Our Last Night - Outnumbered Lyrics

We will still overcome

Keep your head up as you wander these streets
Your heart is strong when your flesh feels weak
Waiting for the sun you can hardly breathe
You're suffocating surrounded by enemies

There's danger in the shadows
But you don't have to go alone
There's danger in the shadows
No, I won't leave you on your own

Outnumbered but we can't back down
It's us against the world, us against the world
Outnumbered but we can't back down
Ten to one, on the run
We will still overcome
We will still overcome

Don't get stuck in the past, as you weather the storm
Don't stray from the path even when it twists and turns
They're watching every move you make
But they're just skeletons, they're only skeletons

There's danger in the shadows
But I won't leave you on your own

Outnumbered but we can't back down
It's us against the world, us against the world
Outnumbered but we can't back down
Ten to one, on the run
We will still overcome

Out of darkness we will rise
Fight to survive
In the eye of the storm
We will still overcome

Out of darkness we will rise
Fight to survive
In the eye of the storm
We will still overcome
We will still overcome

Outnumbered but we can't back down
It's us against the world, us against the world
Outnumbered but we can't back down
Ten to one, on the run
We will still overcome

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Our Last Night Outnumbered Comments
  1. copy good



    Please cover In the dark - Bringme the Horizon, Or , Medicine Please 🥺

  3. NOYA 19

    I came here because the official music video was missing

  4. iskandar shah


  5. Daniele Moscardini

    I feel like there are many Christian messages in this album, which makes me love it even more.
    Do you guys think I'm wrong?

  6. ani ta

    listen our last night since middle school, n it was amazing time, thet helps me so much, just want to say thank u all for support n love that u give us in songs

  7. Anthony Wozniak

    Am I the only one that thinks a collab between Our Last Night and Falling in Reverse would be amazing? Atleast do a song ft. Ronnie Radke.

  8. burhan adi putro

    cool 🇮🇩

  9. Juan Carlos Santos


  10. LikeMoths2Flame

    Clicked on this thinking it was a TDWP cover. 🤷🏽‍♂️


    Wait for videoclip 😍

  12. k5ryannc

    This album is becoming epic!

    Daniele Moscardini

    Now this album *IS* epic.

  13. Melanie González

    lose you to love me cover

  14. dark star

    How come you dont have the album on amazon music?

  15. Joshua Bologh

    Great song loved it keep it coming love every song you guys come out with!!!!!

  16. Liam Flynn

    The entire album is fucking amazing... I LOVE YOU MATT

  17. Doguetto

    I like most songs like "Lost"

  18. Bhargab Kaushik

    This is so lit🔥🔥Hope to see a Collab with Yungblud soon 😊

  19. lovemysw

    great song!

  20. Ziyx — Thomas Fox

    Best song of the album to me. Strange and dark tones, stunning drums, awesome scream, the melody is so unique and scary... I love this guys. The electronic elements make it even darker

    It reminds me of The Paper Melody

  21. Jr Ø

    Indo gk ada nih?

  22. Ingrid Perrard

    i like =)

  23. Sean D

    You guys were amazing in SF! Keep up the awesome music!

  24. Владимир Гуреев


  25. DanyZuñiga11


  26. LikeAprayeR

    I love this song! For my opinion this is the best from this album. I have listening it’s on repeat. Guys you are so cool! Wait on your new world tour. Please come to Ukraine!!!

  27. Ciera

    This does not slap as hard as The Devil Wears Prada's "Outnumbered" but I'm sure it will be better live on Sunday ;) I love you guys so much and I cannot wait to see you for the first time!!

  28. rayzainie darmawan


  29. KaylaPDC



    Wow like it

  31. Jacob Antony

    Sounds like the Our Last Night I know. Seems like they are returning to their roots.

  32. xJettSpeedx

    Couldn't help but do a little head bobbing this song just has a chill beat

  33. Razzar_8

    My battle anthem 😃

  34. Lemot Pol

    Makin asik bro!!!!

  35. Gabi Eterno

    essa é a minha favorita

    Orelinha 96

    Eu tenho todas as músicas dessa banda baixadas

  36. Radka Kubaliaková


  37. Billy Maulana

    🤘🤘😁👍👍nice song

  38. Lost Rythm

    I''am addicted

  39. Anna Kalhöfer

    I loooooooove the whole album, every song! Absolute everything... It's soo crazy 😍😻💘💓

  40. Frames and Gains

    Can not find the album on Google Play

  41. Maxime GR

    This album is soo good!! Love this song, the screaming and guitar parts are really great 👌👌

  42. Javier Flores

    Nice song

  43. AyiiRizkii

    Warga +62 yg selalu nunggu lagu baru malam terakhir kita 🙌🏻

  44. Creepyreflection

    This album sounds like the soundtrack to the final season of a series set in a dark, dystopic/post-apocalyptic world.

    NJ Animeluvr

    I love your dp. *happy starset noises*


    You mean, Our world?

    Vitor Araujo

    Nice profile pic btw

    Chris Jones

    That is real life, not a tv series.

    Karol Tsvetkov

    For a lot of people, that dark dystopic/post apocalyptic world is the real one.

  45. Vinicius Lopes


  46. Gabrielle Landolt

    Amazeballs!! 🔥🔥

  47. QUENT1

    Same solo that Beaten Bath, but a little bit more faster right ?

  48. Leonardo Lacerda


  49. Boris Bakker

    Fricking love this song! You guys did an amazing job! ❤️

  50. daylong legs

    Just noticed this new song was so confused but yayyyyyyyyyyy

  51. Orbital_Live

    Just a legendary sound !! Looking forward to many more of you!

  52. TwinAvenue91

    Can’t get over these amazing songs ! Keep them coming guys! I’m living 😍😍😍😍😍👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  53. Widi stronger

    Soul heart besttt

  54. Nick

    Awesome job guys! ❤️😍

  55. Aylê Roqueiro


  56. Jesse Garcia

    Should be on a zombie game

  57. Jesse Garcia

    Should be on a zombie game

  58. BlazingNova T

    The hype is real🙌

  59. AwakeServant

    This is slowly/surely is becoming the best band in the world. It's like they could just flip a switch if they wanted and just completely fuck us up with some next level shit. Check out Thornhill. A colab would be cool.

  60. Shaun Severson

    The composition is quite good. Different from your other songs, I enjoyed this.

  61. Whatsername 21

    Love this!


    When one of you team AFK

  63. Syauqi Syiraz

    bro i swear i dont always comment on youtube but i just had to, like wtf all of their songs is fucking amazing, its ridiculous. OLD never dissapoints 💯

  64. Ashley Fauver

    Easily one of my favorites!! You guys killed it! See you in less than 3 weeks in Philly!!

  65. Shreddow

    This is magnificent 🤘🤘🤘


    We will still overcome.♥♥♥
    From Bangladesh.

  67. Swadeepta Mandal

    We can be Outnumbered but never Outgunned

  68. agung santoso

    More like outplayed

  69. amna

    I love the sound. So fresh🖤🖤🖤

  70. Trafalgar D. Mkop gr

    epic song ! You should do a collab with first to eleven

  71. Schadenfreude

    Our last night is nonstop crushing

  72. dreamersoldierechelon

    Loving the lyrics and the sound is very good 🔥❤️👏

  73. Любитель крутого

    Favourite part 2:38

  74. Haqeel Hey

    LOVIN' IT!

  75. Jennapurr

    HOLY BUCKETS, Y'all are on FIRE! 🔥 Can I get an Amen?!

    Ashley Fauver

    Amen! 🤘🤘🔥🔥🔥

  76. Desirae Arriazola

    Every song sounds amazing and love the screaming 🤘❤️

  77. Rainbow Sylveon

    it says original singe in the description instead of single. great song btw

  78. akira yushikuni

    This album is gold, like every song that they release is really helping my friend who has problem with depression, and ptsd.


    This song was made for they?


    @Saúuu of course it was, listen to the lyrics...

  79. Baran Yayla


  80. GødDämñsøñ official

    My favourite band ..top3
    1.our last night ❤️
    2.avenged sevenfold 🖤

  81. Nathan Sy

    The drums hit hard

  82. Victor Isakson


  83. karii vega v

    This song is incredible both sound and lyrics, I have not stopped listening to it. Thank you OLN❤️❤️❤️

  84. Matthew Maher


  85. rensiidya


  86. johny bonny

    This is best band ..........sooooo gooood

  87. Prince. C

    I squealed in front of everyone when I saw this

  88. Marcel Thiesen

    How is it possible that one single song can tell so much about me? I feel the love that you've put in this record so deep! Thank you for so many great songs❤

    Brandon Miller

    Marcel Thiesen let’s bring it down about 25% there bud.


    @Brandon Miller This song was made for they?

  89. Andrew E.

    Yet another great track! Yall never dissapoint! Great work!

  90. Görkem Çamlıoğlu


    Donny monaps

    Görkem türk görmek güzel :D

    Donny monaps

    Çok iyi değil mi şarkı?

    Görkem Çamlıoğlu

    evet bana göre az izleniyor şu muziğe baksana aq

  91. Gabriele Rando

    8 years old me too scared to sleep

  92. Andres Sõlg


  93. Sly Fox

    Wow... Good songs

  94. Cara Westermann

    My sister is your biggest fan. She has been to 2 of your concerts already. She is giving birth in December and it would be awesome if you could give a shout out to baby Hayley? :D

    Charity Lambert

    Everyone like this for a shout out to baby Hayley!!!!