Other Lives - Matador Lyrics

Everyone's ashamed
When you think it's over
Things remain

But anyone can change
If your life's not over
Anyone can change
If your life's not over

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Other Lives Matador Comments
  1. Marcos Vaz

    Simples e linda.

  2. The Hidden Hand

    Horns are my ish...

  3. Snehanshu Srivastava

    it is really good to read the mention of Love and "Alone again or". a total kickass song. Matador does have some similar elements. Love the way Other Lives has used the horns.

  4. duffy2604

    IMHO, this could be the Son of "Alone again or" by LOVE. In the best sense, it shares the same dna whilst building, recreating and taking us to greater vividness of the sound for the next generation.

  5. pannekoeken2

    love this band , nice song too. but there is a "slight" stereolab influence i the instrumental part of the song :)