Our Last Night - Losing Sleep Lyrics

Do you think you know me?
Do you think that I need your wisdom?

Do you wish that I'd bleed
From the words that you speak?

I-I-I'm not listening

Is it destruction you seek?
To live in a world without me
I hate to break it to you, but I'm not listening

I hope you know I'm not losing sleep (I'm not losing sleep)
I hope you know I'm not losing sleep (Sleep, sleep, sleep...)
I'm not losing sleep!

Did you think you could bleach
All the blood from these streets?

Is it attention you seek?
Without me you must be lonely
I hate to break it to you, but I'm not listening

I hope you know I'm not losing sleep (I'm not losing sleep)
I hope you know I'm not losing sleep (I'm not losing sleep)
I'm not losing sleep!

I don't need pills, no need for medication
I know my worth, don't need your education

I hope you know I'm not losing sleep (I'm not losing sleep)
I hope you know I'm not losing sleep (I'm not losing sleep)
(I'm not losing sleep!)

I don't need pills, no need for medication
I know my worth, don't need your education
(I'm not losing sleep!)
No, I'm not losing sleep (I'm not losing sleep!)
I'm not losing sleep (No, no!)
I'm not losing sleep

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Our Last Night Losing Sleep Comments
  1. Christopher Cunningham

    I love this song. You dudes keep speaking TRUTH!!! 🤙🏼

  2. haseeb amin

    who is the director ?

  3. Windex

    Bitch, Ive been losing sleep wayyy before this song came out. fite me

  4. Baki Gaming

    I know this song release on youtube after 2 days im scout of playlist rock band awesome songg 😱😱😭

  5. Andrey Andreev

    Это. Просто. Охуенно!

  6. Elizabeth Fyfe Mitchell

    I hope you know I'm not losing sleep! And then that scream! 👌🖤

  7. Mike Hockhurts

    Ok im an old head sorry.... But this is my favoirite of yours since escape back in the day.

  8. Euan Murphy

    The vocalists in Our Last Night dress like Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine Nine.

  9. Sergey Romanenko

    Why the hell first chorus is so similar to BMTH Mantra?! )))

  10. Trevyn Campbell

    Don’t LISTEN to the DEVIL. He wants you to LOSE SLEEP. You must fight him with the TRUTH in CHRIST. RESIST EVIL.

  11. Andrea Mac

    There is nothing on this earth I love more than Trevors voice. Chills every time.

  12. Lostlegacy_ 344

    This hits so hard on YouTube but doesn't compare to the live version

  13. NyxChild

    this is like a boyband and a rock group mixed together...

  14. Michael Bossert

    ATL tonight!!!!! so stoked!!👊

  15. tic tac

    And this is the reason why there my favorite band another great song

  16. the name is cath

    Just saw them in Montreal and Boston and i'm still not over this video and song.

  17. rodrigo romero

    sounds to me like Skillet

  18. Adam kahn

    I just wish Matt would offer guitar playthrough vids on his patreon. I don't even care about tabs if I could just watch his fingers while he's playing

  19. Manuel Criado Riesgo

    Spain maybe? Come on , we love you!

  20. Daniele Moscardini

    I'm watching this video at 2:08 A.M.
    I'm definitely losing sleep.

  21. Adam kahn

    this was my first experience with an OLN original, and i gotta say..... GOOSEBUMPS. Been listening to all of yall covers for so long, I was surprised at first how much ass they kicked. Then when I saw they were your originals, i got even more excited. This ones by far my favorite so far.... how in God's name you can sing and play that intricately at the same time boggles my mind

    Adam kahn

    you all are in my playlist with Architect's, Wage War, Imminence.... just some heavy shit guys, i love it

    oh Brucey

    Adam kahn check out Polaris and Thornhill if you haven’t heard them yet

    Adam kahn

    @oh Brucey oh god yeah, Polaris is another of my new favs. They downtune as well, using a tuning I've only seen Staind use: Ab Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb. They're stuffs a little more aggressive then OLN, but still as beautiful!

  22. Mike Granstrom

    Jebus, I remember when OLN was just jamming in rooms hell yeh boys

  23. Ana's Thoughts

    274 people are losing sleep

  24. Huck Finn

    Looks like you guys were having a blast while shooting this. Hell yeah!

  25. ThiagoCoke De Souza

    Heavy and OLN❤🙏

  26. Jess Barrett

    This song is dedicated to Finn mcinty

  27. Joshua Silva-ponte

    So last night, I only had a few minutes of sleep working on a paper only for the due date to be delayed. So tonight I was getting ready to go to sleep but I decided to listen to music before sleeping. And I pressed this song by accident. Don’t regret it though. Praise be to Jesus Christ for the existence of Our Last Night and other great bands like them.
    -from @biblicalamericanpolitics (IG)


    Hmmm, yOuTuBe..... HoW DarE YOu nOt InForM mE OF tHIs?

  29. Raenu Raenu


  30. KoaAbyss

    that little hardcore section at 2:04 made me hard

  31. Aron Fitz Wylde

    YOU LEGENDS SHOULD Do.. "In the dark" by BringMeTheHorizon?!?
    Would straight up make my year!

  32. Lucas Greer

    Went and saw them live on the 13th in Seattle fucking amazing show!!!

  33. Robert Fain

    This is absolute garbage.. my god

    oh Brucey

    Haha shut the fuck up, you have Hollywood Undead on your profile 😂

  34. Любитель крутого

    This song as a soundtrack for James Bond movie (without screaming)

  35. Thomas Marsh

    Our last night kicks ass

  36. The Loki Theory

    I thought this would be a cover of losing sleep by Chris young

  37. Scorpion Gamer/ العقرب جيمر

    1:10 best part heavy asf ...

  38. D9 // Danny Wilson

    Depression NOW GONE!!!

  39. Kait Mcdonald

    This is how I remembered you guys been following you guys since before wrecking ball you guys rock love yous ♡

  40. Dawn Wood

    I'm in love with both of these albums! This is by far my favorite song with "Let Light Overcome the Darkness" as a very close second!

  41. Marlise Cáceres

    Los amoooooooo

  42. Ally Gaffney


  43. E D

    Now I'm losing sleep

  44. Wolfemane X

    2:00 that transition is the sickest thing I’ve heard this year

  45. Levi Conner

    Great song guys

  46. Florencia Cruz

    I have no words to describe what caused this song! ♥

  47. Tyler Eliason

    OLN giving the money they make right back to US with constant killer content! Can't WAIT to see you guys this weekend!

  48. ivgeani

    Love the bmth + tfk vibes ❤

  49. Lars de Graaf

    I really like all the songs from the old and new albums, but i think the screaming is not necessary (maybe even makes the songs worse). Hoping for new album without screaming.

  50. Lars de Graaf

    I like the songs better without screaming

  51. Chels Fox

    This whole album is amazing but I've had this song on repeat since it come out ❤

  52. Luke WM

    I’ve been a fan for a long time, this is one of the best songs they’ve ever made. Seriously, this song is fire!

  53. Fame On Fire


  54. ImmortalCommonPlace

    Anyone know any bands that sounds like the heavy parts but stay heavy for the whole song?

    Jake Acosta

    Yeah, their first two albums, bring me the horizon, of mice and men etc


    Slipknot or death metal bands which i don't know much

  55. kurokuyo

    I love where the music is going lately, it's amazingly good!

  56. cory jofre

    El ultimo un asco pero la banda es buena

  57. Fahrul Rozi


  58. CW Nicholas

    Better guys.. keep pushing that sound.

  59. uneeza usman

    Do a cover of lose you to love me by selena

  60. Kreepy Poptart

    Matt’s hair actually fell in his face at one point. Lol.

  61. Tomasz Dzioch

    Trevor, Matt, Alex and Tim You are the best 🥰🥰🥰 I love listening to your songs 😎😎😎

  62. Papai Mondal


  63. Nick Taylor

    I just want to point out that Woody is growing some great hair.

  64. Slimb

    Why does the Chord after the chorus remember me to Rammstein?! XD

  65. Dham Omar


  66. PríÑçé Løvé

    The voice is an exception
    Just like their video
    Too good

  67. Mark Hintz

    Impressed as hell by the quality of musicianship, the diverse style and not being afraid to sound different than what some idiots think you should.... how clean and well composed... and it isnt all studio effects. Fucking bravo, I hope you continue to grow the way you deserve.


    Make some more covers.... I've yet to hear one that wasnt better than the original.... yeah I know you hear it alot... its genuinely because you guys are that good. Not because of the other songs... your originals are as good or better than any cover

  68. Derk Ender

    this band is the most underrated band around .

  69. Dwi Mahendra

    Suaranya vocal gk masuk Ama instrumen, coba Scream metal lebih keren

  70. Charles Adrian Ledres

    This is just perfect for me I haven't slept well these past 6 days.

  71. Dillon Cady

    Why does every track’s vocals from this band start in “pussy mode”. Huge fan of them live and their covers throughout the years, but seriously, ever since Oak Island there power Intro riffs are met by immediate slow vocals. Match the jams with a powerful heavy vocals for ONCE.

  72. Rylan Hardewpersad

    I think the screaming kinda spoilt it a bit ...but this song is still so dam good

  73. Terry Wiensch

    Feels so good to hear screams again

  74. Joel Lee

    Our Last Night never disappoints.*

  75. Kellin Kellin

    Just WOWWW! 😱

  76. Barry

    Beautiful 🌠🌠🌠

  77. amber lovins

    Can you guys please please please do a cover/ remix of Selena Gomez new song lose you to love me????? That would be amazing 😫💖

  78. KawawangBataYT

    memories plsss

  79. rinaldy harahap

    Damn, so love this song!

  80. Rednation 13

    Sorry about tonight guys i broke my tooth and got kicked out of the show but i still love yall

  81. Fred

    Holy shit this is so good!

  82. Saavy

    Man I love this band but I can’t stand screamo. Shit hurts my ears😂 and I just can’t seem to like it

  83. Daevashi

    Lots of "I listen to this on repeat" comments. So, in case anyone needs it. Look up listen on repeat. You're welcome.

  84. Andrew Mackenzie Photography

    I don't know what to say...
    So I've just watched the video second time and the track is a brilliant track the video is good but the camera work is really dodgy and choppy I'm not sure why I've picked up on this but it's very choppy...

  85. Nolie Kristoffer Bongcas Gabia

    For a second I thought I was listening to Down With The Sickness 😂

  86. Aputt Gaming

    Damn that was soooo lit

  87. Depy Triana

    I'm not really like the start of the song .. but in the middle and the end it's so burn 🔥

  88. Steven .2201

    bro this is soooo good, i swear u guys don't disappoint ur guy's music has always stayed great and consistent, keep it up guys!!🤘

  89. electron being

    You guys. Your band fuckin rules. Thank you for all the help and support I've found in your music

  90. Ya Ro

    Wow, this is a really good one! Love the bass, love the songwriting, the singing and the shouts especially

  91. Noémie Muela

    I'm listening to this song while wearing my Our Last Night hoodie... Goals

  92. Pежа Анонимный

    great song

    fans from indonesia OLN

  93. Liam Flynn

    See you guys tonight :)))) Dallas ain't ready

  94. Siqueira


  95. goldy nayak

    Linkin park forever

  96. Gahuma GUGU

    Как снимаются клипы Our last Night.
    В 2013-2015:Чуваки,у меня есть знакомые актеры из драмм-кружка,давайте снимем клип с социальным подтекстом.
    В 2017-2018:Чуваки,у меня в гараже завалялся храмокей,давайте снимем клип со спецэффектами
    В 2019:Чуваки,дедуля мне завещал летающую камеру,давайте снимем клип как у Кендрика.
    В 2021:Чуваки, я заказал премиум подписку на Порнхабе,давайте вообще перестанем снимать клипы.

  97. Mustapha Benhattab

    Nice Seng ✋👌

  98. Blood Mutt

    Listened to this song like several times in a row and now it's 12 am. The name is deceptive.