Our Hollow, Our Home - Father & Ghost Lyrics

This is a pain, that just cannot be measured
Now I'm burning the candle at both ends
It's been so long since I last saw daylight
Won't someone give me a sign and lead me out of the dark
I have tried to put on a brave face, leave the past behind me
But it's not so easy, when you've lost everything that used to believe in

Am I the solution just part of the friction?

Won't someone take me away from here, cause I need you now

And I'll never forget, never forget, Never forget the words he said...

Sit with me for a little while, And don't be nervous
Cause I am not afraid of death...
The light I saw fade from your eyes
Now I see the stars in the sky
And I know we'll meet again someday
Just keep watching over me...

This is a pain beyond comprehension
Endlessly lost in my own isolation
Yet you expect me to hold us together It all feels futile

The compass points to north but we are so off course
So head straight for the belly of belly of the beast
Cause I've told you before... I am not afraid of death

I greet the reaper with open arms, "Come forth my son, for I mean you no harm"

I feel like I never told you, just what you mean to me
They say time will ease the passing, but time is all that I need
To tell you that I'm sorry, that I couldn't be there at the end
I know this is what you wanted, so I'll heed the words you said...

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Our Hollow, Our Home Father & Ghost Comments
  1. Marco Grassano

    domenico bini cultore di satanismo.

  2. KatarinaNoobLIVE

    i love all of you

  3. Stain

    Good stuff.

  4. Benjamin Beck

    Just found you guys about a week ago; so good. Come to the US!

  5. Andrew McDowe

    This truly helped me deal with my own loss, a masterpiece to be sure.

  6. Cee Eee

    Just lost my grandfather.....these lyrics man......these fucking lyrics!!!!! Thank-you!!

  7. Dylan Tallman

    After bawling like a baby to "Parting Gift", I like to come back to this one (and "Wraiths", for that matter) to get angry/defiant at Death.
    I'm so glad I found Hartsick a year ago and even happier that y'all managed to stay such an amazing and talented band. It sucks that you had to deal with what you did (fuck cancer) and my heart goes out to all of you.

  8. E D

    there's so much fuckin emotion in this song. <3

  9. Daniel Lovrich

    as a person who is rly afraid of death this rly helps me! love you guys!

  10. EvvoJr Prevails

    Cant wait to see these guys for a second time! hope they play this song! I love watching a band like this grow, its amazing to see and to see no hate in the comments (that ive noticed) is insane!

  11. Jessica H Voice

    Just read about you guys in Metal Hammer and I had to look you up. I'm SO glad I did.
    Every song has left me speechless. This one especially. Just amazing!
    You've got a new fan for sure~


    Thanks so much,glad you came across us

  12. Laura Jane

    Big tears at 3:12 💔

  13. Talon Clark

    Love your guy's sound and vocals! 🤘

  14. Corey Power

    Please come to Australia?!? Bring Bury Tomorrow with you too :)

  15. Chris

    This is a Christian band isn't it...

  16. Dillon Cooper

    Good job on this song I love the tone of the guitars, vocals and drumming, keep up the good shit

  17. kamkla

    amazing thank you for sharing such lovely music


    Thanks for checking us out

  18. Emmanuel Ostria


  19. Jonathan Diones

    This song gets so emotional after you actually listen to the lyrics it's insane. I love this band

  20. G C

    Came back for more, been listening to the album nonstop since release. And there are only two bands, and I really mean only two bands who can speak to my soul. It's Our Hollow Our Home and The Amity Affliction. Thank you for a lyrical strong album, filled with positive, uplifting yet changing thoughts and inspiration. You guys have really done an excellent job. Thank you once again. Forever and always OHOH

  21. Rin- nyan

    So emotional and beautiful,I love you guys 🖤

  22. SayEverything

    Boii does this sound amazing or what? Fucking love this my god! can't wait to see you guys again and sing my lungs out! Much love from Portugal <3

  23. bob lacy

    Amity affliction plus early plot in you

  24. Farewell To Faith

    And please tell me I don’t have to come to the Uk just to catch a show. You need to come to the USA, it would do a shit ton for exposure. You would be surprised how many people have never heard of you guys over here, I’ve been spreading the word since hartsick but I don’t meet many metal heads lol


    Right there with you! Hoping for a US tour in the future. Doesn't matter where in the US, I'd buy a ticket in a heartbeat.


    We’d love to come to the USA when the opportunity arises. Thanks for your support and keep helping us spread the word out there 👊

  25. Farewell To Faith

    Their guitarist honestly writes some of the best riffs in the game right now, this band gives such a whole new meaning to the word underrated it doesn’t even seem appropriate. I have no idea why they aren’t bigger than what they are, I just listened to the entire album on google play but I’m going to buy it and a shit ton of merch because if anybody deserves support it’s you guys

  26. Mikej-Jon Gaming

    Wow! Just wow!

  27. paul anthony mutya

    \m/ alright!! \m/

  28. Lucas Gonzalez

    Ustedes son lo mejor, los amo infinitamente.

  29. Mr Str

    Si this basically how Blessthefall should have sound after Hollow Bodies...
    2010's bands go to rock but bands like yours are here to follow up !

    Thanks for being here OHOH, this album is unreal, better than the first for me (wich means a lot for me cause hartsick was really great !)

    Keep it up guys, you're becoming one of the biggest metalcore band !

    Love you all <3

  30. Jose Ruiz

    What a good song I do not expect and the following songs from this album come out soon. Great band guys explosion and serenity in their songs always amazing with their material.

  31. DeViLsFaNo6

    Love the screams and clean vocals!!

  32. DeViLsFaNo6

    Y'all fucking rock!

  33. smokedrive95

    Gran canción, saludos desde México

  34. J B

    Passion and power is the best way to describe this masterpiece of a song!

  35. Huber Thomas

    Mal n Deutsches Kommentar.

    Ich verfolge euch ewig und Hartsick war mega geil jetzt ist das Album da und der Song hat mich schon Geflasht

  36. Gk Davis9943

    This band can do no wrong.

  37. jay hundley

    I love the accent you can hear in the cleans🤘🏼🤘🏼

  38. Dougie MYFH

    How much would it cost for your clean singer to sing me to sleep? That shit is amazingly humble, I wouldn't mind harsh vocals screaming in my ear either :)

  39. JustWowism

    Y'all get me through some dark times, and I spread word of you wherever I can.
    Keep doing what you do, band of brothers.

  40. Tuti Bins

    Looking forward!

  41. Colton Crain

    This is... sobering

  42. Dillon Cooper

    Rest assured I’ll be buying this album! This song is great and Our Hollow, Our Home never disappoints. 😁🤘

  43. Victor Frederiks

    Just when I thought it couldn't get any better <3

  44. Manuel Hofer

    And they did it again🤘🤘

  45. VERIAL

    Very cool😘

  46. Vize

    This is fucking crazy!!

  47. Plat BK

    Holy fuck!! This breakdown make me cum !!

  48. Darksoulist

    Ugh I just can't wait for this album to come out already! Between this and Tanuki's newest album 2018 has been amazing

  49. Búri

    This, is bloody good

  50. John john

    Nice af

  51. Comrade Питер

    One of the modern metalcore bands that actually have their own unique sound. Love it <3

  52. Para noia

    Can't wait to hear all new songs...
    Great work...

  53. Chris Hurley

    Adding this to my metalcore list. Nice digs guys! ;)

  54. jck1794

    good shit boys

  55. Xiwa wa

    Lovely dude, a masterpiece, Saludos desde Chile

  56. Ollie Huxford

    Awesome track! Can't wait for this album. My Wife has pre ordered for my bday on the 22nd. Any chances you'll play in Reading anytime?


    Thanks so much for the music all you make.

  58. Dark Scream

    First time listener! I can say I’ll definitely stick around. This was awesome I’ll look into some older stuff. Have a good day everyone 🤚🏻

  59. Samuel Decker

    Holy fuck guys. This is truly amazing. This song fucked me up. I need this album like yesterday. Keep up the great work!

  60. Jairo Garxia

    Your's music is awesome congratulation😎😎

  61. Michael Roche

    Their last album was perfect and these new songs are way beyond those. One more week guys and its ours for the listening

  62. Jerry Johnson

    Needing this album to drop, my neighborhood needs new music blasted

  63. Dolvak

    I'm really happy that I had the chance to meet you guys and see you live in Porto, Portugal! I'm really excited for this album! Hope we meet again and when the album comes out, I will listen to it non-stop

  64. AnchorRush Gaming

    Hits home way to hard.. Can relate way too close.. beautifully written.

  65. daniel carr

    need do a uk tour

  66. Um canal ae

    Just... AMAZING!

  67. Rebeka Bedő

    I really love this🖤🤘🏻🖤

  68. kevin schurgers

    You guys never fail to deliver 🔥🔥🔥

  69. Antonio

    For fuck sake, the potential in this band is amazing. We're waiting for your ass in Romania. This is the best album until now.

  70. Lau Rie

    Wow perfect !! I Need more now !!! Thank u guys !! Hope to see you soon in France !!!

  71. GrayFall

    Can't wait for this album! Hartsick was my favorite album of last year, and I'm so excited a new album is to be released just a year after. It's been fun listening to you guys evolve throughout your albums, and I hope you guys keep up the excellent work!

  72. Sick Of Me

    Why are there dislikes?¿ 😤😤

  73. Ilja

    love. you. guys.

  74. Lewis Fisher

    Undoubtedly the new metalcore kings of Southampton 👑

  75. Agustin Garces

    you're the best guys ! .Great album come soon

  76. Julio Alvear

    i love this band !! they are so amazing !!

  77. Ashlynn Aponte

    Another banger boys!!! Fuck yes!!! Kings of hooks and killer melodies draped across elegantly pummelling harmonized rhythms and perfect brutal vocals spewing meaningful words line after line. Rare line ups are this perfect for each other. \m/

  78. MD Red

    fuck that one guy who disliked all i gotta say lol

  79. Oscar Anibal Sierra

    Big fan of Connor's growls!

  80. Austin Warren

    Inks new album is a banger and it looks like ohoh new album is going to be a banger

  81. Will' Miguel

    Ansioso pelo álbum, vocês são incríveis 🤩

  82. JN Perez

    This album will be a masterpiece! \m/

  83. wearyourskin

    Ohmy. OHOH you did it again.
    My emotional senses is tingeling.

  84. Martin Octaviano Silva


  85. Luca Albanese

    wow, another great song, you guys are amazing

  86. Jacob Elliott

    Dudes... gnarly!!

  87. Leanne

    “To tell you that I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there at the end” is the bit that got me. Amazing as expected and I can’t wait for the 19th!

  88. TagXvega

    Get this on Spotify QUICK so I can share with everyone I know! You guys rock!

  89. Lu Bu

    Another banging track from the lads. You all are criminally under appreciated. Much love from USA.

  90. Alex Kosinski

    Whoever disliked must of got lost on the way to the avenged sevenfold page

  91. Alan Shinoda

    This is Amazing \m/

  92. George King

    I'm Gonna have to ask you guys to chill. My house is currently on FIre from listening to such a great song.

  93. Putra Artia

    Never disappoint me 🔥

  94. Floliooo H

    Just soooo good 🤟
    Love it guys

  95. Joren Cloet

    What a good song, but tbh: last two singles were better! Anyone who agrees?

  96. Patriotstream Media

    This is great!!! Im glad I have you on notifications

  97. Sascha Hofmann

    Why can I only give a thumbs up once? 😭

  98. Jonny Richardson

    Absolutely beautiful! Love you boys ❤️