Our Last Night - Let Light Overcome The Darkness Lyrics

Let light, overcome the darkness
Let light, be your shining armor

Right now
You don't know
If you even love yourself
Drowned out, broken down
With no one to turn to for help
There's so many roads
But there's only one way
One way out of this
The glow on the hill
Is waiting for you to see it

Let light, overcome the darkness
Let light, be your shining armor
Open up your heart
And watch all the panic burst into flames
Let light, overcome the darkness

So delicate
Even just a word
Could let the devil in
Spinning around
Stuck in a cycle of shame and doubt
Our insecurities have a way
Of keeping us down
But the more you search the sooner
You will escape from hell

Let light, overcome the darkness
Let light, be your shining armor
Just open up your heart
And watch all the panic burst into flames
Let light, overcome the darkness
Overcome the darkness

(Let light, let light, let light overcome)
(Let light, let light, let light overcome the darkness)

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Our Last Night Let Light Overcome The Darkness Comments
  1. 3RaNded Lowkey

    This gives me Linkin Park vibes and I like it. Love y'all's music and covers.

  2. Edie Beacon

    we need a full one now with that 1:26 clip
    makes me feel like a superhero

  3. Trevyn Campbell

    There’s only one WAY (truth, and life), one WAY out of this.

  4. eman fernandez

    why does this song makes me miss LP

  5. MarkRachel Lewis

    Great song. It reminds me of this: In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

  6. Deliora Mae

    okay, you guys just hit a very deep scar in my heart i tried to hide...

  7. Алексей Пилецкий

    это ахуенно

  8. ani ta

    literally crying bc of lyric, guys thank u so much, u helps me with my anxiety n depression in school time

  9. Jason Ruckman

    I feel like they are singing more and more about their faith.. and I love it

    Jason Ruckman

    "The glow on the hill is waiting for you to see it.."

  10. Raenu Raenu

    Wow 😍💥

  11. Denilson Silva

    I am from Brazil🇧🇷🇧🇷🤘

  12. Aron Fitz Wylde

    YOU LEGENDS SHOULD Do.. "In the dark" by BringMeTheHorizon?!?
    Would straight up make my year!

  13. emojesse23

    Seen y’all in Denver, people were crying when y’all played this. Great show guys

  14. Lit Costello

    My favourite song from the project

  15. k5ryannc

    Any type of song, or remake, they just do it better than anyone else!

  16. Kristoff Romanoff

    I'm crying

  17. James Reed

    I'm not usually into this type of song but man. Yall did it with this one deep song.

  18. Marcus C

    Man you guys never fail to impress.
    Easily my favorite band. Tour in KC sometime! I'd love to come and see you.

  19. cory jofre

    Our last horizon

  20. แตม' คุง

    I'm from thailand and i love you, love this song

  21. Julia Rosen

    keep going guys! your music is amazing, I'm waiting til you come to germany

  22. Максим Науменко

    thank you all, it was beautiful

  23. PríÑçé Løvé

    The voice and music is too deep n emotional

  24. 山下健太

    That rhythm is the most beautiful thing I have heard. Sounds like synth pad but I'm probably wrong.

  25. Dilser Dilser

    Super Song weiter so Gruß aus Deutschland

  26. Pizzazle Miff

    Thanks for moving me.

  27. Angel Montoya

    Guys First of all, amazing song, second thing:" I NEED A FREAKING ACUSTIC VERSION OF THIS" ,THANX FOR MAKE AMZING MUSIC FOR US

  28. Florian Naegele

    Two Words: goose bumps

  29. Doni Triharyanto

    Bagus njir..

  30. Brian Muts

    Open up your heart and watch all the panic bursts into flames. Let Light, Overcome the Darkness.

  31. thunderouswiisdom

    Every time I'm sad or in bad mood I put on OLN music to lift me up or shead some tears.
    You're definitely getting the message across loud and clear. We can conquer any darkness that comes our way when we "hold the light and it'll make it easier to shine".
    Thank you for shining God's light onto us from your music and your beautiful souls. All of you are amazing artists!! 💜💜💜💜

  32. Silvester grimgoth

    mehn i love this song from the fist beat long live rock and roll.
    a like if any kenyan reads this

  33. Petra Brecl

    To soft :(

  34. franklin :3 steven

    Al parecer soy el unico hispanohablante que conoce la banda

  35. franklin :3 steven

    Hermoso :3

  36. Tito Incognito

    Hey Quinn

  37. Ahmed Khan

    I told my sister about this song and she loved it.

  38. X-Werewolf

    I'm in love with this song, need the album so much

  39. bagus mana

    Bagus tu

  40. mitch57293

    Ive been listening to our last night since 2010. Ive seen them live 5 times since then, and for a time i called them my favorite band. Ive taken photos with matt and i have over 8 "our last night" tee shirts. I do not like the sound change theyve went through. They started doing covers and they changed after they got popular for them. Thats how bands work, they do what the people want. Im a minority for loving their old sound but they never lost their message. They are preaching beautiful messages. I dont like their current sound but their minds are as sharp as ever, i love it. "If i could run the clocks i would but their hands are out of mine"

  41. aiden banks

    I love all this bands songs. Their music is so good. I love songs like this probably the most because it's different then the normal genre

  42. Mr. Candy Man 2.0

    I don't like it, i thought it was gonna be metal or rock but trap??? No thank you

  43. Ishikava Goemon

    Have you guys ever make a cover of your own song or we can say remix??
    I know your song are perfect in real version but being as a fan...
    Justthinking about what if background music is same like this 👇


  44. Yopi Kurnia

    Nice 🔥🔥🔥👍

    To indonesia 🇮🇩

  45. Александр Горбунов

    Да ахуенчик, чо тут скажешь...

  46. Piotr Piećka

    I love this songs

  47. Alqan Thariq


    KEEP WORKING/////////////////////

  48. elyk taert

    You guys always tell a story, doesn't matter what it is. It hits home always for some years now, thanks for the flow bro's

  49. Ryan Goodner

    I DIDNT GET THE MUSIC VIDEO TIL THE END!!!! WOW such an amazing song and video! Good job guys!

  50. Alex Zak


  51. Liam Flynn

    Still in love with this song...

  52. Yo soy Saban

    the best

  53. aarm RRit

    love this band
    fc from Thailand

  54. Francois Kruger

    Our last night: Let light overcome the darkness
    Losers club: Turn light into dark!

  55. David Middleton

    This is Art..Masterpiece

  56. BOlivier


  57. Chinmai Sharma

    2:00 is the best moment in my opinion

  58. Arifah Isnaini

    What a wonderful song. I'm in love with this 😻

  59. sevren kingery

    A magical experience this song is

  60. Basam Sam

    Much love from Philippines 😍

  61. Matthew Hamburger

    Beautifully meaningful. Life saving.

  62. OverratedHero 91

    These guys are so good when they're not doing nothing but covers. Good song boys!

  63. Laly Arts

    Qui est Français et qui surkiffe OurLastNightband ?😍😍🤘🤘

  64. Dan Shaw

    This song is just beautifu, itsl nice to have a band in my life that continues to release such good songs

  65. roberto perez

    Honestly THIS is such a masterpiece. The vocals, structure of the songs, and video. Just so good.

  66. SCGSlipknot

    Love it

  67. marcbravo44

    This band was a big part of my freshman year in 2014. That wasn't a very good point in my life and their music really helped me. I still remember seeing you guys around 300k subs and hearing Same Old War for the first time and just falling in love with the band. If you guys play in PA im definetely gonna make sure i come see, glad to see you guys are doing well


    Thanks for sticking with us! Your support means the world to us! We're playing in Philly on Dec. 1, and Pittsburgh Dec 3! Head to ourlastnight.com for tickets!! Hope to see you there!

  68. Andres Cubias Chacon

    OLN espero sigan teniendo exito, ustedes merecen mas reconocimiento que cualquiera de los otros cantantes vamos si se puede son los mejores <3

  69. thanatos .s

    And I keep coming back to this song...

  70. Ismael Andrada

    deja que la luz vensa la oscuridad gran canción hermosa letra

  71. Elizabeth Duke

    Plot twist! 😂 this is a great song though!!


    This is so cool 💕🔥

  73. The Coder8

    These songs are amazing they really get to me and it also helps me sleep and with that Voice just WOW

  74. Leonardo Gaming

    Do sleeping with the sirens if you can’t hang

  75. Edie Beacon

    Shyt makes me feel just how alone i really am

  76. Liam Flynn

    1:15 is when I KNEW I loved this song

  77. Oreowolf66

    Love this song and all your other songs too ❤❤

  78. Paul Mellendorf

    Could you guys do the Halloween theme cover (John Carpenter's) for Halloween?!?!?!

  79. Agustina Piedra

    Wuuuuaw, it's great!!!❤

  80. Liam Flynn

    Still sharing and loving :) so proud of you guys.. ILYM

  81. Constantin Wardin

    I can't tell how much I like this song and all of your songs.

  82. Kavyesh Shah

    I don't know why but i remembered LP's song the messenger! While listening to this music!

  83. Daniel Nur Setyawan

    awesome song...i love it..greeting from Solo, Indonesia

  84. Ziyx — Thomas Fox

    It's different, not my type but keep it up, it's quality for sure 👍

  85. Bitupan Deka

    My favorite band is LINKIN PARK n still n 2nd one u Guys Our last night

  86. Andrea Alvarez Arcila

    Am I...Am I a joke to you?

  87. Twilight Moon

    This comment will probably get lost in a sea of comments, but I will type the comment anyways. This band saved me many times when I wanted to give up on living. Their lyrics are meaningful. I love Our Last Night


    We're glad you found the strength to keep moving forward. Keep your chin up!

    Twilight Moon

    @OurLastNightBand Thank you so much for reading, replying, and the ❤ When I saw the notification, I was like😮

  88. Ryan Cox

    Epic song. :3

  89. Ghost

    Nice song!

    Totally left-field suggestion... but you guys should look into doing a cover of Natasha Bedingfield's "Pocket Full of Sunshine." Obviously once you guys are done doing your original work, but I feel like you guys could really revitalize the song with your vocal range and instrumental talents.

  90. Mark Becker

    I wish you guys were coming to SLC.


    We're playing The Complex on November 15! Head to ourlastnight.com for tickets!

  91. Gerardo Joel Chavez Romero

    Love this song, its great
    And all of them too 💕

  92. Rifky Syaifulloh

    Seriously dude, I love it 😍😍😍

  93. Nadie

    Spain Tour?? 🙏🙏🙏😭


    We'll be back soon!

  94. Елена Еленция

    Нереально крутые ребята. Я бы гимн России в их исполнении послушала))

  95. Light Lorraine

    This couldn’t feel more meant to be for me.. I was close to losing everything days ago, still might. Thank you

    Light Lorraine

    My dad died a year ago oct 4 also and I’ve been going through so much all at once and it seemed unending and I have no body but thanks for being here you guys are fam..

  96. Pamela Pinedo