Our Last Night - Every Time Our Earth Shakes Lyrics

Wave after wave
No change in my faith
I'm here for you through high or low
Every time our earth shakes
I'll fight through the pain
I'll die before I ever let you go

I made this promise to keep it
I won't let you slip away so easy
Even if it feels like we're fading
It's gonna take a little more than the earth shaking

So throw away the back up plans
Don't look back, just take my hand

Wave after wave
No change in my faith
I'm here for you through high or low
Every time our earth shakes
I'll fight through the pain
I'll die before I ever let you go

I'll die
Before I
I ever let you go!

Abandoned love keeps them drifting
But I won't jump ship even when it feels like it's sinking
So throw away the back up plans (Just take my hand)

Wave after wave
No change in my faith
I'm here for you through high or low
And every time our earth shakes
I'll fight through the pain
I'll die before I ever let you go

I'll die
Before I
I'll die
Before I
I ever let you go!

Surrounded by only bruised and broken love
I've seen it and I won't be like everybody else

Wave after wave
No change in my faith
I'm here for you through high or low
And every time our earth shakes
I'll fight through the pain
I'll die before I ever let you go

I'll die
(I'll die before I let you go)
Before I
(I'll fight through the pain)
I'll die
(Every time our earth shakes)
Before I
(I'll die before I ever let you go)

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Our Last Night Every Time Our Earth Shakes Comments
  1. じいどGide

    I think this song is the masterpiece in their band history. I wanna see it in live!

  2. Rana

    It's shocking how intensely music hits sometimes. And how promising it can be. "I'll die before I ever let you go." that's pretty serious shit bro, you sure you can live up to that?

  3. Jennapurr

    I'll die....before I.........I'll die before I ever.. stop listening to your music! 😏 🤍

  4. RC M

    Love this album 🌺🌺🌺💗💗💗💗

  5. Usman Kz


  6. Angel Grimaldos Gamero

    I'm here again to see if this song already saved a lot of people like it did with me ... even deeper than Sunrise.

  7. Liam Flynn

    LOVE breakdowns are fucking sick

  8. benemy

    I absolutely love this song*-* I just had to cover it..:DD

  9. DarKCABR

    holy shiet this lyrics describes me at the moment

  10. Dalton Mcmillan

    Its only because they are so known for their covers....but if people look deeper and stumble across the original stuff sheesh....well if that happens to be you, welcome.

  11. monsieur délire

    I had to replay 0:39 like five times to make sure it wasn't a gun shot outside but actually in the song

  12. Nathalia Pineda

    you are incredible. I love every song. The best. Very grateful with the life of being able to have the privilege of listening to them.

  13. Joseph Fisher

    I discovered this group on Google Play back when they first released this Album. Downloaded the whole Album immediately! Listened to it on repeat constantly. Now a month goes by, I'm back right where I started. Definitely a group you can listen to on repeat because each time you come back to it, you wonder why the hell you ever left. lol - So good!


    Thanks so much Joseph!

    Joseph Fisher

    @OurLastNightBand You're all very welcome! BTW, I've directed music videos in my past, recently got into commercial production and I'd love to do a music video for you guys if the conditions/timing is right. Check out my work: www.josephmfisher.com

  14. Marmot bob

    Inspiration at its finest. 😀

  15. EveryThingNaruto

    Please cover numb by linkin park🤜🤛

  16. H D

    I love this song and I’m like hmmm my friends will like this. And by the time I get to press share 1:34 comes up and then I’m reminded. Oh wait. Never mind then. He he he.

  17. dolphin loves

    1:35 caught me off guard😍

  18. Víctor Martínez

    Me da alegría que esta banda creció después de todo, tantos años sin escucharlos y volver a verlos más grandes y con más suscriptores

  19. Kunal Chand

    I am desperately waiting for the Official Video of this song !!

  20. VIHAR Jogi

    love you guys😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎💪💪💪💪💪💪🤘🤘🤘🤘👌👌👊✌️

  21. Kunal Chand

    Matt's Voice reminds me of those days when i used to play GTA Vice City .
    Man, those days were great!!!

  22. Inokentii Anikeev

    Can you create video for new songs with lyrics like BMTH!?

  23. Joshua McMahon

    All right people move along, nothing to see here, just another amazing original song by Our Last Night!!!! Been listening to you guys for years and y’all never disappoint!!! Not to age myself but you guys always take me back to the rock I grow up on. Keep up the great work!!!

  24. Sora’s Nobody

    Please make a music vid for this!!!!

  25. andy

    this is my fav song from their new album, it’s so good 💖

  26. Похуй на мнение

    Why is this song stuck in my head?
    Love from Russia ❤️❤️❤️

    (sorry for my bad english)

  27. vgivens2011

    Accidentally came across this band today, and I have no regrets staying to listen. Fkn amazing and Trevor’s voice 😍😍😍 perfection. You have a new fan.

    Erick Evans

    vgivens2011 Matt is the high pitch singer and Trevor is the low pitch /screamer just so you know


    @Erick Evans yea I do know, but thanks for your input.

  28. Singing Suzy

    I'm in love with this song. I wonder how an acoustic version would sound

  29. Bills Nephews


  30. caden whitaker

    Who else loves the guitar

  31. K. C

    I love this song❤

  32. Lita Hagmeier

    Definitely one of my favorite songs right now! ❤️🤘❤️

  33. Semen Blinderman

    Скатились, мне кажется. take me back to younger Dreams…Я слушаю сейчас we Will all evolve, ghosts among us, age of ignorance. Когда были подписаны на тот самый лэйбл и альбомы были лучше, мне кажется

  34. xxAM MPxx

    My second favorite song on this album 🙌🏻💜🤘🏻

  35. Котейка

    Музон просто класс ✨

  36. Randy Poseluzney

    Awsome song keep it up guys. Love it

  37. What Skill

    your music is amazing my favorite is your Eleanor Rigby cover

  38. EncrementBand


  39. Rizky Maslinda

    Wonderful 😭 make me wanna cry

  40. Sharifah Norshahirah


  41. Aaron Przybycien

    Usually your vocal placements are kinda weird. But this song is fucking good.

  42. Jakk B-Nimble

    You guys are fuqqing amazing 👌🏾🤟🏾

  43. Soraya Moore

    Babes, it’s been gettin real good

  44. Wyatt Sutton

    I love your mix is different on your songs than on your covers. :)) If you know what I mean ;)


    Love you guys original music.

  46. cec_mdn

    Fav song on the album

  47. Professor ShiningLegend

    What gets me the most about people. Especially elderly people it seems where I am from. They hear music like this. And already swear it off as angry and negative music. Yes, it's faster and more aggressive vocally. But to me, it makes it seem like more emotion and passion is poured into it. I cant tell you how many times...an amazing and encouraging metal band has saved me. And helped me make it to the sunrise.

  48. Professor ShiningLegend

    Question. Do you guys as a band, find a song you all want to cover. Or, do you guys take a look at what fans are requesting and decide from there?

  49. Freddie MerkYaKnees

    " By the time I give u these songs. you will be obsessed with a band u don't even know " - A friend of mine.

  50. Skiddy J.


  51. Derk Ender

    This band is highly underrated.

  52. Joseph Bastidas

    Solid song. It's crazy to remember how young Trevor was when he started and how he's still killing it

  53. Wilhelmina Sol

    This track is so fucking amazing, it inspires me so much to write my stories because it really connects with one of my characters ! I LOVE your album so far !! Thank you for this ❤ Cheers from France :) !

  54. Night Hunter

    Hell yeah this song is lit and love ya guys! Stay awesome! As always shout out from OLNFans in New Mexico!

  55. Catty

    Who is a fan of this group? GIVE A THUMBS UP :D

  56. gamer girl

    Oh man I got chills at 1:35

  57. gamer girl

    How do you guys do it? Just killing it everytime

  58. Liliana Boneva

    U R great

  59. Ashley Fauver

    I've listened to this album a million times and I'm in love with it. I can't wait for part 2 to come out, you guys killed it in Philly!! Castle in the Sky and Bury the Hatchet are EPIC!! #OLNforLife

  60. Tha Donginator

    All your music is amazing, i haven't heard a song I don't like yet. Keep up the great work guys. Love your covers but don't stop making originals, that's where you all really shine.

  61. keano jones

    always a hit

  62. stichy mckelles

    Our Last Night NEVER disappoint

  63. Károly Kósa

    <3 wow :)

  64. Vaibhav Prince

    Listening songs of our last night since my school days ☺👍👍👌👌

  65. Andrew Peru


  66. Reinaldo Wolf

    Im brasilian give me a heart

  67. Ziyx — Thomas Fox

    I really like the bass in the build up idk why :) Nice screams Trevor haha, I dig the whole song, thank you guys!

  68. yobab77

    Another weekend made better. Thanks OLN!

  69. Mads Alsbjerg

    Are you guys coming to Denmark this year?

  70. Doni Triharyanto

    Bukan kaleng2..

  71. Danaee Ro Ar

    Otra obra maestra. Cada cancion es excelente! Vengan a México!

  72. MinmatarDE

    This moment when Trevor turns from his anglevoice into hell... woooaaahh I love it so much! More more more!!! :-D

  73. Alvaro Donaire

    Cada vez mejor este album <3

  74. Dziubuś

    I love you

  75. StudioLyrics Brazil

    Brazilian lyrics

  76. Brian Muts

    So Lit!! EPIC!!! Woooooo!!!

  77. greenFireFox111

    Wave after wave, this song left me shaking!

  78. Etienne

    1:30 Before I....I EVER LET YOU GO!!!!

    The screams are damn perfect on this album. :)

  79. Negativity

    Omg I'm wet

    Usman Kz

    lol wut


    @Usman Kz oi m89 w0t did u sæy ab0ot me müm? I'll took û 0uť bæk and give you a right spanked

    Usman Kz

    @Negativity didn't understand anything 😂


    @Usman Kz I'm sorry :) I dont even know

  80. Kevin Berrospi

    Excelente canción mí favorito saludos desde Perú

  81. StudioLyrics Brazil

    Brasileiro? Ótimo! Acesse a tradução dessa música no meu canal: https://youtu.be/h2PRE6vjTEU

  82. Aikarei Colten

    can totally relate with the lyrics, I would say it is 100% perfect for me, I love it

  83. mucielicious

    Love from Malaysia.

    Your song haunting to soul 💪

  84. Swermie

    Oh fuck yeah, this is what I was waiting for. I love Matt's cleaner guitar parts at about 0:36, reminds me a lot of RHCP grooves. I fuckin LOVE IT.

    I'm a drummer though, so now to my bread and butter. Timmy, oh Timmy. You've done some good work on this fuckin album my guy, great rhythms in this song. I'll be working on learning it soon when I get back home from college.

    I love you guys, and I can't wait to see you in AZ soon.

  85. Ghaith Hichri

    1:30 is so litttt <333

  86. cabi

    Please don't join illuminati

  87. Matheus Rodrigues

    Brasileiro? Ótimo! Se inscreva nesse canal, ainda hoje sai a tradução dessa música. https://youtu.be/Afdvw7Gwv-s

  88. Kirin

    your songs are perfect! I love this band

  89. faisal achmad

    this is insane !

  90. nacho cavieres

    La mejor canción de este nuevo álbum, es muy completa no le falta nada, literalmente es perfecta. Los admiro saludos desde chile

  91. Carluk Garay

    nice :3

  92. Tushar D

    When you guys are stocking up your merchandise? I want to buy this album along with merchandise to show my respect and appreciation to one of the bands that i love the most. Love from India.

  93. Tawny Owl

    Can't stop listening it :)

  94. It's ME

    Fan of your screaming man

  95. Royet Labandillo


  96. r0sedread

    Lovely 🖤