Our Last Night - Ivory Tower Lyrics

Your ivory tower is falling down and we
Got what we wanted

Brick by brick we'll take it all
The higher the throne, the further the fall
Gravity will finish what we started

You think you're made of gold, untouchable
Consumed with power, you feel on top of the world
Deep down I know you're scared
Take my hand
So I can pull you off your high horse
Take my hand
So I can pull you off your high horse

Your ivory tower is falling down and we
Got what we wanted

Brick by brick we'll take it all
The higher the throne, the further the fall
Gravity will finish what we started
Brick by brick we'll take it all
The higher the throne, the further the fall
Gravity will finish what we started

You will find yourself on the wrong side of history
A predator turned to prey, dissolved into a memory

You never saw us coming
Blind spots will leave you vulnerable
Hindsight won't save you now

Your ivory tower is falling down and we
Got what we wanted

Brick by brick we'll take it all
The higher the throne, the further the fall
Gravity will finish what we started

Brick by brick we'll take it all
The higher the throne, the further the fall

There's no fight left for you here
Your time is up
There's no fight left for you here
Your time is up

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Our Last Night Ivory Tower Comments
  1. victoria theressa agustinawati

    I miss my God

  2. Brad Hayes

    Song slaps.

  3. Aidan Lyons

    “Metalcore is dead”

  4. Orelinha 96

    I love your music I have all downloaded you do a very wonderful job I am a fan of you quality music

  5. chitbaone naing


  6. Fluke kung


  7. Fluke kung


  8. Fluke kung


  9. Fluke kung


  10. Thiago Bruno

    Como alguém da deslike nisso. Os cara são fera, na moral.

  11. Justin Petty

    Ivory Tower Halo 2 memories anyone?

  12. LyC Gaming

    😙love frm indonesia ..

  13. yetti ready

    You feel my play list tonight made it today for ya all

  14. yuu tatsumi

    Cool i love it ..

  15. Muhammad Ridwan Hamdani

    I love it!!! nice song, nice voice and cool with 2 handsome vocalist.... perfect!!
    so why this band still not shared in my country of indonesia??

  16. GamerTop Run

    Тут нахуй все пиздаотьёбки АнглиПизды

  17. A C K L E S H O L I C

    Binge watching every our last night video cause why not? They’re great.

  18. Derrick Sarazin

    When I listen to Our Last Night so do my neighbors...


    Crank it up to 11!

    Derrick Sarazin

    Always is bro I have the cops here at least once a week!

  19. Judith Rhodes

    This is my absolute favorite!!!!

  20. Pranav Raj

    Hehe boy...

  21. Pranav Raj

    When Trevor scream which make this song more rigged one.... If you all agree like my comment

  22. Pranav Raj

    Rigged song ever.....

  23. Matthew Maher

    who is here in 2019?

  24. Starship Two

    Trevor screams are fucking sick

  25. Amber Harmon

    Wish their new songs were like this

  26. Abdul0h Abdul


  27. Jeric Lameda

    The best band😊

  28. R.G 6426

    This song and this band is the best❤️

  29. Easton Weil

    Um yes please

  30. Helt bröl


  31. Official Rozaini

    This is perfect. This is how Our Last Night used to be.


    More coming soon!

  32. Tha_Dong

    One of the best bands I've ever listened to, they have incredible skills, great covers but their originals are just phenomenal. I can't say enough how glad I am I discovered this band.

  33. Galaxy art Lord

    These guys remind me so much of linkin park

  34. Riley Cox

    thank you guys for the guitar

  35. Katia Weissler

    Amazing band - the original songs and the covers!!


    this song so good

  37. Tiago Martins

    Really sick

  38. criscemini cemini


  39. Agaa PRII

    from indo i am alone fans our last night

  40. Isaque Patricio

    one word: SICK!

  41. Clawdia James

    You guys should def cover some Hayley Kiyoko. She's amazing and I'd love to see some rock covers of he songs. Also, show your support for the LGBT community with it. Mo love, mo fans

  42. michael

    has to be one of the heaviest songs OLN has made ever since oak island. loving this song.

  43. Arnab Das

    I can feel your dedication brothers.
    *Rock must rise again*

  44. Ann wee

    Uffff aguante Our last night LPM!!!


    Pfshaha bring it on little boys! Please if you want my throne, you got it! You want to pull me off my high horse? Go for it sweetcheeks. Bring it on! Please tell me again about my blind spots? Pfshaha I'm scared, I'm terrified! Lmao! You install fear in me! 😇😈😇😇😇guess what, I have no clue about you because I'm so deaf, dumb, and blind! Bring your A games little boys! To take this 👑 I welcome all who are feeling ambitious to step right up and take their best shot. You all will win! Also, 'OUR LAST NIGHT ' will be a giant success. They will be the greatest band and nobody will forget about then right now! Oops! 😇 huge success this band is I say! Heehee! Blind spot! That's hilarious!

  46. Keith Beamish

    I hope they drop a whole album like this. Heavy screams mixed perfect with soft vocals. I love this song. It's a hard balance because if you do to much soft or a few all singing no screaming songs the album loses metal fans. I want a whole album of this lol

  47. LordofSorrow7

    Crazy thing, still good, awesome guys you are.

  48. Ryan Arrington

    Fuk yea

  49. Huseri jusg


  50. Scheynon DE

    Fucking sick ! Love it ❤️

  51. Fahrul Rozi

    My favorite band

  52. mandalahouse

    I didn't know if anyone could fill the void of Chester Bennington's missed presence. Our Last Night are healing that hole and taking the "Spiritual Gangster" spot.

  53. Michael anderson

    You guys are just incredible 😁😁

  54. Samantha Sherhag

    I love Alex/Woody!!!!!!!!

  55. Aidan Lyons

    This goes hard, shits metal as FUCK.

  56. Luis Jose Garcia

    Its actually really impressive how can i love every single fucking video you guys upload! I freaking love this one!!

  57. Zack Choate

    okay first of all people this is post-hardcore its gonna be hard and these guys are amazing i followed them since there first album if you don't like it don't comment and don't listen to there music keep it up Our Last Night Looking Forward to new music

    Martin Schoenmakers

    I agree

  58. Адриан Гончаров

    Adept hello

  59. Boris Cavender

    i dont know why but when i see these guys i feel a lot better like they drown me into their positive energy

  60. Joshu - Bass

    I was looking for the crew 2

  61. Danamerta3 Official

    Please come to BALI!!!!😔

  62. Spal Jacobres

    I like this band 😍🤘🤘

  63. yobab77

    Best thing about listening to metal is their lyrics is quite deep and relevant compared to most mainstream pop music. FTW Our Last Night. Rockon!

  64. Adam Handlin

    I need a way to make an hour long loop of 0:02 to 0:05

  65. Didik kuswantoro

    Favorite band our last night

  66. Jim Vue

    Still Can't listen enough of this band!


    Best song of all time

  68. Adriana Rammairone

    This video and song is so sick <3<3<3 I love you guysss soooooooo muchhhhhhhh <3

  69. Boris Patsyuk

    after listening to a bunch of your songs I'm proud to announce that you guys are one of my favorite bands!

  70. Hunter Dibble

    I saw them perform this live tonight. FUCKING AMAZING. If you get the chance to see them live, do it.

  71. Allison Deshazo

    Best fkn band EVER!!

  72. Garrett Coyle

    Really wish i could have seen these guys when they were in portland was a kinda upset

  73. Brad Emerson

    AWESOME song. I really wish these guys would do some Linkin Park covers, I would LOVE to hear Trevor rock some Chester Bennington vocals!!!

  74. Bryan

    I nvr liked heavy but you guys do it so right im subbed

  75. priceless heart

    Wow..awesome video..Ivory Tower..my first time watching it..love the lightning effect..I'm enfatuated!

  76. TFNA Peter Bays

    I like them, but i would listen to them more often if they were slightly heavier, this in my opinion is their best song so far

  77. Abel

    This is Heavy!

  78. Armağan Baklacı

    One more underrated song.

  79. Jacob Siebert

    The beat kinda sounds like sonic

  80. Kunal Chand

    Totally a new level of perfection.

  81. Kazuko Sakurada

    I got me a new favorite band.. 😍😍

  82. Katelyn Reynolds

    A band that is pure gold

  83. Vincent Lucianno

    Epic Track Guys! This & Home are my Favs! When you coming to the UK next?

  84. Prathip Bunaun

    สุดยอดครับ from Thailand

  85. Kabelo Gondo

    If i can only see you life guys... yallz are so amazing

  86. Fsociety.dat_00 #Encarandosobrenatural

    BRAZIL 2018

  87. Ángela Russo

    I feel like this song is dedicated to people who feel like they are morally superior to others, because they think "the right thing". In some way, the whole album is dedicated to those people, modern social justice warriors, extreme feminists, etc. The whole album is about the actual political situation society is going through, and how people feel about it. You know what im talking about. Lemme know if you feel the same.
    So, i reaaaally reaaaally think this is a fucking great album, and this album is so fucking amazing. Thank you, guys, you are the B E S T. ♡

    jonathan Isenhour

    Ángela Russo I try not to look too deep into songs or their meaning, I just like to enjoy the sound and lyrics

  88. Desekrated

    Ivory tower was a good map in h2 ^_^

  89. Maurice

    Filmed and edited by:

    Yeah...... i think somebody forgot something x3 ♥

  90. Yakitori

    Anyone else expecting an Adept cover?

  91. Bernardo Henriques

    Obrigado por me teres indicado esta música Inês Santos!

  92. Ayush Shaw

    u and your songs r Rocking Rocking

  93. Idk Idk2

    Fuck yesssss 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
    I love you guys 🙌🙌🙌🙌💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  94. Pablo Luque

    Aaa que buena canción saludos desde Argentina que buena banda!