Other Lives - Paper Cities Lyrics

We sent them all across the ocean
Many lives were taken
Well I didn't cry, I didn't know them
And I just looked on with no expression

This land was once a home
Of friends and family
We used to know
They are all gone now
They are now gone
And for what I cannot tell

Put down your banners and flowers
This war you've made won't last
Your country, just lines on a map
They're drawn up, they don't last

The paper cities burning
The ashes fell like rain
But when the fire was over
Everything had changed

The people come together
Reminds us we're the same

Put down banners and flowers
This war you've made won't last
Your country, just lines on a map
They're' drawn up, but they don't last

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Other Lives Paper Cities Comments
  1. A. M.

    Yeah, so relevant. <3

  2. strea k

    I am crying so hard, so sad

  3. alaa halaibeh

    I can't fucking believe how such band can be underrated. I'm in love 😍

  4. Robert Sarvaš

    where dissapeared come and see other lives paper city video ? .. I really like it , .. can anybody redirect me?

  5. SOL invectus

    if you like this one, you should listen to "brett dennen ain't no reason" <3

  6. Souryadeep Bhattacharya

    This song should be on game of thrones.

  7. Hydroponic Biin

    I am in love with the melody of this song. The singer sang like a child who is tired of all division and oppression happening around him. Now he is speaking up.
    On a side note, I sent this song to everyone I love friends and family telling them this song longs to be heard. I hope they do feel what I feeling, the voice of a tiresome soul.

  8. Bradley Lacombe

    I remember back when I was in high school, someone gave me their single at a concert as a promotion.

  9. Jeff

    I've always thought this song was about world war 2.


    It could be about anything, really, these days. Europe, the Middle East, Israel, the US...
    What the fuck are we doing?

  10. Razelfa Scapez

    Tekrar yaşıyorum sonbaharı, tekrar ve tekrar.

  11. Tural Hashimov


  12. Goktug

    guess 5 guys that disliked are israeli

    Dead Amanda

    And another 4 are stupid idiots without soul.



  13. Mehmet 'ten Güneş 'e


  14. okan filiz

    I'm coming from unbroken movie 

  15. Anthony Duque

    i just  looked on with no expression........

  16. blue bird

    <3 <3 <3

  17. Westley Adame

    I stumbled across this song, as it was one of those videos on the side bar. Incidents like this make me wonder how man songs are out there, unheard of, unknown. This is truly an amazing song.  


    Other Lives makes a lot of good songs. 

  18. Erdem Aylı

    The summer was amazing, it was a refreshening water in a cold cup n we drank it like never drunk before.

  19. Akin Moroglu

    who is the tone-deaf "one dislike man" ?

  20. Eric Todd

    Reminds me a little of Elefant.

  21. EstelAshkenazy

    literally? .__.

  22. Carlos Martínez

    SHIT !!!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME !!!

  23. EstelAshkenazy

    What a great song <3

  24. Daniel m74

    Seans coldcut luvs u ya big baluga number1 seanimator62 fan

  25. Sean Galvin

    this band sounds a LOT ;like Alt-j

  26. Rebecca Darling

    This is the most beautiful, inspirational thing I have ever heard. So, so, amazing. Thank you so much for this.

  27. Jolee Bindo

    I love you

  28. Antony JC

    For me, Black Tables is better than this song. :)

  29. Interchan

    Sounds like coldplay

  30. Paul O'Neill

    A beautiful, humanist poem. A real gem of a song!
    Shame that the legions of mouth-breathing zombies brainwashed by pledging allegiance to a fiction since before they even understood the words will (by design) never get it.

    the unUSEFULidiot

    Preach brotha! 😎

  31. ALBAN425

    Thank you this very really beautiful

  32. wirelessdoggy

    this song is my favorite song of all time, this band is just so great :')

  33. Shawn Hardy

    Oh, I don't mind. I can handle it. I'm just happy I discovered this band. :)

  34. Shawn Hardy

    I can't believe I haven't heard this band until tonight. I'm so happy I could cry.

  35. Shawn Hardy

    I've been waiting for 3 thousand!

  36. Rebecca Mendez

    FYI MrRoygbiv24, your original comment wasn't sarcastic, it was a hyperbole, aka an exaggeration. Chillax and listen to the pretty music. Don't be so angry.

  37. Rebecca Mendez

    lol I love the new YouTube feature that just lets you "click to view previous comment", So much easier to follow these threads =)

  38. Saleh Doweel

    I always criticize most of nowadays artists and make fun of them, but every time I hear Other Lives I just shut the fuck up. This band is very very very very very very delightful!!!

    Am glad I saw them live!!!

  39. Brianna Daniels

    @MrRoygbiv24 What do I have to say? I have to say this: I don't give a fuck. Just enjoy the goddamn music.

  40. Brianna Daniels

    @MrRoygbiv24 Well I'm not laughing.

  41. vivarockwellable

    other lives

  42. J78Kio

    Mr. Roy's a douche

  43. Brianna Daniels

    @MrRoygbiv24 It's called sarcasm. You should try it out sometime.

  44. kf67461


  45. Scott Looper

    wow!!!! You are really that old?