Otherwise - Trapped Lyrics

I feel like something is wrong
Deep in my soul
Searching for one perfect song
While losing control
And even though I don't believe in your god
Why do I pray?
I never thought breathing could be so hard
Can I be saved?

Am I alive or am I nearly dead?
I've been trapped in my head
I don't wanna fall behind, I need peace of mind
I've been trying to find myself
I've been meaning to find myself

I've lost my faith in the world
A world I despise
When even the smile from a girl is tainted by lies
And I don't know nothing about who I am, inly because
I feel like I'm only half of the man I never was

Am I alive or am I nearly dead?
I've been trapped in my head
I don't wanna lose my mind, I don't wanna fall in line
I've been trying to find my, find myself

Can you save me from myself?
Dead, I've been trapped in my head

Yeah, I've been trapped in my head
I don't w anna lose my mind, I don't wanna fall in line
I've been trying to find my…
Find myself inside this sheltered person that used to be…
(Who are you to me?) Used to be me!

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Otherwise Trapped Comments
  1. Metalhead Michael

    What website did you get the CD from?


    You can get it on iTunes. I didn't get it from there when I first found the album. I've tried finding an actual cd before and its damn near impossible, at least where I looked.

    Metalhead Michael

    +styxfan4etrnt Yeah, it's rare as hell. So why'd you order it from Denmark?


    I tried to get it from the Denmark Amazon site because they said they had it. I had to translate everything lol. about a month later they sent me an email saying they actually didn't have it

    Metalhead Michael

    +styxfan4etrnt Ahh damn! That's wack!

  2. Charles Rowland

    Me too,the newest song,Miles of Rain is what caught my attn.

  3. BloodyRed Queen

    I foundout about this band less than 10 minutes ago but I already love them!

  4. TirilBlake

    Thank you muchly for the upload and the lyrics! Love this song.

  5. Cassandra Martin.

    In Vegas, at Hard Rock? I was there! It's were I first found out about The Otherwise, I bought their tshirt because I fell in love.


    I saw them live, front row at the Stone Sour / Papa Roach concert a few weeks ago :D

  7. Kendra Masters

    Orgasm. In. My. Ears...

  8. SystolicCentaur

    watching them live with seether, puddle of mudd and black stone cherry :)

  9. styxfan4etrnt

    @phantom, yes but I wanted a real copy

  10. deadeye616

    @styxfan4etrnet This album is on iTunes.

  11. styxfan4etrnt

    I had to order this album from Denmark, I don't think they make it anymore. Its gonna run me about 50, but its definitely worth it. I wish this and shadows would have made it to the new album.

  12. Deb Davis

    next cd purchase ^5

  13. Peticulous

    Band was awesome live. I hope they are on a main stage next year. One of the best at 2012 Carolina Rebellion.

  14. Skyline soup

    Massively under rated band. Hopefully I'd like to this band live :)

  15. thewolfdancers

    amazing song :D