don't need this, so I'll act like I don't really care.
I'll finish what I started.
We've come so far just to hit a brick wall.
Your words drenched in forgiveness, dripping with chemicals.
If only you could take it all in.
I'll call poison control.

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Our Last Night Tear Her: I Will Be Revenged Comments
  1. Hayden knorp

    They should've titled it Our Last Night-Tear Her I Will Be Revenged (Official Music Video)

  2. Leroy Rogers

    Who still rocking out to this 10 years later

  3. Ai Syah

    wew, they're so young, and look at them this time 😍 they'r really great team

  4. Marshall Hanson

    The talent was real, perhaps more evident, back then

  5. SHADY 1v4

    Dude this sounds soo much better than their shit now lol

  6. Tisoi Cabuyao

    Nov 2018 bitches.

    Shaun Davies

    December and this band still brings me back to my youth

  7. TheBalg

    when their music still came from the heart...

  8. Megan Cowie

    2018 and I still love this shit so much

  9. Danny Sandoval

    Fuck yes my childhood crazy seeing these guys do covers With million of views and this shit ain't got 100k. Man so over looked. Yeaaaaaah!!!! Fuck yeah I remember when this shit had 40k views

  10. ELSD

    high school days! GOODTIMES!!!

  11. Adir Gantz

    I cant stop hear that!

  12. Fairy C Rat

    This has a vibe of When The Sun Sleeps by Underoath.

  13. Nick Fisichelli

    Funny how shit you wrote when you were 13-16 year olds was infinitely better than your music now. Sucks that you decided to gravitate toward a different sound. Miss the shows at the 119 and Rockos. lol


    Lmao the new album is fucking trash bro. This is good shit I love the riffs and the bass actually plays meaningful bass lines rather then stupid notes that go with the cliche bar chords. R.I.P. OLN and their awesome lyrics as well too.

    lethanos lebeautiful

    +James Nickolettos no way.. they write way better songs now. they might have changed their style but they improved at writing music i mean i like this song but its just generic riffs and bad screaming

    Nick Fisichelli

    +john dragneel they sound like my morning shits now..theyre so generic and had now..hardly scream at all, n all they do is make gay covers. When they do write a song it's trash. OLN died after we will all evolve

    Ian Alexzander

    Nick Fisichelli gay isnt an adjective. They are amazing now. Douche


    actually, it is. It's an old-fashioned way of saying happy, bright-colored or attractive.

  14. Brandi Christie

    Wow this happened in 2009 and I just seen a video of this singer who was 12 during the time... And to this day that boy whoever he was is still getting hate comments .. Goodjob . I give probs to you for not giving up, amazing......

    bobby j

    +Brandi Christie this video was not made in 2009, it's around about 2004/2005.

  15. ZatchPatch

    I had a bunch of songs on a cd by them and I couldn't remember who it was since they weren't tagged and it just clicked today once I decided to go back to listen to em haha. Good as hell!

  16. Fernanda Xdea

    awwt... bebês

  17. Shannon Jackson

    the things you can do with help of a record label...

    Donnie Fights

    Except look at what they also did recently withOUT the help of a label. They pretty much reinvented themselves and blew up once they were off of epitaph. A lot of raw talent in this band, they just needed experience to expand it.

  18. Miezekatze

    Omg, that's sooo cute! And now look at that awesome Band!!

  19. D3ath Raz0r

    Anyone notice the Intro sounds like a lostprophets song shinobi vs dragon ninja??

  20. michelly Albok

    quem é o mais novo?

    Theo P.V.

    michelly Albok Trevor wentworth

  21. Lucas Mantovani

    I followed their career since this awesome album

  22. keritta

    Awww they was so cute hahaha I love them, now and then awesome!!!

  23. Dillon Slayden

    Hands down one of my favorite songs just has it all to blow my mind but so do the rest too!

  24. Ramiro Alejandro

    Is Trevor wearing Red and yellow Aasic wrestling shoes?!? lmao hahaha 1:32-1:36

  25. anythingguy55

    You realize they were 13? Now they are like 21


    anythingguy55 trevor was 12 the others were 17

  26. Keith Summers

    These lol dude can rock would love to see them live

  27. Alma Lou

    OMG fetus Our Last Night haha

  28. isaiahgerke

    Just search Our Last Night - Age of Ignorance full length album!

  29. Lin Love Rock

    Very old but full of song's music quality...

  30. Delana De Luca

    i wonder how Trevor sounds now. .
    any link of their new live or album? ?

  31. Matt Hessell

    this is some old school metalcore love it

  32. Casey Hardman

    I was thinking the same thing. Some of their earlier stuff sounds pretty similar.

  33. Rejeanna4ever

    trevor is adorable.. i hope for future albums after age of innocence that he returns to screaming

  34. Rejeanna4ever

    before their balls dropped xD

  35. Dick Rider

    this reminds me of some silverstein

  36. Tami Macias

    they had multiple guitarist changes&drummers, but the final line up is Trevor & Matt Wentworth, Woody Woodrow, and Tim Molloy. Trevor will be 20, Matt and Tim will be 25, and Woody will be 26 this year.

  37. Natalie Rotstein

    oh my god. trevor is so little holy crap he's adorable

  38. Foodlover831

    They played at Memorial the year before I started going there -_- FML

  39. Austin White

    Man how old are they here and which of members are still in the band presently?

  40. Glistern

    My Favorite song from them <3

  41. Robert Montero


  42. Robert Montero

    They just released under a didn't band name old song

  43. Robert Montero

    This isn't our last night this is shotgun symphany

  44. themhesp

    nostalgia :(

  45. Tyler Angel

    This kid is freakin boss. I want my son to scream like this kid. I used to judge battle of the bands all over and these guys would have won all the team BOTB hands down.

  46. Aaron Davis-Williams

    I don't get the song titles name? Is this when they only knew Mexican? LOL. I kid.

  47. Mitch Thatcher

    Such a good song! The songs are their new album thats out soon are even better

  48. Synyster Goose

    the days of puberty, and they have only gotten better

  49. Chad Bro

    @BASSWTF i actually no him and ik he doesnt

  50. AllanRea

    Such a great song, they should redo it on the upcoming album

  51. Monkey Like the guitarist of korn

    [email protected] Our Last Night Building Cities from Scratch mediafire google that then there you go

  52. Monkey Like the guitarist of korn

    I hate the new OLN this was before they were generic

  53. Simmy Smith

    They need to get some merch, I will order it asap.

  54. getthefunkoutmaface

    imagine if they re-recorded this song. it would be holy shit good

  55. Andre Yanez

    Where can you download this song??

  56. Andre Yanez

    @Randomhomemovies How did he fuck up? He's making millions and his balls haven't even dropped yet.. I'm pretty sure he came out on top.


    wow im impressed with this bass player he actually plays chords i like his style!

  58. Brandon Cooper

    No he doesn't.

  59. Alexander Garner

    trevor remind anybody else of andy sixx but awesomerr??

  60. Erich Berkovitz

    @2RaTm3 Exhales, he was just 11 when they recorded this song so its pre-pubesent screaming
    If you listen to either of their other albums from 2008 and 2010 you will hear how he progressively gets deeper and more powerful. And then he also did guest vox for TDWP's "Danger: wildman" in 2009
    I've been following this band for 4-5 years now and they have just really blown me away

  61. Nigel deVillers

    I remember first seeing these guys when I was 14... I'm 18 now. They played with Follow the Flies and And Then There Were None (when they were still a metalcore band). Great dudes, fantastic musicians, they deserve where they're going.

  62. tassidy doyle

    @BASSWTF I don't think so, but I could be wrong.

  63. Sam Braidley

    @BitchenAlex Yup saw them live a few weeks ago.

  64. tassidy doyle

    We will all evolve

  65. tassidy doyle

    @BitchenAlex Ya they are still together.
    Their last cd was released on May 4

  66. zuma2456

    damn it.. theres a person dislike this awsome song :D

  67. Randomhomemovies

    @MrRichardNoggin your right accept for the poon part, he likes dick

  68. MrRichardNoggin

    @Randomhomemovies you know justin beiber gets more poon than you and everyone on here though, and he makes way more cash than these bands. maybe he will come around some day for the music ha

  69. luca b.

    you can see that this guys are so good , today the band is one of my favourit post-hardcore bands and all time i hear this band its every time an amazing feeling ... and now i see this old video you can see that this band is soo goood and im playing drums with my friend im 16 and i have so many respekt because we are never so good as this guys. Respekt ;)

  70. Tyler Rodriguez

    love this song mann

  71. alex theriot

    trevor is so real..

  72. Ray ann Gomez

    i think Trevor is the one the keeps my hope for me to actually take screaming serious i mean we are around the same age and him becoming so great i would fucking love that

  73. Oliver Conlon

    @1000Virusa Dude, I do know a lot about music... but honestly bassists who use picks are just pussies who aren't man enought to use their fingers... you can completely play punk, emo, metalcore, anything without a pick... I play without a pick... I am a guitarist, but I love playing bass, it just shows you are more talented if you don't use a pick... Like Metallica (all three of their bassist, but mostly Cliff)... didn't use picks and they are gods!

  74. Mikiya Stowe

    @manjon217 i feel like trevor is a bad ass version of justin bieber.. just hotter and more talented and not gay.

  75. Leto Bain

    omg Matt!! xD...

    he didn't grow into his hair yet ;)..

    talented..every single one of them..cleaned up nicely, i must say

  76. Yannick Dennison

    the best.

  77. John Collins

    wish they play at my fucking high school !!! fuck beast

  78. Bren F

    frigen awsome bass line great band too

  79. Mario Andres

    There r plenty of techniques in bass picking, acctually all my book methods hav pick notations in the score...

  80. Ian Encarnacion

    what's wrong in bassist if he/she using a pick?

  81. dxmachine

    shut the fuck up. mind telling that to every other bassist that uses a pick puss?

    go ahead and cry some more.

  82. Oliver Conlon

    there is only 1 thing wrong with this song, the bassist uses a pick!!!! wtf, obvioulsly hes not a REAL bassist...


    Oliver Conlon wut

  83. TheLisi27

    @xchrisownz Yeah....whatever you say....this is an old and stupid argument....I'm out.

  84. Chris Hinoballs

    how old is trevor's brother?

  85. Chris Hinoballs

    because he IS gay 1. because hes a queer 2nd reason justin beiber is gay is because well... hes justin beiber, and the 3rd reason hes gay is because hes going to have a sex change in the next 10 years

  86. Lennox

    Trevor Wentworth is the man

  87. Jonathan Trevino

    And don't call it "screamo" you fucking noob.

  88. Jonathan Trevino

    @TheLisi27 these guys have more talent than anyone on your favorite listings so keep listening to your taylor swift bullshit i feel sorry for you to have such a closed mind. And this is sooo old and cheesy but i wish i was in a band this decent that early in age.

  89. slipknot123456781000

    i know the guitarist in this band...

  90. SilenceSoSudden

    @bassboy195 LMFAO i cant deny their talent tho

  91. Randomhomemovies

    These guys are amazing, if Justin Bieber wasn't gay he could have been able to get in to Screamo or some other form of rock but he fucked up

  92. Anthony Petrarca

    big as in grown up or big as in famous lmao jk

  93. iixlovex40z

    yess before they got big

  94. Anthony Petrarca

    wait is this our last night... like as kids???

  95. iixlovex40z

    they were so young in here ahahah

  96. Kevin Overstreet

    lol wtf?