Our Last Night - Hysteria Lyrics

This is the end, the sky is falling down, but is it?
Hope fades, with every passing hour
You could find an apocalypse in a bed of flowers
Real talent, super powers
Are you this way, when no one is around?

Treading water till you drown, and now you're gasping for air
You could be standing on solid ground
But you're sinking
Sinking like a stone

The sun shines bright
But everybody locks themselves inside
They come out at night to howl at the moon
Hysteria, hysteria, hysteria, hysteria
They come out at night to howl at the moon

Stop, and smell the roses
You might see something that you never noticed
Just take a breath, no need to panic
Take a look around, panoramic
(You could find an apocalypse in a bed of flowers)
Real talent, super powers

The sun shines bright
But everybody locks themselves inside
They come out at night to howl at the moon
Hysteria, hysteria, hysteria, hysteria
They come out at night to howl at the moon

I will not cave to your hysteria
I will not cave to your hysteria
I will not cave, I will not cave

The sun shines bright
But everybody locks themselves inside
They come out at night to howl at the moon
The sun shines bright
But everybody locks themselves inside
They come out at night to howl at the moon
Hysteria, hysteria, hysteria, hysteria
They come out at night to howl at the moon

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Our Last Night Hysteria Comments
  1. Telma Santos

    i need to see them live again.....this is amazing

  2. Depy Triana

    Make the video clip for this please .. this is awesome song 🖤

  3. Diego Caleb

    Bem que podia rolar tour desse álbum aqui no Braza! 🔥

  4. dream øn avatar

    the first 30 seconds remind me of starset

  5. Zach Z

    Oh man, awesome song guys! Some of that guitar work reminds me of Oh, Sleeper! Keep killing it!

  6. Ryan Bauer

    Bro this shit slaps

  7. Villix

    So good but wish it didn't fade out towards the end

  8. shy L

    Love it

  9. Papon Lapate

    Gotta be honest, most song in this album took two tries for me to actually like them (except the beaten path ofc, that one is hella lit), but once I start to like it, they all sound hella good! Guess it's time to wander between two sacred places....

  10. Liam Flynn

    I really don't want to like you guys anymore bc I think Matt is a douche canoe... However this album is fucking amazing... Stay douchey

  11. MIRa Mira

    I love your songs 😍

  12. Mãrìåñ Kryst

    😄супер, крутая песня...

  13. DelWayne Owen

    When I read the title, I thought you guys were covering Def Leopard.

  14. Gabriel Marques


  15. Jared Land

    Love ❤️

  16. Juan Carlos Santos

    Ilove this😍🔥🤘

  17. The Night Howler

    Is the album done? Cause I can't wait to buy it

    Oli N

    Yes I think so

    The Night Howler

    @Oli N cool, I have to buy it

  18. Austin Schmidt

    My advice even tho I'm a nobody and your pretty much famous but as a part/fun time producer is pull back the compressor on the drums chained with audio it sounds like they are punching way thru the whole mix other than that sounds fucking awesome

    Austin Schmidt

    If you even read comments from fans

    Oli N

    They do.... mostly

  19. Felipe Santos

    oh God, I fall in love for this song

    I'm hysteric right now ♥️

  20. Pежа Анонимный

    OLN keep alive !!!!!

  21. Pushkar Bokarey official

    Thank god there is still better music to listen , than pop shit...👍🥂

  22. The Turtle Family


  23. Gaara Areia

    Eu adoro our last night e muito nostálgico!

  24. Sarah Dunkle

    Goosebumps on the chorus ❤️

  25. Vaughn Blaylock

    I don't hate this at all. Kinda sounds like Bring Me The Our Last Night's Horizon.

  26. Aylê Roqueiro

    Yeeeeeeah!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🎧

  27. Christina Of doom

    I love this band have for a few years now BUT BRUH THATS WAY TO CLOSE TO THE APC LOGO .....JS

  28. Tate Jenkins

    You guys should cover Why Don’t We Come to Brazil. It would should so good with some metal!!! 🤘

  29. Xsaber06 X

    Trevor screams ❤

  30. HardcoreDandy

    Best album of all time. That's why I love Our last night thwy keep evolving over time and they remain heavy and experimental at the same time

  31. Ziyx — Thomas Fox

    I love your album guys but im often disappointed with the ending : that one is just fade out, its frustrating to me... and the previous song Outnumbered clearly lacks a last chorus after the bridge (feels weird to me that it ends after the bridge, its lacking a last chorus to me, somehow)

    And i see those comments already and I answer right before : everyone is giving his positive opinion in the comments and dont get insulted for that ^^ So a constructive criticism like im doing is totally allowed and normal

    The 2 last songs were dope, i just feel it... lacks something at the end

  32. Blank Vic

    Never disappointed

  33. Viko Peralta

    wow siempre los mejores... buena canción llmll...

  34. Mayra A. Vargas

    Esta canción es la puta bestia. Lo mejor del álbum, tremenda letra, más profunda que un acantilado my Men. En hora buena

  35. Doguetto

    0:47 So fuckin' good

  36. Derk Ender

    Honestly this band shines when they are heavy and light at the same time stick to this sound.

  37. Tony Walker

    AMAZING. To the Bitter end lol

  38. Peanut

    This album is SO good! You guys never fail to amaze me as each album release is more amazing than the last, you guys have improved so much since I first became a fan of y’all 9 ish years ago. The vocals are insanely amazing, Tim’s drumming is so badass, and I love the guitar tricks Woody has started doing when performing 😹 I wish I could have seen y’all live in Dallas but I couldn’t afford tickets unfortunately.
    I will forever be y’all’s biggest fan!

    P.S. I don’t know if y’all read all comments but if you’re ever in need of a back up singer for some reason it would be my dream come true!😂 It’s not a realistic goal, I know, but a girl can dream!

  39. kevin rosenberg

    Best Song ever!!!! 🔥☠️🦋

  40. NOYA 19


  41. ENDERwigginMEDIC

    This feels like your sound . Amazing job and riff transition

  42. Hadid Khalifah

    Thought you guys covered muse song😆

  43. Hadid Khalifah

    Thought you guys covered muse song😆

  44. C1 Channel 2

    love your voice mat and the guitar amazing good scream vocals trev

  45. C1 Channel 2

    love you mat and amazing screams trev my boi

  46. [dc]auu Oversky

    We love you "Our last night band " : )

  47. Boris Bakker

    This song is so fucking good! ❤️

  48. Sace One

    thought it was a muse cover

  49. hyeon n1n2 7oi


  50. Ahmad Shokib

    Apik banget


    Wait for video clip 😍

  52. ekユージニオえ

    Tidal :'c?

  53. yuu tatsumi

    So epic 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  54. Aurora Gómez

    reportense mexicanos!!

  55. Painkiller488 X

    *Muse wants to know your location*

  56. Riley Cox

    Any song they release is going on my play list i dont know about all of you

    protocole zulu

    For real 🤧

  57. Ryan Gonsalves

    Is it just me, or is this song like the poster child for "Overcome the darkness." Nevertheless, love you guys, another amazing song!!! I'd say keep it up but you always step up the bar.

  58. xxAM MPxx

    Who are your music influences??

    Tony Walker

    Good question. I hope they respond

  59. yobab77

    Heavy and awesome. More like this.

  60. Marcel Thiesen

    I guess I have a new favorite song now! :)

  61. Anna Kalhöfer

    I love it so much.... 😍😍😻🎼🎶

  62. Tu Vieja

    Thought it was a cover from Muse's at first.


    Love it

  64. Namjoonzinha S2

    Alguém em 2019??

    Henry u.u

    Todo mundo né :)

    Rafael Matos

    Quero que lancem o vídeo deles cantando pra pôr no status kk

    Nicolas Barcelos

    Eu ainda estou em 2013, algo está errado.

  65. Foi

    This album is such a banger! The guys did such a great job.

  66. dead zone

    I haven’t heard you riff like that in a big minute, Matt! Hot damn, definitely the favorite so far

  67. Emi G

    Luv u guys!!!

  68. Greg Jonson

    Not gonna lie. I read the title and I was expecting a kickass bass line in the intro.

  69. Gabriel Santos

    BRASIL alguém? Salve 😍🤟🏼❤️

    Matt I Love You 😍🤟🏼

    Lucas Miller


    Henry u.u

    BR representando

    Solzinho Extrela

    Br tá em td canto skksksk


    @Solzinho Extrela realmente ksks achei que nunca ia encontrar um BR aqui

  70. Billy Maulana


  71. Rantanu Nag

    The timing of this song can't be more perfect. Thank you Our Last Night

  72. Liam Flynn

    I don't know if I love this or Humans become our gods better... Trevor's parts in these are epic...

  73. TerraWorld

    Meilleur son 🤘

  74. CharGuitarGirl

    This is honestly the best album you’ve ever done. Creatively and musically so, so good 🔥

    Daniele Moscardini

    True, they keep getting better and better.

  75. alejandra suarez

    I love so much 😍😍😍😍😍🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴 Colombia.

  76. Orelinha 96

    Mais uma pra coleção já vou baixar aqui

  77. Velan Velan Saja

    Woooww...i love this song. Greeting from Indonesia

  78. Shb 1913

    Может уже пора всё изговнять и выпустить кавер ? 😂

  79. Skill For Kill

    Insane album!!

  80. Marco Antonio Costa

    The best song in the album! We need a guitar playthrough of this by Matt

  81. AyiiRizkii

    Warga +62

  82. Tyler Gish

    Love it! Drum play through would be amazing!

  83. rio putrapratama

    This is very cool 🤘

  84. RealJoux

    Great sound, fade-outs are a little passé though :P Otherwise good though

  85. игорь суворов

    Amazing, love this screaming so much. Thanks, Trevor you r amazing

  86. Black Paradox

    Youtube you have failed me.

    Black Paradox

    No notification

    Tony Walker

    @Black Paradox 😂😂😂😂👌 TRUTH

  87. Jacob Spitalny

    Been waiting for this since we will all evolve album

  88. Liam Flynn

    Love this song... Love you Matt

  89. Double Me

    🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 loves u

  90. Keyboard silence

    Звук если честно какой то плоский,бас какой то неатмосферный моно звучный,да и в целом по сравнению со старыми треками,как будто с 320kb упало на 128! Очень уважаю Ваше творчество,желаю развития и прежнего мастеринга!

  91. Greywolf

    Маломато просмотров за такие старания.(


    Они никогда и не были особо известны(только в широких кругах) У них есть своя особая аудитория, которая любит их, такими, какие они есть)

  92. Chrissy Ramsamy

    Damn, this is lit ❤❤

  93. Payton Norris


  94. Oli N

    Tbh I prefer their lighter stuff but their heavier stuff is still amazing! Great job guys!



  96. Bianca M.

    I love this song so much!!

  97. just ok guides to awesomeness

    Fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  98. Андрей Тихонов

    Wait for acoustic version❤🔥

    Любитель крутого

    Она в принципе не нужна чувак😉

    Любитель крутого

    Ты до сих пор не подписался на OLN? Зря...


    This version would be the better one 😂😉

    Diego Rincon


    Oli N

    Fuck ye!