Other Lives - E Minor Lyrics

I forgot something of younger days
When there were no cares
And clouds appear lit that
Made me ask how their
Lives could have been spent

Carelessly wasting our day
Inquires of what is the way
With no reply

And when you were young
There's a lightness surrounds you
The world turns
When you take back
All the things that you've earned
You found nothing at all

Carelessly wasting our day
Inquires of what is the way
With no reply

Where did it go now
All that you thought was well defined
It's all but become just
A passing thought in spite

Don't let it go now
Our lives could be much more than this
Let go and find it

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Other Lives E Minor Comments
  1. Tərlan Vahabzadə

    there are no other lives, everyone has same shit. but, hopefully, there is e minor.

  2. Austin Reed

    0:02 "falls asleep"

  3. Daniel Crosmas

    Exquisitely composed, thick, and full, making the air bend in waves that stretch across the ocean, where my spirit floats, like a cork,
    upon the raging sea's.
    And, here, upon this stormy ocean,
    A stranger's own song,
    describes each motion,
    as though they know this.

  4. მირიან ბოლქვაძე


  5. Barbara Augustyniak

    beautiful song ;)

  6. siti shuhada

    love the intro music!

  7. theBEC88


  8. Kağan Sağlık

    Carelessly wasting our days....

    aze gules

    +Kağan Sağlık eline sağlık güzel dedin :D

    Ömer Aslan

    Kağan Sağlık bildirim atayım da tekrar dinle :)