Otep - Autopsy Song Lyrics

Open wide, look inside [x2]
At my autopsy

I feel like
A woman
I feel like
I care
I feel like
I shouldn't
I feel like a child
Of despair
I feel like
It's over
I feel like it's coming
After me
I feel like
It's closer
I feel like this is all I'll ever be
I feel like
A failure
I feel like a hungry
I feel like
A razor
I feel like a prayer
Lost in flight
I feel like
I'm hopeless

I'm afraid I'm a slave, I'm weak and average [x2]

I feel like
A hammer
I feel like
A nail
I feel like
I'm guilty
I feel like the wrist that it impales
I feel like
A butcher
I feel like
I'm being decieved
I feel like a beautiful loser
I feel like all you sheep
Are laughing at me

Open wide, look inside, at my autopsy
My autopsy

I feel like a complete waste of time
I feel I'm
I feel like I can't
Escape my mind

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Otep Autopsy Song Comments
  1. Little Boy키작은상준

    Love OTEP

  2. QueenMoth

    I miss this Otep.

  3. Bethany Joy Mastan

    Perfect song for me.

  4. Psycho Ghoul

    Fa paura sta canzone, figa

  5. Tyrelle McCann

    reminds me of NIN

  6. Mihael Kheel

    Relaxing song.

  7. Maria Tereee

    I feel likeee hungryy :D

  8. Criss Maëva

    Open wide look inside..

  9. TrupulA TrupulA

    This song is truely the best of demented symoblism I know.

  10. Alex Grabowski

    This song gives me goosebumps lol

    Jeanmarie Moule

    Alex Grabowski u took the words frm my mind..total goose bumps

    Fenlee Cooper

    It belongs on goosebumps.

  11. kimiga16

    .... Transparent
    I feel like the skin...

  12. Leah Reilly

    Wish I could scream like her... Welp. better go practice.

  13. Royaale Music


  14. Madam Kitty

    good song. it should be song in a talent show.

  15. TheAlexbaril

    i feel like...

  16. chey maize

    i love her scream in this one